(2016-04-03) NASCAR Felicia
NASCAR Felicia
Summary: A group gets together at the arcade to try and get enough tickets to win an RC car so Felicia can play!
Date: 2016.04.03
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Coral Springs Hub

From here there is a circular stair going up to the administration level, and a couple of halls leading to the classrooms that ring the 'ground' floor of Coral Springs High. Light comes in through the large window over the administration level, once can see the cafeteria made in the old fort lighthouse and crows nest. A few benches are down here for students to occupy between classes on this level. As well, there are a few lockers in the hallways beyond the open courtyard on this level to hold students belongings during the day. There is a set of double doors leading to an elevator that leads down, more modern than the fort itself, added long after the fort was built.

Its the weekend, kids doing whatever it is they do. Harold's weekend, maybe his first. Friday fling was the nerf guns that was half whine session by one of the kids about germs and stuff that sent one away, and that kid never actually touched a nerf gun. Still, its the weekend, Harold is here by himself without Eryaog. A backpack, a coat, prepared for what may come, he's watching towards the docks. One ferry already left, he has to wait for the next one. So he's idling here by himself. Looking around, excited to go see the town, but he has to wait for the boat. Most kids already made it out and about, he's a late comer, or stuck at the end of the line. He considers sitting to wait, but he's too excited.

Lynzee loved the mainland because there were so many fun things to see and explore and people weren't mean and making her go off by herself. With no backpack, but dressed in her usual jeans with the frayed hems, a pair of unremarkable shoes and a regular pink shirt, she shows up at the ferry. When she notices Harold, she keeps a bit of a distance from him, but she offers a smile all the same. "Hi Harold." The lack of his sidekick is noticed, but she's smart enough to figure why he wasn't there. "I'm sorry I couldn't play with you."

Harold breaks that distance, whoever was sick or unsick, he doesn't care. He couldn't treat someone like that, no matter what was wrong with them. "Hey Lynzee," he is chipper, then he shakes his head, "What, no, don't be sorry. I'm sorry he ran you off like that. You should of stayed. I should of said something, I wanted to play with you." And his cheeks flush just a little pink. Cause he's maturing somewhere in there, while holding onto the child that he is just the same. "We should go play something else. I wanted to go see Astro Park, I heard they have a great arcade there. You want to go check it out?" He looks her over more than, casual clothes, Ferry, she must surely be going to town too.

"I didn't want to make people sick, I didn't want to make anyone feel bad. And.. I didn't want someone mad. I just went to my room and I got better. I'm all better now." Lynzee gives a bit of a cheerful nod. "I wanted to play with you and with Felicia and Tabitha and Eryaog, but mostly I wanted to play nerf with you like we planned to before." She looks out for the ferry at the question then back to Harold with an even brighter smile. "I am going to town. I can't go to Astro Park, but I can walk with you till you get there." She doesn't seem down about it, merely accepting.

"I wanted to play with you too, you were leaving when I came back. He didn't even play. We need to have our fun." Cause she didn't get to join in for the nerf guns. And she was so cheerful about it. "What, why can't you go to Astro Park." The boat arrives, "Sure, come with me, walk with me, but if you can't go, I'll go do what your doing too. Just hang out with you, you're the best person here I've met." Not that he's met a lot, but sitll, she was smiley, cute and always up for adventure! He even reaches to hold her hand, not thinking of it so much as being friendly, "Come on, lets get going!"


The room is filled with lights and noise. Games flashing and clinking and beeping. The majority are focused on ticket games. Skee balls, ski jumps, bee catchers, catapult launches, light catch jackpots. All to earn tickets for even more toys and prizes arrayed in the center. They stuffed animals fill counter space, hang from the ceiling there. That is the focus, but one can see near the corners and edges more video games. The quad linked racing games, cars and bikes in one area, another area has first person shooters that are extra loud. Another section has sports games like Golden Tee or track ball football things, one has mixed puzzle games and the classics including Pac Man and Space Invaders.

In one of later ferry rides from the school to Shady Cove on Saturday morning included Harold and Lynzee, the two simply going to Astro Land, then the Arcade for some fun. There are tons of ticket games and tons of prizes to be one of course. So there they are, walking up to the arcade. Both have full access bands to the park for the day. Harold has a backpack like he means to stay in town most of the day if he can. But here it is, near noon or so, and the two youngsters are heading for the arcade. "So, do we just rake in tickets then decide what we want, or pick out an object to go for? I wonder if they have those RC cars that flip upside down and stuff?" Then he grins a little, "We can totally win those and go race them somewhere!" Just a thought.

Lynzee looks down at the band on her arm, the all access one, before looking at Harold. The concept of money and all, and her lack thereof, only coming more into play since her arrival here. It doesn't really cross her mind not to accept his generosity, he had offered at least, and she was eager to go play. "Thank you." She does at least know to offer that much. "This'll be fun." She means it, she looks excitedly around at all of the games and flashing lights and prizes. "Get tons and tons of tickets, then we can race if there's some to win." She looks around. "I wish the others were here that I didn't get to play nerf guns with too."

<FS3> Felicia rolls Throwing: Success.

She wasn't able to leave the island on Friday with the rest of her housemates, but come today, she was ready to get off that rock. Felicia came on an earlier ferry and was probably the first in line for Astro Park, she had never been before so was eager to see what all the hype was. One of those bands is also around her wrist, though at the moment she is trying her luck at skee ball. So far she is doing pretty decent and a long string of tickets issue forth from the game as she grabs another ball and tosses it up the alley where it lands in the 50 point hole "Woo-Hoo!" she exclaims "Take that you skee ball machine!"

"Who knows, next time we can invite them, all have a race!" He says to Lynzee as they come in. He's looking at the prizes in the center, that's important. And when you're doing tickets, you have to do skee ball. That and find the one game that pays out the most, without having to jackpot it, and play that a few times. Which he's scoping out. "You've played these before right?" Cause she's seemingly learning it all first hand, he doesn't know what all she did back in Egypt and all that. Then there is excitement from skee ball, and he chuckles, "Hey, see, you're wish is granted. Did you summon her?" Cause magic, but he hustles his feat there, trying to get Lynzee to follow along. "Hey Felicia! You're owning that one, mind if we play as neighbors?" He asks, cause some folks just like open lanes next to them, he has quarters out, offering some to Lynzee as she comes, he has to see if she knows what to do too, or she could get the idea from Felicia.

"Okay!" Lynzee agrees. "Felicia and Tabitha are fun. So is Eryaog." But the last is added a little more quietly, not that anyone there knows the name or the creature. She turns a slow circle all around as she looks at the games and flashing lights. "I haven't but I want to." And Harold spots Felicia and Lynzee squeaks in delight. "Oh Felicia! You won a lot of tickets!" She takes the quarters, happily, and watches. "Are you going to get a race car to drive and race later?"

Tossing the last of her current balls up the alley, Felicia does a little dance as the ball drops into the 20 point hole. It isn't 50, but it causes a few more tickets to come out of the machine "Oh heya Harold. Lynzee." she looks between the pair a moment. "Pull up an alley." she gestures to the empty ones next to her, not minding the company. Another quarter is dropped into the slot and the balls roll into the bin. "Race car?" she asks not sure what the pair is talking about "What race car?"

Slotting quarters to get games going for both of them, "Just go for the bigger numbers." He explains to Lynzee, "I try to go for big ones in the middle, cause if it misses, you still get good points. But the really big ones in the corner, are hard … if you have good aim though." Then he shrugs, could probably rake in tickets like mad at skee ball, he has to do other ticket games to mix up interest. He throws his first ball too, not minding it so much, just going down the center. "I'm hoping they have those remote control cars that can flip over and keep going, to win tickets for, then we can go race them or something." Of course, his whole plan hinges on tickets, instead of trying to buy some cheap ones in a store of course, cause tickets are fun.

With the quarters in hand and the invitation from Felicia, when Harold takes one side of her, Lynzee takes the other. Watching Harold and Felicia for a moment to get the general gist of the game and with Harold's explanation in mind, she watches the balls as they come rolling down. Reaching for one, she rolls it, but it's not hard enough and comes back to her. She grins a little sheepishly and puts some force behind it. She gets a low score but when it shows on the digital screen she looks excited. "And you can win one too, Felicia and come play?"

<FS3> Felicia rolls Throwing: Success.

Felicia hmmms as she looks back toward the prize counter to get a look at said RC car, if they have it. "A remote control car would be hella fun." she grins as ideas start to flow. "Oh my gawd!" she gives a bounce "You should totally get one and let me ride in it. That would be so awesome!" she rips her tickets from the machine and hands them over "I'll help!" she grins to Lynzee "Oh yeah I'll play alright, but not at the controlling part." she grabs a ball and really starts to play the game, rolling the ball up the alley and plopping it right into the 40 point hole "That's how you do it!"

Harold is only good at hitting the 20 point bigger hole to catch the misses near those 30, 40 and 50 points ones, but he's playing cause its fun. "Totally, a full on race." He agrees with Lynzee, "Yes!" He says as she tries it, encouraging. Then Felicia is all about getting in the car, and Harold considers that. Okay, she can shrink or something, "Really, what if we rolled it?" Cause he images that small would be more likely to be hurt, a real injury from an RC car accident of course. Then she rolls and nails 40 points, "Yeah, that is how you do it!." He rolls another 20 points, "And, I think I smell funnel cakes, just saying. When the cars, then … snack time." He rolls again, "I'd probably do better at the ski jump one."

Everyone has armbands and quarters and the trio is in a straight line, Harold, Felicia then Lynzee, at the skee ball games. There's other empty ones in the line up though! Felicia had just demonstrated to Lynzee how to get some good points, and Lynzee has a ball in hand about to try her luck at a second toss. Lynzee just gawks at Felicia, "You get inside the car and ride?" She giggles because that is about the funnest thing she's ever even considered happening. "Will you?" She bobs her head about the funnel cakes, "Tabitha got one, but I got fried snickers, those are so good."

"Listen," Felicia says, skee ball in hand that she uses to point a finger at Harold "If I am in that car and it doesn't roll over, you are doing it wrong and I will be totally disappointed." so clearly she isn't worried about either flashbacks or getting hurt. When Harold scores the 40 points she goes to hive five with the other hand "Now just do that a bunch more times." then there is the wink before tossing the skee ball and it flies into the 10 point. She says something, in a another language, sounds maybe like japanese, but who knows at getting only 10. "Well yah." she tells Lynzee turning to the other girl "Do you know a better way to play with remote control cars?" there is then an oooo "Fried snickers…almost as good as fried Oreos."

A slight high pitched chuckle comes from Harold following Lynzee's giggle about the car. Felicia is serious and talks about flipping the car, on purpose. He blinks, then chuckles more slowly this time. "Okay, I mean, I might try to do it the right way." Cause she insists and then he's getting a high five, he puts his hand up to receive, it might sting a little, but he puts on a good face about it too. "A bunch more, I'm happy with just getting one, but … I'll try." He throws, it misses them all and falls in the zero point bottom. Okay, next time. "I'll jump it, for sure." The car. "Fried everything, I don't know, I'm sticking to powder sugar on funnel cakes, but I'll eat some of those fried things. Do they have both here?" Snickers and oreas, its his first time to the park.

Daxton went out earlier and now has a small bag of thrift store clothes. Nothing fancy, but he needed something besides the school uniforms to wear. He's already changed out of the fancy shoes into the used sneakers. He has a feeling he's going to be going through a lot of shoes. The teen is in his army pants and green t-shirt, and the newly acquired grey hoodie. There was something familiar would the flashing lights of the video games that attracted him, and while he's not got a lot of money, he can blow a buck or two and lose himself in a shoot em up game for a bit. It's been 2 1/2 years since he's played any, but he things he strangely is better now at the game than before. His bag is at his feet when he plays.

Lynzee can't help but delight in being small enough to ride in a smaller car and flip around and crash. The skeeball is almost forgotten, except she needs to play for the tickets to get the car. She rolls the balls, fast, one after the other, hardly giving the machine a chance to catch up. "I never had a fried Oreo, but it sounds really good." She bobs a head at Harold with a grin. "We got the fried snickers here. It's funnel cake around a frozen snickers on a stick then fried and with powdered sugar added. It makes the Snickers melt and get all gooey." Her voice carries a bit to the other patrons in the area and she looks around, noticing a kid about their age, "I wonder if he wants to play too." Cause Lynzee never meets a stranger.

There is a bit of watching both Lynzee and Harold play between ther own ball tosses "Clearly skee ball isn't your game." Felicia tells Harold. "But there are plenty of ticket games so we just have to find on that is." the questions from Harold about food has her shrugging "I dunno. But it would really suck if they didn't" there is just a nod as Lynzee explains things she already knows, but then the other girl is pointing out Daxton at the shooting games. "Oh, you mean Daxton." she was put in the medbay right after camping and didn't get out until late Friday, so she hasn't really seen him since the rescue, though heard he stuck around. "We can go ask." she tosses the last ball but it just gutters into zero points, so she grabs her tickets and head over to where he is shooting bad guys on the screen.

"I've never had a fried orea either," returns Harold, "My mom took me once to a carnival, we had funnel cakes, they were great." He grins, "Its been awhile since she took me, but I always get them." Then realizing he sounds dorky, he stops with the parent thing there. "I want to try those fried snickers though." There, see, no more about mom and such even. They all turn collectively to this Daxton character, and good thing one of them seems to know the fellow. "Sure, you know him?" He asks of Felicia, cause Harold knows her at least and she knows him. "Maybe he wants to race cars too." Its a thought, he'll grab his meger start to tickets, but he has determination. "You know, maybe we could build a course, some jumps and loops and stuff." Its a thought, Felicia was into riding the car no matter what happens, "Make it jump over things, like daredevil it."

Daxton unconsciously is aiming faster than the game can handle. It's not quite inhuman, but very close, how quickly the barrel of the plastic gun is moved around the screen. He'd be killed at sack-a-mole. As he plays, the teen is rocking softly where he stands, shifting his weight form one foot to the other.
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Lynzee doesn't make a great showing at all, but she does collect her tickets and offers them to Harold. "Maybe we can get enough for one car and take turns driving Felicia around." She sure likes the idea of that even better than the idea of the food. But food… A look towards the food areas further down. "They got green tomatoes all fried too. I saw them before. I bet they are good. And fried pickles." Because fried food. There's another look to Daxton as the others mention him and Felicia seems to know his name. She knows nothing about the shooting games though. "We can," she nods, excited.

"Sure enough." Felicia replies to Harold as they walk across the arcade together. "Oh definite loops. Gotta go upside down. And ramps too. More air time the better!" she is getting excited about the remote control car idea. With Harold and his not ever having a fried oreo and Lynzee mentioning fried green tomatoes her nose wrinkles "Fried tomatoes. Gross." she makes another ick face "Pickles I guess are okay." she leans against the machine Dax is playing at, well sorta, she doesn't wanna tip over the thing, watching the screen a moment then looks at the teen playing a moment. She waits until he is between stages before speaking up though, so as not to mess up his game shooting flow "Heya Daxton!" she greets cheerfully "Been here long?" she then gestures to the pair with her "This is Harold and Lynzee."

Continuing the conversation, Harold nods ot both girls, "I'd try them, at least once. Fried Green Tomatoes is a thing I think, in like Texas." Or further east more, he doesn't know too much, but it sounds right of course. "Okay, one car, we'll get to flipping Felicia around a lot more sooner that way." Cause, admit it, it would be fun to watch, especially if the person wants to do it. Like the thrill of watching a daredevil defy death, you watch with interest. But this one, its participation, you jump the car, they ride around in whatever chaos you dish out. "Hello Daxon," he greats right along, watching the other kid at that game when the approached, "You're good at that, I didn't know it could be played that fast. Like intuitive, you must of played ti a lot." Then a look back to Lynzee, "I wonder what else they serve fried here."

Daxton's blue eyes flicker to the girl leaning on the machine. He knows her, so there's no scowl, instead she gets a brief half smile as he plays, "Hey Felicia." During a stage he looks to Harold and Lynzee, "..Hey." He doesn't sound unfriendly, more unsure. Felicia gets a questioning look before he answers the boy, "I used to play it a long time ago." But maybe some of it stuck?

"It sounds really fun." Lynzee is all for watching the car and all the fun flips and turns and jumps. She grins at Felicia's reaction, "Oh but tomatoes are my favorite food ever. They are the best." Of course having stolen food from gardens a good portion of her life, she was a vegetable eater. And fish! "I never went to Texas, just Egypt and Washington. And here now." Her quarters in hand, she eyes another game with a punching bag thing, she frowns at it. "I can't do that one." Nope. And not the arm wrestling one either. A wave is given to Daxton and despite the intro, she beams, "I'm Lynzee."

"I'll pass." on the fried tomatoes at least. "They're cool." Felicia says to Dax and his look full o'questions "They go to school with us." but don't ask her what grade cause that she doesn't know. "We're trying to earn enough tickets to get a remote control car so they could ride me around a track on it." she explains to Dax so he is fully caught up. She then furrows her brow "That really isn't as weird as it sounds. Promise." because she doesn't look like she would fit into an RC car. Lynzee pointing out games has her eyes wandering "I can't do the punching one either… prolly break it our something." she could totally win and the arm wrestling one though.

Harold is grinning right along, despite the other boy being a little curt, whether he is standoffish or just indifferent to strangers, the other boy is right there all along. Felicia remains in a good mood, so does Lynzee, so he follows right along. "I can't either, I'd be the one to get beat up by it." No, not really, he can joke a little at his own expense. "I can do the bee catch one." The one that shoots the bees up with pressurized air and you move the net around to catch them to get tickets.

"Hey…I'm Daxton Jones." He nods to Lynzee briefly before nodding a little more to Felcia, "Cool….How many tickets do you need?" He's met a giant frog monster who promised to help proof read his homework…not too much is shocking him anymore about the other students. His head keeps shifting to watch the screen as she shoots and make quick glances at the other three students. "Do they have that here?" The bee game. He didn't really look at the ticket games yet.

Lynzee bobs her head, forgetting about the tomatoes now in favor of the whole race car thing. There's a grin to Felicia, "I think maybe I'm like Harold, it would maybe hit me back, but I want to watch the bee one, it'll be amazing. Maybe it gives a lot of tickets. Or maybe I.." her eyes round and she points, "I am going to play the basketball one. I'm good at it, I won a tiger on the other basketball one with Tabitha. She had cheated though, but she wisely doesn't mention that. "You have two names too," Lynzee observes of Daxton. "I'm just Lynzee." There's a shrug, "I don't know how many tickets, I think Harold knows."

"The bee game?" Felicia asks apparently she isn't familiar with that one. Maybe it isn't actiony enough for her "I would imagine you would need all the tickets for something like an RC car." she shrugs though, she has no idea. She can't help but chuckle as the two mention the game hitting them back "I

"The bee game?" Felicia asks apparently she isn't familiar with that one. Maybe it isn't actiony enough for her "I would imagine you would need all the tickets for something like an RC car." she shrugs though, she has no idea. She can't help but chuckle as the two mention the game hitting them back "I'm pretty sure it has some sorta safety thing that keeps it from doing it." she occasionally looks at the screen of the shooting game, still trying not to put all her weight on it.

He points, that Harold. Over by the kid games in the area. "Yeah, there it is, right by whack-a-mole!" He is excited about it. "I can own that game." Like Felicia stuck it to the skee ball machine by getting all the points there. Bees in a net, awesome-sauce. "Okay, we divide and conquer, we play the games we're good at. So we can get Felicia her car." He's in on this idea now. "Okay, team high five, or team fist bump." He holds up his fist. "We bump then do like a loop." He does a rodeo hand, "And bring it back in." His fist goes to the middle of the four, then he waits to see who comes along with his new dap he just made up.

Daxton frowns, now slightly confused, "Yeah…Jones isn my fa- my last name." He started to say his family name, but screw them. It's his last name. he's distracted enough, or annoyed by the thought of his family, he just lets the video game end. He'd propyl end up here for another hour if he he didn't, anyway. The plastic gun is hung back up on the machine and he looks at Felicia, "You want the car?" He owes her, he'll play circus games if it'll get her what she wants. There's just a blink to Harold, what in the world is he doing. Instead of participating in whatever that was, Dax reaches down and picks up his thrift store bag and will wait to see if everyone is going to go over and play the ticket games or what.

There's a doubtful look thrown towards the punching game but Lynzee shakes her head, being deliberately violent for no reason was beyond her scope of reasoning. Instead, she looks where Harold points and beams a smile. "But I want to watch the Bee Game first, it looks kinda fun."

There's a doubtful look thrown towards the punching game but Lynzee shakes her head, being deliberately violent for no reason was beyond her scope of reasoning. Instead, she looks where Harold points and beams a smile. "But I want to watch the Bee Game first, it looks kinda fun." Lifting her fist, she bumps Harold's but it's light, nothing with strength behind it. Looking back at Daxton at the explanation she grins. "Well it's good to have a second name because people always ask about it a lot."

Felicia just eyes what Harold is doing with his hands. Yeah she isn't participating in that weirdness either. She is all for people playing the games they are good at though "I think I will stick to skee ball." divide and conquer it is. "Well sorta." she replies to Daxton "I'm more into the riding in it and less into actually possessing it." she lowers her voice a bit "It's probably not going to be much use after it gets ridden in a few times anyway. Especially if I there is more than one person riding in it." cause apparently she can do that too.

Daxton huffs, but seems slightly amused by the whole conversation. "Ok…I'll go get some tickets. He's willing to spend a dollar to help. And they break off, each going to a different game and get tickets. lots, and lots of tickets. And then Felicia's ride. Which Dax isn't sure how that will go, but it will definitely be interesting.

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