(2016-04-04) Skipping Rocks
Skipping Rocks
Summary: Harold and Lynzee go on an adventure to the Emerald Forest.
Date: 2016.04.04
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NPCs: Eryaog
Scene Runner: Harold

It was later, Harold came in search of Lynzee, along with Eryaog. They could enter dream if she wanted to, they just needed to find a place to do it, where they could relax and be uninterrupted. Training Grounds would be good, or another island. The problem is Harold can only get to where the boat may go, so going ot other islands doesn't work for him nor Eryaog. Though they can go to the training grounds, and wander a trail as they like, close to the training grounds to be safe, far enough away to be sort of alone. "You really sure you want to do this?" He asks her just to be safe. He has on a big backpack, with like camping gear and such. More sleeping bag and pillows stuff. Once he finds a clearing suitable, he is kneeling to get it all out. To help with the sleep part, a requirement of going into dream it would seem.

"Emerald Forest sounds like so much fun Harold." Lynzee tells him, "But if it's in a dream land, should we go where no one can find us?" If he and Eryaog agree, she will lead them back to her room she shares currently with no one and once there she will close the door and invite the two to sit on her bed with her. Eryaog is a little bit big so she has him sit at one end while she is nearer Harold. "I don't know how to get there, but I'm sure I want to do it. Do I have to hold your hand?" And she does without his response, slips her small hand into his.

Following to her room, Harold looks around. Same dome window thing to see the ocean and all, but he looks around with amazment just the same. "Oh, I'll get us there, I'll help you sleep." He is beginning to explain, when she aska bout hand holding and grabs his hand. "Uh," he gulps, tinge of red, "No, not really, but." Maybe it helps he means, cause he doesn't let go either then grins. "Lets sit on the bed, we'll be sleeping here." As far as he knows, when really they'll actually go there. Its true porting into the dream state. "Just, trust me, we cna leave whenever you like." Then he sits down, Eryaog takes the other bed waiting for an occupant in her dorm. His mind reaches out slowly, a wave of tired.

<FS3> Harold rolls Dream Walk: Success.

Lynzee looks down at their hands, don't have to hold hands? But he doesn't let go, so she doesn't, but she does change position a little. They will be sleeping here, he said, so she stretches out beside him, still holding his hand. "I am ready now," she tells him, though suddenly stifling a yawn that refuses to be stifled.

<FS3> Harold rolls Psychic: Good Success.

"It will be amazing, after this, we could see your dreams together too if you like," he is saying while she's getting sleepy. Its not hard for him to induce sleep, especially if someone is willing. Harold helps her towards sleep, on thoughts of dreams and sharing them. He will join her of course momentarily. When she wakes up, she'll come around to a world of unnatural colors. The sky is blue, but towards lavender, the clouds are white but to a pale bone yellow even. The forest is a sapphire green, tall trees. Like Redwoods, but enough space to catch the yellow of the sun above them. The ground is full of the crunching needles form those leaves far overhead. When Harold shows up, he is himself, but wears a breastplate and green shield. They look like curious seashells, almost. Some odd shells of some sort. "You made it," he grins. "This is the Emerald Forest, in the Realm of the Misty Vale, which stretches to the ocean to the east." He lets her take it in.

Lynzee doesn't ever have trouble sleeping anyway, she's a cat, she can laze around all day. That and drink milk and eat food. Because food was good. When she does sleep though, she still has a hold on his hand, but her fingers slacken as she drifts deeper in, though the contact is still there. When she wakes, she sits up and rubs her eyes, all signs of tiredness gone. She quietly looks around and takes it all in, letting his voice guide her for the moment before she actually looks at him. Seeing him with the shield and armor, she smiles in delight. "It's the most pretty place ever! And you! You're like a knight."

"I am," he grins, then shrugs his shoulders and lets his head lull about a moment, "Well, almost. I've been training with the Emerald Knights, they defend the forest here." He holds up his hands to look around them, giving a slight turn each way. "You could be what you want here too. You could train to be a knight, or we could get you some equipment. A beast to ride, a dress to be a princess. Whatever you like. There is a village not far from here, we could go check that out if you like?" He is happy to share this world it seems. It moves and breathes, has a life of his own that isn't just him wishing it into being. "We could climb trees, go hiking. Skip stones out by the Whispering Streams." He points in a direction of where they might be. "Just, have to be careful there sometimes."

"Anything I want to be? Anything at all?" Lynzee looks amazed at that very idea, hearing him out as to the options, a knight, a beast, a princess, whatever her heart desired. As he points, she turns her attention towards there, "Are there dangers?" She does know about dangers and she doesn't seem too terribly worried about it at the moment though. "We can skip stones if you want, or climbing trees or hiking. I don't know what I want to be though, do I have to decide right now?"

"You don't have to decide at all, just be you," he grins and walks around a little. "There are dangers, wild animals and such, they don't know better, just have to be careful." Simply by explaining. "There is always the Warriors of the Crimson Plains to worry about as well. They've not done much lately, I think something is beyond the plains threatening them. So there has been peace here in the east for a while now." How long a while is and all, is anyone's guess. Whether that means days, months or years. He nods with his head, then reaches to grab her hand, "Lets go, see who can skip rocks the fartherst?"

"But I don't know who I am at all. Just Lynzee." Unfortunately, she doesn't offer any sort of explanation along with the comment. "It sounds dangerous here but fun. Want me to be an animal too?" Sort of like him saying she can be anything, maybe she means it that way? As he takes her hand, she brightens, a beaming smile given. "Well maybe it'll stay peaceful and for now we can explore everywhere."

"Yeah, lets explore. You want to be an animal?" He asks, curious himself. He starts walking for the streams though. "Its always an adventure here. Maybe as an animal you could smell some of the others." He looks around a little, up in some of the trees. "They say the Horned Roc nests up there some where, I've never seen one yet. They say it eats whole aurochs." He shrugs though, doesn't know himself either way. Still going for the streams just the same. "Do you want to know who you are? You seem happy just being you though, I like that." That she is happy and always moving.

"I can be an animal, but I don't want to right now though." Lynzee keeps her hand in his and looks at his armor and shield curiously. "Aurochs? What's that?" There's a genuine curiosity in her tone as if she is truly questing for knowledge. His question though brings a shake of her head, "If I remember I guess I will know, but I don't think people can make me remember.:

"Like cattle, but hairier, not quite a yak." As if that helps explain it for her. Harold makes motions with his hands to help her understand. "They use them to help in the fields and stuff. They migrate between to the north, follow the cold." Unlike birds and migrating to warmer temperatures. He still holds her hand, "Well, if you want to remember, that's cool. But you seem comfortable with being you. I like that, more people need to be. I think they hide who they are trying to be cool too much." As if deep thought, then, back to adventure topic, "You've skipped rocks before?"

"I saw a lot of Camels in Egypt. But they like the warm weather. I didn't really live in the cold weather before, but it's cold here and I like it." Lynzee also keeps her hand in his, even when he motions around with them. "Maybe we can see one sometime." Looking around at the landscape she grins. "I wish I could live here all the time with you and Eryaog. It'd be kinda fun." With another shrug, she smiles, "I guess I'm still Lynzee even if I don't remember before." With a skip to her steps, she shakes her head, "Nope. But I always wanted to."

"It would be, but I need to go back, I have my parents there still." A shrug, "My mom at least." And Harold grins happily about needing his mom, or she needing him. "But I could live here. Its amazing. I'm glad you like it." They walk some more, he gives a sort of extra swing where they hold arms as they walk. "I haven't seen a camel, I bet they're fun. Did you see the Pyramids, that's be awesome." See, other fun to be had, different for him. "You're Lynzee to me no matter what, still gonna keep you. Lets go, get to those stones." He'll run along with her, not to fast at first, to get her in the spirit of running. To run under the trees, until they find gold sun peaking through and hear the sound of running water, running until they can laugh and just enjoy running. He tries to get her to come along and do just that.

"You got a mom and parents." It's not a question, but a bit of a statement and Lynzee looks at him curiously. "And two names? You got two?" The question is almost incredulous, because if he had two and didn't tell her.. why would someone not tell someone they had two names, it was so good to have two! "Camels are fun," she goes on as if nothing was crazily running through her mind. "They are good in the desert. I did see the Pyramids." She beams when he says he's going to keep her and when he runs along, she skips at his side, excitement in her movements, laughter in her demeanor. Soon the skipping turns to running and she laughs in sheer delight, "This place is the best."

"I do, everyone does, mostly. Harold Wynfield." A slight grin then a softness of his features, "I'm sure you do too. Maybe you'll remember some day." But he likes her chipper, moving forwrd attitude, he doesn't dwell there with her or try to get her ther. "I wonder if you can climb them?" Though they're sectioned off to prevent just that. Then they run and laugh and nothing else matters, not really. "It is the best. Come one, there are smooth stones up here." And indeed by the side of a stream there is. The stream is slightly down, its a ledge, with a 10 foot drop, and under there is a clear pond area of the stream. A small waterfall poors in one end, gives a slight mist over the water, and it pours out down stream opposite the waterfall. The water sparkles with blues and reds, eitehr something in the water on on the bottom, its that clear. Silver and purple fish dart about down there too from time to time. "Take the rock in one hand, wrap your finger around it," he demonstrates by getting one himself. "Let go by pushing with your finger to it spins a little and …" He tosses one that skips 3-r times.

"Okay," Lynzee tells him of his last name and the declaration that most have two. "Maybe I will." Harold seems to understand her better than anyone and she may seem a touch melancholy now and again she doesn't let it bother her though. "I can climb trees like a cat," she grins. Her and those cats, it's a thing maybe. Collecting smooth stones with him, she holds some in her hand, flat, smooth, varied colors. Looking down at the water, she gasps in delight, "It's so very pretty!" she exclaims. The intent look is back as she studies the way he throws the rocks and she works on mimicking his movements. One, two, three, toss…

<FS3> Lynzee rolls Rock Throwing: Success.
<FS3> Harold rolls Rock Throwing: Good Success.

"You can borrow mine, keep it as long as you like." Offers Harold, on last names, not that it matters. Though a touch pink to his check, maybe it does, but he's not ready for that sort of growing up either. "Oh have to show me. You could climb a tree here and find the Roc? Or at least you might spot a nest eventually." And he could finally see one too. As they have rocks, there are two, pink and green, brilliant and shiny. Nothing like a rock on earth. "They are, these are for us, we can take them back." A shrug, "Just, can't show anyone." Cause he can't talk about his world with anyone outside of school, but that makes her perfect for it. Then he chuckles when they she tosses next, "That's it, you're a natural, must be lots of rock throwing in Egypt. Rock throwing and camel racing. You're perfect Lynzee." Just perfect, her and this day, he tosses another rock.

Lynzee tries it out, but she's not good on the spelling of it. "Lynzee Winfield," she nods with sudden excitement, the rock she skipped not even thought about for the moment as her arms go around him and she hugs him tight. "I never had two names, Harold, thank you, thank you so much!" She beams brighter than ever before. When she lets go, she looks at the rocks, the colored ones, and she bobs her head up and down. "I won't show someone. We're home sleeping. Where's Eryaog?" She glances around, but she is proud of the skipping rock and smiles with triumph, "Anf you too, Harold, you're the best rock thrower."

She surprises him with a hug, and he is startled, but then melts into it. Like he needs a hug, and she gave him one. He was trying to act like a growing kid and all, but hugs are good, just a hug to hug. That and he hasn't had a real mother hug in years, he nearly clings to her. "You're welcome Lynzee." And she lets go to look at the rocks, his hands fall back to his sides, feeling cold curiously in her absence. "He's back there, for now. We're safe." Looking at her, "We both are. Best day ever. Later you can climb a tree, I'm curious what you'll find at the top, I wonder if they have pinecones up there."

Lynzee wasn't in a hurry to let go either. When was the last hug she had? Had she ever had one? Either way, she was glad and she glowed with the happiness even after letting go. "I will climb a tree and see what's up there." She tilts her head back and grins. "It will be fun. Want me to be a cat when I do? Or a Lynzee?"

Giving another rock a quick toss, Harold puts the rock he's keeping in his pocket. It will go home with them, their rocks. He turns to look at her, then up the tree, "What about a Lynzee Cat? Like when you sneezed and had that cat ears, that was pretty adorable. I wanted to scratch your ears." A grin, imagining her purring even, then a slow look over at her, "I mean, well, yeah I did but I wouldn't cause humans don't do that." But his eyes say it is still a very tempting thought.

Lynzee keeps both her rocks and slips them both in her pockets for the moment. "A Lynzee cat." She bobs her head in agreement, looking towards the tree. That he wanted to scratch her ears makes her laugh, a belly laugh. "You can when I'm a cat again. Want a big cat or a little cat?" She keeps looking towards the tree, gauging.

That's a tough choice, for Harold. Little cat, so cute, adorable, big cat may be a better climber. His hands fidget a little, cause he could do some petting, but he keeps it in check. "I think big cat, to climb the tree. We have to know what's up there." His eyes peer up at the sort of unfathomable heights of the trees. Then softly he says, "Then a little cat when you get back." Since she took it as a request, he totally puts a full one in.

Lynzee wouldn't mind petting if it was like a hug! Hugs were good. Looking at the tree, she closes her eyes and the smile gets bigger as she says something, but not anything most can understand. Her body slowly begins changing, she turns from the girl with blonde locks to orange fur with black stripes and a white fur mouth with long and sharp teeth. Hands and feet turn into paws with claws, and she rubs against Harold once she's in her more fierce self, a tiger.

Fierce indeed, he watches the change and is impressed. The inhale of interest and curiosity right there. "Wow, amazing, that's awesome and majestic." And she rubs against him, just like a cat. Oh, he can't hold off, both hands come out, she is a tiger after all, so he uses them both to start rubbing her down. Behind ears, her sides, anything she thinks needs petting. "This is wonderful Lynzee Cat. Can I keep you even more?" He doesn't resort to the cute animal voice, he talks to her as he normally would, just a little more excitement in his voice.

The tiger revels in the fur rubbing, glowing yellow eyes close and she pushes against him a little, but she now outweighs him by a lot so it could teeter him a little. If it does and she realizes it, she'll let off some and look up at him, intelligence in her eyes. A nod is given, a single nod, agreement that yes he can keep her and to show she still understands him. After a short moment, she bounds towards the trees and makes a giant leap to land on a branch and starts to climb higher.

He does teeter but she saves Harold from the topple. Then she bounds up the tree. Once she gets high enough, the view is more amazing. There are fields in one direction, like wheat, but its a tinge towards purple in some rows, and a tinge towards red in others. Probably where red bread comes from. And beyond, blue mountains, not quite purple mountains, not the faded blue some are on earth, just blue. Blue rock. But the trees stretch out around this area for miles and miles. The streams come from nearby hills. And the trees. She doesn't see any Rocs flying about, or nests. Unless she looks, it takes a long time, but eventually she can spot a nest from up there, and may be able to slowly piece out the location of that nest if needed.

The best way to enjoy a tree is with someone, but the tiger does take a look around, but limited in expressions, Lynzee secures herself and poofs into a Lynzee again. She calls out, "It's the prettiest place I ever went!" Loud enough so that Harold can hear her and may have startled those Rocs. Still, she doesn't search out the nest, knowing babies needed to be safe from others, and so she sits there, watching out at the area, then down below at Harold.

He watches here, admires her up there. Stays down here, with armor and shield, ready just in case. But it remains peaceful down here too. "It is, thanks for wanting to see it." He calls up, sounding like the ant he looks like from up there. He stays down to let her enjoy the view as long as she likes. At some point he writes her name with pine needles, maybe enough for her to see up there, maybe not. He adds the last name at one point, then its all scuffed with a shoe. He goes back to watching her enjoy the view up there.

Lynzee is happy as can be up in the tree and she does stay up for awhile. Even when she looks down at him, she notices her name and is happy for it, but she doesn't want to keep yelling at him. And so she begins shimmying down the tree, climbing where she can, sliding where she needs, it's a long way down, but it was lonely. Forever it seems she climbs in her Lynzee form, and as she drops from the lowest branch, she hurries and hugs him all over again. "I missed you!" she exclaims. Or she just really wants another of those good hugs.

There he is, his thoughts on her up there, the best person he's ever met really. Then she hurries and hugs him, he pauses again, but melts into it. "I missed you too," he admits holding her tight. "Can I just hold you a little," before the do more adventures and he does just that. Holds her, no strings attached, its just a good long hug.

Lynzee is happy to just be held. In her life there was an alarming lack of affection all through it and so with the hug and with his arms around her, she slowly just relaxes a little, enjoying a bit of attention and warmth from someone who cared. "Yes please," she says simply at the question.

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