(2016-03-29) Two Names
Two Names
Summary: Lynzee and Max meet each other. She shows him pictures, he gives her a gift.
Date: 2016-03-29
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<FS3> Max rolls Drums: Good Success.

Classes are already over for the day. Having finished dinner Max has decided to take refuge in the science room. The slightly warmer weather being enjoyed as well. Books on the table and a bag nearby as Max drums easily on the table. If anyone is around he hasn't really noticed.

Lynzee found an affinity for the science room earlier in the day when she discovered the chalkboard there. Course the other classes had them also, but this one was her favorite. Once her class had ended, the last hour, she stroooollls all casually in wearing her school uniform. Unfortunately, there's chalk on her blazer though. Once inside, she heads immediately for the chalkboard, but she hears the tapping and glances around. A bright smile is given. "Hi. I'm Lynzee." Yep, he gets her name.

Max is also in his school uniform. Looking up as Lynzee speaks. Smiling towards her. "Hello. Name's Max Elucar." He offers in greeting. The last name being big within the science world, as the founders of Aion Institute. His parents even having gotten a Nobel for their contributions. Trying to move along from his name quickly enough. "Didn't think anyone would be coming in here." He admits, shifting in his seat. Curious as to why she is here. Sniffling a bit while speaking to her.

Lynzee doesn't really do much by way of last names, but when he gives it, her eyes widen and she looks at him in awe. "Max Elucar," she echoes, the reverence in her voice fairly clear. Walking over, she studies him a moment, not mentioning why she was here, she was suitably distracted by him giving her his name.

Max blinks as she echoes his name and walks over. Sniffling a bit before turning his head away to sneeze. "Sorry." Then watching her in turn. Probably not quite certain why she seems so curious. As he's probably been taught and forced to offer his whole name, most of the times. Proper ettiquette and all. Studying her in turn. "So. See anything interesting?"

"You got two names, you got a last name." Lynzee almost whispers, but it squeaks a little. The question asked of her brings another smile and she motions towards the chalk board. "I think that is. I like to draw on it and then erase. What about you?"

Max raises his brows before nodding slowly. "I do." He says, smiling a bit. "You do not?" He asks, trying to learn some about her. "Ah, that is quite nice. I am mainly looking over some things." He explains, currently having a chemistry book in front of him. "What do you like to draw?"

"I don't know if I got a last name or not. I'm just Lynzee." There is another look towards the chalkboard and she sort of skips over and takes the chalk piece she had halved earlier in the day to share with Harold. "Want to come draw with me? I draw old things. Like things on caves and stuff. The diggers taught me." She begins drawing a bird with two circles beside it, both colored in white. The bird is of no particular species, just any little bird. The next is a bit more sinister, it's like a triangle but the tip is cut off and there's an X above it with a cloud over that. "Harold was drawing stick people with me, you can come too."

Max nods a bit before finally rising. Closing his book. "Ah. I see. I suppose that I could join." Studying the drawings. He might not know a lot about it, though he can make an educated guess from what she told him. "Warnings?" He asks. Moving to stand next to her. "Not sure what to make." He admits. Starting to make stick figures.

Lynzee hesitates just long enough to watch him drawing and gives him a concise nod. "Make what you like to draw." A slight pucker of her brow as she looks back to her own and gives a tiny nod. "Not warnings, a story. It already happened, the pictures tell the story, you just have to read them in order."

Max nods and does try to draw something he enjoys. Not really the best att drawing. Though he does manage to draw DNA strands, working out something that looks like a root system. Seeming a bit more digital than organic. Looking to her story. "Seems like an interesting one." He offers, tilting his head. Looking between the girl and the chalkboard.

Her own look like what might be found in Egypt digs, but Lynzee doesn't linger on the story bit. Instead, she finds herself interested in his and she steps closer to trace one of the lines he had drawn. It smears the chalk and ruins it. She looks properly chastised. "I didn't mean to mess it up. I'm sorry."

Max does study her story for a moment, furrowing his brows. Though then he looks to her as she smears his some. Chuckling softly. "Oh, it's quite fine. You actually didn't ruin it." He then helps to get rid of the slightly smeared out part. Ending up causing a slightly different pattern. "It is still a working concept. I think." Studying her for a moment. "How long have you been around in school?" He asks, since he has been around since winter break.

Lynzee gets an immediate look of relief and bobs her head, "Thank you, I'm glad it's not broken." She watches as he tries to fix it and gives an approving look and a pat to his shoulder. "What are you making?" She is waylaid a little by his question and she offers a grin. "Today was my second day in the new school. Today was my second day in any school."

Max ahs and nods. "I've mainly been home schooled until now." He explains, smiling to her. Though the pat to his shoulder catches him slightly off guard. "Ah, was making a form of genetic pattern. With some implications of if nanotech were to be implemented. As well as thinking to myself what specific chemicals would do." Gesturing to some letters that he set up. Representing chemicals. Letting out a sneeze.

"Someone asked if I was home schooled, but I was never schooled before, except Id. He taught me a lot of things and so did the diggers." Lynzee takes her hand back and looks towards the door. "I sure am hungry." Was it the genetic pattern that incited it? More likely, the conversation had completely lost her at nanotech. Still, she does look at the board at the gesturing.

Max nods and smiles. "Want company?" He offers, if she is heading for food. Not wanting to intrude though, if she prefers eating alone. As for schooling, he nods. "They all sound like good people."

"You can come with me." Lynzee does actually seem pretty happy about having someone to eat with. "They were good people. What about your parents, are they good people too? Do you miss them?"

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