(2016-03-25) April, Come She Will
April, Come She Will
Summary: Bev and Stefanie spend most of the next day getting to know each other. Stefanie's issues arise far too quickly.
Date: 2016-03-25
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The sun peeks over the horizon outside and above. Down under the sea there is little visible change through the heavy glass window that looks out on the ocean's floor, but in the bottom bunk Bev's grey eyes fly open. She was off, and now she's on, like a light being turned on. Last night she got sleepy just before seven o'clock when the sun set on the New England coast, and still managed to stay up, chatting and enjoying the company of new friends, but clearly dozy and not using nearly so many exclamation points.

But now the sun is up, if just barely, and Bev is switched on again. At 6:32 in the morning. She never has trouble getting up for class, that's for sure. She practically jumps out of bed, clad in pale green silk pants and a matching top — they go with her hair, and they're school colors. She reaches for her iPhone to turn on some music before stopping herself and glancing toward Stefanie in the top bunk. Right. Courtesy, Bev! She plugs in her earphones, first, and then turns the music on, dancing toward the bathroom to brush her teeth.

Stefanie hears the movement, not really upset at it. She sits up slowly, her blonde hair is a mane of crazy. She gets an eye of Bev's wiggling bottom as it heads out to the bathroom. She takes the precious moment of free time to hop out of bed, in a pair of shorts and a tank top, yet another reason why she likes the top bunk. Less eyes on her that way. She peels out of her clothes quickly, grabbing a towel. She wraps that around her, tying it off before pulling on a bulky terrycloth robe. She grabs another towel for her hair. She takes a breath when she considers herself to be totally covered, hopefully before Bev returns.

While Bev doesn't take a huge amount of time in the bath first thing in the morning — she'll put off showering and whatnot 'til after breakfast, most likely, because, no matter how much energy Bev has at dawn, she likes a lazy morning as much as the next person — she takes long enough using the facilities and spending a full two minutes scrubbing her teeth that Stefanie won't have much trouble getting herself covered before she enters the room again. When she sees that her roommate is awake all the same, she beams at the other girl. "Good morning! I didn't wake you up, did I?"

Stefanie self-consciously pulls the robe tighter around her. She really does seem to have an issue with her body image. "Hey." She says, giving a groggy smile. "No, I'm a bit of a morning person myself. I used to get up early for school every day, so.." She shrugs. "Plus the sun is up. I can feel it drawing on me." She smiles, typically not talking that way to most people but she feels that Bev understands her. "How're you? All set with the shower?" She thinks again.. "Oh goodness. Is it communal? Like… co-ed?" She's already making plans to shower in a swimsuit, but even that is problematic for her.

"Not coed," says Bev. "We've got boys' and girls' bathrooms. I mean, the dorm's even divided by boys' and girls' rooms. Don't worry." She pauses a moment, studying her roommate. "Stef, you're wearing a lot of clothes for first thing in the morning. You okay? I mean, if you're shy, I get it." Bev is most definitely -not- the shy type. "But we're probably gonna see each other in our underwear at some point. It's part of sharing a room." She doesn't always speak in exclamation points — particularly when she's concerned. "There are stalls, so nobody's gonna see you in the shower. I'll stand guard outside, if you want."

Stefanie nods, feeling at least better about that. She's not used to other girls checking her out, though it's typically the other way around. "You.. don't need to guard." She says and nods, biting her lip. "You're right. I mean, I thought I could do this.. try to hide.. but." She sighs, undoing her robe. She let's it fall, revealing the towel draped around her. She's not ugly, not in the least. She just happens to have more of a woman's body than most girls her age. Her breasts are a firm, full c-cup and her rear is well curved and full with well-toned muscular legs. "I just feel awkward. I used to get lots of attention, back home, but I thought it was because of me… Then I realized why the boys were so nice to me… I've been wanting to hide it here. I don't want to be known as *THAT* girl…"

Bev regards Stef for a long moment. It is not a lustful look. More critical. But not in a bad way. "You may give me a run for 'prettiest'," she observes after a moment. It's hard for her to say. Being the prettiest is part of how she defines herself, whether or not she actually should.

Still, she moves over to her roommate and puts an arm around her gently, as she did the day before, and leans in to plant a kiss on the blonde's cheek. "Stef, you're beautiful. You'd have to wear a ski-mask to prevent guys from seeing that. And if you don't want that to define you, you have to show them that there's more to you. Because it's seriously obvious that there -is-. And part of that is gonna be owning what you are. Be beautiful. It's doesn't define you. It just -is-."

Stefanie blushes. "You're more than the prettiest. You're pretty amazing on the inside. I think it shines brighter than your outsides, which are.. pretty remarkable, if I may say." She has difficulty looking her roommate in the eyes. Her skin is burning and glowing when Bev leans in to kiss her, resisting the urge to turn her face to meet her. She nods. "I just want a fair chance. One of these days I'll have to tell you all about me. Right now, my looks are the best part of me… but we can go there another time. I'm not looking to make this the Sunshine show." She smiles, leaning her head to the side to meet Bev's. "Thank you. I'll do my best."

Bev smiles brightly. "Thank you. I come off flighty as hell and I'm totally a narcississist…" She pauses thoughtfully. "-ist. But I do my best to live up to being as awesome as I think my am. Part of that is being a good friend." Also fairly perceptive — she can see that her friend is blushing, and she suspects not simply because of her embarrassment. They'll cross that bridge when they come to it. "You're a complete sweetheart, Stef. People are drawn to you for more than your appearance." She shifts a little, drawing Stefanie down to sit on her bunk with her, and tilts her head against the other girl's in turn. "We're roommates. We're going to be best friends, I'm pretty sure. I'm here for you."

Stefanie nods and smiles. "You're not really a narcissist. I mean, you're gorgeous, so it helps with the act. You don't want people to see that as awesome as you are, you're vulnerable." She looks into those grey eyes. "Don't worry. I'll neither say that to anyone else and I'll never take advantage of you." She smiles at the compliment. "Thank you." She says, then she frowns slightly. "I'm… here for you too… But perhaps it's not a good thing to be my best friend." She says as she stands up. She quickly turns and leans down to kiss Bev on the top of the head before she runs out and to the showers, to drown out her tears in the stream falling on her.

Well. That wasn't expected, and Stefanie's rapid departure leaves Bev with a worried frown on her face. Take a picture, folks. She does not get that expression very often. She does not take long to decide what to do, though. She waits a couple of minutes, long enough for Stefanie to get into the shower, and then grabs her own towel and bath kit and heads back to the bathroom. She does not often take her shower before breakfast — on the weekends at least — but right now, whether or not Stefanie's willing to talk, Bev figures the other Glow Sister needs her, one way or another. And besides, the bathrooms are almost always empty at this time of day. She should know. She enters the bathroom and, assuming that the shower's running in one of the stalls, chooses the one right next to that.

Stefanie takes a good few minutes to get the water running. She sits on the floor of the shower, arms around herself as she just let's it all out and cries. After a few minutes, she stands. She still cries, but she works at cleaning as well. When she hears the door open and another girl enter, she sniffles and tries to cover up the act, washing her face and hair as much as possible. She has no idea who the other person could be.

"It's me, Stef," says Bev as the water starts to fall, and she starts to shampoo her hair. Shampoo first, because the conditioner needs to stay in until she's done cleaning the rest of herself before she rinses it out. "I'm here for you. And I'm going to be your friend no matter what, so it's probably going to be easiest if you talk to me, honey. Maybe it'll be easier if we're not face-to-face?"

Stefanie sniffles and nods. Perhaps the top of her head can be seen from the stall. "It's not you. Please don't ever think it's you." She says. "Have… Have you heard why I'm here? Why I had to come here in the first place? I was on trial for killing my best friend… I didn't.. not directly… but she killed herself.. and I wasn't there to stop her. I wasn't a very good friend." She swallows, emotional and not touching on every fact of what happened. She's also glad it's not face to face… Nude.. in the shower.. just… no…

Bev's hand, covered in suds, reaches over the top of the stall toward Stefanie in offering, supportive. "Stef," she says gently, "that's awful, and I'm so sorry. I really, really didn't mean to say anything hurtful when I said we were gonna be best friends. I don't understand how that could've been your fault, though." The corner of her mouth curls upward as she notes, "It couldn't have been me. I'm awesome, remember?" She's also very, very unlikely to injure herself deliberately, given her self-centered nature. Hurt others, that's possibly another story. "Why did they blame you, sweetheart?"

Stefanie takes the hand and clutches it. "Again, it's not you. You've been nothing short of amazing." She stops from gushing too much. "I… didn't know I had powers. I didn't inherit them from my family. I was emotional when I found her in her house.. dead…" She sobs. "I just blew up… the whole house. They thought I blew her up, but they found out it wasn't me…" She sniffles, letting go of the hand. "One handed showering sucks, and I don't want you to lose circulation." She says softly. "But they knew I was a danger if I didn't get control… So I'm here. I didn't kill her, but I couldn't stop her."

"If we were not both naked," Bev says, "I would come in there and hug you. Clearly you need it. After we both clean up, okay?" She lets her hand fall and backs under the water to rinse out her hair. "You did nothing wrong. Nothing at all. And if your friend was so depressed that she killed herself, Stef, she needed more help than you could give her yourself." She pauses while she rubs conditioner into her hair. "I know it has to hurt a lot, but I know that you would have done everything possible to save her if you could have. That's who you are, Stefanie. I've known you for about fourteen hours, and that's as clear as day."

Stefanie chuckles at the thought of them being naked and hugging. It breaks through the tears and the yucky feelings. "Thank you. You don't even really know me but you know just the right things to say to cheer me up." She finishes her shower after a few more minutes. She shuts off the water and steps out, grabbing the towels. One wraps around her hair while she uses the other to pat herself dry.

Bev takes a few more minutes herself — her morning routine requires exfoliating and scrubbing and so on and so forth. She has to look her best for her fans, after all. When she's done she turns off the water, grabs her towel and starts to dry off. She only has the one, for the moment, but she wraps it around her hair when her body is dry enough, then grabs her pajamas and pulls these on before stepping out of the stall. "How you feeling now?" she asks Stef. "Better?"

Stefanie didn't bring any clothes with her, but she just about finishes up drying herself off when Bev steps out. She blushes a bit as she wraps the towel around her, as Bev gets a quick peek. She smiles and nods. "Yeah… I'm sorry. I didn't mean to dump everything on you on my first day. We should.. probably go get some breakfast or something. After.. we get dressed, of course." She'll wait for her hug for when they're both fully dressed.

"If you're hungry, totally," agrees Bev. "C'mon." She gently takes the blonde by the hand, giving her fingers a reassuring squeeze and leading her back to the bedroom. "Honestly, I don't mind. You needed to open up, I listened. We're the Glow Sisters, right? We take care of each other."

Stefanie nods and smiles, taking the hand easily and making her way back to the room. "Have you heard from Tabitha? Is she alright after last night?" She asks, once they both make it into their room and the door is closed. She removes the towel wrapped around her, now stark naked except for the towel wrapped around her head. She begins to poke around in her dresser, putting together a uniform ensemble for the day. "Hopefully she just slept off all that energy from last night."

Bev does not stare, but she does notice her roommate's nudity — it's hard not to look at Stefanie, as beautiful as the girl is. She tosses her pajamas off, drops them in the hamper. She's not as curvy as Stefanie, but she's in great shape, her belly flat and legs well toned. She was in good shape even before she came to school, and now gym class is pretty much her favorite time of day, so she's only gotten better.

"She was doing a lot better after we backed off and shut off the lights," Bev notes as she collects underwear from her dresser, and then moves to the closet to find the right clothes for the day. "She was going to take a nap, but I didn't see her after. She probably just went to dinner later than we did."

Stefanie nods, admiring the view of the other girl, but doing her damnedest to not make it obvious. She doesn't know how she would've gotten through this rough first day without Bev and she doesn't want to do anything to ruin it. She decides to wear the skirt and sweater vest combo like the day before. She takes her time, especially with getting her tights on just right, then the rest of the uniform. She nods. "I got that.. I just didn't know if she suffered from any side effects or issues afterwards. We'll have to check in on her later."

Bev tends to know when she's being watched. In large part because she loves being watched. She likes being the center of attention. Sure, there are creepy people and she doesn't particularly want them watching her, but Stefanie is not creepy, and she doesn't mind. "We should totally do that," she agrees. "Maybe see if she wants to go to breakfast with us." She pauses for a moment, glancing at Stefanie once more before she pulls on a black camisole. Still sans pants, she moves close to Stefanie. "Hug time," she informs the blonde.

Stefanie stands and blushes. "Um… Ok." She says as she finishes zipping up her skirt. She glows faintly as she watches Bev approach her. She stands and opens her arms, leaning in. She wraps her arms around the girl and holds tight, but doesn't move. She just enjoys the person in her arms and the closeness, smelling the clean scent from after the shower. "And.. we should. We're Sisters, but we're a team. Not just with Athena, but the whole school. Last night was our big whoops, so whatever happens to Tabitha is our responsibility." She knows that Bev knows this. She just voicing her thoughts. And also looking for a distraction.

For the moment, though, while Bev agrees with everything Stef says, she isn't going to be distracted. Her arms wrap around her roommate's waist, one hand moving up higher on the young woman's back. She rests her cheek against Stefanie's. "We will take care of Tabitha," she says quietly. "I promise. But I want you to know a couple of things, okay?" She pauses a moment before continuing. "First, I don't mind you looking. If I didn't want to be looked at, I wouldn't be an actress. And second, I care about you. I like you. I'm sure I'd have been happy with either you or Tabitha as my roommate, Stef, but I'm glad I asked you. So please, don't worry about scaring me off or something. Not gonna happen. Promise."

Stefanie nods, listening. She looks into those grey eyes. The ones that seem to have the ability to see straight to her core. She blushes. "Sorry.. I.. like how you're put together." She says, trying to use humor to wave things off. Trying not to get in too deep. "I'm glad you asked me too. You're just so… dynamic. Oddly enough I feel so.. drawn to you." She says, whispering. She's trying not to flirt, but she feels the need to explain. "Th..Thank you.." She says, for promising not to run off. Her hands begin to move. One to the middle of Bev's back, the other to the small of it. "I…" She swallows… trying not to get sucked into the void.. She sees those… lips.. and… She leans in, closing her eyes as she brushes them against Bev's. Feelings fight with each other. She revels in how good it feels to finally give in and enjoy the warmth, while she's disgusted at her lack of control, the thought of possibly going too far screams through her mind.

Bev smiles once she realizes what Stefanie's doing. She's fairly flexible, she's discovered over the years — not that many years, granted, but still. One hand moves up to gently stroke the blonde's hair, and she returns the kiss, warm and soft. It's nice, she decides, the warmth and light of Stefanie so close to her. So comfortable. And right now, the last thing she's going to do is break this kiss when she knows that it took all of her roommate's courage to try this. If anything, she pulls Stef just a little closer.

Stefanie celebrates inside when Bev doesn't push her away. As she's pulled closer, she does the same to Bev. She continues to glow and grow warmer. She purrs at the touch. She stops slowly, not abruptly, but she does stop. She bites the bottom of her lip, looking into Bev's eyes.. "That.. was hot… but we need to slow down. I… Thank you…" She says, not sure if her roommate was indulging her. "I know we're the Glow Sisters, but I don't want to burn ourselves out." She does, however, brazenly reach down and squeeze one of Bev's rear cheeks before letting go. She turns to look in the full length mirror, making sure she looked presentable.

Bev laughs softly when her rear is squeezed. "I would never rush you," she tells Stef warmly. "I just wanted you to know that I'm here. And your light feels wonderful." The warmth, too, but light is quite literally food to Bev. She collects a pair of bright red capris from her closet and pulls these on, then slips on a pair of comfortable slippers. "You look lovely," she reassures when she sees Stef checking herself out in the mirror.

Stefanie smiles and looks over. "We don't need to wear the uniform on the weekend?" She asks, not sure about the regs on that just yet. Oh well. She's already dressed. She smiles and nods. "Thanks. And you're pretty awesome too." She says, walking over to Bev as they head for the door. "My light is yours anytime you need it, hear me? Especially at night. I need to release some when I absorb too much anyways, so it's perfect if I have someone who should use it. I should find some time to go top-side at some point today, just to take in more… though it is pretty stormy." She kisses Bev on the forehead. "Let's go." She says, feeling much more confident than she did a mere few hours ago when she first woke up.

"The uniform's really for class," Bev explains. "We can wear more or less what we want the rest of the time. Anyway, I believe there was talk of going into town today, wasn't there?" She's positive Lynzee mentioned such a thing. "And if we do that, I'd rather look good than be all 'innocent schoolgirl'. Nobody'd believe it anyway." Her grin is bright, her eyes sparkling. This is Bev in the morning.

Stefanie grins and nods. "Well, we'll see. if we do, I'll change before we head out." She takes Bev's hand and holds it as she heads out the door. "You'd look good in anything anyways." She says, stating fact. She subdues the glowing, just so that she doesn't set anyone like Tabitha off again.

"Oh, I don't know about that," says Bev, because people are supposed to be modest even if they know full well that they are truly hot as hell. "I'm not sure anybody looks good in paisley, you know? It's not the nineties anymore." She steps out of the room, then puts an arm around Stefanie as they head for the kitchen. "It feels like a waffle kind of day."

Stefanie shrugs. "You could always bring it back." She shrugs as the pair walk down the hall. She nods. "I do believe waffles are in order. Perhaps with some fruit."

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