(2016-03-29) Spooky Sunset
Spooky Sunset
Summary: A few students, including a new pair of eyes, relax outside after classes.
Date: 2016-03-29
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Classes have ended for the day, and most have managed to finish up dinner, with a few still heading in that direction. The warmer weather having people hiding out in their rooms, or outdoors. Except for those that enjoy the warmer weather. The passing traffic isn't too heavy near the entrance to the school itself, at the very least.
One that doesn't mind the warmer weather, he at least make sure to have some water with him at all times when it is. Currently a bottle held in his hand as Diego is moving slowly, studying the faces of people that enter. Humming to himself. Seeming a bit bored for the time being.

Anyone that calls an early Atlantic spring 'warmer weather' in front of Tabitha would get nothing but a death glare from the waifish teen. But still, it is the first truly sunny day in a weeks and the first where she's had a moment to experiment with her unfolding abilities. So she's also just sort of hanging around by the ferry dock. Well, floating would be a more applicable term. She's facing west to get as much energy input from the setting sun as she can and using it to get a feel for a practice session of Flying 101. Her aura is visible and gently flowing around her body while she just drifts a few yards over the water. She's noticed Diego also out and about nearby, but he seems to be having some of his own kind of 'me' time so she's kept to herself as well for now.

Asenath has just had her first day here. She's still in a rather bit of a shock. She's never seen this many people before…ever, really. She rarely left the small village where her family lived. Or even their property, really. She's never even been to school before. Not that she's unintelligent just…isolated, so to speak. She walks out of the entrance, looking towards the docks, then up at the flying girl, then the ocean. A deep frown appears on her face.

"I don't understand." Asenoth says aloud, shaking her head slightly to herself, before sighing. "Why did I spend an entire day listening to adults talk about material that was already in these books they gave me, again? It seems stupid." No, she didn't grow up with a television, either. Or the internet. Its probably amazing how much culture one picks up from those. Or how much one can miss. She turns towards the nearest person, Diego, and looks him over. "Classes are over now, right?"

Diego hadn't quite noticed Tabitha. Yawning some. Spotting Tabitha and offering a wave. About to leap over, his attenion is pulled away and towards the loud girl. Smiling and nodding as he's addressed. Tilting his head as he seem curious about the eyes. "Yup. Over and done for today. I'm Diego." He greets her, nodding his head.

"The lectures are supposed to help us assimilate what's in the texts. Not everyone fully grasps what they read the first time." Tabitha's aura becomes more firm as she exerts conscious control over her flight and drifts over closer to where Asenath has come out. "I'm still trying to get settled into the classes here since it's not quite the same as what I was working on at my old school. I'd hate to screw it up and have to repeat my freshman year." Diego gets a smile and a quick wave before she introduces herself as well. "And I'm Tabitha. Got here just a few days ago."

"I see." Asenath says in reply to the two. She glances curiously over at Tabitha as she approaches. "I didn't go to a school before. My grandfather didn't trust them, and someone had to watch over my brother." She pauses, glancing again at Tabitha. "I'm Asenath. I like your singularity, its pretty." Asenath, says this totally serious and completely deadpan.

Diego nods about Tab's words. "Yeah. Something like that. At times it also gives several perspectives. Since the author and lecturer can be two different people who look at it differently." He suggests and shrugs. "I am sure that you'll be fine." He offers to Tabitha. Then looking to the newest girl. "Ah. Cool. Glad to see that you at least got to go to school here." He suggests to her. "Your eyes are cool." He adds with a small smile.

The three of them standing around and talking. The weather being just a bit warmer than it has been the last couple of days, with it being after classes at the moment.

Grayson descends the stairs from the admin level. He has a little spring to his step as he bounces downward. Hanging upside down on a strap on his back is a well-travelled guitar case, covered in band stickers. He hops off the last two stairs and then notices the others. "Hola, Diego," he says, with a smirk as he approaches.

Tabitha shrugs one shoulder as Diego reassures her about her scholastic chances. "I hope so. I'd really hate to have to spend the summer in make-up classes less than I'd want to redo freshman year." She smirks at this and then smile to Asenath, then quirks her head to one side. "Good to meet you, Asenath. But what do you mean my singularity? I've just got my aura, is that what you mean?" She raises her right hand as she says this, causing her aura to flow around her arm like vines made from a jello mold. The motion causes her to drift a bit to her right as well before she focuses again on maintaining her position floating just over the water. She lifts her chin in greeting to Grayson. "Hey there, Gray."

"No, not that." Asenath says to Tabitha, shaking her head. "The bendy thing. Its bigger then everyone else. It goes in the other direction." A pause. "You know." As if that makes it obvious. Turning slightly, she regards Diego. "Um, thank you." she says, hesitently. "My grandfather, uh, before he…" her voice trails off, as she's unsure what words to use. "My grandfather said I had my father's eyes. But they just remind me of my brother."

"Hola." Diego greet Grayson. "You seem in a good mood." He offers with a small grin. Glancing to Tabitha. "I am sure that you will be quite fine." Watching her using her powers quite curiously. "That is rather awesome looking." Turning back to Asenath, raising a brow. "How so?" He asks. Seeming curious about her.

Grayson gives a little scowl to Diego, "I'm always in a good mood." Uh huh. He looks at the two girls, "Man, what is it with all the girls here?" He looks back at Diego, "We're like outnumbered ten to one. I think-" he stops, holding his finger up in the air to let folks know to wait a second, and then he sneezes. He wipes his nose on his wrist, and shakes his head, "Ugh. For crying out loud." He rolls his eyes, sighing, "So, it's official. I got the crud that's going around."

"You're complaining about having too many girls around, Grayson? Also, keep that camp crud away from me. I'm cold enough with out getting a cold." Tabitha teasea the water lord a bit, then blushes slightly at Diego's compliment about her aura. "Thank you." Then she peers over as Asenath while drifting over and down to land at the base of the stairs. "The bendy thing? Bigger? I don't understand." Once she's landed she closes her eyes and focuses. Her aura folds in on itself, a visual study in non-euclidian geometry, until it's congruous with her skin again. "Where you headed with your guitar, Grayson?" Music will always make her curious.

Asenath looks frustrated for a moment. "You just did it!" she says, speaking to Tabitha. "It bended, in the other directions. You know…up, down, left, right, out, in?" She shrugs, seemingly not having any more words. She glances towards Grayson, then back at Diego. "Well, my brother's dead now, and…" She trails off. "They killed him, and my grandfather went outside, and they took me. And he had more of the look about him. I look like our mother, but I had our father's eyes. He had mom's eyes, but…" She shrugs, and looks down at the ground.

Diego laughs and nods. "Sure you are." He offers. As for them being outnumbered, he nods. "Well. I am sure we will be able to turn the tide." As for the cold, he furrows his brows. "Really should check with the medbay. I might go see if I can help out there." Knowing some of medicine after all. Offering a smile to tabitha as she blushes. "You're welcome." Turning to Asenath, nodding slowly. "I'm sorry. That has to be tough." He offers. "I am always happy to help, and talk." He assures her.

Grayson glances at Asenath, "Wow. You're a real upper, aren't you?" Then to Tabitha, "We can't all be normal and like boobs, Greenie." He winks at her, and then turns back to Diego. "I'm not seeing a doctor," he says, sternly. He rolls his eyes at Diego, and then returns his gaze to Tabitha. "Actually, I'm heading back to the dorm. I was just futzing with a broken string while I grabbed dinner." He gives her a little smirk, "Glad to see you're doing better today." Then he sneezes again, sniffs, and shakes his head. "I'm gonna go drown my sorrows in a bottle of NyQuil. You kids behave, eh?" And with that, he turns and heads toward the dorms.

Tabitha giggles at Grayson, "Ah, so that's how it is. Well, if you need extra strings I brought a bag full with me." Then there's another sneeze and she shakes her head, "You should reconsider hitting the med bay on your way down." Asenath's exclamation about her doing something causes her to frown slightly, "So you did mean my aura? It moves like that whenever I'm charged up enough to manifest it. I'm just learning how to control it." She doesn't really have any frame of reference on deaths in the family, being an orphan who hasn't had anyone close pass away, so she stays quiet on that score.

Asenath glances towards Grayson as he leaves. "I'm sorry?" she says as he heads off, turning back towards the others. "Thanks." she says to Diego. "I'm still mostly just in shock. Its hard to believe, even though I knew something would happen." She nods at Tabitha. "Oh. Well, as I said, its neat. And I don't see much else with thickness like that. You seem to be doing a great job."

Tabitha shrugs at Asenath's comment on her proficiency with her aura. "Thanks. The more I use it, the more I get this… sense of how it works in relation to my body. And sometimes it affects my senses in other ways as well." She relaxes her hold on the aura just a touch so that it sits loosely on her skin like a billowly jacket. "When I've spent time absorbing energy, I can see in all directions but sometimes my senses get all scrambled. I had no desire to know that my dorm neighbors' energy emissions taste like apples and cinnamon, for instance." She laughs as she says this, at least able to find some humor in things. "But what about you? Before… well, before recent events what was your family like?"

"Thats really interesting." Asenath says, in response to Tabitha. "I have similar problems. It didn't matter when it was just my family, but…" She shudders. "I can see in directions most can't. Like inside you, and him, and them." She gestures around. "I don't really like it. My family was…my mother died years ago. So it was just my brother, locked in the basement for all the good it did, and my grandfather. We lived on an island, with only a few neighbors, and they had nothing to do with us, or we with them So I didn't have to deal with all the people and the…squickiness of being around others."

Tabitha listens to Asenath's statements about her family and frowns in sympathy. "Sounds lonely." It's the sort of thing that makes her appreciate the kind of orphanage she was raised in more than she already did. But she nods about their shared problems with perception as she sits down on the edge of the stairs. "I've had just the normal range of senses until recently. And the new ones aren't always there, and I can't control which senses I get when they do show up. Makes for some, what was the word you used… squickiness? That's a good word."

Asenath nods her head in sympathy. "Sometimes it can help to find something to focus on. Something pretty, or repetitive, or…" She shrugs. "I draw. I could see music working just as well, though. Something to drag your mind away from it, or anything else that might remind you of it."

A thoughtful look crosses Tabitha's face at Asenath's advice. "Focus on music? I can do that like no one's business." She seems much more perky at the thought of having a way to help her build concentration. "Might have to take a few breaks for classes, though. And homework." She shrugs and grins, "Maybe meals. No, definitely meals. Or snacks. Wonder if the caffeteria is still open?" She stands up and nods up the stairs, "Don't suppose you're in a snacking mood? And what kind of things do you draw?" She seems much more… energetic. And her aura has a brighter, cleaner glow to it as well. She's also in full sunlight now that sun is nearly set and she's no longer shadowed by the school.

"Sure." Asenath replies. "I'm up for snacks. What do they have?" She pauses. "Mostly, I draw things from different angles. Trees, furniture or objects from different perspectives. I'd show them to my brother and see what he thought of them."

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