(2016-03-25) The Morning After
The Morning After
Summary: The morning after the bonfire Felicia and Oliver are the first ones up. Antics happen
Date: 2016.03.25
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Cedar Island

One of the early destination islands, Cedar Island used to have cabins. Those that remain have tumbled down, but there are a couple available to rent around the island. One must check in at Shady Cove with the local state park and game commission that is responsible for the island. The island itself is no bigger than a several miles in any direction and the cabins spread out enough it’s rare to encounter others without hiking across to another cabin.

The supposed 'party' last night continued until it was well past today and teenagers are sprawled out in sleeping bags around a dead campfire. At least those that didn't get a spot in the cabin. Felicia is particularly lucky, with her ability to size change she could easily fit in an overcrowded cabin with little trouble. Unlike a number of the teens she is awake though…well sorta, she shuffles out of the cabin, covering a yawn, still dressed in her PJ's, long polka dot fuzzy bottoms with a tank under her orange hoodie and a pair of slipper socks on her feet. She is mumbling something about coffee and breakfast as she glances about and sees all the sleeping bodies.

Despite the fact that Oliver has been protesting the idea of camping and being outside, he actually slept under the stars. In a tree. As a bobcat. It meant he was warm, comfortably perched, and didn't have to fight for space. Also, he happens to enjoy looking out at the night sky which is pretty much opposite of all his protests.

At the sounds of the camp beginning to wake up, tufted ears twitch and golden eyes open to see what's going on. The tree rustles a bit as he gets to his feet and gives a stretch on his chosen branch, his yawn showing sharp teeth before he bounds down to the ground. The landing is easy and after a twitch of his tail, the bobcat shifts into a somewhat disheveled and sleepy Oliver. "Morning."

"Morning.." there is a pause while her sleepy brain tries to pull up his name "Oliver." yeah that's it, she hopes. Her voice is kept soft to keep from waking anyone. Felicia is the stoic type of person, unfazed by pretty much anything, including a bobcat turned human teen boy. Her eyes do lift to the tree branch he jumped down from "That's one way to do it." another yawn is stifled as she steps off the porch. "Please tell me someone brought breakfast. I'm starved."

Oliver shrugs and shoves his hands in the pocket of the athletic hoodie he's wearing, "It's better than squeezing into the cabin or caring about getting damp and cold sleeping outside. If I have to do it…" he's going to do it as a creature that's used to it. He looks to the dead fire for a moment and then back to Felicia, "Probably…but I have no idea what they brought. I have some power bars if you want though…since I figured I wasn't going to be able to eat much that they brought. I mean, they were talking about fishing and eating the fish…"

"Lucky I don't have to worry about that squeezing in bit." Felicia gives Oliver a smirk "It was a bit cold though, even in there." she jerks a thumb toward the cabin "I was toasting in my sleeping bag though at least." she nods at his answer about food, tilting her head a moment in confusion, but then quickly puts it together "You don't eat animals? Makes sense. I have a few cans of soda, trade you one for a power bar."

"I think most people tend to go camping in the summer…I mean, it's warmer and you can go swimming and all that. At least, the few times I went, it was summer. Still got cold though at night sometimes," Oliver rambles before he gives a sleepy grin, "Yeah. Don't eat what I can turn into, you know? Seems wrong. And you don't need to trade anything, I'm happy to share." He's not too sure he can do soda in the morning anyhow. "Just let me remember where I put my bag…"

Felicia nods "I think it was summer the last time I supposedly went camping." there is a furrow of brow as she struggles to bring up the memory, but gets nothing "I totally get it. Friends not food." she snickers, she can't remember going camping, but she can remember a line from Finding Nemo. Brains are weird. "Hopefully it wasn't dragged off my some animal."

"Exactly," Oliver grins as he wakes up some more. "Friends, not food. I thought the mermaid would think the same thing…guess not." He then looks around as if looking for his bag, "Naah, unless it was me. I probably left it up in the tree or something…" which means more climbing, which will be done as a human. "Although it's not really the safest."

He begins to pull himself up on the branches and shimmy up the tree, which is far less graceful than when he did it as a bobcat. "You know that bears can climb trees, right? So the whole 'put all your food up in a tree' doesn't really work. But it's better to just have that grabbed than your whole camp trashed, right?"

"Mermaid?" it takes Felicia a few moments "Anna ya mean? Well I guess seaweed and oysters will only get you so far." she shrugs, she has no idea how that works.

Felicia watches Oliver through the curtain of hair that falls in her eyes and she moves to stand under the tree, "All bears? I can't imagine polar bears get much practice at that."

Oliver isn't the strongest in human form, so getting back up to that branch takes work! "I've never known anyone to go camping where there are Polar Bears. I mean…maybe? But if you run across a bear, let them take what they want. Seriously. They're huge and a swat can break your neck. Well, most people's."

He finally makes it to the branch he was on and looks around for his bag. "Huh. Hope I put it up this tree and not another…"

"Don't think there are many trees in the artic." at least that's what she learned in geography, that she remembers. Felicia continues to watch him and then chuckles "Most people yeah." she can take a hit like that and still be able to hit back. His comment about his bag has her squinting into other trees. "Can't you turn into a bird and fly around and look for it?"

Oliver balances on one of the branches, a hand on an upper branch, "Sure…but then I won't be able to get it down. Birds can't carry that much, even the big ones." He looks around again as if that will jog his memory and finally points to the cabin, "Aha! I don't know if that was smart or stupid, but I put it on the roof of the cabin!" It's still there…happily slouched.

"Yeah sure, but I can. I shrink, you carry me and when it's found I shrink it and we come back." apparently Felicia is a problem solver. But since he found it that plan is kind of moot "Why did you put it there?" she asks with a bit of confusion as she looks from him to the cabin roof.

Oliver looks down at Felicia at her suggestion and seems to consider it. It's actually not a bad idea. "All right. Just don't get too small that you'll fall off or something." At the question he gives another grin, "Well, I didn't want to be tempted if I got hungry in the night."

He still has to get the bag down, even if it's to get a change of clothes out of there…or pants, since it's still chilly and he has no fur to keep him warm, so might as well work with her plan still! He changes into a hawk and flies down to where Felicia is and blinks up at her.

"No worries there. Even if I did fall off I would do more damage to the ground than to myself." Felicia comments stifling laughter at his reasoning "Well it worked, I guess." she probably could have just climbed onto the roof to get the bag down, but why do that sorta of boring thing when you can ride the back of a bird. Not many can say they have done that…can anyone say they have done that?

When he changes and lands in front of her she nods "On it." shrinking for her isn't as easy as shifting for him, stupid brain, but after a few moments of concentration she quickly shrinks down and is now looking up at him "Let's do this thing." she says her voice as small as her stature. Stepping up to Hawk-Oliver she studies him a moment and begins to climb into place on his back "Sorry." she says in case the pulling of feathers hurts…she does try to be gentle…at least she doesn't have shoes on.

Some feathers do lift at the unfamiliar feeling of someone climbing onto his back…this is definitely new and strange. Unable to speak English while shifted into an animal, the Oliver-hawk merely looks back to make sure that Felicia is situated all right before he gives a couple of hops and starts to flap his wings to take off.

Hawk or not, he's still a teenage boy and isn't going to let go of this chance to show off. Even though the cabin is right there, he's going to circle it a few times, flying through branches and the like with the tiny schoolmate on his back. Just because he can.

Eventually though, he'll land on the roof of the cabin where the bag still happily perches.

"Gah!" Felicia emotes as the hawk-teen begins to hop underneath her. She clutches the feathers under her hands to try to find her balance. It's nothing like riding a horse…has she ever ridden a horse…she doesn't remember, and neither do her muscles so maybe not.

She is still clutching when he takes flight, but by the time he completes his first circle of the cabin her fingers ease off and she is lifting her hands into the air and practically crowing "Queen of the world!" she laughs as she looks around, treating this like she would a bike, leaning into his banking around so as not to throw off his own balance "This is so awesome!" she calls out, looking down when she gets a chance.

For her, the ride is over way to soon and he is landing on the rooftop. "Oh! My! Gawd!" getting down is easier at least, she jumps, stumbling a bit on the landing, but not falling over "You could totally charge for that." she has practically forgotten what they are up here for in her excitement about the flying.

Oliver's laugh is more of a hawk-shriek at Felicia's reaction, but…well, he figured something like that might happen. It's why he continued to circle those few times before landing. As she jumps off, he tilts his head at her and hops over to the duffel bag, pecking at the handle with his beak. Didn't she want some breakfast? Everyone's still asleep so no one's doing any cooking…

At the reminder Felicia quickly makes her way across the roof where his bag sits. She wasn't grown back to her normal size just yet and from here she isn't sure what the plan is "Are you asking me to open it and get the bars out?" she asks the Oliver-hawk "Or are we just grabbing it and heading down?

The hawk's beak clacks at the small girl and he tilts his head at her again. If birds could sigh, he probably would. Hopping onto the now-large bag, he grabs the straps in his talons and gives a tug before letting them go and hopping back onto the roof. There really needs to be some better communication when he's in these forms…

"Right." she says once more concentrating and this time growing, though she suddenly stops well before she is her full height, her ugh at it suggests it wasn't on purpose "Well guess I'm stuck being a halfling today." she looks down at herself, taking her predicament in stride "Just as well, I don't know the weight limit of this roof. I don't think anyone sleeping in the cabin would like me falling through and landing on them." she grabs his pack and slings it over one shoulder. "Geez you pack light."

Oliver tilts his head again as she gets bigger…too big for him to carry. Hmm. This might be interesting, but maybe she can climb down? Or…he can help somehow? Although he's not too sure how as a bird.

He shifts back and forth on his taloned feet and looks at her and then the ground as if to ask if she can get down.

Felicia seems to have getting down off the roof handled. The cabin is just that, a cabin, which means the roof is only one story high. Easy for her to jump from. Not wanting to take undue advantage of Oliver's abilities she beckons him "Well come on…" she moves to the side and jumps down, this time landing in a crouch on the ground. At this size she is not so heavy that she leaves an impact crater on the ground.

Oliver hops off of the roof then and glides his way down, landing and shifting so that he also has to straighten from a crouch. "Thanks…and I thought you were going shrink the bag too?" is asked as he steps forward to take the duffel back from her. "And yeah, I pack light. I mean, a change of clothes, toothbrush, and power bars…" what else does he really need? It's not like he can't go back and get something if he needed to. "I guess you packed light too since everything is all doll-sized?" he can't hide a grin at that.

There is a shrug "Jumping down was easier. And I didn't want to wear you out. Flying is great. I wouldn't have wanted to stop." Felicia was thinking of him..really! "Deodorant?" that's certainly on her list of necessary items. "Light yes, but the smaller the item the more room there is for other stuff, ya know. I could pack my whole room in a suitcase and still have room for more." and really, just about everything is light to her.

"Sure, but deodorant doesn't weigh a lot…" Oliver shrugs and goes over to his bag to pull out the power bars. "I wasn't tired out…although it's not as easy to shift into animals. People are easier. But it's good practice, right?" He pulls out a few different bars, "Pick a flavor, any flavor."

A thought then comes to mind, "So…you can buy, like…doll stuff and make it big for you?"

Felicia nods as is she totally understands "Is it trying to shrink down the extra mass that makes it harder?" maybe she does sorta understand, a lot of animals are smaller than humans "Definitely good practice."

She eyes the selection and grabs one with peanut butter as part of the flavor, "I wish." she says as she opens the wrapper. "I can only shrink things…not grow them…unless I have previously shrank them and I am wanting to reverse it. Maybe one day I'll be able to do both, but not today." she takes a bite of the bar and chews a bit for continuing "What about you. Do you have any size restrictions? Can you turn into like a t-rex or something?

"I don't know about shrinking the extra mass," Oliver also chooses a bar to open and snack on. He goes over to take a seat by the doused campfire, "Because getting bigger is the same thing. I think it's just because they're shaped so differently. Monkeys might be easier…larger ones, at least. I'll have to play around with that," he looks pensive for a moment before he nods at her explanation.

"Too bad…I bet you could save a fortune in clothes. But then, I guess barbies aren't shaped like real people anyhow so that might not even work." There's another bite of the bar as he shakes his head, "No T-Rex. I tried. I can't turn into anything I haven't seen before…live. Pictures don't count and movies don't count. It's probably why people are the easiest, because we come in all different shapes and sizes. But going to zoos and aquariums helps too." Another grin then, "It's also why I want to see Anna as a mermaid to see if I can become one. I haven't tried magical or mythological types since…haven't seen any! Although I might only be able to become a merMAID." That doesn't seem to bother him though.

The currently very petite teen follows along behind Oliver, stepping around snoozing teens as she does "I'm curious where it goes. I have a lot of mass when at full size." Felicia explains "I'm a lot heavier than I look." quite a lot heavier. She flops to the ground next to him, nomming the bar "Or a gorilla…a chimp or an orangutan could be fun."

"I know right, but yeah, Barbie's proportions are all whacked. Though I have heard they are starting to make more realistic ones now." she gives a shrug being too old for barbies she isn’t sure about that. She nods as she listens to him and then has to cover her mouth as he talks about becoming a mermaid, on account of laughing and not wanting to wake anyone "You've never tried being a girl before then?"

Oliver stretches out his legs some as he quickly finishes off the bar. It's something, until others wake up and decide on breakfast items. "Gorillas are big…hard to play around with them unless there's a lot of room. Chimps and Orangutans -are- fun. So are spider-monkeys." He looks over at the hobbit-sized girl, "So you have a lot of mass when you're normal-sized but you can shrink? That's interesting. I mean…I wonder if that means you can also grow bigger? If it's a whole mass-issue." Someone's been paying attention in class. Sometimes.

"I dunno about barbies, but I know they make tons of clothes for her." One of his foster sisters had a huge collection. "Seems like a way to get fancy stuff without having to pay much for it, but…yeah. I guess that could also be weird."

He then idly takes a stick to poke at the ashes of the fire, "Huh? Of course I've been a girl before. Lots of times. Why?"

"And powerful." Felicia adds "Like break you in half powerful." she nods at him "I imagine there are a lot of fun animals, otters, ferrets..platypuses." she gives a laugh at the last suggestion, ya know because platypuses are hilarious.

She gives a shrug "Maybe. I've tried it, hasn't worked yet, but I didn't get all my abilities at once, they sorta emerged one at a time. So I still have hope." she finishes her own bar, shoving the wrapper in her hoodie pocket for now.

His admission has her laughing again, "Seriously? I bet the first time was a real eye opener." Felicia tells him "Just curious…and you did sorta bring it up."

"Really? That's pretty cool. Being all powerful like that. I mean, I guess it must make eating tacos hard though…" because those things break if you think about them! Oliver can't help but tease a little now even as she teases him, "Oh, there are some great animals to play around with. I didn't get to do it much before coming here, but here I get to experiment. It's kind of neat. Not so much with people…unless it's in class or training or something…" because that's frowned upon, apparently. Too many pranks gone wrong.

"Your abilities are still coming in, huh? That's cool too…I don't know when mine did, I guess I might have had them all the time? I dunno, really."

The laughter though gets a sigh, "The first time was when I was a kid. I mean, sure, there are anatomical differences, but people are people, right? I mean, I guess I could be a girl if I wanted to be…" he just defaults to 'boy' when he thinks about it. "Nothing wrong with it at all. I just didn't think about it until now that shifting to a mermaid might be easier. I mean, shifting to AnnaLeisa would probably be the easiest, but it might freak her out."

"Isn't that why soft tacos where invented?" Felicia asks, sorta rhetorically, because all a soft taco is really is just a littler burito. "Yeah, they didn't like me using mine at the rehab center, kinda freaked them out I guess." not that she can blame them really.

"I guess..maybe they are." she looks down at her pint sized self "They can stop though…really. I'm happy with the hand I got, really don't need another one I have no control over. It really sucks when you have to worry if the next sneeze is going to leave you five inches tall, ya know."

She narrows her eyes slightly at his sigh "Guess it depends on the people." she says with all honesty "I don't know, maybe she would dig having a doppelganger for a day. I think it would be awesome.

Oliver pauses in poking at the ashes to look at Felicia, "Yeah, I guess it would suck if you sneezed and suddenly changed sizes. I guess…I dunno. I never thought about it like that." Maybe he always had some sort of control over it.

When she mentions thinking it would be cool to have a doppelganger, he gets an impish smile then and just…shifts into a hobbit-sized Felicia in the same clothes and with the same voice. "Like this, huh?"

"It totally does." and yes it seems it has happened before to her, maybe more than once. "And sometimes I just don't manage to get all the way back." Felicia gestures to herself "I've gotten used to it. It'll straighten itself out, eventually."

There is a slow blink as she is suddenly looking at herself instead of Oliver. Her head cants to the side and her eyes move up and down, "Damn." she says in an impressive tone. Her hand does lift though to move the hair from her sudden doubles face and she stares for a moment at the scar that mars its surface "To bad you can't do something about that." of course she is self-conscious about it, why else would she hide that side of her face behind her long curly bangs.

Felicia-Oliver looks up as if to see what she's indicating, "Oh. I mean, I can," is said in Felicia's voice, "But not to you." She thinks for a moment and the scar fades. "I don't see why though. It's a battle-scar. Those are cool." But now there's a way to tell a difference between the two Felicia's. The scar-free one looks down at herself and then gets up to walk around, "I don't think I've been this short in a while though. It's cool…I feel like a Hobbit!" Which is apparently a good thing.

There is a slight frown as she scar disappears, "If only." she says, dropping her hand. If only what? That he could get rid of hers or that it was a true battle scar "If it was a battle, the car certainly won." must of happened in a car accident.

His joking though is enough to pull her back from the precipice of funk and she gets to her feet with a laugh "I know, right. But it we are going to be hobbits I get to be Frodo Baggins and you have to be Samwise Gamgee." someone knows her fantasy characters.

FeliOliver looks up from her feet and over at the real Felicia, "No, you won since you're still here. See? Battle scar." She grins Felicia's grin and cants her head at the mention of the two famous Hobbits. In a moment, the second Felicia is gone and Sean Astin as Samwise Gamgee is standing there, "Well, I can certainly do that too, Mr. Baggins."

Felicia hmmms at him "Guess I never thought of it kinda like that." she slow blinks again. That's about as much of a surprised reaction one can usually get from her, she does grin wider though. She rushes forward to do a circle around Oliver, checking out the resemblance "You could make a killing as a celebrity impersonator."

Samwise-Oliver is more than happy to let Felicia inspect him. He does turn a bit to watch her expression, though. "Sure, but that's not really fair, is it?" is said with Sam's distinctive accent. He's worked hard at being able to pull accents out and the like. "Isn't the point of being an impersonator that you know it's a fake?" He spreads his arms out and poses, "Well? Is it good enough?"

"Well change something then. You removed my scar. Couldn't you like change the eyecolor or make the hair a different shade." Felicia gestures to his eyes and hair. "Maybe an inch or so taller." she does nod though "Well yes, it is perfect." she glances down then "Though the feet could be hairier. Hobbits had lots of feet fuzz."

Samwise-Oliver shrugs, "I'm going by the movie…not the books. But you're probably right although they didn't show their feet very often since they were so fake." He looks down at his feet again before he shifts back into himself. "What would be the point in that though? I mean, it's fun to do and I'm sure there could be a real purpose, but just to flat out impersonate? It still seems like cheating…" and it might take a lot of the fun out of it.

"I don't think you should be ashamed of your scar, but that's just me." From a shapeshifter. "It gives you character and a really good story, I bet."

"Movies…" that makes Felicia think for a moment "You could easily be a body double. You know for actors when they can't or don't want to be in certain scenes." there is the point and a real purpose to it.

Okay that comment phases her a bit, her eyes drop and if she could, she would probably blush, but her chocolatey skin tone just doesn't color that way, "Sure it would, if I could remember it." she glances around as the sleeping teens around then begin to stir "Maybe we should take this conversation elsewhere." she suggests reaching out to grab Oliver's sleeve "Maybe the beach. See how the tide is going. Maybe rescue some starfish from certain death and the horrifying beaks of the dastardly seagulls!" there is tugging at the sleeve as she begins to move to the path to the beach, totally trusting that he is going to follow her. Starfish lives are at stake!

Oliver shrugs, "Maybe that'll be something to look at. I dunno…it just seems like exploitation, you know? But I guess it could be useful for body doubles." He's pretty durable…although not yet acrobatic.

When the sleeve of his hoodie gets tugged, he looks down at the hand before looking over at Felicia, "Uhh…ok, sure! Starfish? Really? Up here?" Do they go where the water is that cold? But he'll follow because why not? It's time to rescue Starfish! Or talk.

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