(2016-03-27) Breaking the Fast
Breaking the Fast
Summary: A tangle of tired teens at breakfast
Date: 2016-03-27
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Scene Runner: Random Acts of Spongebob

Is it morning already? It sure seems that way as sleepy eyed teens drift into the cafeteria in the hunt for food. Sitting at one of the tables, is Felicia. Her head is resting on her hand, elbow on said table and despite the steaming cup in the other hand and the plate of food in front of her she seems to be in early morning zone out mode.

Never let it be said that Tabitha isn't a fast learner. Fast enough, at least to have realized that when she comes up to eat she needs to pick foods that are just as good lukewarm as they are piping hot since that's the state they reach once she's put them on her tray. She's not any more awake than the rest. She picks a table more because it's at an east facing window than anything else, not noticing any existing occupant until she's planted her butt.

Where there was food, likely there was a Lynzee, stomach growling as she approaches the breakfast line and the aroma of the food assails her. Some of the bacon, some of the sausage, some of the eggs, some of the toast. Jelly! Strawberry! And two milks. Because cats liked milk. Once the food is collected on the tray, she carries it over and deposits it on the table nearby Felicia. "Hi," she greets with a beaming smile. "I'm Lynzee." Because she's proud of her name like that. Then she notices Tabitha and the smile falters ever so slightly. The scary girl! "Hi Tabitha," she greets bravely.

It takes a few moments for the arrival of new tablemates to sink into Felicia's consciousness. When it does she looks from one to the other then remembers the coffee in her hand. "You're way to cheerful for o'gawd o'clock in the morning." even if it is later than they would get up on a school day. Tabitha is given a nod toward Lynzee in that 'get a load of her' kind of expression.

Tabitha is getting more wake-up juice from the sunlight than from the cold toast and pancakes on her plate, but she is dutifully shoveling them into her face-hole anyway. When Lynzee sits down and flinches a bit, Tabitha offers a tired smile she hopes holds a bit of reassurance. At the edges, maybe? "S'okay, Lynz… got no plans to break any more benches." Emplasis on 'plans'. Felicia gets a small chuckle at her remark to Lynzee. "She's cheerful, but at least not as hyper as Bev."

Lynzee brightens at the mention of Bev, "I saw Bev and Stefanie last night, they invited me to go to their room, it was fun talking. But Bev was a little tired so she wasn't as cheerful, but she was super nice." A look towards Felicia brings another friendly smile. "They can glow," she tells her simply. Reaching for a piece of toast, she loads it down with egg, bacon and sausage before closing it up with another slice of the toast, then she opens the strawberry jelly and dips a corner of the sandwich in. Then she takes a bite of the whole concoction. "I didn't tell anyone about the bench." The words are given after she eats the bite.

Felicia lets the twos chatter wash over her as she sips at her caffiene bomb. The names of people that aren't here mean nothing. She hasn't been at the school long enough to match names to faces just yet. "Which one is Bev?" she asks then Lynzee provides an answer…the glowy one, but wait, doesn't Tabitha do that too? "How many glowy ones are there?"

Tabitha does indeed glow somewhat, although today it's more of a subdued shimmer along her skin and not the larger event that led to crushed benches and spooked Lynzee. "Bev's the California Girl in Athena. Former Disney actress." She, Felicia, and Lynzee are seated together at a table by the east windows. For her part, Tabitha seems to be much more together than she was on Friday. "And so far it seems that most of Athena glows. At least on the distaff side of the dorms. We'll be great at raves."

"I think there's three." Lynzee says after another bite of her breakfast sandwich. She follows it with a big drink of milk. "Bev was on television, she's super pretty." A sage headbob in response to Tabitha's explanation. "We should take you swimming with us or something, maybe we can explore wrecks of ships under the water!"

"Huh." Felicia says as she given the scoop on a few of the other students at the school. Another sip of her coffee and her brain starts to get the idea of waking up "Oh, I'm Felicia." if they didn't know that already. Lynzee didn't seem to at least "Are there any raves around here?" to her this part of the state isn't a prime location for them

Stefanie makes her way to the cafeteria alone, leaving Bev to fend for herself at the shower today. Instead of the unifrom, she's wearing a pair of low-rise jeans and a t-shirt. She smiles, taking the moment to literally take in the sunshine coming in through the transparent enclosure. She doesn't use the light as sustenance, like Bev does, so she grabs a tray and makes her way through the line. She grabs a couple waffles and a fruit cup before grabbing some milk and heading over to the table with the other girls there. "Hey." She says, smiling brightly. "Mind if I join you?" She looks over and sees Tabitha. "Oh! Hey! How're you feeling?"

Tabitha isn't nearly as thickly bundled up as when she first arrived, since she doesn't actually have to go outside here except in a few cases. But she is wearing a couple layers, with her thermals visible in places under worn jeans and a flannel long sleeve shirt. And her knit watch cap is pulled down firmly on her head, complete with some hair hanging out over the left side of her face. She gives Felicia a nod between bites. "Good to meet you. I'm Tabitha." Lynzee gets a sidelong look at the mention of swimming. "It is too ungodly freezing outside to even think about swimming in the actual ocean." And then suddenly a wild Stefanie appears! "G'moring, Stef. I'm doing good today."

"It's fun to meet you, Felicia." Lynzee tells her simply. There's a touch of confusion to her features, "I don't know what a rave is, but maybe you could make one if it'll get people a place to glow." As soon as Stefanie arrives, she looks up with a wave, "Hi Stephanie," she greets brightly. Her own food she has made a sandwich out of, toast on each end with eggs, sausage and bacon inside and she's dipping it in strawberry jelly and drinking milk. With a grin, she agrees with Tabitha, "It's too cold, but it won't always be cold, I guess. It's never always cold. In Egypt it was warm a lot. A whole lot."

There is a gesture made to an empty chair for Stefanie's sake. "Sure, Sure." Felicia has no problem if no one else does. "Swimming ugh." clearly someone isn't a fan "I'll pass on that one. Though if you find a rave sign me up." a look is given to Lynzee "It's a loud and colorul party, lots of dancing." she explains for the girl's benefit. She has food in front of her, but as of yet it hasn't been touched "We need to get this girl to a rave, stat.

Stefanie smiles and takes the empty seat. "Swimming? In the ocean? Don't we have a pool for that? one that might be a bit more heated?" She thinks… "But then, I could always warm the water up." She blinks.. "Not like that!" She chuckles. She takes a bite of her waffles. "And raves are loud music and light. Unfortunately I can't color my light. It's only sunlight. I don't know about Bev though."

"Boston's not bad for raves, and it's pretty close. Manhattan would have to be a long weekend thing, though." Tabitha seems to be in agreement with Felicia as to the need for introducing Lynzee to this experience. "No idea if I can change the color of this… field… bubble… aura?" She raises her right hand and wiggles her fingers to make the sunlight play over them a bit. "Pools are fine, but the ocean is out until at May for me." She grins to Stefanie as the newest arrival sits down. "How's your roomie?"

Lights and colors and dancing! Lynzee does look excited at the idea. "When I came in, I saw a place on the shore with lights and colors and so much noise. The rides looked so fun." She finishes off her food and takes another drink of her milk before she talks again. "A heated pool would be fun." Once her milk is finished, she opens her second one. "Can you heat water cause your sunshine inside you, Stefanie?"

Felicia listens to the now three girls, finally being awake enough the tackles the hashbrowns and eggs in front of her. "Yeah, even in May the ocean is cold. I think I'll stick to the pool." it's a shorter sink to the bottom that way. "You mean the carnival, Lynzee?" or was it an amusement park. She didn't get a good look on the way in "Is that always there." this morning the cafeteria has its usual denizens of tired teens eating breakfast. Tabith, Lynzee, Stefanie and Felicia sit at a table partaking in food and conversation.

Stefanie grins and blushes a bit as bev is mentioned. "She's great. We've both been up for hours. She's taking her shower now. She should be up some time later." She nods to Lynzee. "The energy that I absorb comes out as both light and heat. I could heat up the water in my general area.. I mean, I guess.. I never tried it before." She looks to Lynzee and Felicia. "There are also amusement areas along the coast at certain beaches… I've heard, at least. I've never actually seen an ocean up close before, now I live underneath one."

"Great. I've got a pair of morning glories living next door." Tabitha rolls her eyes then finishes her food, such as it is while the others discuss heated pools and carnivals. "The place I grew up was just a couple dozen yards from the ocean. The staff could barely drag me away in the summer. Be right back." She gets up and heads back to the food line. This time trying to keep herself from sucking the heat out of her selections.

"Yeah an amusement park," Lynzee jumps at the word, claiming it for the park she had seen. "Astro Park. There were rides and stuff, the lights and the colors were pretty. We could go, couldn't we? Since we're allowed to leave? Just if we don't cause trouble and all, I think?" Citing a part of the rules she had remembered being told. "Morning glories," she muses, seeming to like the coined name for the duo. As Tabitha heads for the food line, she calls out, "Can you get me some bacon?" Because no one needs a reason for more bacon.

Felicia seems to be with Tabitha on her distaste of morning people, but besides an ugh sort of expression she doesn't comment on it "My rehab group went to the carnival at Old Orchard Beach in Maine, besides that beach towns are pretty foreign to me. Even if she went to them as a child, she wouldn't remember "I'm game for going. Cotton candy, candy apples. Can't do the rides, but I love the games." she stifles a yawn and picks up her plate "I think I am going to go get ready for the day." she is still in her PJs "I'll see ya later." with that she takes her plate to the return area and heads out sipping her coffee.

Stefanie giggles. "Well, Bev is connected to the sun. She's up when it rises and gets drowsy when it goes down. It's just easier to keep to her schedule since she'll just wake me up anyways." She looks to Lynzee. "I do believe a chance to see the coast is a good idea. We are allowed to leave as long as we behave ourselves. I've heard that some of the upperclassmen are out camping this weekend."

Tabitha waves her hand a bit to show she heard Lynzee's request. She picks out a bit more food this time around, the sunlight having woken her up enough for her appetite to follow suit. By holding her tray in one hand further from her body than is strictly comfortable she manages to keep the food's heat inside the food itself. "I'd like to visit the coast as well. Never spent much time on the mainland. Does the school have boats available?"

"Camping," Lynzee echoes dreaming, "I like being outside best. A lot better than being inside all the time." As Felicia takes her leave, she lifts a hand and waves at her, "It was good to meet you, Felicia. I'll see you later." Looking back to the others at their table she sounds curious, "I wonder why she can't ride the rides.." At the question from Tabitha, she bobs her head, "A ferry, I think."

Grayson emerges from the breakfast line. Looks like his plate is some scrambled eggs and then a rather ambitious looking pile of bacon. He purses his lips a little, glancing around the room, and then opts to sit by himself at an empty table as opposed to braving the table full of girls. He flops onto a chair and leans rather boredly with his elbow on the table, his cheek in his palm. He shoves a strip of bacon into his mouth with his other hand.

Stefanie looks over to Tabitha. "There's a ferry that goes back and forth. The same one that brought us here in the first place." She smiles, looking over to Grayson. She waves. "Hey there." She says. "How've you been?" She asks, trying to absorb him into the conversation.

Tabitha hands Lynzee her plate of bacon, then grins at Stefanie. "The ferry may have brought you, but I came down on that sailing cutter parked over there." She nods her head to where the ship in question can be seen with its crew hustling around the deck getting ready to leave again. Then she, too looks over to Grayson sitting at another table and gives him a quick wave with her free hand before sitting down herself and giving her food a hard stare. "Now. You /will/ stay hot and you /will/ be delicious. Got it?"

Lynzee gratefully accepts the bacon, "Thank you so much." Already reaching for a slice and taking a nibble on it. Looking towards the boat, surprise flickers over her features. "Ohhh, I thought this school was protected or invisible from other people." Course the thought of parents knowing never crosses her mind. Amusement tilts her lips crookedly as Tabitha talks to her food, but she glances over to Grayson when Stefanie greets him. "Hi," she tells him with a grin, a somewhat familiar face now that she'd met him once.

Grayson looks over at the table of girls and he offers a little smile. "Hey," he says, through a mouthful of bacon. After he finally smiles, he considers a moment, then notes to Tabitha, "You may make it hot, but nothing here is delicious." He tosses the piece of half-eaten bacon from his hand back onto his plate. "You sound like you're planning an escape," he observes dryly.

Stefanie shrugs to Lynzee. "I hope not. How would we be able to come back if we go out?" She thinks, then looks to Grayson. "Well, I don't know what you're uesd to, but the food here is just fine." She smiles, finishing her fruit cup. She nods to Tabitha. "You came down on your own boat? That's pretty cool."

Tabitha laughs at Grayson's remark, "It's not getting them hot that's the problem, it's keeping them that way." She demonstrates this on the safe target of her hot cocoa. Well, formerly hot after she puts her hand on it and stops focusing on keeping her aura from absorbing the heat. Two seconds later, there's no more steam coming from the mug and even a bit of frost on the rim. "Not my own boat. Master Nathan said it was payment on an old favor or something. He didn't seem to have any trouble finding the place, but he did have a chart he wouldn't let anyone else read."

Lynzee just offers a little shrug, "I just meant from others outside the school." Maybe! She wasn't entirely sure. The rest of her slice of bacon is eaten before she agrees with Stefanie. "Bacon is crispy and that's the very, very best way." More bacon is eaten until she watches Tabitha cool down her hot cocoa so quickly, "Ohh.." awed by others talents, she gives a nod about the boat, but she is more rapt in how that worked. "Now can Stefanie heat it back up?"

Grayson has been here a year, so he's kind of over being awed by new powers. He just shakes his head a bit and sighs, taking a drink of his orange juice. Looking back at the others, he just listens then, as they continue to discuss the boat situations.

Stefanie shrugs between Tabitha and Lynzee. "I don't know. I met reps from the school on the mainland. They put me on the ferry, the ferry stopped here. How they do it is beyond me." When Lynzee asks if she can reheat the cocoa, she shrugs. "Possibly. I mean, my power almost works like a microwave, only I'm not using a magnetron." She looks to Tabitha. "I don't think it's safe for me to try and experiment just yet."

Tabitha grins to Stefanie, "No worries. Chocolate milk is just as good as hot chocolate." But she does get a look of concentration on her face as she starts in in her hot foods. She must be getting better at keeping her power in check since they still stay hot as she eats. "Well, since the school doesn't move it wouldn't be hard to reach if you know where it is already. I imagine the tech used is there to keep it from random discovery or being found by anyone who'd want to do damage to the school… or to us."

"Will we be experimenting in classes, our powers I mean, and seeing what all we can do with them?" The question is asked by Lynzee and she looks a little wide-eyed at the prospect. "Cause I don't wanna hurt anyone." Or be hurt, actually. The explanation from Tabitha satisfies Lynzee's curiosity though and she gives her a beaming smile. One question answered out of many. She looks over at Grayson, "You can sit over here with us, if you want to."

Grayson gives Lynzee a nod, "Yeah. Lots of power messing in class," he answers her. He sniffs, glowering a little at the breakfast in front of him that, clearly, he's not happy with. Then he sighs and pushes up to his feet. Looking back at Lynzee, he shakes his head. "I'm good. You all have fun." And with that, he carries his tray off to return it.

Stefanie raises a brow as Garyson gets up and leaves. She shrugs. "Well, we will be learning how to control our powers more.. how to grow into them. I doubt they'll do anything that will hurt us, though." SHe shrugs. "But then again… we *do* have an entire med bay." She grins playfully.

Tabitha nods between bites, "I'm sure they've got systems in place to keep the danger to a minimum, but we're here to develop our powers on top of getting our diplomas." For a small thing she shovels away a respectable ammount of food. She's nearly halfway through her second full plate. Stefanie's crack about the med bay earns her a quick jab with a fork. "Hush, you."

As Grayson is leaving, Lynzee waves to him but her attention is immediately brought back to the girls. The bacon continues to be eaten, disappearing at an alarming rate, but she does listen in about the med bay and has to grin. "Oh good, as long as no one is hurt. I want to go exploring though." Last piece eaten, she sighs happily. "Does anyone else want to go?"

Stefanie giggles at Tabitha's response to her teasing. "I'm joking, honest. They wouldn't bring us here just to hurt us all." She nods, finishing up her breakfast and standing. "I'm up for getting out of here and soaking up some more sun." She tosses her trash and walks back to the table.

Tabitha adds her nod around a last mouthful of waffle and whipped cream. "Sure." She washes it down with the last of her former hot chocolate and gets up to toss her trash. "Getting a look around is a good idea. Anywhere in particular, besides Stef's call for 'anywhere sunny'?"

Like the others, Lynzee dumps her trash, finishing off the second milk and even grabbing one to go for the road. "Want to go on the ferry to the shore? We could get a look around there if you wanted, since today is a weekend. Is school out tomorrow for Easter too or do we start classes then?"

Stefanie shakes her head. "We need to be back before curfew. We have our first real day of school tomorrow." She smiles. "And we can't go far. We only have a few hours before we should make sure that we're back. The last thing I want to do is get in trouble for a curfew violation before we even start classes."

Tabitha smiles at Stefanie, "No problem, then. It's only about a dozen miles to Shady Cove. It's not even 10 am yet. We'll have plenty of time to go there, do a bit of sightseeing and make it back by curfew." She walks up between Stefanie and Lynzee and drapes a hand over each of their shoulders. "So how about we hit our rooms, grab our stuff, and put our feet on dry land for a while?"

Lynzee has zero objections to the current plan, she looks rather excited about the thought of exploring the other area. A bob of her head relays her enthusiasm and she grins. "Meet you at the ferry then!" Beaming a smile as they all go together with Tabitha's arms around them.

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