(2016-03-29) Visitor to Med- Bay
Visitor to Med-Bay
Summary: Violet brings a injured girl to med-bay, makes a friend of Felicia in the process
Date: 2016.03.29
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There was a ticker-tap at the door to the med-bay - no doubt the nurse heads that way. It was Violet - holding a classmate up in a fireman's grasp. "Hey," she says to the nurse, a little grin dancing on her lips. "I think Betty here twisted her ankle - so…" Betty points down at her ankle, and the nurse takes over - lifting Betty from Violet and moving her to a bed.

Violet dusts her hands off, and in that awkward phase where she kinda stands around a bit and tucks her thumbs into her pockets, she glances across the way, and spies Felicia's bed. She had ~heard~ of the martian death flu or whatever. Pursing her lips, she starts to stalk that way.

Oh. My. Gawd. Med bay is /so/ boring. It wasn't so bad this morning, she had company and everything. But not anymore. The teen age girl lays along the bed, arms hanging over the side as her foot moves to whatever music comes from her phone over the headphones stuck in ears. The phone the only entertainment she is allowed to have at the moment. Her chocolatey skin makes the olive green spots on her flesh hard to see on a quick glance, but they are there.

The girls face starts to twitch and she quickly sits up grabbing a tissue from the nearby box before she is racked with a violent sneezing fit that has her shrinking and growing by several inches with each 'achoo' that is torn from her. When it stops she is a good five inches shorter than when the sneezing fit began.

The sneezing - super-powered sneezing as it was, does alert Vi to the presence of someone in that particular bed. A little smile dances across her lips. A beat - she glances back over her shoulder towards the nurse, busy with Betty - and takes a long step into the med room proper.

The locket she wears around her neck slips out, hanging free in front of herself, catching the light along with the rings she wears.

While she missed that shrinking a bit, the other young woman /did/ seem rather small, so… dressed in the yellows of the Prometheus bunch, she lifts her chin, kinda crossing her arms over the railing at the foot of the bed, leaning forward. "So hey, short-stuff - what are you in for?"

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Felicia is still dressed in her pajamas, fuzzy polka dot bottoms and a black tank top, so she must have been her all day, coming in when she first got up this morning. Wiping her nose on the tissue she sniffles a bit before tossing it in the nearby garbage bin. The unusual greeting has her looking toward Violet. The music in her ears must not be to loud, "Ah fuc…git about it." she was about to swear but that quickly changes when a nurse walks by the door.

Pulling the earbuds out she looks down at herself, "This is major suck." there is a bit of a grumpy tone in her voice at discovering she has shrunk down yet again…and she was up to her real height too. "I dunno. The docs can't figure out what I have. Never seen it before apparently." but she got out of classes today, so no complaints for that one.

The nurse walking by no doubt gives Violet an odd glance, but Violet was kinda hunched over, and had that air of 'I'm just here, visiting a friend - I'm /supposed/ to be here.' "Yeah? How'd you get it?" comes her question, her voice a bit low and slow. "I heard you and some other kid had it?" she asks, kinda canting her head to the side.

She kinda crinkles her nose a bit at the tissue issue, but rolls her neck with a grin. "I'm Violet, by the way. Kinda new, kinda not. Figured I'd swing by, and heard your goose honking into that tissue. Figured you might need someone to say hello, you know?"

Shoulders lift into a shrug "Not sure. A bunch of us went camping this past weekend. And then bam, Oliver and I came down the sneezes and sniffles." Felicia looks at her green spotted arm "The spots didn't appear until today. Maybe we both got bit by something..or I don't know, maybe it was something in the water, we did go to the beach." she has no idea.

"I'm Felicia. Kinda new too." she says by way of introduction. "Yeah, its way boring in here. But at least it isn't class, ya know."

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Clicking her tongue against the roof of her mouth, Violet answers with the profoundest of teenage empathic statements, "Sucks, Felicia," she says. A beat, and she kinda taps her hand against the foot of the bed, rising up to her full height - tucking her thumbs into the pockets of her slacks. "Hope you get better fast, yeah?"

A beat though, and Violet grins. "I could bring you the homework and stuff that we're being assigned. Are you any good at math? You could help me with that," she says, a light laugh leaving her.

"Truth." the teen gives a sage nod a moment then speaks again, "Well considering what the alternative is…so do I." Felicia says it with a matter of fact tone. Hopes she gets better fast that is. She is pretty sure that this isn't her last hurrah here on planet Earth.

Felicia's nose wrinkles in distaste "Nah, that's okay. I try to avoid that homework stuff when I can." then there is a shake of head "Sorry, can't help you with that one. Unless you would be happy with a low c.

"Don't worry, Fel," says Violet. "I'd light a candle if you were to get sick and pass on," she says, bringing her arms up to fold over her belly. "Just so you don't come back and haunt my ass," she says with a little grin. "I hear candles make ghosts happy, right?" she says.

"Are you sure? Nothing passes the time better than having fourty algebra problems to work on," says Violet with an air of mischief to her voice.

Picking up a pencil, she holds the pencil between fore and middle fingers, flicking it back and forth. "So uh… what do you do for fun? Are you a music nerd?" she asks, gesturing to the phone and headphones.

Felicia snorts in amusement at the comment "I'm sure if I was going to come back and haunt anyone it would be the asshats that cancelled Firefly." she lifts her shoulders "Lame ghosts if all it takes is a candle. I'd want an offering of oreos, twinkies and a Monster."

"If my better you mean it makes you feel like you are actually going backwards in time instead of forward." she makes a gesture with her hands, each crossing and pointing in opposite directions "No algebra please.

Looking down at her phone then back at Violet she shakes her head "Nah. Not like that. I like to dance, do some rock climbing, though not rock dancing. I tried that once, nearly broke my stuffs."

Laughter - melodic and a little husky, comes from Violet. She taps the tip of the pen against her thigh, a bit swarmy of an expression on her face as she looks to the other. "Hell no - if there's going to be anyone eating oreos and twinkies, gonna be me, not Casper," she says. "But you can have the monster if you die. Candle and a monster - that's the compromise deal, right?" she says.

"And hey - you got it - no algebra at all," she says with a grin.

"Rock dancing? Is that like… dancing on top of rocks or dancing with rocks?" She sounded amused, at least.

"Snoballs are good too. I can live with those." what a weirdo, liking those pink coconute covered things "Or be dead with them…whatevs." that's a compromise she is willing to go with. Nothing less.

Felicia hmmms "Why not both? In this case though it was on the side of an indoor rock wall. I won the race to the top, bit excited, starting shaking by ass and well, meet the floor real quick."

"You like snowballs?" says Violet at that, leaning against the wall of the room. It probably smelled like antiseptic. "Well, okay. Now I know - I'm putting it in my little mental notebook," says Violet, waggling her fingers at the side of her head. "When Felicia goes out, she wants a grave full of snowballs. Or she'll haunt us all," she says.

A little snerk, though, at the explanation of the thing. "Gravity's a bitch," says Vi. "But hey, your stuffs remain unbroke, and you lived to catch the hantavirus," she says. "All in all, a win, right?"

"Someone has too. There is a lot of chocolately goodness to love under that pink exterior!" Felicia readily admits. There is a bit of a smirk "Is it pink, with little flowers all over it?" if Violet can tease so can she.

She raises a hand and flexes her fingers "Yeah, since my accident a while back I'm a lot harder to break now. The floor was never the same though." she nods "Well except for the floor. It had to be replaced."

Again, laughter from Vi, "F… …" she pauses a moment, clearing her throat. "Hell no," she says, "It's got a dragon on it, breathing fire and shit," she says, spreading her fingers wide. A beat though, and she lets those fingers fall. "And a kitten. With big ol' cute eyes," she says.

A beat, and she manages a serious look, pointing a finger at Felicia.

"Don't mock the kitten," she says, her voice a near-growl. A beat. "Yeah? You're one of the tough sorts? Hard to crack?" she asks. "That musta come in handy at that point."

Raising her hands in mock surrender, Felicia shakes her head, her curly hair swirling around her scarred face "No mocking from me. Kittens can be vicious." another smirk, she is full of those "I beat the dragon is a real puss…wimp." there goes that nurse walking by again.

"I suppose. Though too little to late really. A year and a few months sooner and I would have been saved a lot of pain."

Giving Fel a smile at the mock surrender, the smirk on the other teen's lips only gives strength to the smile on Violet's own. "Good. I wouldn't want to start this whole thing off on the wrong foot - I couldn't be friends with a kitten-hater," says Violet, laughing again then.

"Well, Fel - I gotta get to my next class. It was good to meet you, right?" says Vi, her smile honest as she looks at the eyes of the curly-headed one. "When you beat the black lung or whatever you got, look me up, right? We'll hang out," she says, moving to turn towards the door of the med bay room.

"No worries there, I save all my haterade for the spiders." cause eww eight legs and multiple eyes, no thanks! Felicia gives a bit of a shudder at the thought.

"Sure. Sure. Good to meet yas. And try not to fall asleep in class 'eh." another nod to the other girl "As long as it isn't literal hanging your on. Later Violet.

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