(2016-03-31) The Tardis Bag and the Squid
The Tardis Bag and the Squid
Summary: When students get together there's bound to be weird things.
Date: 2016-03-31
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Coral Springs Hub
From here there is a circular stair going up to the administration level, and a couple of halls leading to the classrooms that ring the 'ground' floor of Coral Springs High. Light comes in through the large window over the administration level, once can see the cafeteria made in the old fort lighthouse and crows nest. A few benches are down here for students to occupy between classes on this level. As well, there are a few lockers in the hallways beyond the open courtyard on this level to hold students belongings during the day. There is a set of double doors leading to an elevator that leads down, more modern than the fort itself, added long after the fort was built.

Daxton turns, almost exasperated. Maybe he's had to do this a lot in the past few days, "Hey. I'm Daxton." Blue eyes only flicker up briefly before dropping off to focus on the other teens shoulder. The two are standing next to Dax's locker, classes have just ended for the day.

Class was over, that was the best news of the day so far. Annaliesa pauses by her own locker to stow away the books she had zero intention of even touching until tomorrow and only in an as needed basis. Closing her locker, she turns and hears the voice, the name, and there's an undisguised curiosity on her features. "There you are," like they're not both juniors and had the same classes and all. "How are you adapting?" Seeing Diego there, she offers a smile, "Hey Diego, had a good day?"

"Pleasure. Hope the school fits you well." Diego offers and shrugs. "Sorry. I'm just eager to learn new stuff." He tells Daxton, grinning a bit. "Got any cool stuff you can do?" It's hard to say if he mean powers or just skills in general. Then he hear Anna, smiling and glancing over to her. "Hey, Anna. Of course." Also being a junior after all. And more interested in learning compared to the others, it seems. "All well, I hope?" He asks both of them. Looking between them at that.

Daxton's jaw works, not really all that thrill with this line of questioning. So instead of answering he just kinda give the boy a shrug of one shoulder and he clasps whatever book is in his arms a little tighter to his chest. He, unfortunately has a lot to catch up on. Then he's saved (again?) from the line of happy interrogation by the arrival of the girl, "Hey Annaliesa. I'm ok." He's lying, and not very well, but he follows with a brief and rare flash of a smile before he goes back to not making eye contact with either of them. His uniform is missing Team colours, seems he's not picked yet.

Of course the questions directed to Daxton catch Annaliesa's attention too and she looks interested in any answers he may provide in the process. "All is well, just glad the classes are over for the day and it's another day closer to the weekend and Spring Fling is tomorrow. Derek asked me to go with him. Then to Shady Cove on Saturday, I think. Anyone else going to town to hang out?" The evasion is noted, from Daxton, but that only increases her curiosity. Still, it's not her place to give away what someone can do and so she doesn't. If she notices he isn't being entirely honest, she doesn't call him on it, but she does give him an encouraging smile which may possibly be missed if he is avoiding looking at them. "So, have you thought about teams yet?" Nice safe change. Maybe.

Diego does stop with the questioning, for now. Hands going into his pockets. Grinning about Anna going to the Spring Fling with Derek. "Sounds like fun. I might, not sure yet." He admits, a small shrug at that. "Or I'll try to train more. I still have no clue how to actually shapeshift." He says and chuckles. Glancing back to Daxton, at the talk of team. "Just go with whatever feel natural. I am sure it will be fine." He suggests.

Daxton takes a deep breath, like he didn't have enough to worry about…The dance is a terrifying thought. "Yeah…that all sounds fun." He's not really got any money to do anything, and they've already meantioned the remedial classes to him, so…"I think I'm playing catch up for the next month or so." He's got 2 1/2 years to make up after all. At the mention of Teams, his eyes flicker from Her blue to Diego's yellow, "No…not really yet." He nods though, eventually one of the Teams will click with him. The three teens are all standing around Dax's locker, right after classes have been let out for the day.

"I still need to meet with you on that whole language thing. Maybe you should talk to Oliver though on the shifting part, he's really good at it. Did you see him as the dolphin at the campout last weekend?" Annaliesa and Diego and Daxton are all standing around the lockers, classes have just ended for the day and a handful of other students are working on depositing books in their lockers, Shifting her eyes to Daxton, she puts on that encouraging look again. "Team Ares, for the win," she teases. "I guess it more depends on your views on everything."

One wonders whether phasing through walls improves ones sense of direction or greatly removes the need for one in the first place. The gathering of students does catch Luz's eye though, and he slows to hear just a bit of passing conversation. Strangers in strange lands and all that. Judging by the fact he has a gym bag slung over his shoulder he might be looking for some after hours practice. "Or the kind of people you want at your back, to look at it another way. Go Metis and you'll never have to worry about your homework again, one way or another." Luz offers towards Daxton. His part to be a good and loyal Team member. Yay, go team….his voice friendly enough but still wrapped in the reserve of one still on unfamiliar ground. The arm to which the 'squid' is affixed finds its hand and part of the forearm shoved into the pocket.

There is a nod to Anna as Diego listens to what she has to offer. "Ah, yeah. Been meaning to meet with him. Then he was sick and all that." Diego does just grin then. "Indeed. Would be awesome. Are you allowed to teach it?" He asks Anna, since she said she'd ask first. Glancing to nod to Daxton as well. "I am sure that you will catch up, sooner or later." Not knowing how long the other boy has to catch up on. Smirking at Anna as she suggests team Ares. "You just want a good teammate." He teases. Rolling his eyes at Luz. "That almost sounds like a bribe." He offers and shakes his head. Trying not to pressure him into a team. "Hey, I'm Diego by the way. Haven't gotten to talk to you." He offers to Luz. "Cool looking." He offers to the gauntlet looking thing.

Daxton is having to adjust…a lot. He should maybe find a tutor if he can't catch up on his own. Annaliese gets another almost smile and he nods. Ares were the only ones that were there that helped save him. That definitely put the Team up in his book. But then dude with squid arms steps up and it's enough to get the new teen to blink slightly in surprise.He's not disgusted or anything, just…surprised. He was warned there were unique students here, but somethings you just have to witness for yourself. Like Squid arms. "Hey…yeah. I'm still kinda finding my footing. Thanks." His head swivels back to look at Diego, he's also heard whispers of some sickness running through the school.

"I'm supposed to meet up with my parents this weekend, so I'll ask my mother then and see what she has to say about it." Annaliesa responds to Diego with a lopsided smile. "Could always use a good teammate, besides we've all had the chance to bond now." The words hold a wealth of amusement though and she cuts her eyes to Daxton as she says it. "No better time to see if someone has your back than to be proven." As Luz joins, she also gets a look at the arm and is more than a little surprised. No better way to look at something than to touch it.. or close. "Is that a.. What exactly is that?" Curious, she reaches out a hand as if she is going to physically explore and discover, but she draws her hand back.

Diego smiles and nods to Anna, before looking to Daxton. "Well, whatever team you end up with. Feel free to ask for help, if you need it." He assures the guy. Diego does seem curious as well, looking as Anna reaches out towards it. Though then his attention goes to Daxton. "I am sure this place is a bit weird, but it is a good place." He assures him. Then looking between all of them. "I probably should head on out though."

Daxton gives a soft snort of amusement, but he doesn't look up at Annaliesa. "Yeah…sorry you had to though." Force bonding is never good. The new teen chews the inside of his cheek nervously but nods to Diego, "Yeah…I might." A deep breath a dn another nod, "It's…no weirder I guess than whatever the hell happened to me." It's a mystery for everyone! The teens are all gathered around Dax's open locker talking. The last class of the day has just let out.

"At least it's a safe place to be. I've only been here a few weeks myself, but before I even knew Derek went here, we met on the mainland a few weeks in a row, while my parents were here talking to the school people and finding a place to live in Shady Cove. They're going to move here while I'm going to school here so that they're not too far from me." Annaliesa had never really been away from home before. Hearing Daxton, she smiles, "Hey I'm just glad someone was there, Felicia did the hard stuff." As Diego mentions heading off, she offers a wave, "Was good seeing you, Diego."

Diego nods a bit at the words from Anna. "Yeah, sorry that I wasn't part of the greeting party." Diego offers to Daxton, seemingly sincere. "Same. Good seeing you all." He offers along with a small wave, then he's off.

Luz is not usually the sort to space out, but sometimes there is something really interesting going on over there. Its only when Annaliese tries to poke his regulator (dubbed 'the squid') that he jolts back. "Well, I thought you were all supposed to be super school spirited or something. So just trying my hand at it." Luz looks up at Diego, leaning back to watch the assembled others as he takes off. "Luz Santiago. Sophomore. Just got here a few days ago." At the comments and obvious glances he shrugs. "It does the job, and apparently this design was supposedly better for some reason. Don't worry, its not alive. Probably." He saw the thing being built, but it looks like even he is not convinced some days.

Daxton gives he other boy a head nod, "Later man." he turns back, his math book held tightly in his hands. He's still a little shell shocked by everything that's happened to him. 'That's…cool, I guess. Does everyone go to the mainland on the weekends?" He finally moves to close the locker door, "She definitely did some heavy lifting, yeah." Daxton is well aware he'd not have made it out of there of the Team had not shown up. Luz gets a nod and Dax reintroduces himself as well, "Same here. Daxton Jones. Junior." For now, anyway.

Annaliesa is very interested in it, curious as to what it does. At the introduction though, she gives a sheepish smile, lifting her eyes from it to rest on the newly introduced. "Annaliesa Brooks, Junior. Ares." Course he likely realized that with her colors and her recruiting attempt earlier, but it never hurts to add it. "What does that do? Is it the basis for your super powers? And.. it's a design, so that means you weren't born with it I guess." As Diego departs, she offers a wave, but the question is addressed that Daxton puts out. "Yeah, I guess most do. Or we go camping on one of the islands. There's an amusement park on the mainland, a lot of fun things to do there."

The group is near the lockers, school ended for the day not too terribly long ago.

A nearby locker opens up, and out walks Asenath, squeezing out of it. As in - she walks out of the locker, from the inside. She hasn't recently gone into the locker, by any account. Probably not terribly stange by the standards of this particular school, really. Asenath is new however, having only arrived the day before. She turns back to the locker, and begins putting some of her stuff into it.

Luz shrugs and the hand comes out, allowing her to get a better look at it. "Metis. I wanted to be around folks with a different attitude than I came with." At Annaliesa's query, he gives a chuckle that is a bit more nervous than his easy smile and casual body language indicate. "Yes and no. It….balances them out I guess you could say. My power's always on, and that can cause problems. El Calamar here allows me to vent it and bring it down to a more useful form." Diego gets another nod in passing before he tilts toward Daxton. "Yeah, seems like they want to make sure we're still kids. Give all the kids with horror stories a shot at sanity and those who are a fair shade of freaked some refreshing normalcy. And then some just dive in I guess."

Daxton's eyes linger on the extended hand, getting a good look as well. He wants to ask, but won't he didn't offer up his 'super power', so Dax shouldn't expect others to. But then it all goes back to awful when Luz explains more. The colorless uniformed boy shifts, slowly bouncing from one foot to the other. His voice is low and he just nods, "Guess so." So uncomfortable. So freaked. But then he's saved(So many saves!) by a girl just stepping out of her locker. Blue eyes blink and he just watches her, somewhere between amazed and surprised. He has so much reading to do.So much to catch up on!

Annaliesa does study the extended hand, her curiosity anything but sated at the explanation and the visual she has with it closer. An absent nod is given about Metis, she seems more interested in why he has the thing. "So it's an equalizer? Sort of a buffer or something? Curious. And it's called El Calamar?" Not really getting it if it's a reference. Looking from him to Daxton, she notices the uncomfortable demeanor and quirks her lips in a half smile. "It gets easier." Though when, she doesn't know, because a black eyed girl just.. stepped out of her locker. "Did Derek lock you in there?" Because it seemed something he may do!

With a ding and that sound that they all seem to share, the elevator doors open and the tiny waif that is Tabitha Jones steps out onto this level. She's dressed in a uniform skirt and sweater, but is carrying the rest of her outfit bundled up in her arms. Barefoot and a bit disheveled she heads over towards her locker, offering a quick wave to other students as she passes them and then a smile to Asenath as her locker is just a few down from Tabitha's. "Hello, Asenath. Settling in alright?" For her part, Tabitha is looking a bit different from any other day she's been here at the school. She isn't glowing at all. Her skin is the normal pale shade usually associated with redheads. No golden sheen, no aura.

Asenath glances towards Annaliesa. "Uh, what?" She glances back towards her locker. "No…I just walked down from the bathroom." She glances through her backpack, and pulls out another book, then puts it in her locker. Then another book. Then a…potted plant, looking half-dead, actually. Probably a bit better then one would expect for a potted plant that was in her backpack, for some reason. She puts that in the locker, too. When Tabitha comes over, she glances towards her, and smiles. "Yes, I am, thank you." she replies. "Did the music help?"

"It looks like a squid. So I call it a squid." Luz explains. Okay, so maybe it doesn't completely look like a squid, but its his best guess at comparing it to something normal. "I don't know the science behind it. I just know I'm not at risk of spontaneous discharge and I can actually use my powers instead of hoping to God they don't manifest." Daxton's being freaked? He gets it, judging from the knowing glance. He's been there too. The phasing girl gets a glance and an uptick of eyebrow. "Have to wonder how the school handles curfews and lockdowns if your student body walking through walls is uncommon versus a nonexistent occurrence." He wonders aloud.

Daxton blinks and then shakes his head, giving up trying to make sense of anything else today. "Yeah…it will." An eyebrow raises though when Anna doesn't get the joke and he throws Luz a half smirk, he got it. Daxton finally releases the death grip on his book and leans back against his locker, although now his foot starts tapping. "So…camping?" That sounds nice and cheap. "Does the school provide the tent and stuff, or is it a rough it type situation?" While he doesn't ever recall going camping, the idea is strangely familiar. He's been getting all types of deja vu since waking up on the gurney.

"I could see that, kind of looks like tentacles around your arm there." Annaliesa observes, but there's still unasked and unanswered questions just bouncing out of her eyes she manages to refrain from throwing out in rapid succession. "So what exactly are the powers it's buffering?" It's one of many, but she doesn't continue to bullet them out. "Well there are plenty of tents and stuff, people just get what they need. I guess they are left from former classmates that have already graduated. But it's fun, and there's fishing and all. Tomorrow is Spring Fling though, and it doesn't cost. I think it'll be on Paragon." Island. The training grounds of the school. As Asenath doesn't seem to have been involuntarily locked in, she gives her a smile. "Well I've never tried that shortcut before." Though she falls a bit speechless at the plant thing going from backpack to locker. "That some sort of Mary Poppins bag?" Seeing Tabitha, she offers a wave, "Everything okay?"

Tabitha's head tilts as she, too watches Asenath pull various oversized objects from her undersized backpack. "Well that's handy. And yeah, the music helped. Until this afternoon, anyway. Powers shorted out during PE. Took a nosedive." She shrugs this off since she just seems to be a bit bruised up from the occurrence. She returns Anna's wave and nods, "Yeah, I'm alright. Thanks." She opens her locker and pulls out her backpack, shoving her unworn clothes inside then nods to Anna, Dax and Luz. "So… you're all new faces to me. I'm Tabitha. Athena."

"I don't know what a Mary Poppins is." Asenath says, apologetically. "My backpack is bigger on the inside." she adds, after a moment. She shakes the backpack slightly. "I was allowed to bring what would fit inside a bag." She shrugs, and turns her attention back towards Tabitha. "You do seem a bit more three-dimensional today." she agrees.

"Luz. Metis." He decides to deal with the easy question first, though he's torn between amusement and priorities as he gets asked twenty questions by Anna and Dax seemingly trying to avoid the nightmare fuel. "I'm a psychic. Except instead of reading minds and lifting stuff with my brain my thinking produces a high energy yeild. Basically the stuff you see going on at the heart of stars only less rays of the sun and more fusion. Hallucinations, phasing through solid matter….oh yeah, and thermoelectrical holocaust. All which the squid keeps to a mildly horrifying level. Also psychic cutlery. Kind of a grab bag really."

Daxton is definitly not going to a dance. But he nods, sensing Annaliese is one of those girls who will insist everyone go. "Cool." He'll go camping, maybe not get smeared on his next homework assignment. Maybe. Dax doesn't make eye contact, but he does briefly lift his head to greet Tabitha, "Hey…I'm Daxton Jones." He's not wearing any Team colours currently, he must be very new. He seems amused by Aseath's bag, "It's like the Tardis." And the Luz goes all heart of the universe, Doctor Who on everyone. Dax wisely stays quiet.

"Sort of like Doctor Who's phone booth thing and Harry Potter's tent. Bigger on the inside." Whatever the phone booth thing is called, neither the player and therefore the character has no clue. "Well at least you got to bring your plant." She looks back to Tabitha, having seen her around some, but never been introduced, she offers, "Annaliesa, Ares." Course her attention is drawn back to Luz and his explanation, but she does look marginally alarmed. "So, no one's going to explode right?" Erring on the side of caution, she has to ask.

Tabitha beams a smile at Asenath's comment about her dimensionality. "Aw, that's so sweet of you to say." Then the grin becomes more normal and she shrugs, "I'm not sure how, but I think I burned out. I actually feel normal for the first time since I activated a few weeks ago." She turns her smile to Annaliesa, Luz, and Daxton in turn as they introduce themselves. "Grab bag power sets are fun. Normally I'm something of a counter to a lot of the students here. I absorb all forms of energy." She shrugs one shoulder as she tosses her backpack over the other one. "I'm just a bit… offline at the moment." Then she looks as if she's had a Very Important Thought (tm) and her gaze shifts to Annaliesa, "OH! I never thought to check… is the spring dance thing a formal?!"

"I don't know what a Doctor who or a Harry Potter are, either, I'm afraid." Asenath admits. "But it does sound like the same concept, yes." she replies to Annaliesa. "I'm Asenath, Metis. I just arrived the other day." She glances between the group, biting her lip slightly at the mention of a dance. "A dance…you mean like in Jane Austen?" She's reaaalllly out of touch with pop culture. "That doesn't really…sound very appealing."

"Nah. Long as I charge the squid once a week and we don't get into any epic battles for the fate of humanity I think I'm good." Luz comments, seemingly unfazed by her alarm. He's had a catastrophic insurance policy named after him, he is well aware there is a certain gut reaction to what he is. Tabitha gets a sidelong look. "That so? Noted. Though its just as much psionic as conventional energy so we might have to test how that works out." Daxton's silence actually receives a bigger nod of gratitude. Asenath receives a single pat on the shoulder. Doing his part as a Metis, right? "You aren't missing much. I'm probably gonna skip too. See if they have shop or the training grounds open. Rather be doing something with my hands than shuffling about."

Daxton glances around the hallway and then tells Asenath, "I think this place is a lot like Harry Potter…" Oh, she's not a fancy person either, thank god someone else isn't. And neither is Luz, Dax visibly relaxes some, "Maybe we can just hang somewhere not dance-ish." Or he can study. That foot of his is still tapping though, hope no one gets easily annoyed.

Annaliesa takes the girl not knowing who the people were in stride, easily enough acknowledged with a nod. "Still sounds like a great bag." She smiles about the Jane Austen bit, "I don't know, but I'm not going to be at the Spring Fling long, I think maybe I'll skip off to the mainland or something." A nod to Tabitha, "I think so. I'm wearing a short peachy colored dress, but it's kinda formal without being long. I think people can wear what they are comfortable with." Looking back at Luz, she nods a little thoughtfully. "I'll remind you to charge up then," she grins, completely teasing him. She looks between Daxton and the other two girls and gives a bit of a shrug. "It's easier to get used to being here than I thought it would be."

Tabitha shrugs at Luz when he mentions testing out how their powers interact. "I'm sure we could get that set up sometime. Once my aura comes back, anyway." She doesn't say how much she hopes that it takes its time. She sighs when Annaliesa confirms her fears about the dance. "I figured it would be at least a semi-formal. Stuff like that always is. I might be able to figure something out, I guess." Which will likely involve begging and borrowing from one of her dormmates or something. Or maybe it will all be moot, depending on what the 'extra detail' is that she was asked to attend. She's surprisingly a lot less nervous about that mystery than she is about not having anything nice to wear. She does nod to Anna's comment about getting used to things. "Yeah, this place has its own brand of normal. When I came up here, I'd just finished having a conversation with a student who was basically a ghost down in med bay."

"A ghost?" Asenath perks up a little. "Neat." she comments. "But I'd better get going. It looks like the cafeteria is mostly empty. I don't mind a person or two, but any more then a few people eating at once and it gets disgusting. I hate watching people digest." She shudders a bit. "Nice meeting you all!" She picks up her backpack and heads back into her locker, closing the door behind her.

Luz tips his fingers in a bit of a salute to the departing Asenath. "Take care." Rolling his shoulders back as he looks over at Tabitha with a slight nod. "Yeah, not my scene. Hope you have fun though." Which, speaking of, causes him to shoot a wounded look at Annaliesa. "Please don't. I'm already in awe how often Siri, Google, and a thousand other reminders poke and prod at me to stay charged. I thought that was supposed to be a perk of this place, that everyone is supposedly some grand weapon of destruction wrapped in hormones." And yes, speaking of Harry Potter. "We're probably overdue for a giant or some kind of owl bombardment. Certainly seems like someone on admin is some kinda Rowling fan."

Or, Daxton can study. That's cool too. He starts rocking softly against his locker as everyone talks around him. The talk of dresses has his eyes glaze over slightly. His brain hasn't completely caught up with his biological age just yet. He starts to say goodbye to Asenath, but she steps back into the locker and he just blinks. So weird. He just nods, not wanting to appear judgey. He's not, it's just a lot. His fingers start absently drumming on his book, normal human speed for now. They speed up when Luz casually mentions they're all weapons. It doesn't take a genius to put together some of what happened to him, and he's just not ready to accept that just yet. So his fingers drum, suddenly way faster than humanly possible.

"Then I won't." Annaliesa tells Luz simply. "I'm definitely no grand weapon of destruction, nothing on a massive scale of anything. I won't explode, I can't glow, I don't have squid arms or anything." She looks around as if trying to see the Harry Potter thing, but gives up trying, and shrugs. "Maybe?" She gives Tabitha's slight form a look, "I may have a dress or something. My mom and all are on the mainland, I could have her bring you something if you wanted to borrow it." Or have someone get it. Or something! It's the mention of the ghost that gets a brow raise. "Weird.."

Tabitha does a double take when Asenath exits by walking into her locker. Then after staring at the locker in question a moment just shakes her head, visibly chalking it up to 'just how shit is around here'. While Daxton has been absently drumming, her head and hands have been sort of following along while a tune forms at the back of her mind. When he speeds up she reaches into a pocket of her backpack and pulls out a small device that's basically a few stretched rubber bands on a frame and starts idly strumming out a bass counter-rhythm to Daxton's beats without really paying attention to what she's doing. "I'm not really destructive. My first couple weeks were a bit hairy because I'd keep causing the big house to lose power, but I've got that part under control now."

Annaliesa's offer to loan her a dress is taken with a smile and a vague gesture to her extremely slight frame between beats. "I appreciate that. It'd have to be something that can be resized without any actual alterations, though. You've got more than a foot on me." Not to mention the curves, which she doesn't. "Oh, he's not really a ghost. Max just caught that crazy Martian Flu that's going around and when his powers went floofy he ended up kinda half-tangible and mostly invisible."

"Its always the pretty, innocent ones that make the big waves, chica. Nobody expects you to break things so no one is prepared when you do." Luz counters Annaliese in dry, yet good natured banter. Daxton's hand is not unnoticed, but it is given only a cursory glance. Best not to wake sleeping dogs, right? He holds his bag just a bit tighter, though his original mission seems to have been forgotten for the time. "I haven't hurt anybody, but I'm a major insurance liability, no two ways about it."

Daxton gets a glance and a grin, his hand slapping the back of his shoulder. "Guess its you and me then, brother. bachelor squad. Doing manly things. Building things and punching things and….yeah." Since neither of them has had time to grab a date and they seem like the sort to prefer activity time. "Maybe someone should sneak an owl or two in the dance though. Just for kicks. You know, let them know we're on to their 'Not Hogwarts.'"

Daxton blinks, surprised at the friendly slap, but he nods, "Sure. We can do whatever." He's probably going to regret that. The impromptu rubber band focuses him mback and his taping slows down to amore normal speed. After a beat or two he'll offer (it's not like they're not going to find out anyway), "I'm having a hard time slowing down. When I run, I usually hit a wall." For now, maybe he's just out of practice.

"Or we could go to town on Friday before the dance and do a little shopping. I'm sure they have a doll shop there or something." Annaliesa gently teases, since the girl was very, very tiny, at least a foot shorter (more like almost two) than her own modest five foot something or other. She winces at the mention of the flu, "Oh, I've heard some of the sneezing, even my roommate is sick."

Annaliesa gives Luz a headshake, "Really, I can't do much but swim fast, breathe under water and make water do cool things. I'm a mermaid." It's not said as any grand announcement or anything, more like something she's been all her life but never really thought herself too different. The beat is enjoyed, but she nods about Daxton's powers, "He's really, really fast."

Tabitha's strumming on the rubber band contraption takes on the sound of classic metal slap bass while she tries valiantly to bring herself up to speed with Daxton. When his own beats start to redshift she settles for trying to find a drop-speed balance at her fastest mere mortal speeds, which is still a respectable 240 bpm. Annaliesa's crack about going shopping for doll clothes gets a very stabby stuck out tongue abou the time that Dax is slowing his beats. "I'm not /that/ tiny. I may be an orphan, but I'm damn sure that Thumbelina is /not/ a relative." But she shakes her head more seriously after that. "I'm better off seeing if someone has a dress I can borrow. I didn't get here with much in the way of funds, so I'm trying to be frugal." Dax's remark about hitting walls gets a sympathetic wince, "Yeah, I did that earlier today. It's not fun." Still not really acting on any conscious direction, just the meanderings of her musical mind, she starts playing a bit of a bass riff to see how Daxton responds.

Luz listens along, though he seems to lack the improvised musical talent gene. "So all those old sailors tales are lies and slander?" He asks with a raised eyebrow towards Annaliesa. Learn something new everyday. Though nothing immediately comes to mind when Dax is revealed as Yusain Bolt strapped to a rocket booster just yet. All the talk of dresses causes him to blink and realize perhaps how much time he has spent. "Well, I gotta head down to the gym before it closes to get my workout in. Take care all of you." As he walks down towards the double doors he looks over at Tabitha. "You'll look fantastic. Enjoy yourself." Because now he has thing to hit and things to do.

Daxton isn't a musician, but he's learned the importance of steady beats. He thinks maybe he dreams them.He sighs at both girls, "Sorry. Walls suck." It's meant sympathetically. When Tabby changes up what she's doing his eyes widen slightly and he finally glances up to meet her gaze to try to figure out what she's doing. There's the tiniest head shake, he's got no idea what she wants him to do. He frowns, watching Luz suddenly leave, "Later." Maybe it's leaving him with two girls, or just leaving when they had a brief bro moment. Who knows? Broody speedster is broody.

"Oh. Yeah, I can sing.." Oops, Annaliesa hadn't really thought about that, so she looks a little sheepish. "I should get going too," she realizes when Luz mentions leaving that she should also. "Sure, we can find you something to wear, there's other tiny girls. I don't want something that swallows you whole." There's a glance towards the elevator. "I should look for Derek, make sure his matching tie is in for the dance." There's a wave towards the two, "See you tomorrow." And like Luz, she heads off.

The more she plays without really thinking about it, the more Tabitha gets into her music and halfway tunes out the others. She's not really zoned out, but it takes Luz's comment about how she'll look fantastic to bring her mind back to the present. She notices the 'wtf' look on Daxton's face as he watches her play and it seems she's really only just noticed what she's doing. "Oh. Heh. Sorry. Sometimes my hands get minds of their own when I'm not looking." She nods to Annaliesa. "You sing? Seems there's plenty of musicians here. Should think about jamming together sometime. Thank you for helping me find a dress, really. Talk to you about it after class tomorrow?" She waves to the mermaid as she heads off, then smiles to Daxton. "Didn't mean to throw you off with the rubber band bass thing. It's kinda my version of nervous fidgeting."

Daxton smirks, Annaliesa's a mermaid, of course she can sing. Lure sailors to their deaths and all that jazz. He stop drumming briefly to offer a small wave, "Later…thanks again." After the Ares departs Dax looks back to the freshman, "Sorry…I'm not really a musician…I can basically do this." He shrugs, going back to the finger drumming, "Ever since I woke up, I can't stop moving…it like an impulse or something." There's an underlying fear, but he's not figured out about what just yet.

"Definitely after class tomorrow." Annaliesa offers a wave to her, then one to Daxton, "Anytime," and she means it. "See you around, good luck and all." She heads off for the elevator.

Tabitha waves to Anna one last time, the hand going back to its autopilot rubber band strumming. She nods to Daxton's comment about not really being a musician. "No, it's alright. This is just basically what I do when my brain has nothing better to do. And there's nothing wrong with random finger drums, even if you're not a drummer. Although honestly, I think everyone has a bit of musician in them. It's so pervasive across cultures and history that it has to be hardwired into our DNA at some level." She listens to him mention his inability to stop moving and gets a thoughtful look about it. "I sometimes get fidgety, moreso lately when my aura was active. Always seemed like I couldn't stand still. Although given that your hands looked to be breaking several laws of physics before, I'm guessing it's a bit stronger in your case."

Daxton makes a soft humming noise, maybe she's right. In our DNA, that's kinda comforting. Blue eyes drop to study his ouwn hands, "It's weird…They don't even look like my hands…like…" he stops and holds up his left one and indicates a small scar on his ring finger, "I don't even know where that came from. I feel so…disconnected…" He huffs, leaning back against the locker, immediately starting up the drumming again.

Tabitha grins broadly at Daxton's mention of unknown scars. Maybe not the most tactful response, but before it can be too weird she pulls up the loose-hanging sweater sleeve on her left arm, then reaches up and pulls the hair away that usualy covers the left side of her face. "Can't say I know much about feeling disconnected, but I'm right with you on the 'unknown scars' issue." Her burn scars are obviously old and have been cared for so they've stretched as she's grown (YES, she has grown… and she'll grow more if she has to take an IV drip of hormones to do it!), but they do cover a significant portion of her visible skin along the left side of her body. She shrugs her shoulder, "Wish I could help with the badness. I can just offer that in this place with so much oddness it can sometimes help with feeling grounded. And yeah, that even sounds like insane troll logic to me as I'm saying it, but damned if it doesn't seem to work."

Daxton whistles soft, "Okay…you win." His head tilts as he takes in her scars before leaning back against the locker, fingers moving slower now. "I lost….time. That's more what I meant. I don't remember anything since…" There's a clear debate on what to ntell her, but he sighs, deciding to take the plunge with someone and tell them exactly what, "Since I was 13…It's like…I know they did things to me…and I did things, but…I can't remember any of it." that's probably why the scar was pointed out. And maybe just the fact he grew 2 1/2 years that he doesn't remember. At that age, a teens body changes so much. His nose wrinkles in annoyance, "I hate my voice now."

Tabitha starts out all beaming and mock proud when Daxton declares her the scar winner, then she settles into a perch on the edge of one of the planters nearby while he explains the bad. She's an attentive listener, a skill honed by both being and having younger 'siblings' back home at the orphanage. When he's finished she offers a small smile, "Well, I don't know what you sounded like before, but I think you've got a good voice now. A bit like George Santanna, which is a good thing."

She thinks about all the implications of completely missing more than two years, deciding not to try the 'comparing scars' tactic with this issue. Sure, from her perspective her life started when she was approximately seven but since then she's been mostly normal. "Can't say I've got any basis for comparison on the whole missing time thing. Sounds like… well it sounds bad." So she offers the one thing she hopes will provide at least a bit of good. She stands up and gives him a hug. "But nothing stays bad."

It's mostly it's a new scar. he'll get over it…hopefully. The teen stills when suddenly there's a very short person hugging him. For the briefest of moments when she touched him, it did feel like he was vibrating, but that stills. It's a whole heart beat before he one arm hugs her back, nothing improper, but there's a release of tension, beyond Luz's pat, it's the first non medical contact (Or threatening contact!) he's had. "T-thanks." He clears his throat, maybe from embarrassment, "I know…it will. Just gotta get there, right?" The newbie than offers her a genuine smile, it's warm and reaches his eyes before he lets her go and pushes off the locker. "I should get going to. I got extra homework." 2 1/2 years to catch up on! "I'll talk to you later, Tabitha."

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