(2016-04-01) Touching Base
Touching Base
Summary: A nerf fight! Guns and fun at the Spring Fling.
Date: 2016-04-01
Related: Keeping Lynzee
NPCs: Eryaog
Scene Runner: Harold

Training Grounds - Paragon Island
In the center of the island, a large open area, roughly 100 meters round, stands as training grounds for the students of Coral Springs High. Bleachers on one side to sit have been erected by the faculty. A few pillars to mark each school can hold a flame atop it should it be needed at night. A mix of dirt and sand, any number of activities take place here. A few trails meander off from the training grounds and go around the island itself.

Spring Fling, who isn't going. Aside from maybe half of Ares who have gone to do other crazy things instead of hang out around the school. The day is great, some scattered showers, but honestly its hovering around 70s during the Fling, starting in the mid 60s in the morning. May have been warmer but those scattered showers seem to be locking it down around 70. Its nice enough for shorts, so Harold has shorts on. He has come along with his companion, who doesn't go to classes but generally is around the boy at most times of the day otherwise.
Eryaog has a satchel with him. It has a chord like rope of green and blue strips and the bag is orange with red-orange fringe, there are a bunch of bumps on the bag. Harold is smiling, not moving to get food, he doesn't go to join softball, or play ultimate frisbee. He is enjoying being near people as much as he can, but has his own idea for fun. Reaching into the bag, he pulls out a nerf gun. "I'm sure everyone will want to play, just wish I had more guns." He admits to his companion.

Lynzee knew about the nerf guns and so she had planned to be there. She's wearing regular clothes, jeans that are frayed at the bottom hem and a t-shirt. At least both are clean. Also, athletic shoes that have seen better days. First she notices Eryaog and she beams happily and bounces over towards them, "Hi!" As if discovering him there was the highlight of her day. Then there is Harold and the smile brightens. "Hi Harold! Are we going to play now?" *Achoo* A sneeze onto her shoulder, like she had been taught. Nothing odd happens though.

Felicia may be in Ares but since she is still occasionally sneezing glitter, she has been 'ordered' to remain at the school one more day. No need to have to explain that kinda weirdness to people on the Mainland. With nothing better to do she has meandered out to the spring fling to she what that is all about.

Softball? No thanks. Ultimate frisbee? Hmmm, with her luck she would accidently shrink and get a free ride on the frisbee. Where is the fun in that…oh wait..that is the fun.

And then Felicia spots the colorful Eryaog, how could you not, and his companion Harold bringing out nerfguns. Well that is a fun alternative, and no one accidently gets anything broken by a frisbee thrown to hard. "Someone came prepared." she says in leiu of greeting to the trio, at least is is a trio when Lynzee bounces over before her.

Oliver just knew about the Spring Fling from last year. Since he was cleared as being non-contagious and was only sneezing glitter, he was able to make his way to the event. Since his shifting was back under control, he's back to wearing his non-cotton clothes, which either means he's dressed way down in athletic-wear or dressed up. As there was Ultimate Frisbee, he wore the athletic-wear. He's currently playing the game when he catches sight of the others, and Felicia especially.

"They let you out too?" he trots over before noting Harold and the…creature. "Oh. Uh. Hi."

Harold had his gun out, its like a six shooter revolving ordeal. Not the most rapid or the farthest, but maybe he likes the style. Eryaog reaches over to touch Lynzee's fur (hair), giving it a pet. "Hello Lynzee, you have come." The obvious stated, in his slow manner of speaking. And Harold is grinning more, looking at each of them. "Hey Lynzee, totally, play a little, see who's interested … then some capture the flag maybe." He states, smuggly at thinking it would indeed be fun. "I figured I'm not too coordinated, but nerf … I can get along there." As for why he brought his own fun versus trying to join the other team oriented events. Then he sneezes too, out comes green sparkles, which is mostly covered by his arm. "Hello," says Harold. Eryoag goes with the obvious though, "You have been released?" As if from prison.

Lynzee return pets Eryaog with a happy smile. "I'm glad to see you and Harold." A bob of her head at the suggestion, "We could play capture the flag, but I'm not sure how to play. We just get each others flags?" Stating the obvious. As Felicia and then Oliver join, she give a friendly wave. "Will you play with us? We can have two on each team and Eryaog can be the judge." Just so she can give him something to do too.

Doing one of those shifty eyes things at the question that Oliver poses her "I snuck over the west wall right before sun up. It was close but I manage to evade the guards." Felicia is totally joking and she gives a wink "Not really." she gives a laugh and lightly shoulder bumps Oliver "They freed me a couple hours ago." this to Eryoag mostly but the others as well. "When did you get out?" is asked of Oliver.

"And try to keep your own flag from getting captured." Felicia adds for Lynzee's benefit. "I'm game, for either." she can't help but give a sly smile though. In her head she has an unfair advantage in any capture the flag game.

Oliver blinks a few times at the creature, "Uhh…yeah. From MedBay." He flicks a gaze to Harold and Lynzee and then Felicia…would someone like to explain this

Granted, he's at a school where teens have powers, so he's not going to dwell for too long. Surely there's a reasonable explanation.

"We'd probably need more for Capture the Flag…it's best when there are a lot of people on each team, I think." He looks to the nerf guns before sliding a glance back to Felicia, "Last night. With my roommate sick in the MedBay, they figured I wasn't contagious anymore, glitter stuff aside. I spent the night lysoling the whole room. So gross."

He looks back to the others, "So…guns or recruit more for flag?"

Eryaog listens, then nods to Felicia. "Ah, you are free, this is good." Then somehow petting is a tradition, he'll lift a big hand to her head to ruffle just lightly. Oliver will get one next of course. "Medbay is where they take prisoners?" He is trying to get it all right, like earth customs are very different. On the other hand, nodding along, Harold is good with four players. "We could just do a hide and seek play, without the flags. Have to return to base when shot, but keep going until we're tired too." As an alternative to capture the flag, without helping Eryaog get a grasp on how things work on this world. He looks to Lynzee, "Eryaog could be the base, have to touch him to return to play, he could hide from us, a moving base." What, these rules are being adapted as this goes along it seems.
A group of students stand together with a colorful beast, who holds a satchful with some nerf guns that are about to be distributed. Harold already has a gun out, he is now reaching into that bag to load up his gun with nerf darts.

Lynzee will take one of the nerf guns if offered one and she looks at it, studying the mechanisms while the others talk about rules and ideas and being prisoner. She tries out some of the levers and buttons, all except the trigger, because she knows what it does. "We can do that," she adds in at the last, showing she was indeed listening, but she looks up to Oliver and bobs her head, then the same to Felicia for her explaining about capture the flag. "Just guns and we can do what Harold just said. Eryaog can be base, cause he wants to play too." There's a look to him, the fuzzy monster, "If you want." *Achoo!* She sneezes and cat ears pop out on her, black cat ears.

"My room mate didn't catch it." Felicia says to Oliver "Maybe being a mermaid and doing that magic thing herself makes her immune?" her shoulders lift into a shrug. "No Eryaog. It's where people who are sick go to get better. They may keep is there, but we aren't prisoners." she stifles her laughter at his misunderstanding.

"But more people are better for capture the flag. Though we have enough for a nerf war." a nerf gun is taken from the satchel and she gives it a cursory glance "You in?" she asks Oliver, dry firing the Nerf gun at him. When Lynzee sneezes and the cat ears pop out, Felicia takes a step away from the girl and closer to Oliver "And no touchies. I've had my fill of med bay for a the year."

Oliver takes a step back when Lynzee sneezes and her powers activate. "Oh, no. I am NOT getting this again!" He points back to the tunnels, "To the MedBay with you! You're gonna get other people sick!" He looks over as Felicia steps closer to him, "Uhh. I dunno. I don't want to get sick again." He glances back at the Ultimate Frisbee game…although there's touching there too! Ahh!

The trip down the tube to Paragon takes a lot longer when walking instead of flying. Feeling normal is nice, but this is a time that Tabitha wouldn't mind having her powers back even though it would mean she'd have to wear too many coats again. She exits onto the island in her standard off-hours ensemble of thermals under worn jeans and a blue flannel shirt. She's got sturdy boots on and her everpresent knit watch cap with hair draped down over the left side of her face. She takes a moment to enjoy being out in the ocean air without freezing her tuchuss off, then heads in the direction of nerf guns and colorful beast. He sees Lynzee sneeze, the ears popping, and the reaction from Felicia and Oliver. "Sure you should be out here, Lynz? That stuff is nasty and all." She gives everyone a quick wave and a smile, "So what's up with the Nerf?"

There are nerf guns a plenty at least, Harold does hand one to Lynzee as Felicia makes for her own. Right before folks start creating more space between them all again. "Yeah, all out nerf war," with a base to get back in play after being hit of course. And no, Harold isn't thinking of using his powers in some context while they play, not yet perhaps. "I think she's okay, she's not hurting anyone when she sneezes." Like someone shooting lasers or something, that's Harolds take at least. "We just stay near training grounds, like no more than 50 meters in?" To be close to the Spring Fling thing going on and all. "Nerf war, if you want in?" As Tabitha joins near. Eryaog nods at the explanation of a med bay. "Ah," he nods slowly, like it makes sense, a place for sick people. He grins though, "Yes, I am base, you must find me to …" A roll of his eyes though, "Get better?" He isn't to the point of getting that nerf dart and getting hint means 'dead' and a base is a place to come back to life so to speak. Harold moves to start taking the satchel off Eryaog so anyone can get to guns, he probably has a dozen or so.

Lynzee does look doubtful as she reaches up a hand to touch her ears. She closes her eyes and makes them go away before looking at the others as they suggest she leave and back away from her. She looks down at her gun in hand, then to Eryaog and Harold. "It would make it even if I go inside." But she doesn't want to leave, she wants to play like they had planned. "I won't touch anyone, I promise, can I stay?"

It looks like Felicia is backing Oliver on the whole Lynzee getting to Med Bay, but the Harold speaks up "True enough. It's the touching that transfers it." she seems to debate the whole inclusion thing as the boundaries of game play are established.

"Heya…Tabitha." it takes a moment to pull the girl's name out of her memory banks, but she gets it. As for letting Lynzee stay, she just shrugs. "I guess if you keep your promise not to touch any of us." she glances at the colorful beast "I doubt you can get it, so I guess touching you is okay?"

Oliver shakes his head, "Nuh-huh…sorry. I mean, you can stay all you want, but I don't want this again. I'm still sneezing glitter and I don't want to have to deal with the crazy powers and spots and feeling like crap. Sorry…" He backs up a few more steps, now concerned about the Ultimate Frisbee game. Drats.

"Uhm…if it's hide and seek with touching the base there," he nods to the colorful creature, "I dunno. What if he…it? Doesn't get it but then we touch him…it? and then we get it again?" He shakes his head, "Sorry. You guys can play, but I'm out."

He gives a nod to Tabitha as she arrives, "You can take my place if you're willing to risk the plague." Even though he didn't even have a gun yet.

Lynzee doesn't want to ruin the fun for anyone else, not at all, and so she walks over to Eryaog and hands him the gun. "I am going to go inside to my room, it was good to see everyone." She offers a wave to Harold and Felicia and Oliver and Tabitha, and an apologetic look, "You guys have fun, I'll go so you all don't get sick again." With a cheerful sort of bounce to her step, she heads off for the tunnel, another sneeze making her disappear in the process.

Tabitha shrugs one shoulder as she walks up to the Bag o' Nerf and selects a pair of weapons; one pistol and one of the big rifles with a scope and bipod. "I'm in. Teams or free for all? I'll be on Lynzee's side if it's teams." She gets a thought while searching for extra ammo from the pile. "Oh, powers or no? I'm a bit disadvantaged if it's powers-on." Then Lynzee is heading back inside and she gives her friend a wave. She's managed to not catch the Martian Flu, at least as far as she knows so she doens't weigh in on the issue.

She's thinking about the problem, chewing on her lip as she looks at the others and Lynzee starting to head off "What if she wears gloves?" Felicia asks "The ones that the doctors use. The latex ones." she doesn't like the idea of people being excluded because of a little mystical cold.

As for Tabitha's questions about powers and such there is another shrug "We haven't decided on that. Why are you at a disadvantage?"

Oliver pauses as Lynzee leaves, "I didn't mean that…" he calls out to her, but then looks to the others. "She's contagious. She probably shouldn't be around…what if it's a touch of a shoulder or an elbow or something too? What if it's a touch and a sneeze? I mean, He…ck, I'm still sneezing glitter." Even though he does feel much, much better.

He still keeps his distance though, and listens as Felicia and Tabitha talk about powers and whether or not to include them in the game.

Tabitha shrugs as she checks her weapons, loads them, then makes sure they fire properly. "Had an incident in the gym yesterday. Aura overloaded and now I'm as normal as I've ever been. For now, at least." She listens to the discussion about the illness and how contagious it might be, then she thinks of something else. "You two were out on that camping trip, right? The one that started this whole mess? Doesn't that mean you're immune now that you've had it and recovered?"

While folks debated a little about should someone stay or go, already having the sneeze themselves, Harold paid no mind. He was looking at the terrain, figuring out what's going on for this game, its so important all this stuff. Eryaog stayed, holding the satchel open for anyone who wanted to grab a gun. Between staying for Harold and the bouncing Lynzee back to tunnels to avoid human contact, he wasn't sure where to go. Regardless, its still near 70+ degrees, and its a good day. Harold comes back, and fires darts at the trio remaining (not the quad, he doesn't shoot at Eryaog), "I win!" Teasing, even a small kid like him can joke a little. "We ready, or just enjoying the sun to much?" Cause they're standing around the training grounds still.

"Well I guess its a non-issue now." Felicia comments after nodding about Oliver's concerns and Lynzee leaving to head inside. "What do you think Oliver? Keep it fair to her and go no powers?" she figures since the contagious one is out he is back in.

"Is that normal for you? Aura overload and being a flatline for a few days?" Felicia asks Tabitha a frown sorta coming to her face "That must suck something major if it is.

"Hey now." she chuckles to Harold, beding down to pick up the nerf dart and load it into her own gun, but instead of shooting Harold back she shoots it at Oliver.

Oliver looks after Felicia and makes a little face, "I didn't mean to run her off. I mean, I was ok to step out…" he looks back to the others and gives a sigh. "I'm still confused about the rules. Is this a Paintball sort of thing where if you get hit you're out? Or…I mean, I don't see how else these would prevent anyone from reaching the…goal," if that's what the creature can be called, "aside from it hiding."

He then looks to the others, "I'd say no powers if not all of us are feeling it, but I still don't understand the rules."

"I have no idea." Tabitha does a tuck and roll forward when Harold raises his nerf gun and starts firing. She's back up on her feet again with her nerf pistol aimed at Harold and the big rifle being used as a makeshift shield (she's small enough to hide most of herself behind it at the right angle). "Only had my powers for a short time, and this is the first time I've shorted out. Best guess from the docs was that I lost all of my stored charge and just need to get it back." She's glancing around for cover as she talks.

"Thing is… my aura activated when I got the crap kicked out of me by a dozen people with pipes and boards who then threw me into oncoming traffic." She makes a dash past Harold and towards Eryaog, because the big guy makes a great wall. "It's a nerf war and the big guy isn't the goal he's the resurrection stone!" She fires off a clip from her pistol, sending a few darts at each of the other three before sprinting for the bleachers with a few random jukes to avoid return fire.

"All's fair," grins Harold to Felicia, as she turns to fire on Oliver. He turns to Eryaog, "Move around, avoid a little, but not completely. So we have a chance." The satchel of weapons on the ground somewhere, the beast starts to move away from the group, making the base a moving target to increase the difficult. "Its not paintball, where you are out completely. If you get shot, you go back to base and start again." He starts to move, "Yeah what she said … touch Eryaog and you can play again after your hit. No firing while out. No win or lose, just fun." He indicates this and shoots at Oliver to at least get the other one moving. Right as he get's hit by one of Tabith'as shots. "Hey, no fair." Almost the 'hey now' repeat from Felicia, but he calls it, and with a laugh, he runs to try to get to the colorful beast to recover and shoot again. He stops to reload while 'dead' though.

"You're overthinking it Oliver." Felicia tells the teen boy. "Just grab a nerf gun and have fun." there is a bit of an eyebrow waggle in his direction. Grabbing more of the nerf darts she reloads and the rest disappear into the backpocket of her jeans.

"Well that wasn't nice of those guys. I hope they got a good ass kicking in return." Since she's been tagged herself by Harold, before Eryaog gets to far she races to touch him to resurrect herself. "Game on!" she calls out, scanning the area and then heading to the treeline that is still within the boundaries.

"What? I don't understand…" someone might not be used to games where the rules are made up. Oliver looks quite confused, especially since he doesn't even have a gun yet and is being shot at. "Hey! Quit it! No one even said 'go!"

Of course, he then sneezes an explosion of green glitter.

After wiping his nose on his sleeve, he just throws up his hands, "How can you play a game with no rules! It doesn't make sense!" He still hasn't picked up a gun.

"Grab a gun and go! Shoot people, don't get shot! If you get shot, to tag the ogre to not be dead anymore!" Tabitha is small, light, and grew up around a lot of trees and cliffs. She can scamper up the bleacher supports with little issue. The 'fire at everyone to get away' strategy seems to have worked. She didn't feel any darts hit her and there don't seem to be any on the ground where she was running. So now she tucks the pistol into her shirt and gives her true love, the nerf sniper rifle, a kiss on the barrel once she's tucked herself up near the top of the bleachers. "Okay, my sweet. Let's pop some melons." She looks down the scope, briefly considering taking a shot at Oliver then deciding that would be a volation of the Paragon Island Conventions for Humane Warfare. So instead she aims over at Eryaog and tries to shoot Felicia before she can make it to the treeline.

"Game on," shouts Harold back, it takes him more to catch Eryaog as, mostly without the beast, he's just a boy really. Still, he catches up. "Just shoot and have fun, just a game. Not like you win or loose." To help the frustrated Oliver perhaps. Then a nod to Tabitha ovr near the bleaches and such, scampering up, she gets it. Back in, he tagged the beast, and is reloaded. He decides to stay more in the open, so he can see shots coming for the moment. He'll fire a couple darts towars the bleachers, but it a longshot. Then he'll try to duck and roll out there. Through the grounds, and some grass. It pulls a sneeze again out of him, he thought he was done with that business. Hints of green sparkles.
Near the bag of guns *poof* A couple of fruits appear. Very strange, purple with green spikes. Just appeared, when he sneezed. Hopefully that means nothing bad, but who can say, the kid did touch every nerf gun he put in the bag. He thinks nothing of it despite the whole thing about wearing safety gloves a moment ago. He doesn't see what his sneeze did, he hasn't seen what his sneezes have done anytime, its the nature of his power, its not immediate to him.

Felicia gets part way to the tree line but when she looks back she sees that Oliver is still standing there looking confused and asking for even more clarification. As the others explain in thier own exuberant way the teen girl turns and heads back to where Oliver stands, the darts from Tabitha's nerf sniper rifle bouncing off her.

"You've played tag before right?" she asks him as she comes up to Oliver and drapes an arm over his shoulders. There is that no personal space boundaries again "It's like that only with nerf guns. The only real rules are that if you get 'tagged' you have to touch big and fuzzy and you can't 'tag' anyone between being tagged and touching big and fuzzy." she pauses a moment "And no powers. Can't forget that one." she smiles at him "Got it?

Oliver just watches for a few moments before shaking his head and turning back towards the Ultimate Frisbee game. He pauses as Felicia comes over and drapes an arm around his shoulders, he still doesn't seem convinced. "I dunno? Maybe?" He looks at the others playing and then at the bag of guns and the weird fruit there. "Uhm. What are those and are they supposed to be there?"

Augh! People are still sneezing!! "Ahhh! This is making me into a germaphobe!! I don't wanna go back to the MedBay!"

Tabitha hrmphs to herself as Oliver seems to be rooted and Felicia goes to encourage him to play. She fires a single shot at Oliver because from her view he's being a stick in the mud, then decides that while her position is good it's not good enough since everyone knows where she is. So she decides to try some devious tricks. She fires off the rest of her sniper shots in Harold's direction, hoping to hit him but not really trying. Then she wedges the gun into the bleacher supports so its vibrantly colored frame will swing a bit in the breeze.

Then she very quietly climbs backwards so she's barely inside the declared game zone and down to the ground. She'll stick to the shadows, wait for a moment when either no one's looking in her direction or Eryaog is close enough to tag quickly then make a quick dash for the treeline that Felicia was going to use earlier.

Harold notices the shots, and thinks he needs to block. He's not trying to cheat at all, but somehow when he thinks that, Eryaog goes running past. Takes a few blocks of those sniper shots. A grin in thanks, Harold stops rolling, but the beast pases, enough for Tabitha to tag him. He grins "Qinshinks!" And he stops running away from the kids to pick up a purple fruit, which he splits open to start eating the juicy insides. It does look good, or its only good to him. That's what those are. Harold takes a shot after the beast passes, and sighs. "Okay, I'll find cover next time." He won't break rules, he doesn't fire. So he runs back to the stopped beast to tag. Only looking in the direction Tabitha disappeared, to shot some shots so he can run to the treeline himself, at least 20 meters away, to take it to stealth mode in the forest.

The pointing out of the strange fruit has Felicia looking at them "I dunno know." she looks around "You don't think they are going to go all explody do you?" purple round things with green spikes…who knows how dangerous those could be. "No one is going back to sick bay Oliver." she falls into the Star Trek name for the medical facilities "Not you. Not me." not of she can help it.

She is about to investigate the strange fruit like objects when they are pounced on by Eryaog and he begins to eat them? "Huh." Felicia intones, seeming not the least bit surprised that the creature would consider them food "There ya go.

Oliver watches as Eryaog eats the random fruit, "But…where did it come from?" is just asked before he looks back to Felicia. "You guys play this game. I'm just going to go…watch or something. Maybe I'll pick it up for the next time." Maybe he doesn't like tag? Or guns? Or running around chasing people? He does grin at her after ducking out of her arm, "Go get 'em!"

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