(2016-03-31) The Ghost and Miss Jones
The Ghost and Miss Jones
Summary: Conversations on contamination
Date: 2016-03-31
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As dinner concludes out in the cafeteria, it seems that those in the medbay has finished theirs as well. At least one person being there, as Max is staying in here for a bit. With the weather outside having been a bit better than the last few days, it kind of suck to be stuck in here.
However as one steps in they might not spot the sophomore right away. With the lights slightly dimmed down. Humming can be heard from inside, sounding a bit haunting.

Tabitha was enjoying her afternoon super PE class. Having it as her last class means she doesn't have to worry about rushing to get cleaned up, and dinner is soon after so her ravenous apetite can be quickly sated. Except today didn't go quite as hoped. She was running the flyer's obstacle course and decided that since she didn't technically /need/ to dodge the lasers she'd fly right through them. And it worked great… right up to the point where her aura shorted and she passed out then crashed into the ropes wall.

Fortunately it was just bumps, scrapes, and some bruising. But she's only just started to regain consciousness… to some creepy humming? "Hrmmgh… what happened?" This comes from the bed one over from Max as Tabitha sits up slowly.

Max is standing next to his own bed. Then glancing over towards Tabitha. Hoodie on , though he grins. Most likely having been bored being in here alone. Then running right through Tabitha's bed, with her on it and through the wall. After a moment coming back and smirking over at Tabitha. "Sorry, I've been bored." His hoodie still hanging over his head.

Tabitha is only just waking up when the… what? who? passes through her… twice. She can feel her aura trying to reach out and absorb every drop of energy from the phenomenon, but she's aware enough to stop it. No telling what it is and it turns out this was the right choice when the effect repeats itself and then talks from the next bed over. Then it proves to have been a bad thing because her tank is well past empty and the effort feeds back as a massive headache. "Owowowowow… bored? Play Scrabble!" She looks over at Max with one eye while massaging her temples.

Depending on how her powers work, there might not actually be any power to absorb. Frowning as he sees her seeming to be injured. "Sorry. It sucks. Nurse went to eat. I was going to head out and look, but ended up just waiting here." Sighing a bit to himself. "I did wander the halls some, earlier. I can't really call for help or so. Waiting for them to bring some medicine to bring me back." Everything about him seem suspended, no sneezing or sniffling. Measels still showing, but not seeming to actually do much at the moment. "Had this been a regular hospital, I am sure people would be screaming ghost by now." He says and slowly moves back towards his bed. Kind of sliding over the floor.

Tabitha's headache passes, mostly, and she listens to Max explain things. At least she thinks he is. When her eyes have decided that yes, they're really in proper focus and Max is really only about half real she nods slowly. "This place really doesn't have any concept of normal, does it?" Her tone of voice shows she's not quite sure if this is good or bad. Her gaze shifts to the still visible spots on him from the current plague. "Did the martial fever do this to you?"

Max laughs and shakes his head. "Nope, not at all. Though I think people from Aion Institute will be showing up to give me the medicine. So at least *I* will be back to normal." He says with a chuckle. Nodding about what did this to him. "Well, kind of. My powers went haywire when I sneezed. So this happened." Gesturing to his bed. Which, if one were to actually look at it, has a pile of the bedsheet, pillow, as well as few other small objects that were laying around in the room. A chair next to his bed also leaning against the bed. "Not sure where it is from though. Just a weird mystical bug, I think." Max adds.

Tabitha nods when Max mentions his powers going haywire from the sickness. "Yeah. That happened to Grayson, too. He got dehydrated as hell. Had to shape my… aura, I think that's the best word so for it so far. Had to shape it into a kind of makeshift bathtub and bring him up like a goldfish from the pet store." She sits up and is swinging her legs over the side of the bed when she realizes that she's in a medical gown instead of her school uniform. And even though the standard gown reaches clear to her ankles she still gets rather embarassed at the idea of being partly naked in front of a boy. "Gah!" She pulls her bedsheet over her legs, then notices the clutter on and around Max's bed. "You are bored. How'd you move all that if you're all ghost-like?"

Max ahs and nods. "Hope he is feeling better." He offers, tilting his head. "Sounds like an interesting power you've got. I tried to keep my own powers in control with my no-power zone. But can't move the zone, so had to disable it when I went to the bathroom, I returned and sneezed." He explains, and chuckles to himself. Max is in workout clothes, it seems. Hoodie and sweatpants. "That is what caused me to turn into a ghost. Everything flew right through me, and made a pile." He explains. "I can attract stuff."

Tabitha nods, "Me, too. He's a grump, but I like him. My first day here, he helped me keep from losing control of my powers." She listens to Max explain how he got ghosted and why the stuff is all piled up on his bed and nods. "I guess it makes a kind of sense. I'm still trying to figure my powers out. Only had them a few weeks and they're still surprising me." She tugs at the medical gown with a grimace. "Present situation included." She glances around the med bay, then over to Max. "I figure with you like you are, it's not likely I'll catch the bug from you, right?"

Max nods as he listens to learn about the girl as well. "Ah, I've had them since Winter Break. Still learning. Though having people always checking to see how the powers work. It's a bit easier. I just know what I can disable or enable stuff. Apparantly that goes for pulling things in and pushing them out as well." He says with another shrug. "Nope, no worries. You won't catch it. Also, think they said that it isn't airborne." He does try to not look at her too much, since she seems a bit embarressed in her current state. "Name's Max, by the way." If his parents were there he'd probably get a strict scolding for now introducing himself properly, with last name and all.

"I'm Tabitha. Good to meet you, Max." She starts to reach her hand out to shake, then pulls it back with a small blush when she remembers Max's current circumstances. "Oops. Heh." She looks around and spots her uniform folded up on a side table. Keeping the sheet wrapped around her waist she slides off of the bed. For her it's actually something of a fall, given her size. Since there's way too much sheet for her to comfortably wrap around herself (without looking like the Michellin Man from the waist down), she just walks around with most of it still on the bed like a cotton leash. "Not airborn? That's good, I guess. Not much help with all the sneezing going on, though."

While she's been talking to Max, the burns scars on her face, neck, and left arm have been visible. When she's facing away picking up her clothes, the gap in the back of her gown shows that they are quite extensive, visible at the back of her neck and lower back. The scars would form a solid sheet down her back except for an area of absolutely flawless skin that has no scaring at all, but is covered in what looks to be a highly intricate and detailed tattoo of a series of symbols connected by an extremely fine filigree of circuitry patterns. She starts getting dressed by putting her skirt on under the gown but over the sheet. Many layers preserve modesty. She doesn't say anything about how she's likely already been exposed to the sickness from Grayson. Doesn't want to end up stuck here if she doesn't have to be.

"Pleasure." Max offers with a smile. "Oh, no worries." He says as she blushes, realizing he can't shake her hand. Nodding as he just kind of moves around. Seeing the scars, tilting his head. "Power accident?" He asks about it. Frowning some. Not sure what else to say about it really. Though he also adverts his eyes as she tries to start getting dressed. Just in case. It's inappropriate for him to watch her in that state after all.

Tabitha grew up in an orphanage with six to a room and no real sense of boundaries amongst the younger kids. She's become adept at dressing without showing anything. The question catches her a bit off guard, though. "Huh?" She looks over her shoulder at Max, then consciously realizes how much of her scars are showing. "Oh, those. I have no idea, really. As far as I know, I've always had them. They itch sometimes." She drops the sheet once her skirt is fastened, then pulls her uniform sweater on over the medical gown. She smiles to herself when she turns around and sees that Max has averted his eyes. "It's safe to look. I'm not flashing the goods."

Max ahs and nods. "Well, that is unfortunate. If you don't know, it's hard to avoid it happening again." He suggests to her. As she tells him it's safe, he does look back. Smiling to her. "Glad to hear. I'd rather not be called a pervert or anything." He says as a wry grin shows on his lips.

Tabitha shrugs one shoulder while she starts to work the medical gown off underneath her sweater. "True. But I've had the scars since I was small." She chuckles, "Well, smaller at least." She's fully aware that she's tiny for her age. It usually doesn't bother her. She grins at the pervert comment. "Oh, I think every boy is a pervert at one level or another. Just the way you're wired is all." She sticks her tongue out as she says this, then pulls the medical gown out from under her sweater. "Now where are my shoes?"

Max nods a bit to her words, shrugging as well. "Well, there's no helping that. Though hopefully it doesn't hurt." He suggests. She did say that they can itch, nothing about pain as far as he knows. Grinning about all boys being perverts. "I think you girls all try to tease and make us into perverts." He counters, though it is light and playful as he still has a smile on his lips. "Are those yours?" He asks, pointing over to a pair of shoes near a corner.

Tabitha glances down where Max is pointing and nods, "Yep. Those are my ridiculous looking uniform shoes." She reaches down and grabs them up, then stuffs her socks inside them and wraps the whole mess up in the shirt she hasn't bothered to put back on. "Oh, girls are perverts too. No teasing required. We're just more subtle about it." She leans back against the bed with the bundle of her remaining clothes in her arms and sighs. "Well, I'm going to get out of here. See if maybe I can still get some dinner. You said some folks are on the way already to get your back to being all fleshy again, right?"

Max nods. A small smirk forming on his lips, "I somehow do not doubt that." He offers about female perverts. Though as she makes her escape attempt, he nods. "Go ahead. See you around. I should be fine in a few hours." He says with a thumbs up. "As long as it's not some stupid ass that brought a needle to give to me." Shuddering at the thought. Then he attempts a phantom handshake with her. "Goodbye, Tabitha."

Tabitha puts her hand out where Max's is held out, making the handshake motion as well as she can without being able to make contact. "If they bring a needle, throw a chair at 'em or something. Needles suck." She gives Max a quick wave before heading towards the med bay exit. "I'll see you around once you're out of here, Max. Get better."

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