(2016-03-27) Glitter Force
Glitter Force
Summary: Derek and Lynzee run into each other.
Date: 2016-03-27
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Lighthouse Pizza
Arousing the senses, the aroma of fresh baked pizza is strong and the popular music that plays from a jukebox in the corner adds to the ambiance. Checked white and red tablecloths cover all of the tables and lining each of the walls are black covered booths. On each table there is a selection of crushed red pepper, Parmesan cheese, napkins, salt and pepper.

The floor is carpeted in muted tones, a dark green with varied other colors woven throughout. There is a counter for ordering togo orders and waitresses walk around in jeans and a t-shirt, the latter in blue with Lighthouse Pizza in white writing. The kitchen is behind the counter and a long, rectangular opening for the cooks to pass the food through. Furthest from the kitchen and entrance are the doors for the game room with many, many games and marked bathrooms for each gender off there.

So, Sunday evening after the amusement park, Lynzee had Tabitha head on to the ferry while she made a detour towards the pizza place. They would still beat curfew, and so Lynzee had her go ahead back to the school to deliver the toys she had won and Lynzee carries hers with her. A large stuffed tiger is tucked into the smaller girls arms and the draw of the aroma of pizza calls her pretty strongly. She steps inside the door, holding the tiger and barely managing to get inside with it before the door closes. There's a furtive look around and a smile finds her lips as she heads for the counter. Because that's where the food comes from.

After camping for most of the weekend, or something like camping, Derek decides to stop off in the town before going back to school as well. He has that look to his eyes taht he is rested but could use more rest, but is slightly smug in whatever has happened over his weekend. Good, but could use more. Maybe he looks like that every Sunday, but today he is more smug with his world, hints of a smile under his puffy eyes. He already has a table, some slices of pizza, one eaten, one started on, and a fountain drink of some sort. Eating away, contently, not in a rush. Then in walks that little girl with her tiger. He isn't far from the counter, so when she orders her food, he sets down the piece of pizza he's on, wipes up real quick to take care of pizza sauce on his face, then grins over. "You won that or someone won it for you?" He hopes its from the carnival, cause that age, folks just don't walk around with stuffed animals. He doesn't think so at least.

Hesitating at the counter, Lynzee withdraws a small, very small, but of money from her pocket and sliiiiides it onto the counter. "Whatever this will get me." It's a simple order, perhaps one she's used to giving because she doesn't seem at all out of place or upset when they give her a look. "A slice of pizza," they allow. She smiles eagerly, "Perfect!" There's a bit of chocolate sauce on her chin, smeared, but she doesn't seem aware it's there. Hearing the other voice though, she's conveniently distracted from the counter and turns to face it, her own expression delighted he had noticed the tiger. "Oh I won it on the thing where you throw the balls at the three things." Yanno, that one game. "It was so fun." She grins and goes into her auto intro. "Hi," here it comes, wait for it. "I'm Lynzee." Yep, the girl is proud of her name.

Taking a drink to help himself talk more expressively, or simply talk that is after having just swallowed some pizza, Derek listens and nods to her. "Ah, yes, Lynzee, the master of Ball Toss." Or whatever the name of it is here at this amusement park. "You want a drink too?" He stands up, he saw the exchange of course, can't have pizza with out a drink, literally cause of like salt in it or something, she'll be parched by the middle of the night if she doesn't drink. Not that he knows the logic or reason of it. "Never played that one before?" That game, she sounded excited about it. He'll purchase a cup so she can get a drink, unless she stops him of course, he doesn't want to insult her either.

Lynzee doesn't stop him from paying for her drink, but she does give him a grateful smile, "Thank you," she says simply, seeming glad for the offered drink. The slice of pizza is delivered and she takes it in hand as she does the cup which she fills before walking over and sitting at his table with him. It only made sense, since they were talking and all. Be rude to sit anywhere else. "I haven't played any of the games before and we had a fried Snickers, it was really good too. Tabitha won Mike and Sully. I love the Sully, but the tiger is good enough too." She lets the tiger sit in the chair beside her. "Who are you?" Since he hadn't offered and all…

He's getting the full story, so after drink bought, Derek clears room at the table. Its an invitation, not said, but offered. "Yeah," he returns, not overly talkative himself. More a quesiton about the fun the girl had, and she turns a question on him too. "Derek," as she takes a chair and gives one to the tiger. He bites then, "So Tabitha has Mike and Sully, who's your friend, Tigger?" He reaches for his pizza, takes a bite as he watches her. As an afterthought, "I only have an hour left til I need to catch my ferry, but you're welcome to hang until then." The need to catch a ferry, which there aren't many here at all other than tourist boats, may give away where he's going if someone else goes tehre too.

Lynzee can talk, oh boy can she talk, that's her strong point. That she makes sense when she does so sort of falls to the wayside. "It's good to meet you, Derek." There's a nod, "Tabitha has Mike and Sully and she's already caught the ferry back with the fried Snickers from the carnival. This? No, this isn't Tigger, he's not got a name yet. I suppose I'll let whoever I give him to name him when the time comes." With food though, about the only thing that will shut her up once she really gets going, Derek doesn't seem to be at immediate risk of his ear falling off. Yet. "Me too, I got to get back. I just moved here over the weekend and haven't even started my new school yet, but I do need to get the ferry before time." She takes a bite and it occupies her mouth enough for him to get a word in.

"Coral Springs," he asks, just in general, enough to catch on of course. He waits until he can get the words in of course, no need to try to interject with this one. Derek is content to work on pizza and his own drink while she explains. Then a grin, "So you two are bringing back the snickers to share, I should be getting back to try and get one of those." A simple tease more a statement than a question, he does chuckle, digesting slowly everything she said for the moment. "What, you're not gonna keep him? Too nice, you won it, if there's no one to give it to now, their loss. Or you know, when you find that someone, win a new thing for them. That tiger is today, and it was you, not them. I vote keep him."

Lynzee bobs her head in a nod, "Coral Springs," she echoes him after eating most of that slice of pizza and following it with a healthy dose of Dr. Pepper. "I can get you one of the snickers, we got several of them. Well Tabitha bought them." Considering what he said about keeping it, she gives the tiger a look to see if he had an opinion. "Well we got Mike and Sully for Bev and Stefanie. I really, really wanted a Minion or a Spongebob, but I didn't see one." She shrugs, "Maybe I will keep him and name him sometime, I don't know yet. What about you? Did you go to the school long?"

That's good, same school and all, the ferry was sort of a give away, but confirmation never hurts either. Derek thinks, then nods, "Nah, you guys enjoy the snickers, I know where to get them." He starts eating the crust of his last piece of pizza. "That's thoughtful, getting them for everyone else. Maybe I should try that." Then again, only one he would think of giving something to like those stuffed things. A purse of his lips when she mentions minions as if he has an idea, but he keeps it to himself for the moment. A nod of his head, "Yep, three years almost done on that rock, one more to go then I'm a free bird." A sigh of relief then a chuckle, "Literally I mean." But he can't explain that here. "You're knew, just figured out what you can do, tried fighting crime or seen by too many people or something?"

The pizza was really good and Lynzee finishes off the slice with obvious delight, even licking her fingers, because she hadn't reached for a napkin. The soda is also finished and she does manage to look at the time on the wall clock. "I guess it's time to go, but I will keep going there cause they brought me here to go." Collecting her tiger, she tilts her head, "Free bird?" Something literal he had said and she head bobs again. "I don't know what I want to do, but I liked working with the diggers."

"Yeah, a good reason to go, if I'm stuck in prison until I graduate, its a good prison at least." Then he moves to get up, he'd take his stuff up, but they have someone who does it every now and again, so he leaves it there himself. Starting to move for the door at least, "The diggers? Like those people that have 500 kids and keep having more?" He's sure she meant something else, but he's not sure what else diggers may do even. "I have no clue what I want other than my freedom." He puts on a spring jacket, all he cares for in the cool weather. IF she walks with him towards the ferry, he does ask, "So you need the boat, or anything you can do to get there without?" Cause he could just fly if he needed.

"It's better than the forest." Lynzee tells him honestly. "There's people to talk to and friends. So many glowing girls in Athena dorm." She walks with him of course, shaking her head and looking a little confused about the 500 kids. "They dig up old things, like bones and relics and stuff." She hesitates, "Archaeologists." The word takes a bit but she manages it. The question is met with a mysterious smile. "I don't need the boat."

Sun setting this time of year early enough, Derek finds her grin, meets it the same. "Oh, a regular glitter force?" The girls of Athena that is, he finds the idea amusing and chuckles about the idea. Then he gets it, "Ah, yeah, digging. Not the people with a lot of kids. Archeology, like Indian Jones, you should rock it." Turning for the beach away from the docks, he says, "Okay, no boat, I know the way from here, I've flown it enough. You up for it?"

"Glitter force," Lynzee does seem to sort of like that name and she bobs her head in a nodding gesture. Glad he understands about the diggers, she beams a smile. "That's what I want to do, I think. I can already read the old, old pictures in the caves." The smile blossoms further at the idea of getting to fly. She didn't get the chance so often. She holds the tiger tightly though. "You have to show me the way though.."

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