(2016-03-21) Warnings
Summary: Derek takes Annaliesa for a Tour, unexpected results occur
Date: 2016-03-21
Related: to Come
NPCs: Onida, a spirit guide to Derek
Scene Runner: Mutual

Whirlwind weekend into a whirlwind day. A nice weekend into a big surprise, she was here. If he saw her in the halls of the old sea fort between classes, he still had to pause and look as if in a dream. A few double takes, near misses with walls when he wasn't looking where he was going. Or the near misses was more him being silly with how hot he was for her, and playing it up. It finally came to after school.

As dorms were at the very bottom, and that was near the shared facilities, Derek offhandedly showed her those. The training rooms, the gym, the medical bay, the rec room and kitchen things. He pointed out areas the students couldn't go to. It was all rather quick as if rushing. Then he turned to a tunnel leading away from the main complex. "This goes to Paragon Island, we go out there and train sometimes." As if explaining, turning towards leaving the complex, no one else around this area for now it seemed. "If you don't mind some fresh air." Its like a shark tank, that big walk through tunnel, except way more ocean around them. Difficult for some, but maybe close to home for her.

It was indeed an interesting day with the regular classes she shared with Derek and meeting several other students. It was really better than she had thought it would go but mostly because of Derek and knowing him before she came. Or likely just because he was him. Noticing him between the classes they didn't share, she finds him being silly and it does make her laugh and tease him. Even once she had blown him a kiss to tease him in a flirty way. Once the classes were over and the touring had begun, she pays attention to the off limits areas and to the allowed.

As they find the tunnel beneath the water, she looks absolutely delighted and even once, shortly after they get in, a fish swims close to the glass and blows a few bubbles before darting off. She grins as she looks at Derek, "Cheeky little thing."

The blown kiss noted, it was returned with a jawdropping, as if Derek wanted the real thing, but the separation kept him left stunned. Grinning just the same and yes, a lot was aimed at silly at least. For her. Otherwise the cool stoic he had that first day of leaning against the rail of the coffe shot was about him. Pointing at that fish, he nods, "Right, what was that guy about. He was sent by your boyfriend, to tell me to keep my dirty paws off you I think?" Then he grabs her and pulls her closer. No ones around, alone under the ocean, he pulls her in for a hug. There might be a kiss to her neck, pretending to chomp a little. "Finally alone with you, oh how I'd counted down the seconds all day for this." He does try to move towards the mentioned island, yet his arms don't quite leave Annaliese, making it slightly difficult.

The look had made the blown kiss so worth it and it seems he was going to get even with her as they walk beneath the ocean. Annaliese glances towards the area where the fish had been before looking back at him in time to get the hug. "Maybe he was, so we can give him something to report back at least." She sighs softly when he kisses her neck and she hugs him back, tilting her head, not in a hurry to continue on until she does realize he was trying to move in that direction. She releases him only to take his hand, "Race you." She grins, before taking off at a jog, trying to bring him with her by keeping his hand. (repose)

There is a mmmm like growl from Derek, about giving the fish something to report back on. That probably encourages the hug and nuzzle at her neck. Oh, he wants to taste her lips, but no rush for that either. Everything else is just too fun with her, no need to jump right for that mark with her. Then she has his hand and is talking about racing. She can bring him right along, saying it was a race grabbed his attention. He will try to get ahead of her even, all while holding her hand. Not so much an outright race, but jockeying at least with her.

About midway through there is a heaviness in the air, Derek doesn't seem to notice it so much, but its as if some thing fell away from him.

Looking over the shoulder, she might see a darker skinned man, or image of a man that is looking after Derek in a longing manner. He wears archaic close as one of the first peoples (native american).

The growl effectively distracts her and Annaliese almost doesn't head on immediately. When they get midway down the tunnel, she gives him a playful smile but it fades a little as she looks at him with a curious expression. As her gaze skitters past, she squeaks out in surprise to see the person so far from the past, it startles and scares her a little. Catching the longing manner, she looks between him and Derek, but sort of steps closer to Derek protectively, not entirely sure she wasn't just seeing things.

Catching that moment of hesitation in her as she takes the step closer, Derek gives a slight pause to look her way. Last he recalled was the playful smile, but now there seems to be a slight change. He doesn't stop moving, but the race is paused at least. "You okay Annaliese? We don't have to race." Left for her to decide the best course of action. But even looking back, he made no observation of the figure. Just a hint of concern for her, defined by his eyebrows and the curbe upwards. His hand gives hers a slight squeeze.

His concern for her does bring her attention to him again, and Annaliese tugs on his hand however firmly, "Yes, I'm fine, I think I may have seen too many movies or read too many books about houses and private schools having their own ghosts." Again, her eyes flicker towards the man and at the risk of looking like a fool, she inquires, "Can I help you?"

"Oh, we have a ghost?" Derek doesn't sound skeptical, on ghosts at least, but doesn't seem certain the school comes with one. Then again, who is he to say. He looks back as Annaliese flickers her gaze towards the man, he does not seem to see him.

The other man, however, turns to look at Annaliese. Meeting her gaze, he stands silent a moment and tben, "I cannot go on." His voice slow, his words measured, thick of accent but he speaks english. "I am tied to Derek, but he does not always see me." Words given for understanding to her, "Something is reventing me, on the island."

"I think so," Annaliese whispers, as if the man weren't right there and able to hear. When Derek looks and doesn't see, she does feel a little foolish, all the way up until the man speaks to her. Hearing what he has to say, she looks down the remainder of the tunnel then back to the Indian looking man. "Something?" She echoes, "Something.. menacing or do you think he'll be safe without you?" It was weird, she felt weird, but she had to know.

"Cool," grins Derek a little at the idea of a school ghost. In the same way as one who isn't sure how bad some ghosts might be, but its an adventure in a way. Then she is talking back to something and he squints as if trying to see in the moment. But there is nothing there, so he focuss his attention on Annaliese to hear her and watch for any reactions she has to the nothing that is there.

The spirit of a man gives a moment of thought, then shakes his head slowly. "Not menacing, for now. But it could become something. You can see me, you are gifted. It may affect you too. Just be careful, Derek will be capable with the amulet, only without my guidance on the island."

Feeling Derek's attention on her, mostly just listening, Annaliese looks back at him then at the Indian man. Hearing what the man has to say, she gives a rather hesitant nod. "I can see you," she echoes the older man. "What do you mean it could become something?" It does worry her for sure and the concern is on her features. "It's your friend, Derek, an Indian man who says he's your friend. He said something is preventing him from coming to the island and that it could become something and may affect both you and me."

First the old man replies to her, nodding gently. "I do not know what prevents me. It may be all magic eventually, for not it is but me." He can't seem to come forward from that point towards the island.

Just listening, Derek rubs the back of his head as she speaks. Then questionly says to her, "Who …. Onida? If he can't come to the island, that may be all of my powers …."

"Ah, it is only me, the rest should work still, they are more tuned to the amulet than me." Says the old man, not confirming the name but at least indicating he can hear Derek.

Annaliese doesn't actually know what to do about it all, she only looks confused then nods, "You can hear Derek but he can't hear you and you belong with him and all?" It's weird, so weird, but she seems to accept it. "Onida?" She asks the Indian man before nodding to what the man says. "So it's only Onida who cannot come. Should we go or wait?" The question asked of both Derek and Onida.

"Yeah, I can't hear or see him, usually he comes to me." Derek remains just as confused, now curious what's all going on himself, thinking he can rush to some solution.

"Yes, the Mountain. I am Onida. I come to guide Derek, but cannot go further. It is something new on the island. It is up to you to stay or go. If you are atuned to the natural energies, it may affect you as well." Assuming she can see and her him as she has some ability similar.

Catching onto the question, Derek says, "If it could get worse, maybe we should check it out now before it get's the worse part."

"That's just sort of odd, all of this is." Annaliese trusts Derek though, she has never had a reason not to, and so she nods to Onida. "Something new to the island. Well I am new to the island, to the school, I wonder if it has anything to do with me." The words are thoughtful, considering. As Derek speaks, she hesitantly nods, "Then we go now." She looks at his mentor person, "I will see him safe, no worries."

Onida gives a nod to her, "I then entrust you to see him through." Says the man, in his gentle way of speech. He seems to fade then, but that might be a hint of a smile from him towards Annaliese as she said she would keep Derek safe.

"Odd, yeah, like a new sort of odd," says Derek, not catching the full exchange with Onida do to not seeing him this time. "What if it does have something to do with you?" Then he grins just a little, "Doesn't it make you a little bit curious, figure out what this oddness is about?" Lifting one brow, an intrigue afoot. He looks ahead along the tunnel to where it rises up to let the school out on Paragon Island.

As they walk away from Onida, towards the light of Paragon Island, the tunnel slopes upwards to let them out into the training grounds. Taking her hand as they walk, no longer a race perhaps, Derek ponders, "Well, I wonder, does he just want us to look around?" About whatever is stopping him from coming to the island. He walks out of the tunnel slowly with her, letting her take in the area of course. Its still a tour, just somethign slightly ominious to the tour now after Onida paid a visit to them in a manner of speaking. He looks around and stretches just a little then, giving his head a scratch with his free hand. "I'm sure he'd of stopped us if it was something really dangerous." Said with all the muster of one who isn't really sure but rather making a guess.

It had been a very strange meeting and as they head up the slope, Annaliesa gives him a curious look, unable to contain it. "So, he's with you, but you couldn't see him. But I could. That's really odd." With her hand in his still, she steps out into the training grounds, but the puzzlement is still there on her features. "I don't see why we couldn't take a look around, make sure something's not up. All this is hidden from regular people isn'

It had been a very strange meeting and as they head up the slope, Annaliesa gives him a curious look, unable to contain it. "So, he's with you, but you couldn't see him. But I could. That's really odd." With her hand in his still, she steps out into the training grounds, but the puzzlement is still there on her features. "I don't see why we couldn't take a look around, make sure something's not up. All this is hidden from regular people isn't it?" Totally not said with too much snootiness, but she is what she is and fairly pleased with it. "Well if it was blocking his way here, how would he know if it's ominous or not? Maybe he just doesn't know?"

"That is really odd, I didn't know anyone else could ever see him," explains Derek, "And weird that I didn't see him either." More headscratching from him. Moving around alittle, his hand slips from hers. He looks up at nearby trees beyond the clearing for the moment, as if a monkey could be up there. Too far north for that, but who knows. Turning back to her, "Yeah, its hidden from everyone else, at least that's what they tell us." Then he comes close to her, "Okay, yeah, doesn't mean ominous at all. We take a look, stick together." Then he lifts hands to her arms looking into her eyes, "If there's troube, we go back to the tunnel right?" A little protective of her, though he probably wouldn't turn around himself.

"I wonder why he let me see him then and not you.." Annaliese does seem rather perplexed by it but she doesn't dwell on it further.. at least for the moment. She follows his line of sight, towards the trees, "You have an advantage here, I don't know how it looked before, so I wouldn't know if there were discrepancies or anything different from before. I'll have to trust your judgment." At the mention of running towards the runnel, she shakes her head, "I'd probably go towards the water instead."

Derek regards her as she speaks, nodding agreement. Then he grins as she mentions the water, "That's my guess, you do something with water." Back to what her power is. The like of water stuff from meeting her and now, going to the water now. Then he looks back a the island at large. "I can guess what's different, maybe, I suppose we can just look around. I haven't been on every trail, but maybe something will stick out?" Then he moves from her again, offering a hand. He wants to hold her hand, but also to keep them two close to each other. Who know what's going on, he picks a random trail to start exploring if she follows.

It amuses Annaliese that he makes a guess of the water and she glances towards it again, "You mean because I can swim?" She waggles her brows a little playfully, still not giving it away despite being tempted to tell him. She hooks an arm through his and nods, "Sure, we can explore and see if there's anything that's glaringly obvious to you. How long have you gone to school here?" When he chooses the trail, she follows beside him, "This island is pretty amazing."

"I found out my freshman year," returns Derek, nodding his head a little, "Or, well, all this happened to me then. But they found my pretty quickly and recruited me. So since then." About how long he had been there. Off the main training area, the trails are slightly overgrown, if not for winter just passing the vegetation could be thick. Thankfull its not. They start moving and really in 100 yards from where they went is the beach, so they can sort of see it up ahead through the dead trees starting to turn back with spring in the air. "And I hope you can swim, as much as you love the water." A laugh, he looks at her a little. There is a rustle in the brush uphead and something darts out, across the path and up a small hill on the island.

"That's not so long ago then, so everything is all new to you." Annaliese muses over that, he was a new super and had been at the school longer than her even. "I wonder how they find people anyway? We've kept pretty quiet about this, so maybe this is why I'm the first recruited from my family," she shrugs, considering it anyway. When she looks up ahead, she grins about the swimming part but the grin fades as she notices the darting something or other. "What was that? Did you see it?"

"Oh yeah," he ponders listenign to her, starting to reply, "Yeah, when this happned to me, I went out and started …" Doing something? Whatever it is he does. Then she notices it about the time he does, and Derek nods and looks. He steps foward on arm to keep her safe, "I did, I don't think there's supposed to be anything on the island … living I mean. Other than an occasional bird that wanders this way. Usually nothing though." Then he realizes he should quite down. One hand still towards Annaliese, his other goes to this neck, as if seeing his amulet is still there of course. Which it is. Moving forward slowly, he whispers this time, "Just rush in, try to find it, or sneak around?" He seems in favor of the former.

"Started..?" Annaliese once more tilts her head, remaining at his side and looking at him expectantly, but yeah the thing, and it has her attention so well that she does almost the same thing to him, a protective arm coming to him, a look of chagrin when he does the same thing. Still, she does look towards the area but she notices the touch to whatever he was touching, at the moment, she has no time to question it. The question catches her and she nods, "Rush in, otherwise it may be sneaking around on us."

"Okay," he looks at her, grinning too that her arm came up, and more so about agreeing to rush in. "I'll run up ahead and go in there, you come in on this side. We meet in the middle." Derek likes the plan, he nods to her. Looking to see their on the same page, he quickly gives her a kiss, that can't be helped. As if now or never even, passion hidden in it but he pulls away and nods. Then he starts moving up ahead on the trail, close to where it went in at, he tries to sneak. Then he holds his hand back with three fingers up, counts it down to zero and jumps into the vegetation in the direction they think it went.

"Umm.." Annaliese doesn't look too certain of him going off alone, but she does reluctantly agree when he seems to be going with it. The kiss leaves her a little starstruck a moment so that when he does jump into the vegetation, it takes her a few seconds before she hurries along to the side, and jumps in, hoping to catch whatever it is.. unless it catches them first.

He crashes in, stealthy, but not nearly as silent as her. Then she is in after him and Derek tries to go in the direction he saw the thing move. After going in to catch up, he turns a little towards where she might be. She sees it then, its heard him and is trying to escape. A little bat winged thing that isn't flying, but moving through the trees like, well, a monkey. Arborheal swinging, arm to arm. Its looking over its shoulder. She might see little black spots falling off it, as if some mystical energy. Or it is that mystical energy, but as Derek is chasing towards it, its moving towards her unaware.

Ohno, Annaliese watches as Derek starts chasing.. Was that a monkey? It was headed towards her and what were those black spots? Weird, weird! WEIRD! What could she do? How could she help? There's a glance towards the water, but it's brief and it would do no good to get water involved. Maybe distract it? She waves her arms, "Hey monkey!" If it is indeed a monkey. "Over here!"

Its is still moving towards here, but pauses as it hears her call for Derek. Behind the thing, not sure it was moving away from him, he hears her call and moves for her. Then Derek leaps into the air and his wings unfurl, so that he is flying towards her. The monkey at the last minute turns away from them both, still trying to get away. Derek clearly doesn't see which way it went, and eventually, she'll see him flying through the trees in her direction.

It was coming for her again and Annaliese doesn't know what to do at first. Her powers, of course, but the black things the monkey was dropping sort of weirded her out. Suddenly, she bursts into song..

"It could've been her ebony hair that turned my head

I didn't look to stare like I was hypnotized.

But I was fixed on how she pointed slowly down

And low I sank and still without a sound

The world was far away and I was tricked"

"It could've been her silver skin that drew me on.

I didn't mean to spin like I was mesmerized.

But I was rapt without a name or memory..

I waited there too scared to even breathe…"

"She sang… she sang… she sang…"

"She sang tell me you love me and beg me to stay.

She sang tell me you love me before it's too late.

She sang give me your life or I must go away…

And you will never hear this song again."

"It could've been her crystal eyes that made me stop.

I didn't want to sigh like I was stupefied.

But I was thrown and at that point of no return..

My whole life hanging on a single word.

To be hers evermore, or mine alone…"

The words are delivered in an ever so soft voice, achingly beautiful, enchanting, the words that seemed to draw one in.

The effect of her song reaches the monkey, it slows to turn and listen curiously at first. On the other end of the spectrum, Derek pauses to listen too, which nets him a tree collision. Good thing he'd slowed down. He triest to get his senses together, but finds he wants to listen to her song just the same. The good thing is the monkey slowly starts to come closer to her. The black things dripping from it that fizzle away seems to slow down. She can sing, but as it comes closer she realizes there is a draw on her on magical abilities, something pulling away. Something with the monkey itself seems to neutralize magic in some regard, not enough to stop her singing.

Annaliese loves singing, she really does, but she does it in moderation for.. reasons. Once the monkey nears her, she realizes there was something odd about it, something about her own mystical magic that was being drawn by the monkey even as she drew it nearer her. "If you're not magic, Derek, capture it." She remembers the amulet, "Don't let it near your amulet though." Just in case.

Coming to his senses, Derek looks to her as the monkey nears, then listens. "What, magic?" That seems to make some sense ot him at least. So he gets back to flying, less disentangled with the trees. "No magic, gotcha. I think I can pull something out of my hat." Pondering a moment, watching. The monkey moves slowly for her now, lulled even by her voice and her abilities. He points hand and an orange light comes out towards the monkey thing, then surrounds it. It pushes against it but is stuck, sort of like a cage. "It can't hold it forever, but we can figure out what to do with it before it gets out."

"Careful, it can take your magic, or draw upon it or something." Annaliese tells him, not even going to where she's shocked about his flight, she'd been concentrating on the monkey instead, but she does do a double take when she notices. It's the orange light that freaks her out a little and she cocks her head. "What should we do with it? I don't want to hurt it.. maybe take it back to the science teacher or something? I'm not even sure what it is."

"Yeah, maybe we can try that, get it into the school as quick as we can," he comes to land near her, the thing in that little bubble like field there. Derek grins when he's next to her, "Singing was my next guess, after the water you know." He might say more, bat winged monkery forgotten, but then it rattles the bubble field thing and he pauses. "I suppose we should get going, he's restless, I don't think I can hold him forever." But he turns to walk back, and says, "That was amazing, that song …"

"That works, let's get it to the teacher or someone who could hold it." Annaliese agrees immediately. She laughs, looking towards him when he lands, "Singing was next?" There is a moment be just wow over him though, "Well you fly and do that orange bubble thing.. that's so much better than swimming." Walking beside him, she hurries a little, "I will go ahead and warn Onida if he's still there. Maybe this thing was preventing him."

"Yeah, I don't know, I'm sure you do more than swim," grins Derek as they had back for the trail and the tunnel. "But I'll take it, its something. You did the work in getting it to slow down enough for me to help you." Giving her the credit, not wanting to take it. Then he nods. "Okay, you go on the tunnel, warn Onida, I'll give you a coupoe minutes head start, meet up with you again near the dorms?" That sounds agreable to him, and he stops in the training field itself to let her do just that.

"Do more than swim? Sure, I can sing a little." Annaliese does start heading for the tunnel even as he tells her to do just that. "Help you? I did a little," not being modest, "But I couldn't have done it without you." She hurries on to the tunnel, only hesitating long enough to look back and give him an enchanting smile. "I'm also a mermaid." She winks and disappears into the tunnel before he can say anything in response.

Fade … given to faculty

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