(2016-04-05) Laundry Night
Laundry Night
Summary: Teens do laundry. One is a cheater about it. One goes airborne. Another freaks out.
Date: 2016-04-05
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Laundry Room

This is tha laundry room, a the center is full of washing machines, the dryers line the walls. All clear front loading affairs. There are some couches here with a TV so no one has to leave their laundry unattended. In the back is a rail with stairs going down to the main facilities core to run the systems and infrastructue of the establishment. Slightly lower, one can see the panels that say, usually, that everything if functioning with locked doors leading to the facilities themselves.

Early evening so not only is classes over, but the evening meal is past as well. This means that it's pretty much free time until curfew. Felicia would really rather be doing anything but laundry at the moment, but when you are down to your last pair of clean socks and underthings, well laundry has gotta happen. And it is, in the washing machine the girl is leaning against, a pint of Ben and Jerry's in one hand, spoon in the other as her eyes are glued to whatever happens to be on the TV, which is tuned into Cartoon Network at the moment. You're never to old for cartoons, any one that says otherwise is lying.

It's always safer to just wash things from goodwill. Daxton's mom's voice is ringing in his ear about it, so he's get a small laundry bag with all his clothes stuffed into it. It's not a lot. As he steps into the room, the bag over a shoulder and a history book in the other hand he scans the room. Felicia is good in his book and she gets a quick smile before he averts his eyes to the machines, "Hey Felicia. How goes?"

The fact that doing laundry sucks is true the world over. But Tabitha's upbringing did at least teach her to not put it off until her very last set of clean skivvies. She's got two entire sets back in her dorm plus the baggy shorts and camisole PJs she's wearing as she drags her dirty clothes duffel into the room. She's also got some snacks, a sewing kit, and her synth in its case. She's here for the long haul. It's the least amount of clothings she's been seen in outside of her dorm (or medbay… those gowns never really cover anything) but she doesn't actually seem to be too self conscious about her burn scars around here anymore.

Spotting the other occupants of the room, she gives a quick up-chin of greeting. "Heyo, crazies. What's the good word?"

Well hopefully she isn't in his history book. That'd just be weird. A spoonful of ice cream is absently scooped into the girl's mouth as the cartoon antics play out on the tv screen. The greeting though has her eyes flicking to the teen arrival "Heya Dax." Felicia says around her mouthful of ice cream "Round and round." she makes a few circles with her spoon to demonstrate "How are you handling things?" and then another enters the wild world of laundry "Hey Tabs." her eyes widen a bit in that oh I know this one fashion "Uroboros!

Daxton gives a trademarked shrug, "They go." He steps over to a machine and dumps his clothes onto the top. It's all his civilian clothes-He stops blinking. He just called them civilian clothing in his head, weird. The speedster's hands twitch once before he starts shoving the clothes, all of them, into the washing machine. Tabby gets a nod, "hey." Wow, he's a talker.

Tabitha claims one of the couches as the new home for all the stuff she's brought in, dumping the synth case and army surplus duffle of laundry onto it before finding the nearest set of three washing machines next to each other. She sniggers at Felicia's 'good word' then starts to carefully sort her laundry out by type into the machines. Dax's lack of verbosity gets a raised eyebrow and a grin, then she's focused on getting all clothing out of her duffle and into the proper machines.

Felicia just looks at Dax a moment, but takes his answer to a question she really didn't ask in stride. "They do that a lot." is the response as she gestures with her spoon in what the things is the direction of the training grounds but is probably more the cafeteria "I saw them going quite quickly on the training grounds earlier." now try to figure out which they she means.

"Well I thought it was a good word..it's got a snake in it and everything…or sometimes dragons depending on what mythos you are referencing." Felicia shrugs as another bite of ice cream is taken.

Daxton pauses, a handful of boxers in his hand, and he turns to look at Fel. "…yeah, I guess so." he's only sort following her talk, what they? Snake, what? He blinks utterly confused now. "Huh?" He glances over at Tabby to see if he miss something.

Tabitha giggles at the confused look on Daxton's face, "You're already halfway asleep, aren't you Dax?" She finishes sorting her clothes into three machines and goes onto carefully portion detergent and such into them. Very precise in her task is this youngling. She nods to Felicia while picking her load settings, "It is a good word. Sounds like it at least. Have to admit I don't know what it means, though? What's this about snakes and dragons?"

The three are all in here doing their laundry with various levels of care. Cartoons are playing on the room's TV and one of the couches has been laid claim to by a large rectangular instrument case and a bag of snack food.

There is a chuckle from Felicia "Don't mind him. Newb brain confusion." she tells Tabs "I was in a confused daze my first week in a half here. It's pretty normal." this she offers to Daxton. Likely excuse, Felicia is just a lot to take in.

As the washing machine she is leaning against goes into its spin cycle Felicia pushes herself off of it, making it creak in protest a bit "You know that symbol, the one with the snake eating its tail? That's what a uroboros is. But sometimes it can be a dragon eating its tail. Ya know."

Rosa wanders in with a basket of laundry in her hands, glances around briefly. "Buenos noches," she says to those gathered, a light smile on her face, moving to claim one of the washers for herself. Her clothing is already organized in the basket, separated by pieces of cardboard — white, black and colors. "Snakes? Oh." She nods in understanding as Felicia explains what was being talked about.

More blinking and the Dax decides it must be some girl thing so he shakes his head. thrusting the rest of his clothes into the machine before frowning down at it. He only kinda remembers how to do this. "I need to finish this stupid history book so I can write a paper and move onto the next one." Yuck. He needs soap or something, doesn't he? The speedster , starts to look around, unsure, but the explanation for the snake/dragon gets a frown, "Isn't that just a different symbol for eternity?" He thought he read that somewhere.

Tabitha nods thoughtfully to the explanation of what an uroborus is, "Okay. Didn't know it had a name." She starts up her three washers, then notices Dax looking around and deduces what he's after. "Here, Daxton. Use some of mine." She tosses him her small bottle of detergent concentrate, then goes to settle down onto her claimed couch. She starts to open up her synth case but stops to think hard for a few moments. Eventually she finishes opening the case and pulls an older model tablet from where it's secured to the lining. "Could I ask a favor of one of you?"

Rosa's spanish greeting gets an answer from Felicia, but in French "Bonsoir." then back to english "How's the stuffs?" she then questions the newest arrival, and she probably doesn't mean her laundry.

A glance goes to the history book "As that the one on the American Revolution?" she hated that one "That one is major sucktacular." there is poking at the ice cream and she nods "Yup, just a cooler version of a lazy eight." she looks from her ice cream to Tabs "Whatcha need?" she's willing, depending on what it is of course.

Rosa puts the whites into one washer, the blacks into the next, and so forth. She's got her detergent pre-measured in sandwich bags, and empties one into each of the washers. When she has them running, she sits herself down atop one of them. "Stuffs are good," she says. "I haven't gone froggy without intending to in weeks!" There was a little mishap several months ago, back in the fall, when Rosa accidentally went froggy in her sleep in the Ares dorm. It was… uncomfortable.

Does the boy look relieved? Yes, very much. "Thanks Tabitha…I'll get ya back at some point." When he figures out where he'll get some money. He pours in detergent, probably more than he needs, and then starts up the machine. He grabs said history book and heads over to one of the couches, "No…this is.." he has to look, he's read so much recently, "a world history." Boring. He waits to hear what Tabs needs, she did just save his laundry. Rosa gets a quick flash of a smile as he passes, he can tell she's proud of the no frog (Which was awesome when he saw her in the water, by the way!).

Tabitha flips on the tablet and sets it up for pictures. "I've, ah… got this 'thing'… on my back. Never gave it much thought since I can't see it, y'know?" She smiles at Dax as he returns the detergent, setting it down on the floor next to her claimed couch. "I've looked at pictures of it, but that was a long time ago. That word you said, uroborus? It kinda sounded familiar. Got me thinking. So could you take a picture of it for me?" Her attitude towards this favor is a mix between concerned and only a bit embarrassed.

"That's great! Guess you have managed to avoid the magic monkey flu then." at least that is what Felicia is calling the weird glitter sneezing illness that has been going around "I had that last week. Every time I sneezed I was a different size." thankfully she didn't go bigger, from the sounds of it that was an option while she had it.

The teen girl pulls a face at world history "That's even worse…I can't even remember my own history. I don't know how they expect me to remember everyone else's." Felicia just shakes her head at that one.

Ooooo, a thing. Felicia is all curious and stuff about this mysterious thing. "Yeah? I got ya." she sets the ice cream with the spoon on a washer and moves to take the tablet "One back pic coming up." she gives a reassuring grin to Tabs, she sees no reason for embarrassment.

"Once I heard it was going around, I was very careful," Rosa tells Felicia. "I went to classes with surgical masks and rubber gloves and stayed in my room a lot." She returns Daxton's smile before noting, "If I can help with your paper, let me know. What is the topic?"

She pauses a moment, then leans over to watch as Felicia takes the picture of Tabitha's back.

Well, in this place, a thing could mean anything. He'd offer, but Fel's onto of it. So he just nods and flops down on a couch, a leg over one of the arm rests. Immediately the foot starts bopping in the air, keeping time to some unheard song. He tries to smooth his face at the idea of Fel changing sizes when she sneezed, cause that's kinda funny. So he focuses on the book which he flips open to a random page. His nose wrinkles though and he laughs, "That's true. Do we all have weird memory gaps?" Dax's heard that from a few people, anyway. His eyes creep up to glance at the picture taking , but he answers Rosa, "They;re letting me do a paper on the whole book. Kinda of to just prove I read it and move on to the next one." Reading it isn't his problem, writing a paper that can prove he did though? Yuck. "Yeah…If you're down with all your stuff and want to help. I'll not say no."

"I had that martian flu for a while, too. Got lucky, though. Didn't have to ride it out 'cuz Diego and Moritz figured out how to cure it." Tabitha hands the tablet over to Felicia then sits cross-legged on the couch with her back facing towards the rest. She does nod to Daxton's question on memory. "Don't know if you'd call it a gap, but as far as my brain is concerned I started existing when I was maybe seven or so." She settles down and reaches around to pull up the back of her PJ camisole.

Like most of the left side of her body, Tabitha's back is almost entirely covered in old stretched burn scars. Or it would be if it weren't for a perfectly circular area in the dead center of her back where the skin is absolutely pristine. In this circle there is an elaborate series of tattoo-like markings that aren't actually tattoos but rather something inherent to the skin itself. The markings are mostly comprised of delicately patterned filigree markings with the appearance of inlaid circuits. Set inside these markings are five ancient greek symbols set with four near the outer edge of the circle and the fifth in the center. The center marking, as well as some of the tracings around it, have a slight shimmer to them where the rest are a dull black.

With tablet in hand Felicia takes a picture of Tab's whole back and then a few close ups of the tattoo like markings in the middle. The scars don't bother her. There is a reason she wears the uniform slacks (not the skirts) and keeps one side of her face covered with her hair. Or lets just say they don't bother her when they are on other people.

"I'm pretty sure Oliver and I were part of the first ones to get it." Felicia tells Rosa "We thought we picked up something on the camping trip, no I'm not so sure." a shoulder lifts "Good to hear there is a cure though. But who is Mortiz?" that's a name she can't remember hearing before.

"I wouldn't call it weird." though hearing Tabs explanation she hmmms "Okay, not weird in my case. Just some major damage to the RAM and the filing system." she raps knuckles against her head, using computer terms to describe her brain damage.

"There you go Tabs." she hands the tablet back to the other girl "The design is really cool. You have no idea what is though?"

"I just have the occasional dark spot when the frog takes over for awhile," says Rosa. "Not always. Like, if I deliberately change, my memory stays intact. But… sometimes." She studies Tabitha's back curiously while Felicia takes the picture, but turns her eyes back to Daxton before long. "Weird that they're making you write your own history," she observes. "But I guess you could pick one thread of history and work your way through that, showing how events are connected."

With a wry note in her voice, she observes, "I heard a couple of people calling it the frog flu and looking at me weirdly. I told them that toads giving you warts was only an old wives' tale, but people will think what they want."

Daxton know that about Tabs. He nods, not that she can see. His eyes take in the strange not tattoo. He vibrates a moment, and then sighs, looking back down to his book and biting his lower lip. "Yeah, I guess they just want proof I picked up something from it. If I write it will you proof read it?" His eyes dart to Rosa briefly, she did offer to help him. He then rolls his eyes, "Screw them. Lick them next time." Jerks.

The instant Felicia says she's done taking pictures, Tabitha drops her camisole so that it drops back into place. She's been blushing the whole time her top was lifted, less from showing her scars than from the presence of a boy in the room. Rosa's comment gets a scowl from her as she's smoothing down her top. "What Daxton said. No place for that crap here. Anywhere else, either." She turns back around on the couch and takes the accepts the tablet back.

"I wouldn't be too much help with any kind of writing assignment. Mine always end up in lyrical form. Bugged my teachers back home to /no/ end. Well, except for the poetry one. But he was just a bit strange anyway." She shakes her head to Felicia's question about her markings. "Nope. I've had it as far back as my memory goes, clear to when I was abandoned. Same with the scars." She starts flipping through the pics that were taken, settling on one and then tracing her finger along the filigree as if looking for something specific.

"I'm not sure being licked by Rosa in her froggy form would be much of a punishment." Felicia points out as she heads over to the washer where her clothes are. She's heard some things, though isn't sure if they are true or not so there is a look to Rosa for confirmation on that one.

Opening the washer lid she pulls out handfuls of what looks like Barbie sized clothing and goes to toss them into a dryer, two trips is all it takes and apparently she didn't bother separating her colors from her whites…not that she has much in the way of whites really.

Felicia makes no comment on the writing, she is in remedial reading and writing classes so she is no help there and gets all sorts of modifications for other classes on top of it. "So mystery, on top of mystery." is said to Tabs. Interesting.

"Yeah. I kinda secrete hallucinogens when I'm a frog," says Rosa, sitting back, legs crossed atop the washer. "Only thing that happens if I lick them is they start seeing lots of pretty colors and talking about how awesome their hands are. I'll proofread your paper, Dax. No problem." She is good at that sort of thing. Though she'd be even more helpful if it were a scence project.

Tabitha gets a soft half smirk and nod from Dax about the homework. "So far, nothing I've written rhythms. I don't think I'm very musical." Although that tapping foot is still going. There's a head tilt at Felicia and a look of confusion. He meant just to scare them about the flu going around, not in her frog form. He inhales to ask, but Rosa's already explaining. "Woah. Guess that's a good party trick." The same half smirk is offered over to the frog princess now, "Thanks."

Tabitha nods to Felicia, "Yep. Didn't think about it much back when I thought I was basically normal." She looks up from her poking at the picture of her back to raise an eyebrow as Rose explains about her halucino-tongue. "That could, ah… liven up just about any kind of party." Yeah, she's blushing again. She goes back to studying the picture after a moment, her finger tracing around the outer edge. Then she sits up and makes an 'ah ha' sound under her breath. "I wasn't crazy." She opens the picture in a basic paint program and pulls out the tablet's stylus to start tracing around the edge, following a set of solid lines in the filigree. Before long it's clear that the lines around the outer edge form a snake eating its own tail in a circle. The classic uroborus.

"Isn't it though." Felicia looks down at her hands, flipping them over, probably thinking that she doesn't need hallucinogens to know she has awesome hands. Heading back over to where she left her ice cream she grabs it to stir up what is starting to have more of a thick milk shake like consistency. Tabs words have her looking up a bit sharply "Uhm around here, you are basically normal." which is the beauty of the school, there are no freaks here, at least as far as she is concerned. "You find a pattern?" the spoon is dropped into the ice cream container and she goes to drop herself on the sofa next to Tabs. Next question, what happens when a perfectly normal sized looking girl who happens to weigh 500+ lbs drops onto a sofa next to someone. Answer, the other person could go a bit airborne…or something.

"It probably could," Rosa says to Tabitha, "but I'm not really a party girl. And besides, if Froggy were to start licking somebody, she might get it into her head to just swallow them. Not generally good for my social life, you know?" Not that Rosa cares all that much about her social life — she just prefers that people not make fun of her or think she's going to kill them.

"No problem," she tells Dax after a moment. "I mean, it's no problem. I'm usually done with my homework long before I have to be. Might as well help somebody out." She quirks a smile at Felicia's statement. "We're certainly normal for here. I think there are plenty of us who like the idea of being abnormal."

Daxton 's not very interested in the book in his lap, he's not actually turned a page yet. "Cool, Rosa. I'll make it up to you someh-" He's distracted by the flying freshman. Instinct kicks in and the speedster rolls off the couch almost quicker than the normal eye can follow. He's standing and catching the tiny girl in his arms,"Hey, I got ya…" but then it's like the rug is pulled out from him. The speedster has yet to deal with any kind of sapping of his energy that he can remember. His legs legs lock up and he falls backwards onto the couch next to Felicia. He's pale, and looks rather freaked out. And rather statue like it seems. Poor Tabitha ends up onto of Daxton.

Tabitha is just about to respond to Rosa's swallowing remark with an uncharacteristically ribald remark when Felicia decides that the couch she's sitting on badly needed to receive a piledriver. And like an upholstered version of those giant bounce platforms on lakes, action and reaction meet to send her waifish form into the air a few feet. She barely has time to let out a surprised mousey squeek when she finds herself in Daxton's speedy arms.

You know, speedsters of all stripes have one thing in abundance… kinetic energy. And while she wasn't entirely successful in restarting her powers by throwing a rock into her hands, this treasure trove does the trick. After Daxton catches her but before he falls onto the couch there is a brief few seconds where all of his momentum gets sucked straight into Tabitha's body via the golden amber aura that has reformed around her body, and which attentive eyes might note expands outward from the center of the markings on her back.

But then Daxton is on the couch, and she's in Daxton's arms. And this is not someplace she was prepared to end up, particularly in her current state of what can charitably be called 'lightly dressed'. So now she's the one that's frozen, but from mortification instead of any supernatural cause.

Girl flying, boy dashing, Felicia just watches having about as much reaction to it as one would have to watching paint dry. When it is over though she has a sheepish grin on her face and a hand goes to rub her neck "Sorry Tabs. Didn't mean to launch you." sometimes she forgets her own strength..or in this case weight. "You alright?" she asks the mortified looking girl before her eyes drop to the collapsed and statue like Dax "Uh Dax." she pokes him in the arm lightly "You okay man? You don't look so hot."

Daxton gasps and then the fight or flight reaction kicks in. Felicia's seen this before , the same look as when he was strapped to the cot when the rescued him. Tab finds herself no longer ontop of Dax, but on the couch and he's crashed into a wall. This isn't a freak out because he was holding a girl, there's some real terror there in his eyes. The crack in the wall can attest to that. He's breathing hard saw he stares in the direction of all three girls, slightly unfocused.

Tabitha's got really good reflexes. Her whack-a-mole game is at an olympic level. But she's got nothing on Dax's evacuation of the couch which lands her right back where she started before Felicia's butt flop, just in a more sprawled position. She hasn't really had a chance to finish registering the whole 'boyarms!' thing before Daxton has made his terror fueled escape, but once she does catch up mentally she's looking over at Daxton with a concerned expression on her still blushed reddened face. "What's wrong?"

Felicia is still the epitome of calmness as Tabs is dumped onto the couch and Dax is across the room and putting cracks in the wall at the…well not the speed of sound, no sonic boom, but how cool would that be! /I think you broke him./ is the first thing that pops into her brain at the question from the other girl, but it goes unvoiced in light of the terror in the boys eyes "Dunno. Saw him like this before. Flashback?" only partially knowledeable of what the teen boy is capable of Felicia is probably…maybe the one that could probably take him with the least amount of damage should it come to that. She really hopes it doesn't. "Dax…Daxton." she says his full first name hoping that helps or something "It's okay man. You're at school, not back at that place." whatever that place was she still hasn't figured that out. Nor has she really asked either. She just knows it wasn't a good one. A glance at Tabs that screams help..before it gets worse.

Daxton blinks, and is holding onto the wall like a lifeline. His name, his full name seems to get his attention and he looks at Felicia. "I….I couldn't move…" He takes a deep breath, although that just increases the hard breathing, "The straps…n' needles…" His head shakes, the military cut still to short to let his hair flop with the motion. "I can't…" And then he's off out the door, possibly out the building.

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