(2016-03-22) Group Lunch
Group Lunch
Summary: Leisa, Derek, Diego and Vi share lunch, beginning discussion of a camping trip comes up
Date: 03-31-2016
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Its a chilly day outside, only now pushing into the 40s (F … its on this side of the ocean), meant a cool night under the water in the dorms. No clouds so much as a slight haze, the cool waters and the slightly warm air has given a rise to just the hint of that layer of cold humidity out there. Pale sky, gray on the horizons, enough for one to hope for more spring to come to the school if they don't like cold weather. Another week at school, no spring breaks at the moment, most everyone is back to the grind.

Lunchtime finds Derek coming up for a bight to eat. Its school, he's wearing a school blazer of a dark color, with a tie showing the color of his school team. Buttons slightly undone for lunch, he makes his way through the line and comes out with whatever meat and sides they gave him today. Not picky himself. He looks around for a place to sit, lingering more towards tables near the windows, hoping they're not completely taking or that he knows someone there at least.

Chilly is bad, so bad and Annaliesa is wearing her parka again, bundled all up. Her boots are lined with some warm material and her hands are covered with gloves. She hasn't quite got the school uniform down yet, she's on her second day. She's actually shivering when she comes in from the outside and with the cafeteria being in such an auspicious location, she can just see the cold out over the water and perhaps an occasional look at the lighthouse on the shore of Shady Cove.

Above all of that though, the concern for the cold, her stomach growls and she realizes there are more pressing matters. Standing in the line, she looks rather dubiously at the selections of food, the different varieties. Salad? Some sort of seafood thing, was it fish sticks? Either way, she opts for something simple. A fruit and yogurt parfait. Taking it, a milk and a spoon, she pays then looks out for somewhere to sit also.

Humity is appreciated by Diego, if no one else. Even if it being too cold might not be too good for him either. Arriving at the cafeteria to find some food as well. Wearing school clothes as well, his tie sitting a bit loose for lunch. Being behind Anna as he waits to get his food. Touching the food as it arrives, mumbling a bit to himself before looking up. A smile on his face. Spotting the girl first. "Hello." He offers, perhaps mainly to make her known of his presence as he does move to go around her. Spotting Derek as well, recognizing him. About to head towards him. Something has had him curious about the other boy. A glance is offered back to the girl, "New here?" He asks. "Anna, right?" He offers while slowly moving towards Derek.

Knowing the other kid, Derek looks up at his voice and waves, "Heya." Then of course he sees who he was speaking too and he grins a little more. "And Hello." That grin more than his usual smile, where he tries to look serious, even Diego might notice it on his face as sort of out of place. There is a table that clears near the window, and he nods that way, "Perfect timing, if you two want to share?" That offered, he moves to take a seat regardless, setting his tray down, but waiting to see if they follow. "I think one of these weekends, I'm just going to rest … but that weekend never comes." A slight look thrown to Annaliesa at that, as if some blame to her for any recent weekend. But yeah, weekends don't seem to help him catch up on rest these days.

Hearing the greeting, Annaliese turns a little, watching the taller boy move around her. She holds her own tray in hand as she glances around for a table. Her name though, or more that he knows it, surprises her and she doesn't bother hiding the look. "Annaliesa, yeah. Anna, Liesa, anything." Her accent is fairly obvious to her native home of Costa Rica. There's an apologetic look, she doesn't know his name, but she is saved by Derek as she is invited to sit with him. The smile she wears blossoms further and she nods towards him, watching as Diego slowly moves towards Derek and she follows that direction herself. Once she has seated, she looks at Derek and grins, "I offer no apologies for your lack of rest on the weekends and I don't see any help for it if you're going to keep showing me the town."

Diego nods over to Derek, raising a brow at his grin. Not saying anything about it though. Looking between them both as the table clears. "Sure." Starting to move towards the table. "I am sure that you will, sooner or later." He replies to Derek, even if it wasn't really directed to him. Then turning back to Anna, nodding. "All right. Which do you prefer?" He asks about her name. Offering a hint of spanish in his dialect. Homage to his name most likely. "I'm Diego." Comes an answer to Anna's apologetic look. Looking between them both as they speak. "Derek, offering to be a tour guide for the new ones? Or just cute ones?" He teases the other boy.

"Oh, no apologies, we'll have to work on that," chuckles Derek to Liesa, and opens up a milk he got with his lunch. The carton sort, he folds it open, the mouth splitting and ready to poor or be drunk (drank?). "Or more site seeing. I bet Diego knows a few places." Then to Diego, "Only the cute ones, didn't know she was in school with us until she got the transfer in." He sits back in his chair, milk opened and ready, he goest to eat his fish sticks, not thinking about it for the moment. "If afternoon classes were suddenly cancelled, I wouldn't complain." Just for others to know, he shares like that.

"Diego," Annaliese echoes the name with the perfect inflection from her native language. "Oh either, Anna is just fine. Or Liesa," except she looks at Derek there, since that was what he could call her. Mushy, mushy maybe. "Yeah," she suddenly agrees to Derek, "We met a couple of weeks before I ever started here, over on the mainland. We get to go over there weekends, I guess. My parents and I were in town checking out the area and all, they wanted to know I was safe before allowing me to come here. Derek has been showing me around the town." There is a blush at the mention of the 'cute ones' and she looks between them. "I can imagine you stay really busy then!"

Diego nods, "Sounds good then." He offers about either being fine as a nickname for the girl. Nodding about the two of them meeting awhile back, "Ah, I see. Well, either way, welcome here. Your parents sounds like sweet people." He offers and smiles. Grinning about Derek's answer, as well as the blushing on the girl. "Well, at least you have good taste." He suggests, drinking some water. "Well, there sure is a lot about. If I could help with anything, I'd be happy to. I usually stick around this area, most of the time." He says along with a shrug. Chuckling about Derek not minding classes being cancelled. "Well, it would be a learning oppurtunity lost. Then again, there are other ways to learn things." Tilting his head as he studies Derek for a brief moment. Annaliese getting his attention at her last words, chuckling softly. "I suppose it depends on the definition of cute."

"What, what," says Derek slightly sheepish between the tow, then more of a grin dots his face. "Just the one cute one, for now." For now meant as a tease of course, but he nods right along. "Busy enough at least." A slight pondering look to Diego, not sure that learning is a good thing. "Maybe, if getting a coffee and going to AstroPark is learning, I'm all for it." Perhaps catching the tail end of Diego's study of him for the moment, his curiousity raised in there. "I need to check the calendar, see when the next three day weekend is coming up. I'm thinking getting a boat and camping on some little island might be fun." In general, but at the end he looks to Liesa, as if some invite is in there, or a hope at least.

Opening her yogurt, Annaliese dips her spoon in, drawing up some of the vanilla smoothness as well as a blueberry and some granola. "Thanks," she grins at Diego. "I think my parents are so great, they are moving here for the remainder of my schooling here, a couple of years or so. Little less, since this year is already almost over. Maybe back to Costa Rica during the summer, not sure yet, maybe for at least part of it to see my parents family." She looks interested in the island excursion, "We should take a group out and camp on one, it'd be fun, a bonfire and marshmallows and all. If it's warm enough that is."

There is amusement as Diego chuckles again, "You would be surprised what drinking a coffee at AstroPark could teach you." He suggests with a grin on his lips. Noticing Derek looking to him. Though not clarifying anything. Instead just nodding as the other boy speaks about a camping trip. "Sounds like a nice plan. Hope it works out." He offers as his gaze move between both of his companions. Nodding about her parents. "That is quite sweet of them. And you all seem quite close. Hope you get to go there for the summer." Not seeming too surprised of where she comes from, since she did speak with such a dialect. "Also, what brought you here, to Coral Springs? In way of powers I mean." Perhaps having some knowledge on Derek, but not having all the pieces. As for Annaliese he does seem less knowledgable. When Annaliese offers about heading out with a group to the island, he nods. "That could be fun." Seeming a bit excited about that.

"Hopefully some here too …" Derek only chips in just a little, nonchalantly, on Liesa being around over the summer. Purely selfious of course, so he gets time to see her too. All smiles the same, and nodding agreement about her family seeming so close. No comments on whether that is good or bad as Diego seems to suggest it. He eats more fish sticks, dipping it in some ketchup he picked up. Then a light chuckle, "Exactly, I'm still trying to figure it all out." Her powers, "I saw some, but she mentioned mermaid, maybe that's a trick to get me to the beach. I wouldn't mind seeing her at the beach." His eyes trail a little at her, suggestively even. As for her powers, its for her to say if she wants too, but he nods, "It will be fun, I'll find the next weekend, we'll see what we can do, get a group together."

"I've been to AstroPark, played some miniature golf and rode the tilt-a-whirl," Annaliesa looks at Derek with a bit of a bashful smile, "And the ferris wheel. It's a fun place so far. I can't wait to explore more of the town and now the islands." Finally, she takes a bite of her yogurt, watching as Derek eats some of his.. fish sticks. She bites her lip to keep from laughing even when he mentions the mermaid thing. "Maybe it was a trick to get you to the beach," she grins, "Or maybe I really am a mermaid," she tells him mysteriously before looking at Diego. "I stick with the same story, I love singing. I'm a mermaid, a siren." She grins, "I was born a mermaid."

Diego ahs and nods, "That sounds quite intriguing." He offers about the talk of mermaid. "Perhaps you could show me some, at some point." He offers and smiles. Grinning at Derek's words for the girl. As for Derek not saying much about his own powers, he just studies him curiously. Then shifting his attention to the girl. Raising a brow and looking between them. As she says that she was born a mermaid, he does seem to not feel her lying any. "Well, I believe you." He says and grins. "I'm a tree." He offers playfully.

The three of them sitting and eating. Diego eating a bit of everything. Though before eating anything he has a small ritual of closing his eyes as he touches something and then eating.

With the current trio, Derek has a milk to drink, some fish sticks and catchup for main course, and some salad de jour on the side. Looks like it has cranberries in it, yum. "I ssem to recall that ferris wheel ride, makes me want to go there right now. When's the weekend going to get here?" Exagerrated sigh from the junior. Chuckling on the topic of mermaids of course, "I vote a trick and it worked, it needs to warm up so we can swim already." (It is in the 40s today, a slight haze in the sky, the humidty enough to make the sky more pale than usual, with hints of gray towards the horizons) Then she elaborates, it might be true, the siren thing even. He was captivated at least. A slight blink towards Diego, but he may have seen enough to think that could be real too. "Does that make me like an Eagle?" If they're both something else. Though, really, he's just a human underneath it all, no cool past so much.

"Oh I would like to show you, but not until it's warmer, I can't stand all of this cold weather. I'm not used to it at all." Annaliesa tells Diego with a shudder, so cold! His own return of sharing is met with raised brows, "A tree! That's amazing!" Being an environmentalist, she knows some about it. "What sort?" Her yogurt is given another once over and she takes another bite with a strawberry this time. A blush rises in her cheeks as Derek mentions the ferris wheel and she lifts her eyes to his, giving a smile in return. "I've seen you fly, I'd say you're very much a bird of some sorts, an Eagle, sure!" Immediately thinking back to the stuffed animal he had won her. "That's why the Eagle, I wondered," she muses.

Pale sky, lotsa clouds, and lunchtime. Violet couldn't be happier. Not that she showed it, really. Blonde hair a bit wild and frizzy, she had it tied back in a loose ponytail for the time being, wearing the approved school blouse, sweater, slacks, belts, and a pair of beat up dress shoes. With the tray she had, she picks up a handful of items from the lunch bar: a double helping of the fist sticks with a glop of tartar sauce, a spoonful of veggies, and a can of cola was what she chose.

Hefting up her tray, she glances around the room, narrowing her eyes at the empty seats. A tap tap tap sound comes from her - the metal of her thumb ring against the plastic of the tray - she wore rings around both of her thumbs, it seemed - and she approaches the table with the terrific trio at it.

Lifting up her chin to regard then, her eyes drop down to an empty spot at the table. "Hey. I'm Vi. New here. This seat taken?" she asks, tone of voice a bit on the gruff side of the force. Eyes glance to Annaliesa first, however, and she inclines her head to her before she looks to the boys.

Diego chuckles, "Soon enough, I am sure." He says to Derek, about the weakend. "Well, only if you share a lot of common things with them. Other than flight." Assuming that is what he meant. As for the weather, he just nods. Grinning about being a tree. "Well, the tree that technically made me was an oak." He answers. Grinning as he looks between them both. Eyes moving to study the new arrival. "Hi, I'm Diego." He greets her in turn. "A lot of new kids lately, it would seem."

"What, cold weather, makes you find ways to get warm," returns Derek towards Liesa, a slight grinto his face. He stops before he says anything more of course. A slight chuckle at the end of the thought. He catches the look from her, his features soften, as if sharing whatever thought fluttered through her mind. "Its just the wings, but who knows, maybe someday." A shrug to Liesa nand Diego, about becoming a bird, he won't be any closer than he is today. A look up at the latest, "Heya … sure, grab a seat. Welcome Vi, Derek … He looks ot the other two, but doesn't want to presume to speak for the group or just say their names. Nodding to Diego, "Yeah, a few at least right?" On new folks at the school.

"An oak tree," Annaliesa grins, tilting her head with a curious expression, "Sort of like the sage on Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of Time, that tree." Hey, she's played a few games in her time. Looking at Derek, she laughs, "Cold weather is just bad, I'm so not used to it." She has an accent straight out of Costa Rica. There's a look to Derek's back though as if expecting wings to just pop out. "Maybe someday," she grins, "Still you can fly, that's so cool." As Violet joins, she smiles warmly, "I'm new too, it's nice to know I'm not the only new person here. I'm Annaliesa, it's great meeting you, Vi. Please do join."

Violet's eyes flicker to Diego. "That's good, right?" says Vi, picking up a fishstick, and biting the end off of the thing. The end was then brought down to dip into the tartar sauce, as Vi slides her tray onto the table. Picking up the tail end of most of the conversation, she does let her eyes linger there on Diego, the young woman settling into her seat and folding one leg over the other for modesty. "Thanks, though, Diego, Derek," she says, looking to each guy in turn.

"New kids, new friends," she kinda lets her eyes roll down towards the tartar sauce, stabbing the fish stick into the stuff with a bit more violence with a sigh. "New cliques, whatever," she says, letting her shoulder shrug.

Piercing blue yes lift up from tartar sauce towards Anna. "Yeah?" she says, her slightly gruff voice getting a bit of warmth. "How are you liking it so far, Anna? Are you guys Prometheus kids too?"

Diego rolls his eyes at the lovebirds, mainly amused though judging from his smirk. Nodding to Annaliesa. "Yeah, something like that." He offers about what he is. Nodding a bit at Violet's words, "Yeah, it can be quite nice." For now being quiet and focusing on food.

"Yeah, good ot meet you," agrees Derek, finishing his lunch. Then leaning forward to grab his tray. "We'll figure out a camping trip, get some of us together next big weekend." He says to the group, starts to stand. "Enjoy classes, I'll try to stay awake this afternoon …" A nod to Diego and Vi, then he glances to the fourth person, "Leisa, if you want to see more of the .. uh … school, we have a little time before class …" Inneundo left open, either to talk about something or just to spend time together. She gives a nod, and the two get up to go, she says her good byes as well, and pleased to meet the other two students.

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