(2016-03-27) Cheating cheaters isn't cheating
Cheating cheaters isn't cheating
Summary: A trip to the carnival turns into semi-devious shenanigans
Date: 2016-03-27
Related: Breaking the Fast
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Scene Runner: Random Acts of Spongebob

As she promised, it hasn't a long trip to shore and it's a fairly decent late winter/early spring day. Even still, and even when she's already wearing thermals under her clothes, Tabitha is fully bundled up in a thick coat, mittens, and her ever-present knit watch cap. As the ferry pulls up to the mainland dock she turns and grins at her two companions and their unplanned but not unwelcome extra special guest star. "So, you've been to the town before right?" She says to the guy they ran into on the ferry. "Is that carnival park they've got any fun?"

Stefanie follows the crowd as they exit the ferry. She has no idea what's at the Cove, so she just follows. "Let's make sure we stay together. We're not in the school, and we can't afford to get into any trouble." She says, looking around as she's dressed in a pair of low-rise jeans and a t-shirt.

Being the extra to the trio of girls, Diego just nods at Tabitha's question. "Yeah. A few times. Been at this school since freshman year." Currently in his junior year. Himself wearing relatively warm clothes. Hoodie and a shirt under, with jeans. That is enough for him, for now. Hands currently in his pockets. "I suppose that they do have some exciting things." He offers about the park. Looking between them all. Introductions, if necessary, were probably made on the ferry. Instead just trying to remember their names. Glancing to Stefanie as she offers her worries. "It should be fine. But you're right."

Lynzee watches the water go by and the land loom closer on the trip over. As soon as the ferry docks, she hops off, delighted to be on sand. She crouches down and reaches to get a handful, allowing it to sift through her fingers. "I like it here," she says suddenly before rising again. At the question directed to Diego, she looks over at him with a smile, "I'm Lynzee." Her usual greeting, because that's what she does! Wearing jeans that are frayes at the bottom hem and a cheap pair of shoes, her shirt is long sleeved and yellow, almost as bright as her smile.

Tabitha doesn't put much thought into whether or not her name is remembered. Diego's an upperclassman. He doesn't need to worry about a new freshman. She's kept herself half turned away from him while on the ferry, her hair pulled down over the burned side of her face. She's only really facing him now because it's how polite conversation is held. "I'd love to take the time to really give this town a look, but since we've just got this afternoon the carnival sounds like the place to start." She crunches down into her coat as a blast of ocean wind goes by. "I'm sure we'll be fine, Stef. It's a carnival. What can go wrong at a carnival?" No, she's not /trying/ to jinx things.

Stefanie nods to Tabitha and Diego, a giggle to Lynzee. "Carnival sounds good to me. Perhaps they have a Ferris Wheel or something, so we can see what the surrounding area looks like from up high!" She looks around, enjoying the New Hampshire scenery.

Diego does seem curious as to the burnt part of Tabitha's face. But feeling that now is not the time, he instead just nods to her worsd. "Sounds good to me. I am sure there will be many oppurtunities to explore the town." Glancing between all three of them. Grinning to Stefanie's words as well. "Ah, I think they do." Not seeming completely certain about that. As for Lynzee's words, he smiles and nods. "Pleasure, I'm Diego." In case she missed it. Closing his eyes for a moment to breathe in. "Shall we?" He asks as his eyes open.

The idea of the amusement park and the ferris wheel absolutely delight Lynzee and she pokes her hands into her back pockets of her jeans as the decision is made and agreed upon by the others. Bouncing a little on her toes in excitement, she grins between them. "It'll be fun." The look changes though as they do get nearer it and she bites her lip a little. "It's nice to meet you, Diego," the words given a bit distractedly. "Does it cost money?" she asks suddenly.

"I'm sure it does, but probably not too much." Tabitha looks over at Lynzee, "Most tourist type places along the coast will drop prices in the off season. That's how it was back in Bar Harbor anyway. Need a spot this visit?" She pulls a few folded twenties from her coat pocket. "I should have more than enough for two tickets plus some carnie food."

Stefanie nods. "I can toss in some money too." She wants to make sure that nobody has to sit out and miss the fun. "Oh!! Carnie food! I hadn't thout of that." She heads off in the direction of the carnival.

Diego nods about it costing. "It does, a little bit." He offers as well, not really one with much money either. Chuckling as Stefanie heads off ahead of them. Trying to figure out for himself how much he has to spend, but then he's smiling again and probably realized he at least can go, this time. "I am sure it will work out." He tries to reassure Lynzee.

Lynzee hesitates, but it's brief, the call of the amusement part is greater than the thought of someone else spotting her for it. Still, she's honest, "I don't have money to give you some back." There's a bit of a longing look towards the entrance, but she looks to Tabitha, then Stefanie, then Diego in that order before looking back to Tabitha. "But I can clean your room or something to pay you back or something?"

Tabitha shakes her head decisively, "Not a chance. Back home, the big house had its rules. But the orphans, we had our own. Share everything. No debts. Far as I'm concerned, that applies here as well." She steps up to Lynzee and reaches out to put one of the twenties into her hand. "Please. If nothing else, let me do this to make up for freaking you out the other night."

Diego smiles to Lynzee, offering in a low voice to her. "I know how you feel." Probably having been spotted for whenever he has been here. Just able to pay this time. Grinning at Tabitha's words. "Sounds nice. I never could fit in there." Most likely at orphanage. Raising a brow as he looks between the two girls, no clue as to what they are talking about.

There's a look that crosses over Lynzee's features as she accepts the twenty, but it's not about the money. "Orphanage? You don't have a mum and a dad?" Considering that, she looks down as if only realizing the money was there in her hand and she smiles, "Thank you, Tabitha, but you don't owe me for scaring me. It's okay about that, I'm just glad you're okay." Hearing Diego, she blushes a little, realizing more and more, that she wasn't so out of place there at the school, there were others much like her. "Do you have parents Diego?"

"None that I know of, no." There's nothing like hurt in Tabitha's voice when she says this. Just a fact of her life. "Just loads of siblings." She gives Lynzee's hand a quick squeeze, then looks over to Diego. "It's a nice place. Big house by the sea. The people in Bar Harbor have their share of jerks, but they don't stint on caring for the lost." She notices his slightly confused look and chuckles, "If you're wondering about the whole scaring Lynzee thing… did you see the note down in the dorm hub about the broken bench? That was me. Had a bit of an… issue with my powers flaring up." She nods towards the ticket booth, "Shall we head in? Daylight's wasting."

"I might have a dad, somewhere." Diego says and shrugs. "Other than that, the trees took care of me. Along with the occasional animal." Basically, he's Mowgli. Not really saying much about his mother, though there is a brief sadness before it is gone and he shrugs. Noddig about Bar Harbor. "Sounds quite interesting. I am sure it is a great place." He offers to her. A small chuckle about the note down at the dorms. "What are your powers anyway?" He asks both of them. "IT could had been worse." He suggests and grins.

"It was an accident though, cause Bev and Stefanie were both glowing and got close to her and she kinda soaks in others powers." Lynzee doesn't see as scared as she was before, of Tabitha, and she nods a little solemnly about the status of her family life. Diego's response brings a smile. "Trees?" She doesn't doubt it, because she'd experienced something untraditional before as well and she accepts him at face value. With the question, she grins, "Meow." But it only brings a giggle. "I can turn invisible and I can be any kind of cat. But not at the same time." There's more, but it never crosses her mind to give it out, since those were the big two to her.

Stefanie stops where she is, suddenly getting a feeling of foreboding. "I'm… gonna head back. I'm not feeling so hot. I don't understand why." She walks over to Tabitha and hands her a $20 bill. "Here, that should help you all get in." She says, looking a bit shaky as she turns to make her way back to the ferry.

Tabitha blushes as Lynzee finishes the explanation of what happened. "I didn't know it was going to happen." She raises her eyebrows at Diego's mention of being raised by trees. "That's new. Heh. Then all of this is new to me. I only became active a couple weeks ago." She's about to answer Diego's question about her powers when Stephanie gives her a twenty. "Stef? We've got it covered. You going to be alright? Want someone with you on the ferry back?"

Diego ahs and nods, "That is quite inetesting." He suggests. "Glad it didn't get too out of hand." He adds with a small grin. "Yup, trees. They communicate in quite interesting ways." When Lynzee reveal her own powers, he does nod again. "Ah, those things can come quite in handy. Perhaps you can give me some pointers about how you do when you become a cat." He suggests as they continue onwards. Laughing softly about himself. "Well, all new things can be interesting." Soon enough running into Stefanie, raising a brow at her words. Letting Stefanie answer Tabitha. Just looking between them.

Lynzee notices Stefanie and her brow puckers a little. "If you need someone we can all go back with you and come out some other time?" She looks to Diego to make sure he is in agreement. "We could sit in the dorm rooms and talk and stuff, and all be together there." She looks truly concerned with her friend, so much that she forgets to answer about the cat thing to Diego.

Stefanie shakes her head to Tabitha. "No.. I'll be fine. You guys have fun. I think I just need to lie down." She smiles. "Have fun, guys." She says, heading back to the ferry. She shakes her head to Lynzee. "No..no. Don't let me ruin things. I just… Perhaps it's too soon for me to be out here… Free.."

Tabitha isn't sure enough about things with her classmates to try and second guess Stefanie's wishes on this, so she just nods. "Alright. I'll check in when we get back." She watches Stefanie as she heads back, then turns back towards the ticket booth. "Let's head in, then. And while we're here, we'll win something cute and fluffy for Sunshine Girl." She heads up and buys her ticket then waits for Lynzee and Diego to get theirs. "New can be interesting, indeed. And to answer your earlier question, I absorb energy. Any form. And apparently, as we learned on Friday, once absorbed it starts affecting me in other ways."

Diego does nod in agreement about all of them heading back together. Not seeming to mind. "Are you sure?" He asks Stefanie, in case she isn't feeling too well. Offering a tiny smile to her. "See you later." He offers to Stefanie. Nodding to Tabitha's words and follow to join the ones still in his company. "Ah, that is quite a cool cover."

Lynzee waves goodbye to Stefanie but her attention goes back to the other two rather easily. "I'm ready!" she exclaims, paying her way and stepping inside when it was her turn. She looks so excited as she takes in all of the lights, the music, the colors, the smells… the people! Several other families had the same idea. She sticks close to Tabitha and Diego, "Where do we go first?" Her voice is hushed, she's a little overwhelmed.

Tabitha grins at Lynzee's enthusiasm. "Well, there's the tilt o' whirl, ferris wheel, bumper cars… now there's an idea, carrossel, lots of semi-rigged hard to win carnival games for fun prizes. Oh, and many, MANY forms of high calorie, low nutritional value carnie food." She holds her arms out wide and spins slowly in place as she says all this. Clearly Lynzee isn't the only one that's excited to be here. Tabitha's just hid it better up until now. She also nods to Diego's comment. "Yeah, it'll probably turn out to be not half bad once I get a better handle on it."

Seeing Tabitha's delight too, only fuels Lynzee's and she reaches for the other girls hand, "Want to go and play on the rides then get some food?" Food is good. Always. Anytime! "We could have fun." Because Diego had sort of meandered off on his own for the moment. Maybe he saw cute girls? (Sorry Diego)

"Definitely better than eating before the rides." Tabitha grins, then shrugs off Diego heading off on his own. "Eh. He's older. Probably didn't want us 'kids' making him seem uncool." She points her feet in the direction of the rides, "We've got time for a few rides, then some food, and then I'd like to try and win some prizes at those games. I think I've figure out how to beat some of them."

Woo rides! Lynzee is for it. There are a few lines, sure, some fun times are had by her, a squeak when the tilt-a-whirl spins her around and around, but she laughs in delight instead. She looks to the carousel, "Were you wanting to ride the horses?" Someone had mentioned it before. "Then the food and then the prize games! I think it would be fun to try and win something."

Tabitha grins after the first couple rides, nodding about the carousel. "Those are always fun. Not as fun as the bumper cars were, though." The ride where she was never hit by anyone because she was sucking out their car's kinetic energy. Yeah, it's a cheat but yes it also means that she's getting more control. At the carousel she picks a horse on the inside circle, then tries to decide what games they have a good chance of winning. "So… there's the water jet, ring toss, dart throw, shooting gallery, basketball… any of those sound doable?"

Lynzee had chosen the cougar to ride on the carousel, because that was really fun. The decision of the games though, that was something all together new to her. She waits to see what Tabitha chooses, because that's more interesting. "What are you good at? I don't know which one to choose."

And this is where Tabitha gets what can only be described as a devious, perhaps even evil look on her face. While in line to get some funnel cakes, because fat, grease, cake, and sugar are the four essential food groups, she leans close to wisper to Lynzee. "Well I'm a horrible shot, but I think I can use my aura to guide the rings or basketballs. Best prizes are for the games that /look/ like they're nothing but skill. But the basketball hoop is half normal size using regular size balls, and the bottles for ring toss are the same… exactly the same size as the rings. So almost no one ever hits." She chews on some funnel cake, not caring that her mouth and nose are now covered in powdered sugar. "And I did say we should bring back prizes so Stef can get one, right?"

"I saw some games with the animals from Monsters Inc. Mike and Sully would be fun to get." Lynzee crinkles her nose at the idea of the people with the games cheating. She ponders that before leaning in to whisper. "I have telek… teleke…" she can't remember the word. "I can make things move, even me, in the air." With a grin, she orders some food also, but hers is a deep fried snickers, because those are amazing. She takes a bite of the deep fried candybar covered in funnel cake batter and powdered sugar and chocolate syrup and it oozes out of the end onto her chin. Soo good. She offers a bite to Tabitha.

Tabitha accepts the offered bite with a grin, then almost swoons at the experience. "Tha… that's just… gah, I'm getting like twelve of those before we leave!" She knows that now she's got powdered sugar and runny chocolate on her face, but she just doesn't care. "And hells yes, if you can do the poltergeist thing to move stuff with your powers, then we've got it locked. We'll just have to do a few games, though. Don't want them to catch on, and we do have a ferry to catch." And so she leads the pair of them over to the dart throw, one of the games w/ Mike and Sully for top prizes. While in line she explains the con to Lynzee, "This one will work better for you, I think. The darts are rigged so if you don't arc them to his the ballon from the top, they'll never pop."

Lynzee is happy with sharing, more than happy, and she's got her own chocolate on her face and absently wipes it on the back of her hand. "And me too, you gave me enough to take some back with me, but maybe only one. I want to play some too." She nods a little solemnly, looking over the balloons and the darts going to be used. "I can help," she whispers, realizing too they should only do it a few times. Definitely getting caught would be bad. "I wonder if we get in trouble if they have a villains school," she grins, not really thinking so.

Tabitha nods and pulls out her current funds to figure out The Plan (trandmark, patent pending). She puts her last twenty back in her pocket, "That's for deep fried snickers. Okay, I've got enough to hit three booths and do a 'lose once, win big twice' thing. We keep from getting caught, we win all the prizes, and then we take our snickers and run for the ferry like a couple of mad women!" She gets a bounce to her step as they head towards the dart throw booth, humming a tune to herself then quietly singing under her breath, "'Cuz I'm the Big Bad Wolf, now let the games begin!"

"Does that make me the little red riding hood?" Lynzee totally fits the bill though! Walking at her side, she contemplates the win big twice, lose once thing, seeing the wisdom of it. "Okay," she says in a conspiratorial manner. "I think you'll win by yourself, but we can make sure you do win if we need to." Having every ounce of faith in her friend. Her steps are light, she watches as they near the booth and gives the barker a smile. "Hi." For some reason, this is the only time she doesn't offer her name afterwards.

Tabitha giggles at the mentio of Lynzee as Little Red. "Now that I'd pay to see." And then it's their turn at the front and she says nothing about how Lynzee doesn't give her name to the barker. Only a grin as she takes her first set of darts. She uses this first turn, the 'lose' round, to see if this idea of hers will work at all. Focusing on how the aura feels where it intersects her skin and wraps around her body she dims the glow until it's invisible. Then, when she releases the dart she picture herself still holding it but with the aura instead of her flesh fingers. And when it works, sending the dart way to the right of where she was physically throwing it she hides her elation in the disappointed frown at the 'bad' throw.

A few more 'bad throws' with just one popped ballon (enough for a temporary tattoo) and she's giving Lynzee a mock pout, "Okay, I've just got to win one of those big plush Monsters Inc dolls or my friend will be so disappointed. I'll play again." She makes a show of fixing her stance and aiming down the dart, then sends all five dead on target. A giddly little dance is done and she picks her prize, then smiles to Lynzee while paying for a third round. "One more, then you get to pick the game." Of course she nails them for a second 'win big' round. Mike and Sully are getting a new home on the sea!

Lynzee plays right along with her, content to watch instead of join in for the moment. The lose round. Even as Tabitha pouts, Lynzee does a light stamp of her foot on the ground. "Aw man!" Of course she means it though, disappointed at the loss even if it was intended. "Maybe try again," she encourages, a smile on her face again as the darts are handed over. When each and every one hits, she giggles and claps gleefully. "You did it! You did it!" Even after the third round, she bobs her head, "I want to throw the ball at the jugs," she motions to the game about five booths down by jerking a thumb in that direction. "You did good," she exclaims again, not even saying the other girls name. Just in case. The prize for the other game she had chosen was a large tiger and she grins when she notices it. "I want to win one of those."

Tabitha gets a tiny thrill from carrying two huge stuffed critters almost as big as she is. Good thing for carry wires and coat hangars. She nods at Lynzee's game of choice, "Oh, good one. We'll win for certain!" This is spoken in the most sweetly naive voice she can mange without choking on the sacharin. For the carnies to feel horrible about themselves for cheating such sweet, innocent little angels… yeah, she's full of it. "Okay. On this one the bottles have weighted bottoms and the ball isn't anywhere near heavy enough to move them with a direct hit. So aim high on the bottom row bottles for maximum effect." And this time it's her turn to stand to the side and voice her disappointment at failed throws and elation as skilll and determination win over all obstacles!

And much like Tabitha had done, Lynzee deliberately misses all together, the first three rows. She pouts all prettily, even if it is a sincere pout. But there's a moment where she cuts her eyes in the direction of her friend and gives a secretive smile. When she pays for the second time around, she takes the balls and One, Two, Three, she knocks them all down, in order, all three pedestals of them set up. She jumps up and down, celebrating, giving Tabitha, Mike and Sully all happy looks. "We did it!" They could clean out this place and no one would be any the wiser. "This was so fun." But the sun is beginning to set, it's getting later. "We gotta hurry!"

Tabitha beams as Lynzee wins herself the humongous tiger. "That is so you." She manages to avoid inserting Lynzee's name at the last second. Gotta keep up the incognito thing, after all. When notice is given about the time she nods, "Just enough time to load up on the treats on our way out!" She leads a quick jog back to the deep fried snickers booth nearest the entrance and squeals giddily at the bag of deliciousness she is handed. "That's two for you, two for me, one for Diego, and one each for the Glow Sisters." Then she grins as they head back down to catch the last ferry back to Coral Springs. Something she dearly hopes no carnies know about, or else they won't be able to pull this same stunt the next time they come to the carnival.

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