(2016-03-30) Another Day in Medical
Another Day in Medical
Summary: Oliver and Felicia are joined in Medical by Max
Date: 2016.03.30
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Med Bay

A full medical wing. There are rooms sectioned off by glass, all visible from a central medical station with monitors for monitoring patients status. The walls can be curtained if needed to allow some privacy for patients within. This facility is state of the art with medical equipment beyond what any other hospital in the world would have access too.

After breakfast and on their way to classes, though not all are heading that way. Some have made their way to the medbay instead. At least the warmer weather a comfort, not having to both be sick and also literally cold. Max is one of the newer arrivals to the medbay. Having started getting the green measles. Sneezing every once in awhile. Coming looking for the nurse.

He isn't the only one to have the green spots decorating their flesh. Felicia does as well. Though with her chocolaty complexion you have to look close to see them. She is sequestered in one of the medbay rooms, though the door is wide open. She is stomach down, earbuds in as her head and arms hang off the end of the bed. She has a magazine in hand which she is flipping through. She is still in PJs though today they are stripey instead of polka-dotted.

Oliver has also been put in one of the Medbay rooms…probably not the same one as Felicia due to the whole gender thing. He is likewise stomach-down on the bed, but still asleep, wearing a cotton hospital gown and his nylon basketball shorts. The cotton robe seems to be doing its trick as he still has the elf-like long hair and pointed elf-ears and feathered wings sprouting from his back…but the rest of him is the more recognizable 'Oliver'.

Max does soon enough get checked on by the nurse. If Felicia looks over he will send a small wave her wave. Then he's most likely sent along to get a bed of his own. Sighing a bit. Then spotting the sleeping Oliver. A small smirk on his lips. Though rather than tease him, he takes up a book of his own. "Been here long?" He asks, trying to speak loud enough for Felicia to hear, since she's awake, at least.

Indeed Felicia does look up when she catches movement going past her room. The earbuds are pulled out and she gives a wave in return to the other green spotted teen. "Heya Oliver." she calls out. From her angle she can't see the sleeping teen.

"Since yesterday morning." she answers pushing herself up to sitting and then slipping off the bed. "Oliver." she drawls as she walks from her room to his to find him sleeping "Hey wake up ya winged elf." poking in t-minus five seconds….four…three…two…

Oliver starts to stir at the voices, but Max probably knows that Oliver usually just rolls over and goes back to sleep unless further steps are taken to wake him up. The poking, however, jars him awake and he pushes himself up and looks around, "What! What? What's happened!" The still-long hair falls in his face and he looks down, noting the johnny that he's still wearing and groans. "Ugh…I was hoping it was all just a bad dream." Yet he's still spotted.

Max chuckles as he watches them both. "Both of you been here since yesterday?" He asks. Rising to sit up. Sniffling some, which causes the pillow next to him to vibrate a bit. Laughing softly at the poking. "Sorry dude, not a dream."

"Well I can tell you what didn't happen." Felicia lifts a hand and gives a gentle tug to Oliver's wings "So are those just for looks or do you think you could actually fly with them?" oh yeah she is super curious.

There is a shake of her head "I can say /I/ am a dream," yeah she is trying not to laugh when she says it, "But this," she swirls a finger at Oliver and his spot "This is not."

A look is then given to Max "You weren't on the camping trip were you? How did you get this spotty thing?"

The wings twitch at the touch and Oliver sits up to look at Felicia, "Hey…that feels weird," and he's not sure if that's a good thing or not. He is apparently awake now as he sits up with a sigh and looks over his shoulders at the wings. "I dunno. Maybe? Maybe not. I mean, unless my bones are currently hollow I probably weigh too much." He has yet to figure out mythological/fantasy creatures other than elves who are just people with pointy ears and long hair (according to Tolkein). Looking at his spotted arms, he then gives a sigh but answers Felicia's question to Max, "He's my roommate."

Max just grins as he listens. Perhaps a bit curious about the flying as well. Though about how he got the spotty stuff, he sighs. Pointing at Oliver. "Share room wi-" Then sneezing to the side. Luckily nothing's happening. Just nodding agreeingly as Oliver explains the situation. "If you could fly it would be cool."

"Oh realllly." those were probably not the words that should have come out of Oliver's mouth. Felicia tweaks the wings again. "Weird eh." she may just have fun with this one. The not knowing has her humming "Guess that is something that will need to be experimented with, eh." she gives a wink, maybe hoping she will be part of that, cause fun!

"Roommates…ahhh." as if that explained everything. "Flying and not having to be a bird would be cool. It would make carrying things easier at least."

"I can fly when I'm a bird," Oliver points out, giving a stretch as he finally gets to his feet. The wings twitch again as Felicia tweaks them and he reaches out as if to swat at her hands, "Stop that!" He then moves over to grab some tissues and blow his nose before he looks back to the others, his wings nearly taking the sidetable out. "Oof. Ugh…not used to these things." Although it's good to know he can have almost-human-sized wings! Something to explore. "I guess it would, but…I just don't know if I can turn into things that aren't natural…" although he did become an elf.

"I should have had you bring me a t-shirt and jeans," Oliver offers to Max, "Although it wouldn't do any good with the wings." He then looks back to Felicia, "Did the doctors say what this was and how long it would take to go away?"

Max grins and nods. "Can't you just get rid of the wings?" He asks.. Since he keeps telling Felicia to stop it. Smirking about Max bringing him clothes. "You should had. Just think loudly enough of me and perhaps I'll answer." Which sounds weird. But Oliver probably know that he know he means telepathically. "Well, seems you'll find out." He offers about turning into things that aren't natural.

"Fine." Felicia stifles a giggle at the annoyed Oliver and his swatting hands "But it isn't everyday I get to see a fantasty come to life." she drops down into the visitor chair, and with her at her actual proper height the thing groans under her weight, even though she looks like a perfectly healthy teen girl that isn't overweight.

"Course we could've." the girl says to Oliver about the shirt. "A pair of scissors and some judicious tying and we could have a right nice toga style top for you. Go good with the whole winged elf look you have going on."

Then a sigh "Sorta kinda." she answers now it is her turn to show some annoyance "I overheard the doctors and nurses talking but all I got out of it, is that it was some sorta mystical bacterial infection and that we aren't gonna die."

Oliver just gives Max a withering sort of look, "Do you think I'd look like some weird, winged elf with green spots on purpose?" He gives a heavy sigh and sits back on the bed, "I was randomly shifting and the cotton thing here," he picks at the johnny, "At least stops me from shifting into a duck or something by accident! If I take it off and try to get rid of the wings, I might sneeze and turn into a mackerel." Which might suck seeing as the MedBay is currently not aquatic.

Felicia gets another scowl, but his heart just isn't in it, "It's better than a duck," is all he can come up with to answer her about his look. At the explanation of the sickness, he looks at her, listening. "If it's bacterial, can't they give us antibiotics to get rid of it? That's what they're for, right? I mean, good that we're not going to die…" and he gives a few good sneezes again, but thanks to the robe, doesn't shift. "Uugh."

Max chuckles, shrugging. "I could try nullifying your powers? Not sure how long it lasts though." He offers to Oliver. "Or perhaps that just does the same as that thing." He offers about the johnny. Sniffling a bit more. Trying not to sneeze. Raising a brow. "Well, if might depend on different things. Immunity to antibiotics, perhaps?" Looking to Felicia as well. "You should be a fashion advisor." He says, about the toga idea. Able to stop the sneeze, instead sniffling deep, making the pillow fly up at his own face. Other small objects moving some, where they are.

"Well if mackerel happens we can fill the sink and drop you in there." Felicia, solving problems again. If she finds the idea of Oliver turning into a mackerel amusing, she hides it as best as she can. Even if she has to bite the inside of her cheek to do it.

She lifts her hands in surrender at Oliver "I'm not complaining. Besides the long Hanson hair I like the look." she is a fantasy and probably sci-fi geek, or course she is going to like it. "What part of mystical bacteria didn't you understand? Mys-ti-cal. Ya think normal antibiotics are going to be effective against that?"

"Thanks, but that's what the cotton does," Oliver points out to Max. He doesn't wear cotton pajamas or t-shirts or even jeans if he can help it. Even his underwear is non-cotton. Noting the flying pillow as Max sneezes, he winces, "Things might get a bit nutty with -you- sneezing now." He gestures to himself and Felicia, "Our powers went nuts, which is how I ended up like this." Felicia, at least, is back at her normal height.

When she mentions liking the long hair, he squints some, "Yesterday you said it looked weird. And if it's magic, can't they just un-magic it away? Dispel it? I dunno…whatever they do to get rid of magic?"

"Thanks, but that's what the cotton does," Oliver points out to Max. He doesn't wear cotton pajamas or t-shirts or even jeans if he can help it. Even his underwear is non-cotton. Noting the flying pillow as Max sneezes, he winces, "Things might get a bit nutty with -you- sneezing now." He gestures to himself and Felicia, "Our powers went nuts, which is how I ended up like this." Felicia, at least, is back at her normal height. He gives her another withering look when she mentions his hair but changes the subject, "If it's magic, can't they just un-magic it away? Dispel it? I dunno…whatever they do to get rid of magic?"

Max chuckles and nods. "I'll try not to do anything weird. Sighing. "Hopefully I won't have to pay for damages." He suggests and grins. Looking at the two of them. "So, you like long hair." He says with a gesture to Felicia. Then moving to gesture at Oliver. "And you dislike cotton. Got it." He offers and smiles. "I have no clue. I am sure that they are working on it."

Felicia probably noticed the flying pillow, but her reaction was negligible. Things like that just don't faze her. There is a bit of face twitching and she lets out a few sneezes herself, covering her face partially with the collar of her shirt. Checking herself she heaves a sigh, no shrinkage this time.

"I dunno know. I'm not a doctor or Dumbledore. I don't know how magical infections work. I just know what I heard." or what she understood of what she heard.

"Long hair…no." geez don't boys ever listen. "That's the only issue with the look." she hmmms "We could cut it…" she suggests, but in a tone that makes it hard to tell if she is serious or not.

"She doesn't and I don't dislike it. It just stops me from shifting. I mean, if I didn't need to shift, I'd totally wear t-shirts and jeans, but you never know when you need to turn into something else, right?" That elicits another sneeze, but again, no change. There's a sigh of relief at that before he looks back to Felicia, "You like the elf-look, huh? Good to know…" for some reason that he's keeping to himself.

Since the last couple of sneezing fits didn't seem to cause any changes, Oliver slips out of the gown and closes his eyes to concentrate. His hair gets shorter, back to his usual style, and the wings shrink back and disappear. "Ugh…that was tiring," is offered as he lays back on the bed, still with the elf ears. He'll have to finish that later.

The robe is then put back on so that it's open in the front rather than in the back…like a normal robe now.

"Yeah long hair is way over done. I mean if you want to look like a member a grunge band move to Seattle." of course grunge is long dead, even if Nirvana is one of those bands that never grows old "The hobbit look wasn't bad either. Though I wouldn't go full on Samwise next time. Make it your on, ya know." she gives a grin.

She's as curious as the next person, so when Oliver partial disrobes to try and shift she watches. With no shame what so ever "And weird." she waves a hand "But not in a bad way. More in a curious kinda weird way. Is that what it's like to see me shrink?"

Blue-green eyes look over at Felicia, "I don't know? Maybe? Usually shifting is faster…like, you don't even notice it. Guess this magical thing is still tiring me out." Obviously, since he still has the elf ears. Or maybe they're for Felicia's amusement. "Hobbits are just short people with hairy feet. It's easy to do the movie ones…harder to make it my own. I mean, unless for some reason, I -need- to be a hobbit. I don't know if that comes up much in fighting bad guys or sneaking around." Which are some foci, it seems.

He does sit up then and adjusts the robe about his shoulders some. There also seems to be no shame in the fact that he has no shirt on. Bodies are fluid to him. "When you shrink…you've never watched yourself in the mirror?"

"Yeah, this…whatever it is." Felicia gestures to her spot covered arm "Is awful with a side of suck." she does grin though at the continued talk of hobbits, "Who think one breakfast just isn't enough when you can have two." she always gets a kick out of second breakfast. "Halloween." that's all she says about that one, they already a similiar discussion

"I did the first few times." Felicia admits with only a bit of embarrassment "But watching yourself isn't the same as other people. I mean it's you. Sorta like you can't tickle yourself kinda thing."

Oliver gives another sniffle or two before reaching for the tissue box again, "Halloween…I dunno. I mean, I would guess it's more fun to actually dress up than to shift into someone else. Sort of defeats the purpose, right?" He pulls his legs up to rest them on the bed as well, "I guess it's not the same, but it gives an idea, right?"

He also looks again at his own arm, "Did the doctors say when this will go away? Although if they don't know what it is, they might not know. Did they say how long we're stuck here though?"

"I don't know the combination of shifting and dressing up appeals to me." Felicia gives a chuckle "Last year I shrunk down, made myself up to be blue and went to a Halloween party as Smurfette." she waves a hand again "Not like short-short, but ya know, shorter than I usually am."

"Sorry no." she gets up and moves over to lean a hip against his bed "They did say they will keep us her until they are positive we aren't contagious. Be glad they didn't put us in quarantine or something."

"Ok, that sounds really cool," Oliver admits with a smile when she mentions her Halloween costume. "I wonder what I should be for this year. Although not like we can go Trick-or-Treating." His grin suddenly grows, "I should just go and randomly shift into other people there. Confuse everyone!"

When Felicia moves over to lean against the bed, he makes sure to give her enough room to do so. "I guess it's good," is offered wanly in regards to quarantine…or lack thereof. "I'm not looking forward to catching up on things though. And, aside from the company, it's boring."

"Wait…hold the phone." Felicia gasps, "No trick-or-treating. Who made up that stupid rule?" she may have to do something about that…even if it is sneaking off and going anyways. "And toss some harmless pranks around. Pure gold there."

"Quarantine would totally blow." she is convinced of that. "We probably wouldn't be able to hang out and keep each other company." she shakes her head "I'm not equiped for solitary confinement." she is way to social to be able to handle that for more than a minute "Ugh, there is going to so much homework." she hangs her head, resting her forehead on Oliver's shoulder "So much suckage. Maybe I should have took Violet up on her offer to bring me some of it." not that she would have, but still.

"When you're a teenager, you're too old for trick-or-treating." Oliver shrugs and scratches idly at a pointed ear. "That's what I was always told." That and trick-or-treating was for babies and since he wasn't a baby, he wouldn't be going. Fun times. "Harmless pranks I'm all for…" but the thought of all that candy was nice, back in the day.

"You don't want to get Violet sick," he points out, "Like I got Max sick. Now I can't even get -him- to bring schoolwork." He looks over as she's suddenly resting a head on his shoulder. Not that he's going to complain or make her move.

"Whoever told you that is full of it. As long as you are under 18 and wearing a costume, trick or treating is perfectly acceptable." and there is no convincing her of that otherwise. "And since I can't remember going trick or treating as a kid, I'm going to do it now, while I still can." Felicia has memories she wants to create…or recreate maybe

"Probably not no. Not a good idea to make enemies when I haven't even been here a month yet." Felicia lifts her head, yeah she has issues with personal space..issues where she doesn't mind getting up into other peoples that is "Guess we will all be playing catchup… you any good at math?"

"I went trick-or-treating once or twice as a kid, but…then I got moved, and didn't go again." Either the timing was wrong or they didn't believe in it or he just wasn't worth the trouble. Oliver does glance at Felicia when she gives an age limit, "Are you sure that it's under 18?" He's not sure he believes that.

He doesn't shrug lest he dislodge her from his shoulder…while he's not necessarily used to people invading his personal space, he's not really against it either. "I'm ok at math, I guess. I'm not stellar or anything. It sucks that we're going to have to catch up but I guess it's good that there aren't more people in here. I wonder how contagious it is."

Max chuckles about trick or treating. "Sounds like it would be rather fun." Not really knowing much about it either. "I mainly stayed at the institute, not much trick or treating." Sneezing which causes the lights to grow brighter for a moment. "Damn, if this keeps up things are going to suck." Knowing what usually happens. "Seem relatively contagious, if we are all here already." He suggests, shrugging a little bit.

There is a bit of a sad face. He only got to go a couple of times and she can't remember going, its tragic! Felicia then shrugs "It's my story and I'm sticking to it." it's not going to stop her come October, which is still many months away.

"Me neither. Guess I will continue to fight for that C." she looks around and out to the nurse station a moment "They are pretty sure it isn't airborn, or more students would be covered in green spots than just us three.

Looking up to the lights as they go brighter she then looks to Max "You doing that?" she hmmms "If you are going to cause a power outage do it when we are in class, not when we are excused from it."

Oliver also looks up at the lights, "A power outage in MedBay could be kind of bad, especially if there's an emergency." He looks down at his robe before looking at his roommate, "Does anything stop your powers from going off? Because our powers," he gestures to himself and Felicia, "Were going haywire for a little and your's might too. I mean, just to be safe and all."

He settles back to think for a moment, "If it's not airborn…and I don't think I shared food with anyone…" he looks to Felicia. "Weird." He looks back down at his green-spotted self, "I hope these go away soon and don't end up sticking around forever like the Chicken Pox."

Max chuckles at Felicia's words. "Who knows? Power outage, power overload." He offers and shrugs. "Well, I could just use too much power. IT would send me into limbo though. Astral form." He admits, shrugging some. "Yeah, really hope they disappear soon enough."

The girl nods in agreement with Oliver. "Just a little." Felicia lifts a hand and holds her thumb and finger centimeters apart. "Do you really want a shirt that bad?" she asks Oliver when she catches him looking at herself "Sneaking out of here would be easy." she jerks a thumb toward the door "All I need is a distraction and I can get out and get you a shirt." it might not be one of his, but it would be a shirt.

"It was exhausting." especially not knowing if she was going to sneeze herself microscopic. It's never happened before but who knows when you have magical cooties what could happen! "Shrink. Grow. Shrinl. Grow." she eyerolls. "It hasn't been that erratic since they manifested."

Felicia looks from the spots on her arm, to Oliver and to Max "Wonder if the make patterns…like the stars." its an idle thought that she pushes away

A look a Max "Limbo? Like the plane…alternate dimension kinda Limbo?"

Oliver frowns, "Well, blowing things out probably is the opposite of what we want." Surely the medical team knows what could happen with Max's powers, right? At least no one seems to be hooked up to any important machines!

At the mention of a shirt, he just shrugs, "I don't need one, I guess. I mean, I'm not going anywhere, so who cares if I look stupid?" Besides, he might want to try and shift later…to see if his powers are controlled again or not. He nods at Felicia's assessmenet of the frustration, "Yeah…I was a dog after I got out of the shower…then a girl…then an elf…then part of an elf with wings…" and now he's mostly back. For now. "The dog was the most frustrating since it's so hard to communicate when I'm an animal."

The question of the spots' pattern isn't ignored. "Be right back…" Oliver gets off of the bed and goes out into the MedBay hallway to look for some pens.

Max grins, "Grab him a shirt and run back?" He suggests to her. "I hope it stops being erratic soom. I am ssure they do make some kind of pattern. I think our genetic make-up will cause it to show a bit differently on each of us." As for Felicia's question about Limbo, he nods. "Something like that. I can talk and be seen, but I can't touch anything. OR eat, or use powers." He explains, shrugging and sighing. "If it is too bad, they say I could lose the audible part Unable to be heard. Perhaps even becoming invisble. Or they try to scare me." He says and shrugs. Though he does focus some. Creating a small zone around himself. "Perhaps this can keep it for a little while. But I can't keep this up for too long. It stops all power inside it, so I can keep it up for some time. I have no control over the zone itself though, other than being able to close it down." He admits and chuckles. Laughing about Oliver being a dog. "At least the girls might scratch your belly." He teases.

"That's what I was thinking." but if OLiver is fine being shirtless she won't bother. Felcia shrugs she doesn't know much about genetics or things "Maybe, could be all random." she watches a moment as Oliver runs out, confusion on her face. But then she looks to Max as he explains his stuff "Harsh." about the not being able to be heard and the rest of that bad stuff that could happen "Don't tire yourself out or anything. That certainly won't help you get over it." okay the belly scracthing jibe gets her to laughing, that's funny.

Oliver returns with three pens in time to hear Max's comment. "And that's not at all weird," he points out regarding the belly-scratching. Noting the 'zone' that Max puts up, he merely lifts his eyebrows, "Yeah, good luck with that. I hope you don't sneeze as much as we did." He speaks from experience. A pen is then handed to each of them. "Might as well see if our spots make something."

Beware the bored teenagers.

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