(2016-04-01) My Eyes Are Up Here
My Eyes Are Up Here
Summary: Moritz meets Stefanie in the Medbay. She doesn't blow him up.
Date: 2016-04-01
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Stefanie sits in a bed, dressed in a johnny. She has probes and IV's hooked up, the door to the room is closed tight, the window in the door showing what's going on behind the door. There are green spots all over her body, and she's sneezing.

Wearing black slacks, leather loafers, leather belt and a charcoal dress shirt, Moritz enters the med bay. As he begins to move across the bay toward the quarantine room, the skin of his body takes on an orangish hue that has a slight glow to it. He moves to the window which will peer into the room where Stephanie resides. He will lift his left hand and give a still wave of hello. The expression on his face offers a concerned appearance and his brow furrows. He says nothing yet, trying to get a good look at the spots.

Stefanie looks up and smiles, waving back to the boy. However, the reason why the door is kept closed is soon apparent. She sneezing and the room explodes into light and fire. The energy dissipates and Stef just shakes her head, giggling. Black smoke is filtered out of the room.

With the unique sneezing, and then the giggling, Moritz smiles awkwardly. Wondering what is going on. He looks around for a button to push so that they may speak. Something along the border of the window or a microphone. He touches his ear with his right index finger and then gives the universal shrug for 'where'.

Stefanie smiles and points over to the side. She grabs the remote that's connected to the bed. "There's an intercom on the wall. I apologize that there's this barrier, but it's for everyone's safety. One of the symptoms of this cold is that I can have random power emissions."

He finds the button/means to communicate and then Moritz responds in an English accent, "Quite troubling. I've been told. Hence the precaution. I've also been told that it's magical in nature. But what I've not been told is, how are you faring throughout all this?"

Stefanie smiles and waves it off. "I guess it is. I don't really know for sure. As long as everyone is safe, I'll just suffer here for the next couple of days. The choice I had was to stay safe and watch a classmate suffer with delirium, or help him and be damned with the consequences." She shrugs. "These are the consequences." She says. "I'm Stefanie, by the way."

"Sorry." responds Moritz as he realizes he's not introduced himself or perhaps it's an apology for her condition. Either way, he answers, "I'm Moritz. It's a pleasure to meet you." And then he sort of runs out of things to say as he draws quiet and his mind resets. However he's clearly staring at her chest. Not in a lecherous way, but just off in his own world of starification.

Stefanie blinks when she notices where he's staring. She grimaces, thinking she was fairly well covered with the johnny and no bra. She wraps her arms around herself as best as she can with an IV in her hand. "Can… Can i help you with something?" She says, trying to remain friendly but wondering why someone new would come by to stare at her chest.

There's a sudden realization and shock on his face as he is pulled from the stare. "Oh dear.. I wasn't looking at.. your . No. I was.." and he stammers with trying to answer after being busted for staring at her girl bumps. Then he straightens and places his palms together before his chest in what could be considered a prayer gesture to recenter his thoughts. "Sorry. I was just looking at the magical affliction within you. I was not looking upon your bosom. I would never." then he realizes what he says and tries to retract, "Not that I'm homosexual. In fact, I quite like looking at girls…" and he then decides and comments, "I'll just shut up now."

Stefanie would typically be upset, but the boy's demeanor disarms her. "I'm.. sorry. I've always been self-conscious. I developed a bit earlier than most girls and I used to get all sorts of attention, good and bad." She says, looking over. "I assumed and I didn't know you were looking at the magic. I understand." She says, still covering herself because now he'll actually be looking at her. "And it doesn't matter if you're homosexual or not. It's all good." She smiles. "Nice to meet you, Moritz, as long as you remember where my eyes are."

Now that the cat is out of the bag, it's actually hard for Moritz not to glance back down at her girl bumps. But he does indeed refrain. He keeps his dark green eyes locked into hers and rubs the back of his neck with his left hand. "Eyes, yes." he says quickly with a growing smile. He thinks he wants to say something else, but instead just starts the sentence, "I…" then aborts it just as quickly. He then looks over his shoulder, "I should be going. I need to do a bit of research on the type of magic it is. Perhaps I can dispel it… If you would excuse me." and he actually does wait to be given permission out of politeness.

Stefanie giggles and nods. "Alright. Have a good one." She says, waving, and putting the microphone/remote down.

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