(2016-04-05) Lunch Time
Lunch Time
Summary: Oliver and Felicia talk over lunch
Date: 2016.04.05
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At one time this served as the crow's nest and lighthouse of the fort. About the size of a small land based lighthouse, the bottom floor has been converted to a modern glass structure that serves as the seating of the cafeteria of the school. There are a dozen tables, enough to seat the entire student body of the school. Each table has four or five aluminum chairs around it, each with a view out of one of the glass walls. The stairwell up to the light and crow's nest is in the main room but is marked as off limits to the student body.

Lunch tends to be the busiest time of day in the Cafeteria — starving teenagers have been in class in the morning and need sustenance to keep them going all afternoon! There's almost always chatter and while there may not be enough students to create a roar, it sometimes gets fairly close.

It's early in the lunching hour, but Oliver has already gone through the line, chosen his vegan meal, and has sat down at a table. No longer ill, he seems to be in better spirits, but is still keeping an eye out for telltale sneezes or unplanned power usage. He's in his version of the school uniform, which is a little more formal due to the silk shirt and poly-blend slacks.

Oh who to sit with today. That is always a conundrum for the outgoing, social butterfly that is Felicia. She likes to mix it up occasionally, talk to different people, hear different stories about things. Coming off the food line she has her own meal, cheese pizza and fries or something. It's food and she isn't particularly picky. Unlike a lot of the girls she doesn't wear the uniform skirt, but instead wears slacks, though of feminine cut.

Spying Oliver she decides that he will be her company for lunch break and heads to where he sits. "Heya Oliver." she greets as she sits across from him "How's things? Avoiding the plague?"

Oliver looks up from his own food and smiles, "Hi, Felicia, and yeah, trying to. How about you? How did that weird Nerf Gun game end up going? And what the heck was that creature?" There's plenty of room at the table — not that Oliver isn't social, but it's still fairly early and he likes claiming his own table when he can.

Felicia pulls a teeny tiny can from her pocket, which quickly morphs into a full size can of Monster. "Not sure. I would up not playing either." she gives a shrug as she opens her drink "That was Harold's…" she uhms trying to figure out how to explain it "Dream friend? I don't know how to explain it. I just think of him as Harold being able to make it so everyone can see his imaginary friend..but more I guess?" she's pretty clueless about it. "I've been able to dodge the magic flu bullet a second time. It was interesting an all, but not something I want to do over, ya know."

Oliver blinks as Felicia explains the creature. "Huh. Ok then. That's one I haven't heard of…" but there it is. He takes a bite of his salad, "I'm trying to dodge it too. I didn't like feeling that bad and all that shifting…losing control of it just brings back bad memories and all." Another bite of salad. "The glitter sneezes were something special though," he offers with obvious sarcasm. "I felt like something out of The Wizard of Oz."

"Me either, but I'm sure there are a lot of weirdo powers I haven't heard of yet." Felicia takes a sip of her drink "Yeah the feeling bad part was sucktastic that's for sure." nothing but agreement for that part "The no control over the powers thing though that as nothing new." she pokes at the cheese pizza with a french fry "At least the glitter faded after awhile. If it was real glitter we would still be picking it out of /everything/!"

Oliver reaches out to steal a fry, "That's right…you're still new to your powers. Man…I don't envy you that, but I'm sure everyone's telling you to practice and you'll get control and they're pretty much right." At least, with his experience. "I mean, if I can help at all, just let me know. I think your power's pretty awesome and super useful! Just think about it!" he grins widely, "You never have to pay baggage fees ever again!"

There is a mock glare at the french fry theivery but Felicia really doesn't mind. She'll share "Newish yeah. But from what I was told by the people here my issues stem just as much from," she gestures to her head, "brain damage, than just being a newb." she's pretty open about the whole thing. Therapy will do that. "They think they can help with both." she isn't convinced of that, or so her tone suggests. His joking does bring out a laugh though "Or airline fees if I really wanted to be all cheaty about it."

His smile just grows wider as he bites into the fry. It fades though, when she mentions the damage, "Well, that just makes you all the more cooler," he offers as if that's just the way of it. When she mentions airline fees in general, he chuckles, "Yeah, but wouldn't that get boring? I mean, having to hide or be stuffed somewhere tiny and not able to talk or anything at all? I guess if you shrunk down a computer or Ipod and snacks and were someplace comfortable…"

She takes a few bites of her pizza as he talks, washing the bites down with her energy drink. As if she needs it. "Huh." she rubs a finger on the scar decorating her forehead "Well I can't argue with that logic." well she could but why would she want to? "Well I guess if anyone knows cool it would be you, right?" there is a wink at him. She isn't being snarky either, it's a genuine compliment, along the lines of it takes one to know one.

"Have you ever flown in an airplane before?" Felicia asks him, but then there is a pause "Have I ever flown anywhere?" she asks herself out loud…"Well the movies make it look all cramped an awful. I think I would be better of tiny and out of the way with snack and a laptop for entertainment."

Oliver leans back in his chair with a smile, obviously pleased with her response. "Oh, I am the very -definition- of cool!" He may not entirely believe that, but it's fun that someone else seems genuine in using him and 'cool' together.

When she asks about the airplane, he looks back to his food and shrugs, "Sure, a few times. Had to in order to get to the next family, I guess. They didn't want to put a kid on a train by themselves, but airlines have people to look after kids who fly. I haven't been on one lately though. Some planes have televisions, so that helps."

Felicia nods "Yep, your picture is right there next to the word cool in the dictionary and all it says is See Oliver." she gives a sage nod as she noms another fry. Does she say it with a straight face, not really, but she laughs with him not at him.

"If I have I don't remember it." like most of her life pre-accident. "About the closest thing to a train I have been on is the subway in New York. That was an experience." hard to say if it was a good one or bad one though.

"I hope it's a good picture!" Oliver grins and looks back to his food. He appreciates this sort of teasing, at least. Looking back over, he considers quietly before offering, "Well, you've flown on a falcon. How many people can say that, huh?"

"Well it would have to be if it is used as the definition of cool don't ya think." Felicia hmmmms thoughtfully "So school pictures would be totally out. "Well lets see there is…" and she starts listing names, some sounding Japanese others fantastical…none of them real people but characters from anime/manga or movies "Oh real people." she winks at him again "Just me." she grins happily at being the only person to have done that "Of course there probably aren't that many people that can see that can be a falcon either." she points out. "Won an RC car over the past weekend. A few of us are going to build a track and take turns riding around in it." yes she just said there will be riding in a remote control car "While someone controls it around the track. You in?"

"Yup, you're the only real person!" to have flown on a falcon, that is. Oliver grins, steals another fry, and then shrugs. "Well, there may be, but I haven't met any yet. Not sure if I'd be happy or jealous if I did. Maybe a little of both?"

At the mention of the car, he blinks again, "How did you win it? And…how would others ride around in it? I mean, I guess I could become a mouse or something…"

If he is going to keep stealing fries she may as well push her tray closer to him, which Felicia does, "Well as far as I'm concerned people you haven't met don't count, so you're the only one." tilting her head at him she hmmmms "I'd go with happy. Imagine the contests you could have. And you would finally have someone that could possibly understand you in animal form.

"At the arcade. You know, you collect enough tickets and you can win a prize. A few of us pooled them all together and got the RC car." another sip of her drink is had and she sets it down between them. A fingertip is put on it and she pushes down causing it to shrink "Objects and myself aren't the only things I can shrink. I can do other people too." she lifts her finger and the can pops upward to its original size, nearly toppling in the process.

"Oh, I don't want to eat all your fries," Oliver apologizes as he takes another two when the tray is pushed closer. "Contests, huh? Now I -really- need to learn how to turn into things like mermaids and dragons!" Because that's hos contests are won, right? "I guess we'd be able to understand each other, but maybe not? I mean, I don't speak 'dog'…what if I can't understand it when I'm a dog? Or maybe it's like in that Disney Movie where they become frogs and can understand the animals? Could they understand them after they became human again?"

A conundrum for the ages.

He thinks for a moment, "Huh. So you're shrinking the people instead of growing the car. I see how that could work. The remote control might not control a car that big…"

Felicia waves off the apology "No worries. I don't mind sharing." not like she can't get more if she wants. "I know right…and hopefully without having to get the magic flu to do it." she glances around to make sure no one around them seems to have it." there is a shrug "Maybe…do you get doogy instincts when you turn into a dog? I guess more experimentation will have to be done." that could be fun.

"Yes, shrinking people. I can't make things or myself bigger yet…unless I previously made them small. And then I can't only return them to thier original size."

"Thanks," is offered and he looks to his own meal…which is nearly half-eaten by now. "If you want any veggies or anything," is offered in exchange. Oliver takes another bite before tilting his head at the question, "I've never stayed a dog for that long…or another animal. I mean, I did once and turning back was…weird. There were issues." He glances back down at his food again, "I think if I stay in one form long enough, I start thinking like them and less like me."

How that works for people, he isn't too sure yet…or if it even matters.

"But…and I don't mean to be mean or snarky or anything, but…" he does sort of wince as he asks this, "Didn't you have trouble making yourself big again on the Camping trip?"

There is a passing glance at his salad and she'll reach over the snag a cucumber with her so far unused fork. "Well maybe that is your answer then. The shape you take is the shape you will become?" she swirls fingers around her head "In the brain. Probably best not to stay in animal shape to long if that is the case.

She nods munching on the stolen vegetable "Yes. I get stuck in a smaller form often. I was stuck the size of a Barbie doll for a whole week once. Trust me, when you are in a hospital in the kids ward the last thing you want to be is Barbie size." the horror!

"Exactly," Oliver agrees. "People are different because fundamentally, we're the same, whether we're of a different background or gender or anything. So I don't think that made a difference. I spent a year as a girl once…that was interesting. Totally surprised the family who thought they were getting a boy." He does still seem bemused by that.

"So, you get stuck but other people wouldn't get stuck? I mean, to be honest, I don't know that I'd want to be the size of an action figure for a week…" but he does chuckle at the anecdote. "I bet they loved it! Like Toy Story come to life!"

As she listens she works on her pizza, nodding at what he says about people in general "And a real eye-opener too I bet." she leans forward "Did you have a boyfriend?" Felicia is teasing of course, she doesn't seriously think he would have, not that she would find anything wrong with that.

"Yeah, it just me that gets stuck. Nothing or no one else ever has. Not that I have much experience with other people. Just my siblings mostly." there is an eyeroll at remembering her week as a living Barbie "It started out as fun, but it caused a lot of problems…especially with the parents. After that I was discouraged from playing around." as she talks the warning bell to signal that lunch is almost done rings and she gives a sigh "Guess social hour is over." She takes her tray and drink and gets to her feet "I'll see you sometime after class." she then heads off to deal with her plate and get to class.

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