(2016-03-30) Freshman Find Day
Freshman Find Day
Summary: Derek sends a group of freshmen on the proverbial snipe hunt, living up to his Ares reputatio while Annaliesa and Diego look on.
Date: 2016-03-30
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Ocean Floor Hub
The central hub of the lowest level is utilitarian in nature, simply an open space with white walls. There are serval tunnels leading off from here. One is wide open and the ocean can be glimpsed from this tunnel, it is marked Paragon Island. There are double doors that can seal off this tunnel if needed. Of the other tunnels, the prominent ones hold plaques overhead. Each indicated it belongs to one of the four school teams. There is an occasional soft sofa like bench all the walls for students, along with some plants that do not require much sunlight.

Derek was loitering in the hub, he should be up to class, the bell may ring soon even, but he's in no rush. He is just telling some freshman kid about the day, freshman find day. Where the faculty have hidden treats for the freshman on Paragon Island. There is no such day, and though he may be late, those kids will definitely be later. Not that he's that mean, just, they are gullible was all and he couldn't help it. He's snickering now as they run off and he decides to grab up books to walk to the classes up stairs. Or take the elevator up to, then the stairs. There is enough time before classes and all, just at his pace, he should of left minutes ago. He has a backpack on with a couple books to put in a locker up there. Just in case he decides to bring the books to class.

Another who doesn't seem to be in much of a hurry is Annaliesa, but for entirely different reasons. She's dressed in her school uniform of course, the skirt rolled up at the waist to make it a bit shorter, reaching mid-thigh instead of just above her knees. Her socks are pink, a hair bow in her hair is pink and she looks pretty impeccable. With her books in hand, she steps out and notices Derek there. With a smile, she approaches. "Hi. Did you just send those kids after the Ningen?" Of course every sea person knew that meant sending them after nothing, because it wasn't real.

Diego is coming from the training grounds. Slightly more hurried Perhaps having washed up at some point, with his hair being damp. Bag with books brought with him. Not sure what Derek is up to as the other junior talks to the freshman. Following the other. "Yo." Wearing his school uniform as well. Turning his gaze to Anna as well. "Heyo."

A chuckle from Derek to Annaliesa, "Totally. If Ningen is like a snipe," he says a roll of his eyes. Then he explains a little, "I called if Freshman Find day, like Easter, but just treats to help freshman at year end. We should take bets on how long they'll be out there." A laugh, but she'll get a hug when she gets closer, the one arm sort almost possessive in a way. Derek too is in uniform, his tie not yet done, nor his top button at his collar. He can put it together on the way up to classes. Then Diego is near, "Hey, sup Diego?" Off handed to everyone, "What's with this sneezing sickness going around? Something in the food I bet."

"If a snipe is like a Ningen then we're both completely on the right track." Annaliesa laughs. "Freshman find day." It doesn't seem to bother her that he is picking on the younger kids though. "Next year they can do it to the new Freshmen." When his hand comes around her, she sort of leans into him, but she does notice that Diego had approached. "Oh hey Diego," she gives him a friendly smile. "Haven't seen you since the campout. Did you have a good time?" Looking back to Derek, she nods, "Felicia had it too, I saw. So far I've been lucky."

Diego raises a brow, grinning a bit though as he hear what they offered to the freshman. "I feel bad for them." He says, shaking his head. "I am sure they'll be out there for some time." Though as the other boy asks about the sickness, he shrugs. "No clue. I've managed to avoid it so far. Hope that it's not anything too bad." Smiling to Anna and nodding. "Yeah, been all right. Though we did have that run in the other day." He reminds her. Though she probably had a lot on her mind.

There is a chuckle from Derek to Diego, "Exactly." For some time, "Wonder what they'll get for detention." A smirk, as if that makes it more amusing, not just a wild goose chase, or a snipe hunt, but they risk in it. "So, avoid Felicia just in case. I can do that. Wonder if they picked it up when we were camping? I managed to stay warm." There is a squeeze given to Liesa with that thought, but he turns, to move towards the elevators to get going to class. Detention for freshman is fine, he wants none of that for himself. Casually late works usually, a little tardy, but not real trouble. Nothing to jeopardize his weekends. "Yeah, I hope its not serious." Because they all live in a tight space, a quarantine would risk his weekend time for sure.

"It's an adventure, I guess." Annaliesa looks towards where they had departed. It was almost time for class, but she doesn't seem in a hurry to leave for it. "Oh right, when we both met up with Felicia, sorry, I was distracted with that monster thing, the dominoes and.. there was so much going on." She looks back towards her dorm room, "Felicia is my roommate now." At the detention remark from Derek, she just shakes her head, but she does look a little amused herself, even if she has no clue what detention entails.
With Derek leading the way for class, she looks back to make sure that Diego was coming along. "Yeah I don't want to lose weekend off shore privileges. My parents will be in Shady Cove this weekend. I want to intro them to Derek."

Diego chuckles and shakes his head. "Hope none of them have older siblings." Some might want to get back at Derek after all. Moving to join them in the elevator, if they allow him. "Yeah, stay clear of her. I am sure it will pass soon enough. I have been thinking about going to check it out though. Maybe I could help." Grinning and nodding to Anna as well, about their run-in. As for Felicia being her roommate, he raises a brow. "Careful Derek, she might have given it to you now." He teases. Nodding about her parents, "Ooh, nervous Derek?" He asks with a grin.

"Monster dominoes?" Derek doesn't know that story, not that its a story just as something that happened, but monster gives it that spin like there is a story behind it all. Some madcap adventure. "Oh yeah, is she sneezing on you?" Curious about Felicia passing it onto everyone now that Diego brought it up. Then of course, the other boy is teasing about meeting parents, he chuckles shortly, "What, nervous, nah. They seem cool." At least from what little he knows, "Not like." A thought lost, not like what, but whatever that is gave him pause, which he considers than shakes his head, "Nah, should be good."
As the elevator opens and they can get in, Derek selects the highest floor in the underwater parts, so they can move closer to dreaded classes. "You think yo ucan help Diego?" With him going to look at the sick students, "What if you catch it?"

"I am an older sibling." Annaliesa smiles. "My brother Vincent should be along sometime soon. Maybe with my parents this weekend." As they all get to the elevator, Liesa leans back against the side, her books held up against her and she looks between the two boys. "We don't sleep in the same bed at least." Her roommate and herself. "And she hasn't sneezed on me yet. So I'm lucky so far." The elevator goes up and up, classes calling. "My parents are nice, I hope Derek will like them, but more, I hope they will like him. I would hate for my mom to laser eye beam him."

"Oh, it was nothing." Diego assures about monster. Nodding about Anna's brother as well. "Cool." Grinning about them not sleeping in the same bed. "Well, you're probably fine then." Standing and leaning against one of the walls of the elevator. As for Derek's last questions, he shrugs. "Not sure. But I know some about viruses and anatomy. Probably not as much as the nurse, but I have learned some over the years in the forests. If I get it, it would suck. But who knows, if I can help it's all for the better. Right?" He says and smiles.

"I'll bring a tie, look my best," offers Derek to Liesa, then a grin to Diego, "I'll have to watch me, like a little on the outs with parents might amuse you or something." Diego is older, not that it matters, but he's on the in unlike those freshman, Derek remains on the friendly side. No snipe hunts, no teasing even. "They're nice, but I'll be on behavior, should be good." Still on about that, a nod assures as they get up near the main hub under the water. He leads out to head for the stairs to the school above. "Yeah, maybe, if you think you could help, it wouldn't hurt. I don't know what you learned in the forests, but you may have some insight they don't have." A shrug, he doesn't all get Diego's abilities either, only Diego could speak for that. "Maybe we should meet your parents at the pizza joint? Not classy, but its quaint, its Shady Cove … pizza on the beach."

"The monster talked and stacked dominoes with a boy named Harold." Annaliesa also elaborates a little. "Big furry colorful thing. Can't miss it when you see it." As for anatomy and the cold and all, she doesn't insert anything about that at all, not even close to understanding colds and symptoms.

"The monster talked and stacked dominoes with a boy named Harold." Annaliesa also elaborates a little. "Big furry colorful thing. Can't miss it when you see it." As for anatomy and the cold and all, she doesn't insert anything about that at all, not even close to understanding colds and symptoms. Once they arrive and they step out, she looks at him with a curious expression. "A tie? Just be you, the same you I met at the Mug Shot." The smile there is a bit whimsical as she looks up at him. The suggestion is met with a nod, "Pizza it is then, I will have them meet us there. Maybe Vincent too, if you want to meet him?"

This small classroom is cozy. With enough seats for about ten students, there is little in the way of a desc. An open air environment. There is a modern whiteboard on one end, attached to equipment to project from a computer and even an somewhat old digital overhead display. The inner walls are lined with book shelves, this room is designed for teaching English. Several window with white trim aline the brick and old concrete outer wall of the fort here, giving a look out over the ocean.

Diego chuckles and nods as he listens. "I am sure that it will be fine. Just don't trick the parents to go on a wild goose chase." He offers and grins. As for him helping with the disease, he nods. "Might drop by the medbay later today." Nodding as Annaliesa tells the story about Harold and the monster, which really sounds like a children's book. Heading towards the classroom with the two of them.

"A good idea," about him being him to meet the parents, Derek heads upstairs then towards English. Same grade, same class most likely, one of the few English electives for upperclassman. Derek probaby doesn't remember which one he picked even this year. And classes were small, it probalby mixed a few different topics together on a more direct teaching level. And better, Weald was the teacher. He made class fun at least. "Sure, I'd like to meet your brother too."

As they move to take seats, Derek laughs at what Diego said, "Definitely not the first time. Maybe the third time." No, he wouldn't do that to parents, especially parents of the girl he's taking a liking too. "I may have seen that kid around, sort of new, small kid."

"Hopefully my parents would be wiser than that. Vinny on the other hand.." Annaliesa laughs playfully, the affection for her brother is clear in her tone, though as they approach the classroom, she hesitates just outside to talk to the others. The thing about the monster really does sound like a children's book, but she didn't mind telling it. Once inside, she does move to take a seat, hoping the other two sit nearby. "At least there are no monkey's in here,' she whispers.

Diego moving with them. Grinning some at their talk. "I am sure Derek can handle your brother." It's a younger brother after all. Nodding about the monkeys. "You don't like them, do you?" He says, not certain about the backstory. Moving in with them, then trying to find a spot.

Moving to get a seat by the window, Derek grins at the others. "The monkey was pretty weird, glad its handled." Leaning back in his chair, he looks more to Liesa then, "Sounds like you want to pull something on your brother." He opens his notebook, if notes are needed, it will look like he may have taken to some that way. "Plenty of time for you to learn the school better before he gets here in that case." He doodles nothing of importance on his book. "I'll leave that to you, can use me as a consultant." A pause and he looks out the window, a seagull or something, "I guess we should plan on going to Spring Fling, put in a appearance before going to town on Friday?" More to her.

"Are you asking me to the Spring Fling?" Because Annaliesa wasn't entirely certain she was understanding him right. While Diego gets to his studying, she opens her notebook and looks at Derek's as he doodles. She does take up her pencil and does the same, draws random things, but hers are mostly under the sea based. Or from that perspective. "I don't want to pull anything on my brother, I was just joking around. He and I are close."

"Oh, I have to ask," ponders Derek, as if it was just assumed. A slight smirk at his lips even, as if seeing what she could say in return. His head turns more to her as Diego seems to be reading something. "Will that make it official?" More a tease, he may just ask, but curious what that coudd imply too. His smile favors her more than that smirk in that moment of course. As if he wouldn't complain about being official either with her, just the pecking order sort of thing, maybe he is seeing if she'll say it more directly before he asks too. "Ah, gotcha, yeah. Good thing I asked, that could of been awkward." Pulling something, but he's trying to good for family, which was why he was hesitant to pull anything on any of them.

"Maybe," Annaliesa tells him vaguely but wearing that same sort of mysterious and playful smile. "Or if someone else asks me first." Ah that was the clincher and she remains with that smile. Deliberately, she keeps her voice low, not actually wanting to be asked by anyone else, but she's intending for him to actually ask her.

He was leaning back, that gets him to lean forward at his desk, leaning it forward on the two front legs only even. "Oh, there's another one," ponders Derek, a grin, a bit hot headed. "I'll have to have some words with them." As if that settles the issue. Which it doesn't quite settle it so he leans more in for Liesa, "Would you like to go with me?" There, he's said it. And he nods, "No one else I'd like with me." At the Spring Fling of course, but he doesn't say just that does he.

Liesa looks at him with a curious expression. It was hit or miss here, he would either ask her or not. When he leans in, she waits for it.. then he asks and she sighs in relief. "I would love to go to Spring Fling with you." Already planning in her head what she would be wearing. "And into town afterwards." There, see? She doesn't make him ask about that also. "And no, there's no other one you have to have words with, I'm just going with you."

A grin, as if sure she would say yes even, Derek is still glad she did. He leans back a little as he listens to her, then he throws in, "You sure there's no one else, I'd gladly take them outside." That smirk there again. Then a slight consideration, "Should I do a tie or something?" He isn't sure, its usually outside, some kids dress up, some go completley casual. "Like color match." Coordinate. "I don't really have a tie outside the school one." Which he prefers Ares color over school colors if he can get away with it too. A pause, "Definitely dress up, enjoy the town." Afterwards.

He had been certain of her but that doesn't bother Annaliesa any because it meant she was at least sending the right signals. "I am sure you would, but there's no one else. You caught me even before I started school here, safely in your net." Suddenly glad she had met him first. At the question, her eyes drop to his chest and she gives a shake of her head. "I will dress up, you go casual, unless you want to match up?"

"I bet you'll be hot," grins Derek of thinking of her in a dress. First thought on his mind curiously enough, but then he considers. "Match a little, and yeah, if you dress up, I don't want to look like a scrub for you." Playful, but serious too. He prefers casual, no doubts, but its almost a respect thing to dress up for her. No one else could get that, she's the only one that could, and he would make a show of it to put on everything right even. "Just let me know what color your dress is … unless you want to pick out a tie with me?"

"I'm sure you think I'd be hot in anything." Annaliesa tells him with all the confidence of a girl who knows her guy finds her attractive. "I will dress up though, a pretty dress. After classes today we can go check out ties and all, compare them to fabrics. I have a dress already." She checks him out, of course, "And I think you would look so good all dressed up." Pause… "And I would love to help you pick out a tie."

"In or out of anything," affirms Derek to Annaliesa. Which she probably knew regardless, but she deserves to know exactly how he feels about things. Its what a guy should do, honest, forward. "Okay, I'll go with what you say for color, you can coordinate it. We'll shop around on-line, see who does express delivery so we can get it here tomorrow." Or near here, the school get's mail, the post office knows how to get it to them. "Yeah, I'd be sharp," He grins smuggly, liking that, "Now we have to find a tie, I even have a jacket that isn't a school blazer." See, he can clean up if he needs to. Some guys, they do keep one nice jacket, for a funeral, or a wedding, or something. Raised right.

Annaliesa looks towards the teacher, glad Derek and herself were talking quieter after that first bit. It brings a blush to her cheeks though and she peeks at him. "I have a pretty peach colored dress I could wear. We could look for you a tie." She smiles, looking curious as to whether or not he would be interested in coordinating with that color. "I think you would look good all dressed up." Definitely he was raised right, and so was she, or so she assumes.

A grin from Derek, nodding along. "I'd wear peach," colored tie, he's about to explain more. But Professor Weald jumps up on a desk to teach something about English literature, and to demand attention. A grin of a look tossed to Derek and Annaliesa to reel them in, or get them to stop talking at least.

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