(2016-03-25) Rescue Mission
Rescue Mission
Summary: An investigation turns into a rescue when explosions happen.
Date: 2016-03-25
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NPCs: Stone Waller and Honey Badget
Scene Runner: Derek

One afternoon Honey Badger and Storm Waller made the rounds. Spoke to a few students about a training assignment. Told to gear up in team uniform and be near the faculty location in the undewater facilities. Annaliess, Felicia, and Derek answer the call. Curious, a group from Team Ares. Once there, Honey Badger looks over the three (maybe more, we can pull Grayson in if he has time today?), and says in her stoic voice. "All right, we have some work to do. We just need some eyes and ears along with us. Global League can't send someone, they have their own worries it seems." As if, they wouldn't pull students like this, but somehow the necessity is there. "We're heading to Vermont, there's been some power fluctuations on the grid in Canaan. We've isolated it to an abandoned home near Lake Wallace on the border there. Waller and I are going in to investigate, we just need eyes and ears on the ground near the Nauti-jet." Seems good, they lead the students into their facilities, enter a car like boat object that launches into the water, then surfaces and takes to the air. They fly west and slightly north to Vermont. Wallace Pond has a few nice homes round it on the US side, they fly to the last heading east, right before stretches of forest. A massive lawn, fancy topiary, lavish sorts of things. They land to the west of the home, on the fake island garden near the home. (http://tinyurl.com/jr99z29). They go to head in.

No more than five minutes later, there are explosions in the building. A slight rumble in the ground, followed by some rumblings in the lake that will later be explained as escaping gases. As the noise moves to the lake, the house seems eerily silent now, and smoke starts to rise from within but no visible fire can be seen at the moment.

Being under water, in the launch thing, was different for Annaliesa in that she was not actually in the water herself, but in a contraption. As rises and takes to the air, she holds on to any sort of arm rest or Jesus handle that would steady her until she gets used to the altitude. Once landed, which seems to take alarmingly little time to Annaliesa, she breathes out in relief, but the rumble is enough to knock that relief right back out. Hurriedly, she rises and steps outside of the thing, looking around for what it could have been, but instead of the house, she looks towards the lake, a frown puckering her brow before she takes in the house.. and the smoke. "They say guard this, but.. what about those inside? Do you think they are the ones that caused the.." whatever it was that rocked the world in this area.

Oh! An adventure. Sure /they/ called it a 'training assignment' but it got Felicia out of something, be it classes, other training or just off the island for a bit, it was something. And she had never been in a fancy hi-tech aquajet before.

The whole ride she is white fisting her hands, not out of fear, but to keep from having a "What does this button do?" moment and accidently ejecting everyone from the craft. That would be bad.

"Wow. This place has swank like all over." Felicia says as she surveys the place while they land. And they there is the waiting…Boring! She could have been bored back at the school.

"What the hell?" is then exclaimed at the rumbling and explosions. She is quick to jump out of the craft as well "I think they need rescuing more than guarding…" she tells the other girl, looking toward the building with a mix of curious and wariness.

Moments after the explosion several people come running out from the house with justified worried expressions. Some are dressed casual, although one has a lab coat on. Strange. She's clutching a brief case and can be heard arguing as a large man quickly and without room for her to do anything else, away from the building. they all seem to be pilling into the few vehicles that are there. "We can't just leave him! That's 2 years work!" The man, who has muscles on his muscles responds, "Then you better hope the asset was worth it, cause we ain't going back. Go, Go!"

Derek is right along, out of school and its probably not even the weekend yet. Early start even if they make him go to classes tomorrow. He's in it, decked out in his white and blues. Its spandex, but he wears it with confidence, he's rocking it. That and his amulet, tucked away for safety. He just hopes something happens so he gets to do something curiously enough. A chuckle about the swank, "Someday, this could be yours." Responded to Felicia, then the explosions happen and such, "Currently at a discounted price, while offer lasts." He steps away from babysitting the jet thing too, a few meters closer said house even. Not as fast as Felicia per say. A nod to Annaliesa, "Rescue guarding, we rescue any that need it, then guard them until Honey Badger gets back to interrogate them." A pause, "Question, I mean question them." His wings being to come out from behind him, growing sort of materializing, the giant eagle wings that helps him fly. "Lets go closer." Not into it of course. As the others come out, he looks to Liesa first, "Someone in there, maybe rescuing?" Or he could guard the ones that came out.

The explosion, with the feeling of the dust from the cracked ceiling fluttering down and landing on his face is enough to at least tug on Daxton to get his eyes to flutter open. It's always like this, confusion, but usually it's quickly followed by a prick in the arm and whatever drugs they used to feed into the teen to help control his memories and emotions. Without that, there's panic. His arm pulls up, but only an inch before it's stopped by a restraint. that's when the real panic sets in. He's too disorientated to try to phase through, so instead he gives a sharp cry and starts thrashing.

"I think the teachers went in there for the rescuing part. What are we supposed to do though?" Annalisea looks between Derek and Felicia and then those departing. "Stop them or go inside and help?" They had their job, but there was always a time not to follow directions right? They were all Ares after all. Act first, think later. "Let's go." To hell with the consequences.

"Discounted is about the only way I could afford it….like /way/ discounted." Felicia comments idly as she takes notice of the woman and the brutish looking man following her. They probably aren't close enough to hear the conversation, at least Felicia isn't or doesn't have the supersenses to do so. It's easy to see the tension in the pair and the argument they seem to be starting.

The teen girl is torn, stop the two people that are currently fleeing the scene, if this were a movie they would definitely be the bad guys, they still could be, but she doesn't know that. Or, second option which Anna seconds without Felicia even having to say anything "On it!" no second thoughts from her as she begins to race toward the building, totally forgetting about the bickering adults for the moment.

Again, the large man yells to whoever is in the driver seat, "Go! Go!" That can definitely be heard. He shoves the lab coat lady into the car and turns around to glare a moment at the students, taking into account their uniforms and then the vehicle that arrived in, marking them as more than just kids cosplaying some weirdo thing. He doesn't look happy, but leaps into the Car as it takes off down the road, away from the smoking house.

Derek so just wants to rush in too, not to price out the place to buy it at its reduced asking price either, but completely sounds like something to do in there. "Totally on it," he says, jumping up and taking flight for the moment. With a thought, a war club comes to his hand even. It could be generated by the amulet, not so much summoned. Then he thinks he doesn't like the big guy. "Go in, I'll catch up." He turns instead to face them and they're driving off now. And the guy looked, he'd chase but muscles could be more trouble than he's worth. Still he remains behind the moment as the other two rush in.

"No no no no…" Daxton is struggling in the basement, full blown trashing now as he realizes both his arms and legs are bound. The teen's body is covered with dust from the crack in the ceiling, which seems to be getting bigger. Maybe it's the dust, or panic, but the air seems to be getting harder to draw into his lungs. Is that smoke?

Inside the house, it was nice once, but its fully converted. There is a marble circular reception desk. The rooms on the main floor and above converted to offices. The main floor has those glass wall conference rooms with dry erase on the walls, they've been working on something in here. With the evacuation, no one is here, and two double doors are opened leading down. It looks like they swung open and magnetically held that way, an in case of emergency feature so no important personal became trapped probably. There is a massive fish tank here as well, opposite the glass conference room, with large cichlids in it swimming around a small sunken log with some green african water plants making them almost feel like their still in Africa. The sounds of full blown thrashing are a small echo up here from those open double doors.

With agreement from the others, Liesa is already headed in the direction of the house despite the smoke and the escape of what surely is the bad guys. Running towards it, heedless of the fact that for her part she is basically unarmed, only glancing back once to make sure she's not alone.. She brave and all but not stupid. Once getting to the doors, if they were left openness in he haste if he others to get away, she will rush inside, headstrong and determined.

Nope not alone. Felicia is right beside her the whole way and if the doors aren't open when they get there, they certainly will be when the teen girl is done with them…and probably off the hinges and making a nice arc through the air as they scare a flock of geese flying high above. Poor geese. Hope she didn't hit one.

Looking around the..wait lobby? When do houses have a lobby? "Well this is weird." Felicia says as she comes to a quick stop near the center of the room. Oh look more open doors and unusual sounds coming from down the stairs on the other side of them "All signs point to down." she tells Anna, "I'm no engineer or anything but don't explosions usually cause floor collapses and such?" its more of a warning than an actual question, but it doesn't stop her as she moves through the open sliding doors and heads down.

Honk! is called up above, translation: wtf! The formation flies along, nearly unhinged in their expedition to the north which will be warm once again soon enough.

Below Derek is itching to get back in there for the moment, but crazy muscles in the getaway car and their potential to come around and steal the Nauti-jet. He get a few of the lack. Test Subject 53 is out there. A bigger mass of muscles is out there. Red, rippled, veins, like a muscle experiment gone wrong, bigger muscles seem to come and go, as if its shifting to bigger but can't control it self. Messing with that monster he gets a view of Honey Badger and Storm Waller doing awesome faculty stuff.

The duo in the lobby may is moving down the stairs, or Felicia is, perhaps Liesa is joining along to investigate the one trapped in there. Upstairs, a main in a utility military like jacket is on a wall phone. "The others left, I can terminate Tempo, prevent a leak of information." The man is bald, with blue eyes, he watches the shadow figure on the other end of the screen, who gives a nod. The phone call ends up there, as the man takes something from a pocket and pops it into his mouth, the air about him starts to crackle.

Daxton's still straining against the straps holding him down, but whoever put them on gave the boy very little room. He has no real leverage. The mantra of denial is still leaving his mouth, but even in his panicked state he knows something else is wrong (like being tired down in a strange place that's possibly on fire isn't enough?!?), his voice sounds off to his ears….maybe it's the dust and smoke that's starting to fill the room.

The basement is like a medical facility, full on nurse station and a few rooms. One room with warning signs at the very end has a whole where the door was, along with flames spurting out, its spreading to other rooms nearby. Most seem unoccupied, all save one. There is a room with a man struggling to get out. The ceiling seems unstable, it looks like beyond the danger room, the escaped monster thing tore through the ground. No telling where it tunneled too, but probably Badger and Waller chased after it for the moment. The lights flicker in that area from damage, the sparks most likely starting the fire. Its enough to have damaged the sprinkler system too it seems.

Annaliesa watches the door fly off the hinges and looks up but her attention towards the flying vee is short lived. Running inside, she takes a look around and towards the stairs down as Felicia draws her attention there. "I need water." If there is smoke and all there may be fire. Basement. Water pipes. Possible, she runs down behind Felicia, perhaps hearing the cry out. Someone was in trouble. "Hurry!" She shouts out to Felicia… As if the girl needed prompting, she was ahead of Liesa.

Smoke. Check. Flames. Check. Dude in need of rescue. Check. Check! Felicia can't do anything about the first two, except maybe stop, drop and roll if she happens to catch on fire. Then Anna is saying something about needing water. So many priorties…what to do first.

Oh wait she can do both! "H2O coming right up." Racing down the hall she uses her strength to leap up, smashing a fist into one of the sprinkler heads, uber-strentgh + fist o'concrete (or close enough) = one broken sprinkler head and the raining down of water from the pipes that feed it. Landing she pauses long enough to give Anna two thumbs up and the continues on her way into the room with the struggling guy strapped to the table.

Derek forgets the Nauti-jet, focuses on the fight over Wallace Pond for the moment. Totally Awesome! He moves a little like he's sticking it to the ugly muscle, forgetting for a moment he has powers and could do something from here if he wanted too. Its just too cool, props to faculty.

Inside the building, the water flows from the pipe opened by Felicia, giving Annaliesa access to water, to do as she will with it. From fighting flames to … helping the man, though Felicia is on that in a manner.

The lights flicker a little, less sparks come out of the lights and wires in the damaged sections for the moment. A shift in the electricity maybe, a slight change. But more pressing matters at hand, from struggling patient guy to fires which could lead to smoke inhalation problems if left unchecked.

The man, well, now that they are close enough, teen, is dressed in army pants and a green t-shirt. His head swivels to the sound of my crashing from the hallway, unsure if that's a good sign or bad. Rescuers, or the people that put him here. Maybe it's his father and his unit, coming to save him! Irrational mind leap, but the thought calms Daxton's thrashing slightly. It's enough that his body reacts as it was trained to do and he starts shaking, well…vibrating. At first it almost looks like he's in the beginning stage of having a seizure.

There were flames! Worrisome flames and Anna was concerned that the whole building was going to crash down. Watching as Felicia gets the water going, she shakes her head, a bit awed by the brute strength and force it takes to break the sprinkler head like that. As the water sprays out, she focuses on directing it all towards the flames, the bottom like she had been told, towards the source of the fire. It goes all in a steady rush, the sizzles of the debris on fire getting extinguished serves in increasing the smoke but the fire is slowly being put out.

Cough. Cough. Cough. Stupid fire. Stupid smoke. It hasn't started burning the girl's lungs yet, but give it a few minutes and that is bound to start. Felicia is hoping to be out of here before then. While Anna plays firewoman…must remember to get her a fireman's hat later, Felicia rushes into the room with the guy in it. Does she notice the ceiling that looks on the verge of collapse, maybe, but that's low on her priority list at the moment. She can't do anything about gravity's effect on things.

Felicia does notice that the teen has gotten all shaky, and well that isn't good, not in her experience at least "Ah shit." she says under her breath as she takes a quick look at the restrains and the table he is secured to, "Hi!" she greets the shaky teen "My name if Felicia and I'll be your rescuer today." can she not take anything seriously? "Per park rules you are asked to keep all hands and feet inside the ride at all times." that would be a firm no." being quite familiar with all manner of medical gurneys, she slept in one for nearly a year, she quickly steps on the wheel locks and proceeds to push the gurney with the apparently seizing boy on it at a perfectly normal human running pace out the door. She's done this before too…late night gurney races down hospital corridors…she was a bane to all nurses, everywhere.

Daxton's eyes widen, that's definitely not his dad. The joke seems to confuse the teen more, he's not heard one in…how long? He's shaking, no….it's faster than that. He's vibrating, definitely. That's not normal. As Felicia pushes the bed out the door, running, a wheel warbles, as they do. It's enough of a shift that between that and Dax, he tumbles through his restraints and off the gurney onto the hard floor. Before any reactions beyond a possible whoops from Felicia and Daxton is slamming against the wall near the stairs. He ran there very fast, or teleported, but there's now a crack in the plaster from his impact and he's clinging to the wall like he's got sea legs. Wide, scared eyes take in the two girls and he gets out a strangled, "What….where am I?"

Meanwhile outside, Derek is safely guarding the escape vehicle, if an escape should be needed. All action ready even. The fight moved to Canada with the muscle beast. Now he's just there. Forget about it, he's going in, too boring.

Someone beats him to the punch. The bald man with blue eyes is near the stairs up. "Ah, you have friends Mr. Dax?" So he says with a grin. Seeing one working with water, another pushing the gurney. Not fully knowing what all are capable of, he lifts his hands, the lights flicker. From the air, as if drawn from the light, lightning balls circle and spark around him. Keeping water away from that may be a good idea. He's not worried about that so much, only the vibrating boy. "This is where you get off the ride," and he hurls a ball towards the boy and the gurney. He may have been hoping that he was still tied down.

Annaliesa is more worried about the fire and flames and collapsing ceilings than she is about anything else at the moment, Felicia had the rescue well in hand, if indeed that's what it was. Only.. there is someone else to add to the equation now and her attention is diverted from the water to the lightning man who is throwing things towards the gurney. And Felicia! Water and lightning doesn't mix, even Annaliesa know that, so she keeps it directed away from Felicia and Daxton so that it wouldn't puddle at their feet and electrocute them. There's nothing much she can do at the moment but watch, and looks towards the others for help.

"Hold on!" Felicia calls as she runs out the door taking that sharp turn into the hallway, then the wheel woobles which makes the already tilting gurney tilt even more. Yep there is a whoops when Dax tumbles through the restraints on off the gurney, but it sounds more like the F-bomb being dropped.

There is a bit of a lip curl and a flat "Huh." as if she is /almost/ interested in the fact that one second the boy is here and the other second he is over there, but can't quite get there. The new voice and wait is that a threat elicts much more of a response as her hands tighten on the gurney, crushing the material in them then does what every gamer has wanted to do at least once in their life. Flip and throw, even though technically it isn't a table, using the gurney to hopefully block the ball of whatever it is.

Daxton's heart, which was already punning, freezes as the man appears. There's something familiar about him. and he instictively knows he's a danger. And that's pretty much proven by his menacing words and ball of electricity being thrown at his head. As the strong girl provides some cover, Daxton uses that opportunity to push off the wall, bits of the cracked plaster fall. This poor kid is covered in dust. He speeds off again, not away, but towards the giant, trying to slide into his legs, hopefully to knock him on his ass. Although if Dax had to admit it, he wanted desperately to just run the opposite direction. That man's sneer is familiar, in a not good way.

A lot going on at once, Annaliesa keeps water separate from lightning balls, and fires is being put out. The flames have died and its just smoke, which seeks its way up through the cracks in the ground. Daxton is off the table and zipping about, running for the bald man, as Felicia gets the bed under control and throws it for the man. The ball strikes the table, runs about on the metal skeleton, scorching but not igniting the mattress and sheets, melting the plastic side rails a little. Catching enough of the zip, the other ball he's collected is set to course around his body as the zip heads his way, hoping the lightning moves faster so that when the boy sweeps with his leg.

That race on, Derek is there, "Did I make the party … holy cow, you all are busy? No one invited me?" And he might like swinging at the guy, but its two guys he doesn't know. And there is Liesa. He lands to go near her, "You okay, we should get going?" And the roof starts to give more, some rocks start to fall. So instead of doing cool things like zapping the guy with energy, he sends it up as a shield, making a barrier against falling rocks. "We should get going …"

There are a few rocks and plaster that patter against the shield that Derek puts up just in time to protect them. "We should definitely get going. I can hold him off with water, I think, but only once everyone is clear, I don't want anyone to get electrocuted. Get the others and head for the stairs, I'm right behind you." Not that Annaliesa is very confident here, she's never used her abilities in something like a fight before.

When it comes to battling bad guys, Felicia is a total newb. Heck, she just started school at Coral two weeks ago, even as a student she still has her shine on. But what she lacks in experience she makes up for in judicious reading….or rather looking at the pictures in comic books.

As Dax goes in for the slide into the bald dudes legs, she balls her hands together, leaps up and on coming down slams said balled hands into the floor with such force that the ground in front of her and in the direction of the upright Prof X look alike shakes and there are certainly cracks spreading out from where her hands impact, not to mention a small crater. She's always wanted to do that. If Dax can't knock the guy down, that should do it, and the combination, well who knows what that will do.

Lighting can only move so fast, and it happens today that Daxton is faster. As he goes in for knock down, the floor cracks and catches Bald Baddy's foot. That's all the leverage the speedster needs and a loud crack echoes through the room, mixing with the sounds of the roof starting to cave. Baddy's knee is turned at an unnatural angle and the man stumbles backwards. Daxton isn't going to wait to see what happens. His slide stops him past the man and his head whips in the direction of the 2…no, 3 teens. "Go! Go!" He unintentionally quotes the muscle dude in the car earlier. He's apparently decided they're at least not his enemies.

The leg fractures and the man topples, so does the floor, making it a tricky situation. Derek can keep small bits of the floor up, maybe he cold push a ton+, but if the whole thing comes down, they're all in trouble. In fact he agrees, "Agreed, lets go, I can't keep it up." Derek will move for the stairs and towards the out, slowing enough to let Liesa catch up. The others can go ahead, or go behind. His not looking to be a gentleman, accept maybe to Liesa, which one can see his eyes go to her.

They've enough time to get going and get out before the building starts to come down into the basement. Extra speed could be used if needed, Derek may give some hard energy to help lift Liesa a little to get them moving if she doesn't object. Hopefully everyone is fast enough, Derek simply assumes so, having seen the guy running around all fast. Felicia may be strong enough to just climb out of the rubble. The man forgotten, they miss him pull out a device like a smart phone and speak into, "Execute Order 66." Who knows what that means, but he before they know it, he's phased out from the room somehow, a few more explosions will go off, assuring the total building collapses too probably.

Suddenly the floor beneath her feet is unstable and Annaliesa clutches onto the nearest solid surface, a wall, but it's not so solid. What it does do is take her attention from her water control and the sprinklers suddenly douse all the students present in water. Soaked, her hair stringing into her eyes, she looks around to make sure everyone was okay, but the voices of those urging them to leave results in action on her part. Running for the stairs with assistance from Derek, she only slips a couple of times, but with his guidance, she is able to get to the stairs and climbing as the basement becomes more and more unstable.

Felicia doesn't know the abilities of her housemates all that well…or that of the guy they rescued at all, but she is pretty sure that off the four of them she can have a building fall on her and live to tell about it. And what a story that would be!

She doesn't hurry out at the urging, she secures the exit, making sure that the collapsing ceiling above them doesn't take out thier only easy means of egress. It isn't until Anna and Derek are past her and she quickly follows them letting the doorway collapse the rest of the way along with the ceiling. For a moment she is probably obscured by a cloud of dust, that clings to her now wet, snug uniform. But better wet and dusty then the alternative. Now she goes, following the others to wherever it is they are headed.

Daxton rushes ahead, but then comes back. It's almost like he's pacing, making sure they get out. That's engrained in him, not just from the training he doesn't remember, but as an Elder brother. He's muttering underneath his breath though, the whole time, "Come on, come on…." It's gotta be the dust that's affecting his throat, right? He stand there, shifting from one foot to the other, as Felicia is last out. He himself covered in steaks of wet dust and plaster as well. Now that he's outside the basement, Dax seems unsure what to do, blue eyes darting from one teen to the other. He thinks they're friendly, but…he honestly has no idea what's happening. Finally, "What's… going on?"

Derek focuses on getting out, having landed briefly in the basement, but lifting at the ground splintering, he's flying up stairs and trying to avoid falling building bits. Making sure nothing falls on Liesa or assisting her up with lifts so she doesn't fall, as needed. When they're outside, he says to Daxton, "Don't know, was gonna ask you the same. That guy your friend, and who as the monster thing that our teachers were fighting?" As if that helps. He hasn't even looked over at the small island place where their Nauti-jet. But he does look to Liesa, "You all right kid?" They're the same age, maybe he thinks he's Han Solo, he hasn't seen that movie most likely.

They do not see it, but Storm Waller is at the jet, tapping her foot, arms akimbo on her hips. As if seeing what's happening with these kids. If one looked at the lake, across it there was alittle more damage to some warehouse way over there, but the situation is being dealt with. Canadian Authorities responded much quicker, or had much less to do. Honey Badger is dealing with them.

Anna hadn't really seen anything involving the monster, she had disappeared inside and was now heading out with Derek, Felicia and the new guy. "I'm fine," she says on an exhale as the question is asked, she leans back on her heels a moment before she turns to face the others. The Nauti-jet was still safe and.. there was the teacher. Oops. Time to pay the piper." Or something. She heads towards it, her steps not faltering, her chin tilted a bit in defiance.

As Felicia moves along the other three she was pulls a Monster energy drink from somewhere, a pocket maybe? How did that fit in there? Popping it open she takes a sip of it, "That went well." she says. Yeah she is treating the stuff that happened in the last few minutes as if it were just part of her everyday normal.

The question from Dax has her shrugging "I dunno know. Something about power fluctuations and checking it out." she flows her answer after Derek's "Guess we have good timing though, eh. The place went all explodey soon as we showed." the takes another pull from the drink "That's either some great timing or sucky timing." she's voting on great.

Her eyes follow Anna as she heads to the Nauti-Jet and sees Waller not looking to happy "Yay detention!" she shakes a fist as if she were shaking a pom-pom, but she has smirk on her face.

Derek's explanation, or lack of, doesn't help Daxton at all. He frowns, reaching up to rub his face. That's when the teen freezes, his rocking completely stops. Why does he have stubble? "Wait. Who are you people?" A half step is taken to follow then but then he stops when he sees the not too happy adult. Detention? What is going on?!?! That half step forward is followed with a full step backward. He's thankful for the assist and all, but he's not getting on a jet-thingie with people with super powers! It's almost like he doesn't realise he was using powers earlier!

"We're students at a school," Derek throws in, a thumb up towards the building. Like that, but not to study or lock down or whatever it was they in there did ti this new guy. "Our teachers brought us along, we were supposed to watch the Jet." He grins about great timing though, everyone in then out with this guy. How lucky could you get, in fact he chuckles about it. Then time to pay the piper is mentioned and detention. Sour face Derek. "We were helping," he insists to the trio.

Storm Waller comes forward, "You were supposed to watch the jet, we can talk about this later in the gym. Who's this one." Just then Honey Badger runs in too, "Great save kids." She look more to Derek. "I think you're one reason we needed to come here. They adapted to the situation." She says to Storm Waller, but it doesn't look like gym detention will be out of the quesiton regardless. "Come with us, we'll talk about it." Said to Derek, room for him in that thing.

Derek is good either way, "They can better explain it," as if that would help convince this new guy to come along with them, "I'm Derek." He'll help Liesa up if she wants the help.

Liesa doesn't even try and explain anything. To anyone. She knows what's going on and so she focuses on that. With the assistance to get in the jet, she takes it from Derek. There is an afterthought tossed back to the new guy. "I'm Annaliesa, you've got a big surprise waiting for you." That is if they are taking him with them. "How long have you been in that place?" A smile is given to Felicia then she focuses on Derek, "I ever tell you that you look good in a leotard?" The smile continues playing over her features as she gets inside.

"What he said." Felicia gestues to Derek about the school thing "And they are two of our teachers." another gesture is made to the two adults, one of whom is already gearing up for a lecture, but thankfully decides now is not the time for that.

The girl leans to the side a bit looking at the vehicle then at the instructors, "Why? Was it gonna…" Felicia stops then, snarky probably isn't the way to go at the moment and she realizes it. "Well good thing we didn't or we would have had squishy new guy instead of…" she looks at Dax "What's yer name again?" not that he provided it in the first place.

Oh gawd they're flirting again, that gets an eyeroll.

What kind of school has….spandex? Daxton opens his mouth once, a hand raising to run through his short hair. Did they cut his hair?!? The teen is baffle and shakes his head, "I don't…know. What's the date?" He's thinking a few months, and that even makes his stomach turn. "I went to the freshman ROTC meeting, and…" And then he loses everything else. Dax does not look young enough(or small enough) to be freshman. He looks back over his shoulder at the wrecked building. Can't go back, hell, he doesn't even know where here is. "Okay…can…can I call my parents? They've got to be worried." And since Felicia asks, "I'm Daxton Jones."

"Ah … what," smirks Derek looking to Annaliesa, "Speaking of looking good," and he eyes her enough to help Felicia really get into eye rolling of course. They'll probably call dibs on seats close to each other in the thing, plenty space for others to get to know this new Daxton Fellow. The faculty jump into pilot it. "Coral Springs, its a high school, you may fit in. We'll have to see what we can figure out. We can call your parents." She explains matter of fact like, "Its March - 2016." Then they take off, flying up and away. As if every day. Derek seems to have no comments at all, other than to Liesa. Badger takes over flying Storm Waller turns about, "ROTC, my sort of lad. Come with us, we'll ahve you looked at medically, you can see the school. You decide where you want to go, if its home, we'll get you there once you check out. Your safetly first." As if to say no tying down and such.

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