(2016-03-26) Invisible Tiger, Glowing Roommates
Invisible Tiger, Glowing Roommates
Summary: Friends meet up in one of the Athena dorm rooms and have conversation.
Date: 2016-03-26
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Bev and Stephanie's Dorm Room

After the evening meal and spending much time getting to know each other better, Stefanie and Bev make their way back to their dorm. The sun is starting to set and Stef can already feel Bev start to teeter out. She takes her roommates hand and glows, giving her some energy to get her through the next hour or two. On the way back, they see lynzee and invite her over to the dorm.

It's after sundown at this point, so Beverly, so full of spunk and nearly manic during the day, is far quieter, calmer, and drowsier by now. Once in their room, Bev flops herself into the bottom bunk of their beds, wiggles around until she's comfortable, and simply smiles. "Welcome to our humble abode," she tells Lynzee with sleepy cheer. "My name is… Dracula. I bid you… velcome. I do not drink… vine." She giggles softly. "Don't mind me. I get loopy at night."

Happy to come along, Lynzee bounds in behind the other two and once inside, she finds a place to flop. A random chair, the foot of a bed, a beanbag, whatever is most available. Once seated, she looks to Bev and giggles in response. "You vant to drink /my/ vlood? It is magic blood, you shall never thirst again!" Laughing in response to even herself, she kicks off her shoes and sits cross legged, even if in the chair, and looks around the room a little. "I like your room. I wish I was Athena."

Stefanie shoots another flash over to Bev. A bit of a jumpstart or a boost. Shekicks off her school shoes and sits down in another chair. "It's ok. I haven't really had a chance to do anything with decorating at all." She says, looking over to Lynzee. "Have you met anyone else in Metis yet? It's the weekend, so I can understand if most people are off-campus right now." She looks over to Bev, a non-vocal check to see how bad off she is.

"You're always welcome here Lynz," says Bev. "And hey, just because we're on different teams doesn't mean we call can't work together. Studying, going out, whatever. But I bet you'll make lots of friends in Metis soon. They won't be as awesome as Stef and me, but that's okay. You'll love them anyway." She winks at Lynzee, and closes her eyes for a moment as she absorbs the light that Stef flashes at her. "Oh, that's good," she sighs. "Thanks, Stef. But you know I'm just gonna be sleepy again in five minutes." It's just the nature of her abilities. "I'll go get a cup of coffee or something if I get too sleepy."

"I've not met anyone yet in Metis, I don't think. Maybe.. I didn't ask when I met some of the others yesterday what house they were in." Lynzee watches the exchange of energy with a barely subdued look of curiosity. "What does that feel like when you do that?" The question tumbles out anwyay, despite her trying to keep it in. A bob of her blonde head has her agreeing with Bev, "I would like to hang out with you both. Maybe we can explore and have adventures and stuff?"

Stefanie shrugs. "Well, we were up early. And we're in daylight savings now, so the only way it gets better is when the sun goes down later, until the Summer Solstice." She says to Bev. Then to Lynzee she nods. "Team camaraderie is great, but like I tols you last night, we're all here together, no matter which group we're with. We're also sophomores, so we'll be taking the same classes and studying for the same exams. Gym will just be a bit different." When Lynzee asks, she assumes the question is directed to Bev. "For me, I don't feel much of anything, except maybe a little relief.. like, the more energy I absorb, it's almost like a heavy weight on my shoulders. When i give some off, I feel lighter." She looks to Bev to see how she describes being on the receiving end.

"I've got friends all through the school," says Bev. "There's Kerry, in Metis. She's the smartest girl you'll ever meet, Lynz. She makes all kinds of stuff." She rolls her head, causing a few pops from the general region of her neck, and then shifts to rest her shoulders against the wall. "It's like eating a really good meal, as much as I want, without needing to worry about gaining an ounce." Because she does worry about that stuff when actual food is involved. "I mean, different light has different… different flavors, I guess? I'm not sure that's the right word, but it'll do. The sun is the best. Sunlight is like fresh squeezed orange juice, ice cold. And Stef's light is more like lemonade."

"I'm glad we can study together. I've never went to a real school before. I'm a little scared and there's a lot of scary things. I haven't went exploring here yet either, but I want to soon. I just don't want to do it all alone." Lynzee does seem a little skittish in that. When the explanation is made from Stefanie, she listens intently, soaking that in, a veritable sponge of information. "It's heavy," she breathes about the energy and subsequent release of it. Looking at Bev, she brightens rather visibly. "I can't wait to meet her! I like learning new things. Just not scary things." Like Tabitha! The explanation to how it feels for the energy from Bev she can relate to more and she tilts her head thoughtfully, transferring a look from Bev to Stefanie. "It sounds delicious."

Stefanie giggles between the two. "Well, those are Bev's words, not mine." She leans back sits criss-cross applesauce in the chair, making sher her skirt covers her. "I'm sure everyone will be awesome. We were just unfortunate enough to come in on a weekend with people off-campus. Whenever you want to explore, let us know. I haven't had a chance to go exploring." She shrugs. "We've been spending most of our time getting to know each other.. and getting over a bit of my own issues."

Bev sits up a little straighter, leaning toward Lynzee. "You don't have to do anything alone. That's what friends are for — and yeah, we're all sophomores, like Stef said. We're going to be spending a lot of time together." Bev can't help noticing, the last couple of days she's been falling more and more into a big sister role. It's sort of strange for her.

"Even scary things can be worth learning," she adds as she slowly draws herself into a seated position, sliding her calves off the bed and raising a hand to rub at one eye. "I'm pretty familiar with campus anyway. You know. What with being here a year and a half. But seriously, scary things have a purpose, too — and facing them will make it easier for you, Lynz." She glances at Stef, reaches out to give her roommate's arm a gentle squeeze.

Likewise, Lynzee is setting cross legged in the chair she is in, "I'm glad you guys are my friends. It's going to be more fun here with you here. Both of you." A nods is given to Stefanie, "I look forward to exploring. I don't mind people being gone for the weekend, cause it means I get to get used to it before classes and stuff." At the idea of the scary stuff, she gives a non-committal sort of shrug, "But scary stuff can be bad also. I'll try though, okay?"

Stefanie nods, listening to Bev. "See, that's the thing. We're going to be tested. They won't be tossing fluffy puppies at us. We're going to need to prove ourselves and each test will be more difficult than the last. The key is to do your best, learn from your mistakes, and move on. That goes for anything that comes our way. Girl, you can turn into ANY cat, right? What the F.. heck does a Lion fear, hmmm? You're a damn lioness, Lynzee. Fierce. Don't let some unknown keep you from being the best you. We won't let that happen."

A smile crinkles the skin around Bev's eyes at Stefanie's words. "I got the eye of the tiger, a fighter, dancin' through the fire!" she sings. "'Cause I am a champion, and you're gonna hear me ro-oar!" She points at Lynzee. "That's you. Things are scary, yes. But you will face them, and you will overcome them. And you're gonna have your friends backing you up. Me and Stef. Tabitha. Lots of people." She pauses a moment, considering Lynzee before she says, "I'm guessing maybe you haven't had a lot of chances to get used to the scary things in life?"

Lynzee considers that, a lioness, a lion, a tiger. Those weren't really scary to her since she could be one of them, so she had never thought how they might appear to others. It was just something she hadn't considered. At the realization though, there's a bit straighter look to her posture and a smile plays over her lips. "I'm so glad you're my friends," she repeats what she had stated earlier. "I don't guess so. Not things like people being strong enough to break things with their bare hands. Or people glowing. I've never been around people who could do such powerful things and that's what's mostly scary. People are… unpredictable. Animals are more predictable for sure."

Stefanie nods, listening. "Well, that's a good thing. You're going to meet all sorts of people with different abilities and weaknesses. The idea is to find people you're compatible with in order to achieve your goals. Teamwork is gong to be stressed here. Don't look at new people coming in as challenges. Think of them as possibilities. You said you like learning new things, well, new people are in the same idea." She smiles, looking over to Bev when she talks about compatibility. "And like we said. We'll be here to help you along. We're all heroes in the making here. There's no need to fear anyone here. Our only concern should be the next challenge that comes our way."

"Seems like you can do some powerful things yourself," Bev points out. "People are complicated, I'll grant you, but you start to figure them out when you spend more time with them. It's scary around here at first, but you -will- get the hang of it — and if you get scared, just come hang out with us. After all, glowing. What's so scary about that?" At least in comparison to, say, firing off laser blasts that burn things to ashes. Which Bev can do too. She does not feel that this is the time to point that out, however.

Catching Stefanie's look, Bev smiles at her roommate. "It'll help if you find the right roommate," she adds. "Stef and I got lucky, but I'm sure there's somebody great to room with in Metis."

Lynzee nods, feeling a bit better about things. "I guess everything is scary to someone. At least someone isn't scary to everyone!" A giggle escapes as she tries to lighten the subject. "Tabitha was a little bit scary how she can take some of the powers, and the way she broke that bench. But I guess everyone deals with things differently." A smile appears, "Glowing isn't so bad, I kinda like it." Blissfully unaware of the laser blasts. Looking between them, she smiles. "I'm happy that you both found each other, that's pretty neat that you give each other something good."

Stefanie nods. "That's the scary part. Ourselves. We're not just here to learn how to work together. We're here to learn how to control our abilities more, and to grow with them. To reach our full potential. I… I know that I have a lot to learn. Tabitha does too. We didn't know what Tabitha could do, or what she coulddo in conjunction with us. I mean, it's good to know that she can feed off our energy and grow stronger. The key is her learning how to control her strength and what happens when she takes in too much juice." She shrugs. She nods to Lynzee and Bev. "We lucked out. Perhaps you'll find someone in Metis that likes invisible cats." She giggles, knowing that Lynzee's power doesn't work that way.

"We all have a lot to learn," Bev says with a shrug. "But we're all going to ge there, too. Tabitha… what happened was not her fault. There was too much going on, too much energy in the air, and she couldn't control it." She smiles wryly. "Not sure how Grayson thinks staff will fail to notice that solid wood was turned to splinters, but he's right in that we do try to deal with things on our own. It's better for us to learn how to deal with problems if we're going to be heroes — or even just learn to be normal people on the outside." She leans back a little, rubbing her eyes again. "Anyway, no matter what happens, we three will take care of each other." Admittedly, she's mostly thinking of taking care of the other two at the moment.

"I guess I'm not so normal, but I never was before, so why start now?" Lynzee grins, listening to the words of advice from the others and giving a bit of a sage nod with it. "Tabitha does seem really nice, I guess it would be kind of crazy to have so many people with magic around her when she could take some of it." She considers Grayson and the comment and shrugs, "I guess maybe the teachers are used to it. Or they better get used to it with so many new people!" She notices the rubbing of her eyes and smiles, uncrossing her legs and reaching for her shoes. "I guess I should go to bed. Tomorrow I may go looking around more."

Stefanie nods to bev. "Staff's gonna know what happened. I'm sure all the common rooms have cameras. That's not paranoia, just common sense. They're going to see our interactions with each other and see how we handle things. Ourselves, each other, and then use them to find weaknesses to exploit. Then they'll teach us how to eliminate those weaknesses. We might get some punishment for not reporting it, but whatever that punishment is will end up being some sort of team-building activity. Saturday detention writing a paper on who we think we are." She grins, and yawns. She stands as Lynzee gets up to leave. She doesn't correct the girl on magic, because one man's magic is another man's science. "We should try that. Perhaps even head in to the mainland. I've never seen much of New England before."

"Come find us if you want company," Bev suggests. "I may be topside, soaking up some sun, but I'll almost certainly be around!" She does not stand, but simply leans back. "I'm glad you came to hang out, Lynzee. Like we both said, like, a dozen times, you're always welcome. You have a good night, okay?"

The idea of cameras doesn't seem to bother Lynzee, but she does glance towards the door out at the idea that there may be. "Maybe then we'll have new furniture out there sometime soon." It's the bright side at least! The idea of a detention does, she had seen enough movies to know something about it. "I don't want to stay in a closet or anything in detention. That would be too small." Once her shoes are gathered, she gives a bright smile, holding them in her hands and not bothering to put them back on. "I will see you both tomorrow. Maybe next time we can talk about what you all can do instead of just me, I'd like to know both you two also." A hand is lifted in a wave before she bounces out of the room.

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