(2016-04-02) The Sick and the Really Sick
The Sick and the Really Sick
Summary: Diego visits Stefanie and Tabitha in the med bay
Date: 2016-04-02
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Stefanie is stilll kept in her quarantine room, hooked up to monitors and an IV still as they observe her progress. She hadn't sneezed since Moritz and Diego came through. She was able to sleep for a few hours without blowing herself up. She still had spots on her skin, but the sneezing had stopped.

Tabitha has been put in the room next door to Stefanie's, having come down with the by now familiar symptoms last night. Her symptoms haven't progressed past the initial sneezing, so she's as yet free of the spots and flare ups of powers. Which she sees as good since her powers are still burned out from her gym accident two days ago. She's recently woken up from a nap and has been using her forced idleness to work on some music composition, which she does on paper instead of with a program. She switches between writing out notes and lyrics and working them out on a few instruments from her room.

While he might have been by earlier in the day to check on Stefanie, Diego is already back again. Trying come back to check on the girl. Seeing as Tabitha is in the next room he most likely end up checking on her as well. Sneaking inside using chameleon camoflague to slip inside. "hey, are you all right?" He asks with a slight smile.

Stefanie looks up as she wakes up from a well-deserved nap. "Oh.. Hey." She smiles, sitting up. "I'm doing better, yes. I haven't sneezed in a few hours.. No explosions." She smiles. "Thank you. They're not quite sure if it worked yet, but we'll see after a day or so. Hopefully they can make a vaccine out of the antibodies inside me and then we can make sure that no one else catches this."

Tabitha looks up at the sound of Diego's voice, her focus remaining on the violin she's plucking out a tune on. "Oh. Hello there, Diego." She half listens to him and Stefanie talk, her ears perking up at the mention of a possible vaccine. "That'd be nice for the ones that have avoided catching it." She plucks a hopeful arpeggio on the violin strings.

Diego nods slowly to the words of Stefanie, "Sounds like that is a step in the right direction, at least." Ending up using her intercom rather than going right inside. Hearing Tabitha's voice as well. "hello." He offers to the other girl. "Well, we are currently hoping for the best. If it works, I am sure me and Moritz can help all of you out." He offers to them. Glancing in to smile to both of them.

Stefanie hears Tabitha and makes sure to patch her in to the intercom. "That's my thought. I think that once the antibodies build up, they should be able to replicate them and make enough vaccine for everyone." She smiles. "How are you feeling, Tabitha? Have you heard from anyone? I haven't seen Bev or Grayson." She looks through the window to Diego. "And did you get any rest? I know that at the level we are, our powers aren't easy to use."

Tabitha shrugs weakly, "I'm wiped. Never been sick before." She shakes her head to the other question. "Nope. I came in late last night. Haven't really seen anyone. Was asleep most of the day, really." She sets the violin aside and makes a few notes on two of the scale sheets on the bed in front of her. Overall she seems very lethargic, and possibly having issues with her eyes since she's got the lights in her room set fairly low.

Diego waits to listen to the girls, grinning at Stefanie's words. "Only briefly. Had to see if my help had any result." He answers Stefanie. Listening to Tabitha's words as well. "I am sure that you will be fine soon enough." He suggests. "Hope you both get better. Good news is, I haven't had any symptoms." He tells them, since he should be showing them by now.

Stefanie nods to Diego. "Well, that's good. It takes a day or so to get to you. You get the sniffles and sneezes first." She says, listening to Tabitha. "Well, get as much rest as you can. Hopefully, if this works, we'll be able to get the cure out to everyone and you won't have to stay here too long."

Tabitha nods a bit, "That would be nice. I've been in here too often the last few days. Not looking forward to an extended stay." She's carefully detuning her violin now and setting it loosely in its case on the table next to her bed. She then takes a moment to breathe before taking some more notes on her papers. "So what's this cure you're talking about?"

Diego does offer another nod. "I suppose that we'll know in a day or two then." He offers about being infected. Then answering Tabitha. "Indeed. I hope all goes well, so we can head out of here." Because if this doesn't work he also ends up here after all. "It was just a testing thing." He answers Tabitha. "Stefanie was our ginuea pig." He offers a bit playfully, if accurately.

Stefanie talks into the mic. "Moritz helped to boost my immune system while Diego 'spoke' with the micro-organisms causing this. He worked to convince them to go dormant. if it works, once the organisms are flushed from my body, the antibodies made in my blood can be used to synthesize a cure. We can give it to everyone who's sick, and then to vaccinate everyone else so it doesn't start up again."

Tabitha's eyebrows rise sharply at the explanation. "Well that sounds… insane." Then she shrugs one shoulder and lets out a brief breath. "Hope it works, though." She lets out a yawn, punctuated by several sneezes. When they've passed she rubs her eyes and temples to ease the pain they cause. "Really hope it works." She stacks her papers inside the violin case and lays down on her side. Using the remote hooked to her bed she turns out the lights in her room. "So tired. Gonna sleep."

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