(2016-03-30) Keeping Lynzee
Keeping Lynzee
Summary: Lynzee and Eryaog become friends and Harold promises to take them all o an adventure.
Date: 2016-03-30
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NPCs: Eryaog - By Harold
Scene Runner: NA

At one time this served as the crow's nest and lighthouse of the fort. About the size of a small land based lighthouse, the bottom floor has been converted to a modern glass structure that serves as the seating of the cafeteria of the school. There are a dozen tables, enough to seat the entire student body of the school. Each table has four or five aluminum chairs around it, each with a view out of one of the glass walls. The stairwell up to the light and crow's nest is in the main room but is marked as off limits to the student body.

A fine day, its a cold start, but it should get up to 60s today. Spring is there. For everyone this is good, unless you are Harold and you are sick. He's got more sniffles and sneezes today it seems. The cold has grown on him today. So he is here in the cafeteria at a table by himself, along with Eryaog. The two are eating whatever was served. Seems he needs some food despite folks thinking he could be imaginary. He is squating instead of sitting on a chair, otherwise he could break it. So he's hunched over the table and by virtue, Harold is a speck next to him. Looking miserable as he eats, and still pouring over a book. "You should not read, but get better Harold." Eryaog says parent-like to the smaller boy. The boy gives a look to the window, then to the beast, "Yeah, maybe, just not think I guess." He's ahead of homework schedule and all, but still, he wants to stay ahead. He looks around to see who else is about then.

Sick or not, nothing will stop Lynzee from getting her food. Hungry as she is there is a pile of food on her plate and a pile of napkins and three milks. Girl can eat. With her tray in her hand, she walks towards the tables but of all things, the big furry beast is the thing she notices first. When she sees Harold beside him, she decides to take a closer look and strolls over with a big grin on her features. "Hi Harold!" Greeting him as if they were old friends now. Then she looks to the larger thing beside him, "Hi Eryaog, I'm Lynzee. Can I touch your fur?" Because she wants to feel it. Her tray is deposited on the table with her milks and she awaits his response.

"Hey Lynzee, sorry about the drawing stuff," cause she had to clean erasers afterwards. Like Harold should of spoke up and took some blaim himself. But he was too quiet then. "Hello Lynzee," says Eryaog in his slow, deep voice. His head tilts and rotates, not so much owl-like but in a fashion, and he says, "Yes Lyznee may touch my fur." But one of his large hands come up, claws and all, "Can Eryaog touch Lynzee's fur?" Harold chokes and grins, "Hair, its just hair for all of us." Maybe fur is what everyone says in the world Eryaog is from. Harold moves along to make room for Lynzee just the same, and picks up conversation like they were best friends all along. "I think we should get nerf guns and play nerf tag on paragon island one of these weekends." As if polling her opinion on the topic, or assuming she'll thinks its fun just the same.

"Oh I liked cleaning the erasers, I had fun making clouds." Lynzee tells him matter-of-factly. Her smile is still as bright as she transfers it to look at Eryaog and she bobs her head in agreement. "Deal." She doesn't have to duck down for him to reach her but she does anyway and as she does, she pets Eryaog, "Soft," she breathes in wonder, petting him again. "I can have fur if he wants me to. Or hair." As Harold makes room for her, she has a seat but only once Eryaog is finished with her hair. "Thank you for letting me, Eryaog." Once seated, she bobs her head again in agreement to Harold. "We need to," but there's a solemn moment after. "Do they cost money?"

Harold chuckles at the idea of clouds, that's a good way to look at it. Quietly he admits, "I like the smell of them. Most schools use white boards though." Whether she knows what that is or not, he just assumes she does. Eryaog touches too, slowly, "Shiney," he says, in response, Soft too, but he can't push too hard, her hair is less thick than his fur, he doesn't want to hurt her. And its a gentle touch, like he knows if he put down pressure it could hurt some people. "Does it change colors?" Maybe he's seen some people with more color in their fur, some without it, he doesn't know how human hair works it seems.
Harold chuckles at the idea of it being called fur, and nods, she certainly can call it fur and he won't argue it anymore. "They do, but I have some, we don't need to buy any. We could make a game of like capture the flag or something?"

"I like the smell of it too!" The chalk clouds. White boards do get a curious look. "Is there black chalk?" Wait, is that charcoal? Either way, Lynzee doesn't elaborate, she looks at Eryaog and smiles before offering him a piece of her bacon. That's true love right there, sharing her food. "I can make it change colors, but it would be fur and not hair. I could make it orange with black stripes, yellow with black spots, all black, white with black stripes, or even gray with stripes or all gray or all white or all orange or.." she hesitates a moment, considering what else before grinning. "I guess a lot of colors."
Looking back at Harold, she perks up considerably, which is no small feat, since she was already perked up. "Oh yes! We should play then! I want to play. We can be on the same team or different teams?"

Harold sneezes, then gets out a handkerchief, old style. He's young, who knows where he picked up that from. Still, he does it, tucks it away. "Sorry," then he grins of coures, "No, no black chalk. White board, they use a marker that doesn't dry up so quickly. It erases, but less dust and no chalk clouds." He says quietly as if he likes chalk, but gets it that some people done. As the boy listens to the list, he notes, "You like stripe, huh?" Lots of colors, but everything with spots and stripes, more stripes than note even. Eryaog says, "You would fit in well in the Emerald Forest, you should visit Lynzee." The place he is from, colorful stripes must be popular.
As for nerf guns, Harold says, "We could be, depends, how good are you with nerf guns?" A slightly suspicious look as if teams is serious business, then he grins, "No, you can be on my team, we should practice?"

The sneeze, it reminds Lynzee that she needs to sneeze also and she does, but that's why she has the big pile of napkins she brought with her. No hankies here! The sneeze is caught in the napkin and she gives a sheepish smile but only because it interrupted what she was going to say! The explanation is heard, absorbed, considered. "I want to try one sometime." Because anything that involves drawing is a good thing.
Looking back to Eryaog, she widens her eyes all surprised and bobs her head. "I want to go with you to Emerald Forest. Want to go now?" Because she's all up for adventure, anytime. However, the mention of the nerf gunning is remembered and she gives a crooked grin. "Well maybe after I practice with Harold. And can he come too?" She opens her milk about then and takes a big, big drink. So big it empties that carton! "I think we should practice, so you can teach me. I'm not that good."

"I think there have some in the facilities," explains Harold to Lynzee on drying a white board. "You might enjoy drawing on it for sure." He watches Eryaog try the bacon, he sniffs it at first, holding it daintly between two claws for the moment. Then he just throws it in and chews. Its odd cause of the size of his mouth and the size of the bacon, but he chews like a fine connoisseur. Then he stops chewing suddenly and his eyes slowly open wide with surprise. One can imagine a human would do a surprise face faster, its more like his muscles think on how to react and then it thers, followed by a tusky grin, "Bacon is good." He affirms in the end. "Harold can take us." To the Emerald Forest.
"Okay, after classes, we go to the island, you can try a nerf gun, and see how good you are. We can play a game, hide and seek with nerf guns to tag each other."

"I will find them. But not in math class, not those." Lynzee crinkles her nose at the very idea of math class and all it entails. As Eryaog tries the bacon, she is rapt with watching and she beams her approval that he likes it. "I have some more if you want." He can reach her tray easily. At the words about Harold, she looks at the boy again. "You can take us to Emerald Forest? You know the way?" Satisfied with that, the questions don't even need answers, she gives a nod of approval. "After classes, to the island and we can play hide and seek and tag with the nerf guns. After that we can go to Emerald Forest."

Eryaog nods his head, "Yes, please, Ms Lynzee, I will have more of this bacon you have." And he holds a large hand out, to see if she puts some into his palm. Its big, people could almost stand on it, he's strong enough to lift folks like that too.
Harold lets him ask for bacon all the same, focused on being sick, and eating his toast and such. He does explain though, "Its the place I go in my dreams, I can take you into it if you like? It is where Eryaog is from. Its another world." Or an entire otehr dimension technically. "So … yeah, in a way, I know the way." Grinning more, "Okay, guns a little, then to the forest for an adventure!"

"Oh yes!" Lynzee offers and picks up a pile of bacon, what would be a large amount for her and makes only a small pile in his large hand. Once it's there, she beams a smile at him. "I like you Eryaog. You're a good friend." Perhaps she means he's a good friend to Harold.
Which brings her attention back to him. When he explains where Emerald Forest is, she bobs her head a little, "I want to go see it. If you and Eryaog think I should go, then I should. Should I go with hair or fur? And what color?" Already thinking ahead to the adventures awaiting for them this day. "Guns then the forest and we can just play all day."

The grin remains on Eryaog's face. One hand with bacon, he takes time here. The other hand moves over and slowly he tries to pick up one at a time. That is the order to this style of eating he believes, and he sticks to it. "Lynzee is nice too, Harold should keep her as a friend." One bacon goes in, he takes time to chew it all up, more than should be for a creature that size.
"Oh, if you can go with some of your stripes, that's your choice. Everyone is different there, you'd probably fit in. Can you do green?" He is curious now, nodding about all day of adventures. "Okay, all day, I just need a little time for homework later, but yeah, we'll have a blast."
Eryaog finishes chewing, is still on his thought, "Can Harold keep you?"

Lynzee likes watching Eryaog with the bacon, the care he takes with each piece. As he declares her to be nice, she looks happy at that and nods to Harold. "I think he should keep me as a friend." That decided, she opens another milk. "I never tried green, but I don't think I can do green or blue. Or colors like that. Maybe I could try though." She considers the homework notion and shrugs just a little. "I don't know how to do homework, so I just have it on that table beside my new bed." Looking back to Eryaog, she claps her hands together once, excited. "Can you both keep me? I don't have anyone else to keep me. But if you do you can't give me back okay?"

Eryaog had another piece of bacon in his claws, was lifting it to his mouth. But she agrees on what Harold should do, so he nods agreement, bigger smile. Then he gets to eating another bite. Harold was about to drink some milk, but ends up coughing on it for the moment. Not just homework, but the whole keeping thing. Ore more the keeping thing. "Ugh, I don't know. I mean as a friend, you're pretty awesome, and someone as awesome as you talking to me. I don't know, even more awesome. But keeping …" How to explain, "I mean, people don't own people, but like, that could make some people think boyfriend girlfriend stuff." He blushes, cause she's adorably cute and all, and he has noticed, but is trying to have his fun without thinking things like that. He also thinks she doesn't have family or friends so much either from what he's heard from her, "But yeah, I don't think I'd want to give you back if I did keep you. You're fun, I like being around you, that's for sure."

Lynzee is drinking down her second carton of milk, because she loves milk. As Harold coughs, she looks a bit alarmed, but then he's talking and seems fine and she puts down her milk and looks at him as he does. He said ugh, he don't know. She looks crestfallen. "You don't have to keep me," she offers. "No one else wanted to keep me either." The whole boyfriend and girlfriend stuff doesn't seem to matter to her and she reaches for a sausage link and takes a bite. "You don't have to keep me though," she repeats herself. "We can still be friends till I go away. Or you go away. Okay?"

She seems down, Harold doesn't want to make anyone feel down. "No, you're a keeper Lynzee," he expresses, his hand falls down and touches her arm, to reassure. "Honest, I'd be glad to keep you, just it could mean other things." He realizes where his hand had fallen, and he blushes, then he lifts his hand. She can feel him shaking nervously when he does lift his hand. The reaction to touch her was natural, to reassure, but that oddness of keeping her, that realm of boyfriend girlfriend some kids their age had entered, and her and her smile, which went behind the sun. Yes, nervous. "We can be friends, hopefully neither of us ever go away though."

"Thank you," Lynzee tells him simply, the beginnings of a smile blossoming all over again. As his hand touches her arm, she is even more reassured. "I don't care what it means, Harold. I like you and I like Eryaog and I am glad you both are my friends." The smile is back in full, beaming glory. Was it his touch to her arm or his reassurances, either way, she had a Harold and an Eryaog and none wanted to go away. "I like you, Harold. And I'm glad you like me too."

Eryaog is just smiling the whole time, as if though he seems dense at times, there is an eternal wisdom there. Friends for now, who knows later, but the start of something good either way really. Even if just friends, nothing beats a good friend. He contents himself with eating the pile of bacon one at a time.
Harold is grinning though, even though he just touched her out of the blue, she's still in good spirits. That and she wanted to lay nerf guns, all is right in the world for now. "Yeah, what's not to like. You have the best smile." Not quite dreamily said, but admitted. "So, nerf guns, have you ever fired one?" A pause and a thought, new thoughts to occupy his mind other than puberty, "I mean, we might be able to run down before class." No, probably not, its a ways down to the dorms from the cafeteria.

Oh but there is food and people were clearing out so Lynzee has to eat as much as she can before she has to go to class. She does too, she manages the sausage links, a piece of bacon and all three milks. All of them. That about does it for what she had taken, not wasting anything. With a bright smile to Harold, she bobs her head, but the comment about her smile has her looking thoughtful a moment. "Thank you. I like yours too." And then she ruins it, "And Eryaog's also." There's a quick shake of her head, "Oh I never have but I saw it done on television." Commercials! "We can do it just after class okay?" Cause she doesn't want to risk being thrown out of here for not following the rules.

Harold looks over, watches her eat of course, and listens. He perks up a little, she like his smile, then sails deflate, just a little. Eryaog smiles bigger, showing off his teeth more, "You are sweet, see, a keeper. You are kept Lynzee." Then he lifts his free hand to pet her hair again, then Harolds. The boy eyerolls and chuckles a little bit at the beast. "Okay, after class, TV is enough, you get the idea at least."
He pauses, enjoys a moment, then something curious comes up, "You've not done your homework yet?"

Lynzee takes the petting in a good natured way, not even caring if her hair gets tousled any. "After class we can." She takes up her tray and empty cartons. With a bit of a careless shake of her head, she affirms. "I didn't do it yet," the homework that is. Looking back to Eryaog, she beams. "I'm glad you're keeping me Eryaog. Then I get to see Harold more too!" Leaving with that bombshell, she heads for the place to dump the trays.

"You don't want to or," Harold leaves that open, as Eryaog gets some attention from her and the talk is back to keeping. And she gets to see more him, that's the bonus of Eryaog keeping her. A sheepish grin hits his face in that thought. And she's up before he can say anything. His stuff isn't even on his tray yet, and she's dumping hers. "I was gonna offer to help … should I offer her?" He asks of Eryaog, who nods to him, "Yes, when you meet later maybe? You do not need to rush it all now. Let it take its time, ask her later." He takes an uneaten object off Harold's plate before the boy is up too. SHe left with that bombshell and its time for classes for them. With him to think about her wanting to see him more all day long too.

"I don't know how.." Lynzee tosses back to him. School work was beyond her, it's not something she had ever been made to do. She was smart enough, but not so much book smart. Once her tray is dumped, she looks back and waves to both Eryaog and Harold, but classes did call. Who knows, they may have more together, same grade and all, but he was likely more advanced than she.

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