(2016-03-29) Green Measles
Green Measles
Summary: Turns out it isn't a cold.
Date: 2016.03.29
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Med Bay

A full medical wing. There are rooms sectioned off by glass, all visible from a central medical station with monitors for monitoring patients status. The walls can be curtained if needed to allow some privacy for patients within. This facility is state of the art with medical equipment beyond what any other hospital in the world would have access too.

It's morning, around breakfast time most likely, and the medical bay has its usual staff of nurse(s) and doctor(s), as well as those students with either faked or even legitimate ailments that they are there having checked out.

What she thought was just a cold turned out to be something completely different. Colds don't come with olive green spots, not that they are noticeable on a cursory look at Felicia, but they are there, her already chocolately skin just disguises them better. She sits sniffling on a bed in one of the rooms, the door open at the moment. With all the sneezing she has been doing her height has been erratic and she is currently short enough where her socked feet don't reach the floor but dangle above it. She must have come straight here after waking up, she is still in her polka-dotted fuzzy pajama bottoms and a tank top. As she sits there she seems to be counting the spots on her arms…or maybe just studying them as the doctor stands outside the room making notes on what is probably her chart.

Oliver did get his soup the other night and did get rest, but he woke up feeling worse this morning. He managed to stumble into the showers where he saw the olive-green spots now all over his body.

That was weird.

He knew about Chicken Pox and the like, but -green- spots?? Between the spots and a particularly energetic sneezing fit that first turned him into a greyhound and then back into a human, he figured he really ought to go to get checked out.

Clothes were pulled on but it's a girl that shows up in basketball shorts and a wicking running shirt to the infirmary. She sort of looks like she could be Oliver's sister, skin pale, the green showing up easily. Even as one of the nurses checks her over, she notes Felicia in the bed with the same spots, "What did you do to me?"

The girl just gets a passing glance, sure she has the spots too, but a sneezing fit hits Felicia and with it a fluctuation of different sizes, as if her body can't decide what size it wants to be. So comments will have to wait.

When the fit ends, there is a few sniffles and the teen girl falls backward with a groan "Oh gawd." and then there is the accusation and her head turns toward the voice "What I did to you?" she questions with confusion, "I don't even know…" there is a pause and eyes narrow "Oliver is that you?"

"I dunno, but we both have the same thing and I never get sick!" At least, not until now! Oliver is brought over to another bed where she's set up to have her temperature taken and the spots looked at. As one of the nurse turns to leave, she reaches out to grab her sleeve, "When I change back into me, throw me in a t-shirt and jeans or something…that might at least stop the shifting. I have a couple in my dorm room…please?" Because all this shifting is annoying and exhausting!

She then nods plaintively at Felicia, "Yeah, it's me. I was a dog earlier…almost came down as that…" and she starts another sneeze. The first one doesn't cause her to shift, nor the second, but the third one turns him into an Elf out of 'Lord of the Rings' or some similar Fantasy story.

"You're the one that turns into animals. How do we know this isn't some kinda weird animal fever?" Felicia doesn’t sound convinced that it is. She sits back up, totally relating to the shifting and exhausting bit. It hasn't been effective for her.

"That would have been a sight." a dog with green measles "Kinda of like that Dr. Seuss book…" she is thoughtful a moment as she comes up with the name "Put me in the zoo? I think it was." as she starts to sneeze Felicia bites her lip, then smirks "You're going sort of Elrondish there." she passes over a box of tissues.

"Because people can't catch animal fevers…" mostly, Elf-Oliver offers, accepting the tissues and blowing his nose. He looks down at himself and shrugs, "Could be worse, I guess. If they have a t-shirt now, I'd take it!"

Is anyone going to get one from his dorm? Hard to say.

"I've never heard of anything that causes green spots, have you? I mean, except gangrene…" he blinks and looks at an arm before looking over at Felicia. "If we have that, we're screwed." He gives a sigh then and also sits back on the cot, "Think we're excused from class?"

"Tell that to ebola." Felicia says, though she could be wrong about that one, she isn't Dr. House "They probably have a gown." she slips off the bed and begins to poke around the room to see if she can find out.

"Hypochondriac much?" she teases him "We don't have gangrene. I've seen that one. Nasty." she makes an eww face "Probably. Just in case we are contagious or something." oh gawd more sneezing, which she covers by pulling the the hem of her tank top to cover her mouth and nose with.

"Unless it's cotton, it won't work!" Elf-Oliver calls out to Felicia as she looks for a gown. He gives another sigh and just looks at his hands and then the ceiling, "I should have brought something to do." Although at least he has company. "I know we don't have gangrene…those come from cuts and open wounds and stuff…you've seen it? Really?" He sits back up then. "Was it really gross?"

You can take the boy out of the teens, but you can't take the teens out of the boy!

At the sneeze, he hands back over the tissue box.

Taking the tissue box with a thanks Felicia blows her own nose and tosses the tissue in the bin. She gives him a look of disbelief, "Seriously? Cotton is your kryptonite?" she has no luck finding a gown, they must be kept elsewhere, she does find tongue depressors though so she grabs a handful of those, a handful of cotton balls and small bandaids "Really. Really gross. After my accident I was in the hospital a long time. Saw a lot of things I wish I could forget."

Moving over to his bed she arranges the tongue depressors in a tic-tac-toe board configuration and gives him a choice between the small round band-aids and the cottonballs "Bandaids are X, cotton balls or Os."

"I guess? I can't shift when I'm wearing it, which is why you don't see me wearing t-shirts and jeans and stuff…unless I actually don't want to use my powers." Which is rare. He tends to like having the option.

"Oh, right…the accident where you got the scar. They allowed you see people who were that messed up?" Elf-Oliver wrinkles his nose and agrees, "Ew." He watches as she comes over to his bed and sets up the tic-tac-toe grid. At the option, he chooses the cotton balls — maybe it'll help if he's touching them? "I'm glad you're ok though. I mean, it sounds like you had a really rough time of it with the accident."

"Huh." Felicia says, her usual response to things that she finds either interesting and/or weird and unusual. "I don't know much about this power thing, is that a normal limitation for shifters?" she thankfully doesn't have that sort of restriction.

There is a shake of her head "No, but when you can shrink down to the size I can you can get places unnoticed. She sets a small bandaid in the center square starting the game off "Thanks." she replies sincerely enough, "Rough in patches yeah. You know how /boring/ a hospital can be." she draws out the word boring "I would sneak down to ER once in a while or into ICU, just for a change of scenery." she has to snicker "Scared the bejesus out of some nurses a few times too."

Elf-Oliver gives a shrug, "I don't know…I haven't really met any shifters like me. I mean, Annaliesa turns to a mermaid and back…don't think that's the same though." He takes a cotton ball and places it in the upper left corner of the grid.

"I guess I'm lucky to say that I don't know. I don't remember ever having to stay in one." The mention of scaring nurses gets a grin out of him, "Really? That sounds awesome." There are a few more sniffles and a sneeze, but the cotton balls may be helping, as there is no shifting. Yet.

"So. Besides scaring nurses and tic-tac-toe, what else do you like doing?"

"Maybe there aren't any shifters like you." Felicia couldn't imagine there are any like her either. Heck, before she manifested she couldn't imagine anyone with any powers like they have "Yeah, Anna seems to be as unique as the rest of us."

"Count yourself lucky." Felicia puts a bandaid in the opposite corner from where he moved. "It was." she chuckles "Of course the nurses didn't think so, but they were pretty good about it. Things were better in the rehab place."

Setting the tissue box between them Felicia gives a slight shrug "The usual stuff, dancing, rock climbing, avoiding homework. Ya know stuff."

The elf shrugs, "Maybe not. That might be kind of cool…to be so unique." He gives a little smile then and then sneezes, tensing up as if trying to control any potential shift. He manages to make it back to himself, with the exception of still having elf ears and long, elf-braided hair. It's a start.

"T-shirt!" he calls out to the staff but then takes some of the cotton balls and tucks them around him, making sure to touch his skin. It might work, might not.

He takes a tissue before placing another cotton ball underneath his first, "Is dancing and rock climbing usual? So you -like- being outside…I totally blame camping for getting us sick."

"Almost there." Felicia eyes the long haired look then shakes her head "I'd stick with your shorter hair." having both extra band-aids and cotton balls she comes up with an idea that may help in the interim and begins to peel open the bandages as the speaks.

"Oh yeah, totally unique, just like everyone else." isn't that some cliché or something. She finds it funny either way and she begins to attach cotton balls to his arms using the bandaids to hold them in place.

"Huh…probably not the combination, but I guess alone they would be." the teen nods "Usually. When it is warm enough out especially. This past weekend was pushing it on temperature." nods "The camping totally did it. Freaky island."

"I can't seem to control it much better," Oliver sighs and flicks some hair out of his face. "I tend to prefer the shorter hair too." But it's closer and he'll take it. He then gestures to the 'board', "It's your go…" but pauses when Felicia starts attaching band-aids and cotton balls to him. "Huh. I wouldn't have thought of that."

Maybe it will work?

"I haven't met anyone else who can change sizes like you, so…unique it is!" Nyah! He then wrinkles his nose as she admits to enjoying being outside, "I only like it when I'm flying…or an animal. Or at night. I do like it at night." There is agreement, however, "Yeah. I wonder if it has to do with the magical winged monkey that they found earlier?"

"Better than me." well most of the time it seems. "Felicia Carlyle, problem solver." thought if it actually helps…time will tell. At the reminder she looks down at the board and drops a bandaid to block his potential three in a row.

"Well before here, I hadn't meet anyone with powers, animal shifting or other wise." she gives a nod "It isn't so bad, and night is especially awesome. Makes the rock climbing more challenging." she cants her head at him "Magical monkey? Huh…We didn't have contact with it though."

"Me neither," is offered as Oliver looks to the board again and drops a cottonball in the center of the bottom row to block Felicia's potential win. "Muaha!" he cackles, which then turns into another sneezing fit. The only change is that he now has a pair of wings sprouting from his back. Maybe it was the talk of the flying monkeys that did it?

"Joy. Now I can't lie back." More tissues are taken as he blows his nose and then tosses them into the nearby trash. "We didn't have contact, but maybe it infected the island? But only the two of us seemed to get this…" Which is weird.

Felicia quickly puts her hands over the makeshift board, to keep thier game from being blown away. Glancing at the wings now sprouting from his back she stifles a guffaw, "And me without my fez. Fezzes are cool."

"Maybe. So many questions and no answers." she gives a sigh, which is punctuated by her own sneezing fit.

"Come on you two." the doctor walks in, handing a cotton gown to Oliver "We are going to run some tests. See if we can narrow down what this infection is." with that he leads them to a couple of nurses, who spend a way to much time poking and prodding them.

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