(2016-03-29) Explody Boy Meets Shrinking Girl
Explody Boy Meets Shrinking Girl
Summary: Welcome to Superpower High, Luz
Date: 2016-03-29
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Contagion may stalk the halls of Coral Springs, but Luz Santiago already knows what it is to be chronically ill, in a manner of speaking. The moment his paperwork had been processed he was rushed into the medical bay, a series of blood draws, an MRI, and a lumbar puncture part of a long standing routine that has made Luz simultaneously medically knowledgeable for one of his years and utterly vexed by the process. "I thought the reason I wear this thing was so you don't have to do this stuff every time I change zip codes?"

A half dozen blood draws, an MRI, and a lumbar puncture. Its a routine that has left Luz Santiago entirely too aware of the nature of the medical establishment. Contagion and disease may stalk the halls of Coral Springs, but for the moment Luz is happy that he hasn't caused any appreciable property damage. "I thought the whole point of this thing was so I didn't need the whole battery? Luz asks of the nurse who has suffered through the battery of tests that had taken place the moment he had entered. "My levels are on the screen." He says, gesturing to the thing which looks like a dried out squid attached to his left forearm. Its certainly one way to spend the hours of the afternoon.

"Just to be safe, Mr. Santiago. There is a bug going around that seems to set off powers, and since you are a…"

"Since I blow shit up you mean." Luz responds with almost clinical precision for all of his blunt phrasing.

"Not the way I would have put it…." The nurse responds.

The incredibly shrinking teenager hereto known as Felicia has been in the med bay since breakfast time. But with the various visitors she has had as well as her own battery of tests to see what strange bug is partying inside her body, she really hasn't been paying much attention to other residents of the medical facilities.

It's the phrase blow shit up that catches her attention as she is about to replace the earbuds after her latest visitor departs. "Huh." she intones in what borders on curious but just barely makes it over the line. Not that she isn't curious, she just isn't one of those people that shows much in the way of reaction to weird stuffs, the unfazeable sort so to speak.

Slipping off her bed she peeks out and then slips from her room to loiter outside the door of the explody stuff guy. In her current state she is quite diminutive, her latest sneezing fit dropping her to just under 5' feet. She seems to be in her PJ's still, fuzzy polka dot bottoms with a tank top and slipper socks in her feet. The most noticeable thing about her besides the dark curly hair that hangs over her face are the olive green spots that cover her chocolately colored exposed flesh, at least if one looks close enough.

It’s not that he's necessarily competing for most traumatic or most jaded story. In point of fact he has probably had one of the most boring and safe childhoods one could have, particularly how hilariously badly one with his powers could have gone. He's not one for sugar coating it either. The squid seems to tighten reflexively as he raises his arm, and rolling his shoulders back. When he finally slips out and opens the door, he stops just short of running her over or hitting her with the door. "Los." He says in a shorthanded sorry before looking closer at the girl. "So we even get our own version of the chickenpox? I'm not sure if I should be terrified or comforted by the normalcy of it."

He doesn't extend a hand, but inclines his head. "Luz. Nice to meet you." His hand slipping into his pockets (he had dressed shortly after the nurse ceased with the poking and the prying into his vitals) as he studies the girl he really isn't all that much taller than. "How long you been on the rock? It’s my first day."

As Luz steps out Felicia backpedals. She's been asked not to get all touchy with people, or to let them touch her, but accidents happen, though she is trying not to let them. "Huh?" this time it is at the unfamiliar word. She doesn't speak Spanish. At least the words that follow are in English "I'm calling it the Magical Monkey Pox for now. It sounds a lot or mysterious and exotic than green measles or that." she makes a gesture to him, indicating his words.

"I'm not sure either. I guess if it ends up killing me we will both have the answer…" there is a pause "Or you will at least…I'll be dead." and strangely that doesn't bother her, mostly cause she doesn't think that will happen.

"Felicia." she grins "Sure, you say that now, but you hardly know me yet." she gives a wink "Three weeks. So this is your welcome to the rock medical bay visit?"

"Well, its supposed to be Losiento, but back home sometimes we shortened it. So, Los." Luz explains. He's been in observation long enough to know the policy. "I hope its not Magical Monkey Pox. It seems like all the diseases we get from monkeys cause us to bleed from strange and exciting places. Green Measles'll work just fine for me." If its a race to determine who is less phased by mortality or lack thereof, he seems game to keep his cool. "Well, I suppose skipping the anger and denial phases is certainly an efficient way to shortcut the grieving process."

He stretches again, roll back on his heels as his hands rest in his pockets. "Yeah. Mines a bit more involved, but in the end I'm apparently in possession of all my fingers and toes." This apparently is sufficient to give him a small smile, at least at her company. "Eh. I try to live in hope at least for now."

"I'd rather bleed /in/ strange and exciting places then from them." Felicia replies in a matter of fact tone. "Because then at least I will have a good story to tell. All I have for this one is a weekend camping trip." she makes a gesture with her hand "It was fun and all but not all that, ya know.

At the mention of his digits she looks at them and then holds up her own hands, wiggling her fingers "Me too! You'll have to take my word about the toes." can't see those she is wearing socks "Live life, hope for the best…all you can do. At least that's what my dad always tells me. Sounds like a bucket full of boring to me." there is a bit of a shrug at that.

"That attitude could be infectious if nothing else is." Luz replies dryly, though the small smile is still there. There is decidedly less wiggling, as Luz seems content to be more the stationary figure to Felicia's far more animated expression. "Though boring does tend to make less of a mess. Which can be a Godsend if your interesting time sare more curse than gift. Though I suppose I would be upset too if I got the Green Monkey Pox from a camping trip. Must be one hell of a local species of poison oak." His eyes flicker just a touch as he looks down at his arm, then looks back up again. "So are superpowered camping trips also epic? Or is it just like any other insert gender Scouts outing?"

"You say that like it’s a bad thing." Felicia tells him clearing pretending to be offended at the comment. "What's wrong with mess? Mess is fun. Mess means you lived and loved and lost…" she furrows her brow "Well maybe not that last one…that last one sucks." she waves a hand like she is erasing it from existence, "Let's pretend I didn't say that." yes animated would be a very good adjective. She isn't hyper per say, just expressive in her non-verbal body language.

"Oh poison oak or some other plant…we didn't think of that one." she begins to chew on her lip thoughtfully. "I'll have to add that to the list of possibilities. At least it isn't itchy." another shrug "This was my first camping trip…at least the first one I can remember, and definitely of the superpowered variety. It was up there. I had a blast."

"Well, clearly this whole high school for heroes thing is a good fit for you then." Luz admits with an exhale of breath. "Me, I'll just be happy for a place that is built to deal with shenanigans while I finish my next two years and some change." Maybe the conservation of mass is what dictates her hyperactivity and excitable temperament? "You say something?" already forgotten it would seem.

"Nah, I'm not actually giving any kind of diagnosis. Just you talked about camping so I figured it was an easy line. An itch would suck, definitely." A chuckle loosed as she talks about it. "I did my fair share of weekend poking around the less civilized parts of my state. Will be interesting to see what the nature looks like around here when they aren't curating it to be all…" His hand wobbles. "Fit to be put on a brochure."

"Maybe." Felicia drawls out "It's still early to tell really." if she is anything it is realistic. A wide grin comes to her face then "Shenanigans….that's my favorite type of igans right there." she leans forward slightly "If any that going on be sure to include me." if that is any indication she must be in the Ares house. She's a good fit for it really.

"Apparently it is full of some weird stuff and not so weird stuff. Good luck telling the two apart." she grins again as a nurse walks over and gives a pointed look to the teen girl.

"Isn't there someplace you are supposed to be Miss. Carlyle?" the nurse says with a pointed look from girl to her own medical room.

A sigh comes from Felicia and she nods to the nurse "Well welcome to the school Luz. Don't be a stranger." she waves her fingers in parting and heads back to her own bit of medical purgatory.

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