(2016-03-13) Wilted Rose
Wilted Rose
Summary: Derek and Annaliese once more meet up but this time at the amusement park.
Date: 03-13-2016
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Mini-golf was good, so where the nachos, things had seemed to be going so well. There was the question of some rides and a sunset, Derek was in good spirits. Then it happened, the call came in. She had to go. While he was a young man with hopes, he was accepting of the circumstance, at least getting another date set up in mind. Or arranged to meet the next day at least, a spin on the tilt-a-whirl. He didn't even get a number to call her at, but he took that. She could feign forgetting, but it was arranged this time and less like a leap of faith.

Its a cold day today, in the low forties, at least its not snowing. A few grey clouds linger but not dark enough to seem to threaten snow even. So he is not in shorts, but nice fitting jeans, a cuff over his black sneakers, and wearing something resembling a coat at least too. Just to be on the safe side. A hint of bulk under that red coat he wears. He completely goes early to the park today, some tickets in hand, he's ready. This will be fun, and regardless, if he get's to see her again the details don't matter do they. He shoes up and even has a single rose in hand. Looks like he picked it up and walked around with it, its got a slight drop to it, but some effort made at least as he holds it, looking around trying to find her.

Decisions had been made and Annaliese had been called home for discussions and decision talk. She had gone, talked with her folks and had spent the remainder of the evening in her room at the bed and breakfast, texting old friends back home. Today was a new day though and plans had been made. Wearing jeans, her parka, a soft pastel colored sweater and boots. When she arrives, she does look around at the designated spot and when she finds him, she notices the drooping rose in his hand, a half smile plays over her lips. In her dark hair is a red ribbon that seems to match the color exactly. with

Decisions had been made and Annaliese had been called home for discussions and decision talk. She had gone, talked with her folks and had spent the remainder of the evening in her room at the bed and breakfast, texting old friends back home. Today was a new day though and plans had been made. Wearing jeans, her parka, a soft pastel colored sweater and boots. When she arrives, she does look around at the designated spot and when she finds him, she notices the drooping rose in his hand, a half smile plays over her lips. In her dark hair is a red ribbon that seems to match the color exactly. Approaching him, her steps are light, despite the boots, and she lifts a hand to wave. "Am I too early?" A grin and a hint at him having a girlfriend still, despite her knowing he doesn't. "Perhaps I will do until your girlfriend gets here?" There's laughter in her eyes.

He'll move to meet her somewhere between him and her, there Derek holds up the rose to offer it over. A pause, then a chuckle, "Yeah, I think you'll do, and if some girl shoes up claiming to be my girlfriend … we probably shouldn't tell her I got you a flower." Then a slight pause so they can both look at it. "It was upright when I got it, sorry," for it being droopy. He does hand it over, his eyes going from rose to her, hopefully she takes it. Even still, he grins, "You look cute today. Mind if I keep you company while you wait for your boyfriend. He's a lucky bastard, you're all dolled up." He likes the ribbon it would seem.

When he holds out the rose, Annaliese lifts a hand and accepts it with an echoing laugh, soft though it may be. "Glad I could help and I won't say a word," she does the whole locking her lips motion, then pretends to pocket the key. She looks down at the rose and grins, "It's sad to see you go. Pouting and all that." Looking back up at him, she smiles more gently, "Thank you, it's beautiful." It's then she lifts it to take a smell of the fragrant flower before touching the soft petals to her cheek. "If I had a boyfriend, I think he would be a lot like you." Ahhah, someone is getting teased.

A curt nod from Derek, keeping the secrets safe he gladly accepts her locked lips gesture with a chuckle. "I figure I had to step up my game just a little," though the rose is sad, and it pales on that topic; beautiful. Though that rides in his mind only. Reaching to take her other hand to hold and pull a little towards the tilt a whirl. "Is that good or bad?" He is suspicious half a moment, only teasing suspicious. "If you had a boyfriend like me, we might not make it to the tilt-a-whirl …" His eyes finish the thought, catching her lips in their gaze before grinning and moving towards the tilt-a-whirl. "Now, I don't know if they have anything this exciting in Costa Rica, but its a doozey." Not really, its just a spinny ride, he's sure somewhere there is some thrill coaster in Costa Rica.

Regarding him with suspicion, but amusement, Annaliese nibbles her lip mostly to keep from laughing. "Nice step up on the game, a rose. So pretty." Lowering it from her cheek, she doesn't pull back when he reaches for her hand and leads her towards the ride, "Why wouldn't we make it to the tilt-a-whirl?" But then she catches his look, and at the same time his meaning. "Ohhhh.." she might blush a little there, but he does manage to distract her, "I think they have some fun rides in Costa Rica, but I don't usually go on them, so this is fun."

That gives him all the more reason to get to the tilt-a-whirl. "Thanks, I figured if I had a chance against this other boyfriend of yours, I better make an effort." He can't help teasing it seems. That blush, he liked it, gives him a harder focus, her and the ride, a touch choice. But its off season, lines go pretty fast to get them on the ride. "Well, I'm glad your taking a chance with me." Beat. "ON the ride, since its not your usual. Maybe I'll be your first." Two beats. "For thrill rides I mean. I'm putting my foot in mouth here, you can stop me at any time."

"Oh I don't know, a rose is a pretty powerful statement. As are nachos and coffee. I think the imaginary boyfriend is slacking pretty bad. Throw in the beach picnic on a warm day or a night of pizza, I may just find you irresistible." As the line dwindles, Annaliese looks at him with a crooked smile, "On the ride, of course." Then he continues and she widens her eyes and laughs, punching him lightly on the shoulder. "It's okay," she says, then waits a beat before adding, "Thrill me."

A smug nod and grin, Derek is comfortable beating the imaginary boyfriend. They're up next as the line moves. It whirls into action again, some voice their enjoyment, others spin in silence. He looks at her and laughs when she punches his arm. His shoulders lift and scrunch a little as they take the blow from her and he counters, "Hey now, that's getting serious. I'd love to thrill you." He holds up his hand like he'll punch back, but just holds it up and if she doesn't stop, help almost tap her jaw with a closed fist, it will open at the last moment. Curled fingers under chin and thumb on top of it, like holding her there, or lifting her to look at him. Like he might just lean in there, but maybe its just to touch her a moment. The line starts to move, he looks into her eyes, then moves to find a car for them to sit in and spin..

Annaliese does notice the smug nod accompanied by the grin and she can't help but to grin back at him. As the line moves, she moves with it, and with him. There's a look to him when he scrunches his shoulders after she taps his and there's not any flinch when he holds his hand. Seems she trusts him or thinks she can take a punch to the shoulder. It's a surprise when he curls his fingers under her chin and she meets his eyes, an unabashed curiosity in her own. Her lips part slightly and she gives a soft smile but the line moves then and they are to get on. She laughs, "Saved by the spinning.." and she gets on with him and fastened in to the cart.

As the take the bench, he lets her pick a side, and moves in with her. He moves close to her, shoulder to should. "Okay, you have to lean with me, we'll spin faster." As if to let her know that's the secret to spin with it. Derek is ready, more looking at her as the kid working the ride says the safety precautions about fingers inside the ride, don't get up until the ride stops. Then he lifts an arm, offering it behind her, "I want to hold you, but it helps with the ride too." A simply admittance, its on her if they that close or just shoulder to shoulder, but once it gets going he'll lean with momentum to get them to spin faster from time to time. Chuckling and enjoying, but not so much a screamer.

"Do you?" Annaliese doesn't object, she leans in with him towards the center and holds on to the bar thing, the wheel, as it were. It's when he lifts his arm that she hesitates only slightly before leaning in to him, "It's warmer this way too." But she was totally in it for him holding her, no other reason at all. She leans in with him and as the car spins, she laughs, holding him instead of any bar, enjoying it, not screaming, but laughing and giving him a smile or three.

As the ride starts, he agrees, "It is … warmy and cozy-ier." If that's a word, if not Derek just went with it, but sounds like one. Of course the ride goes for minutes, swinging one way then the other to get their car thing to twirl around, and have to lean into it, be the fastest spinning car or something. Not tht it matters. When its down, he can't stop smiling. "Well, you're a regular pro at this. I think we won?" Not that he paid much attention else wise either. Then he leans in a little, his arm not coming away from wrapped around her somehow as they transition off the ride and walking for another potentially. Giving a slight pull with fingers at her shoulders, "I think we're good, at making our other boyfriend and girlfriend jealous, I think we should keep doing it."

Cozier, of course it was a word and that's what it was, cozier! While they ride, she is pressed against him at times and he against her at others, and Annaliese seems to be enjoying it a lot. As soon as it stops spinning, she offers a high five, "We did win." Whatever there was to win, real or imagined. Once they leave the ride, she leans in to him a little again since his arm was still around her, and she lifts her free hand, the one not with the rose, and laces her fingers with his, up near her shoulder. "Some jealousy, I've heard, is important in a relationship." Maybe she hadn't heard it, but it fit the moment, "So maybe we should. I agree. Where to next?"

After the tilt-a-whirl, there was a few more rides, the thrill sort. Harmless, but close of course. More teasing about things like who is exotic, or who has a significant other. His arm tends to find her, a hand to hold, or to wrap around her. That it's cold is a good reason, but really just to be with her. A turn from the rides, towards the midway, and the looming ferris wheel. With a grin on his face as they walk, Derek turns to Anna, "We'll, I think I have to own up and admit it." Left hanging for half a moment more than needed, "I think I'm glad you found your way here." To Shady Cover, whatever it took to get her here, and then he doesn't want to ponder if she ever has to go away either too. They walk and he turns one of the games, the one where you flip frogs off a catapult thing with a rubber mallet trying to land them on lily pads. "I think you should win me something."

The tilt-a-whirl had been interesting fun but the excuse to remain close to him was accepted and actually encouraged by Annaa as well. She keeps the hand in hers, fingers laced as they walk towards the midway. A glance at the ferris wheel has her craning her head back to look towards to top in the highest cart to see if there was a couple there or not. Not seeing anything, she looks back towards him then the game he indicates. "Those frogs look plenty innocent to me, why would I want to go flipping them around?" She laughs, releasing his hand and reaching into a back pocket so she can extract some cash to hand over. "Okay, I will win you something," she tells him confidently, stepping out from under his arm to reach for the rubber mallet with a grin. "Here goes."

Catching her glance, Derek isn't certain what she is looking for other than the ferris wheel itself. Maybe agreeing, he wants to go there to, not contemplating other couples atop the ferris wheel. "Its more like leaping frogs, becuase they like to jump. You're just helping him, get onto his lilypad there. Community service, for frogs." Chuckling as he sas it, enjoying the game at hand as it is. Coats and all, there is still that hint of cold where his arm and hand is no longer near her. "The big frog, so I always remember you … whenever I take it out of the closet." He could of said every night, but went closet last moment. A grin and he steps back. "All you do is aim it and hit it, right in." When she steps up to move and aim, he'll playfully poke/pull her elbow as if making it challenging.

The ferris wheel temporarily forgotten, Anna holds the rubber mallet in hand as she studies the circling lily pads. There's a look to Derek at his choice of words and she rolls her eyes playfully. "Community service for frogs. Next we'll have it for penguins, which I can sympathize with right now since they always have to live in this cold, cold weather." She shivers for good measure, just as she is about to whack at the metal thing to launch the frog towards the lily pad. When he pulls her elbow, the rubber mallet misses the metal trebuchet all together and slams into the stand. She giggles and pokes an elbow at him, but it's a gentle poke and covered in thick parka, "You're going to make me break the stand. If that happens," she murmurs for only him, "Grab a frog and run. Can't have your closet going lonely."

"Penguins, I can sympathize with them too, my job to warm things up I think." A little touch to her back, support that he is there. Derek doesn't help that idea by playing with her elbow. "Okay, if you break it, I'm going to grab and run!" He laughs, then leans in a little, "Won't be the frog I'm grabbing though." His hand to her back, it lowers a little more. Not to her rear so much, but implying briefly, that he'd grab and take her, to keep his closet from going lonely, or himself. Then he stops fidgeting with her, so she can try to win a frog. "Okay, this one for team us, win it, make our others jealous, you can do this Anna. I have all the confidence in the world … but I'm still ready to grab and run …"

… small frog won …

She played the game without him interfering, and won something. Showing off, he teases just a little. But gladly accepts the frog she won for him. Not the big one for like hitting the smallest lily pad or getting all frogs on a lily pad, but its a frog from her. Derek was grateful, saying he had to win something for her now. Which he doesn't do, but the carney feels sorry enough, lets him just buy something. A little eagle stuffed animal, american bald eagle type, patriotic for him, teasingly playful for her (and like her's was amphibious for him, his for her is avian curiously enough). They walk and play more, the sun starts to go down, he eventually turns for that ferris wheel. He turns her for the line, "I think we got our excitement all out, we should relax. I could really show you the city from the top of the ferris wheel I bet." And his arm is about her waist, respectfully with his hand placement, and he holds her close. Meaning he just wants to sit with her and relax, and he does think it romantic even. Hoping she will go up with him.

It had been a fun game and Anna had barely managed to get a frog or two on the lily pad. She does win a small one and with a grin she motions towards the choices. Once he has selected the prize, she grins at him for his choice. It's when he also plays and wins a prize for her that she accepts it with a smile, "Thank you." An eagle, there's a curious look, was there a meaning for it? She gives it a little cuddle, she obviously appreciated it! After a few more games, she does nod towards the ferris wheel at the suggestion, an eager nod at that. "I would love to see the city from up there." Craning her neck back, she looks up at it. Walking at his side, she heads towards it, "I think it will be nice to see the placement in relation to the businesses from up in the sky," she says wistfully.

"Perfect," grins Derek, looking at her as she looks up and getting them in line. It moves slowly enough, but off season, few folks going that way. Its a couple of others before them until they get a care. "I think I'll enjoy the view from up their no matter what." More her, his eyes stay there just the same. Then he concedes as well, "And you'll learn the city faster, for sure." A pause, they enjoy the moment, he has few words, but as they get closer, he returns, "You on a sports team back home, gonna join one here?" And he'll let her answer, only curious as they go.

Before long its their turn, and he offers her to get in first, and he comes in with her, moving to center, pulling her towards him. Sucking in a breath, maybe a hint of nerves in their. They'd shared a lot, but ferris wheel is totally next step regardless. "Might not be as beautiful as your home, but its a view." He's still looking at her. As their cart rocks to go up, he tries a hand move, his other hand to touch her knee, rest on her pants/jeans.

Anna waits in line with him, watching the ferris wheel moving for the others ahead until they get to their turn. It's when he allows her first, she steps in and scoots over for him to join her. When he does, she looks out towards the water briefly, but her attention goes back to him as if drawn there. The ferris wheel.. butterflies take flight in her stomach and as he slips an arm around her, she leans in to him a little, holding her eagle in one hand. "Oh I like it here already. It has its own charm. Learning it has been really interesting so far." When the cart rocks, she looks at him especially as his hand finds her knee and rests there. "I don't know about sports.. I love the swim team but not sure about joining it here. What about you?"

A slight look outwards as of just thinking about the location, but Derek is more focused on her too. The moment, the ferris wheel. "I'm glad you like it here, I'm hoping you stick around." Even if she's at the mercy of her parents, he can hope she has a say in the matter of course. A nod about swim team, she did mention liking the water arleady. Makes since. Then he says softly, "I used to wrestle back home, but I haven't joined a team here either." A slight shrug, his eyes lower over her face, struggle to get back up to her eyes. "Just taking each moment as it comes now, uncertain what to do next." More menaing he started school with goals in mind, but now, its day to day in his life.

Oh yeah! The news! Anna looks at him with a smile, "My parents decided to go back," she leaves that hanging there briefly. "To pack up things and bring them here, they have found a house to live for the duration of my schooling." At least till then. "But in the off months," if there are any, "We can go back home to where I live and spend the time." His own confession is surprising. "Wrestling? I think that would be fun to watch." His eyes meeting her features brings her attention straight back to his eyes, his words taking on a double meaning. "Just enjoy life I guess?"

"Good," he agrees, not quit letting it out as a thankful sigh that they will stay here for her schooling. Derek is happy its more long term though. That confidence returning a bit at that even. His hand is not just a light touch of fingers or a breeze of a brush but palm down, really touching her leg beneath those jeans of hers. Off months are another thing, she can go back as long as she wants, but means she will return. A nod at wrestling, he says softely, "You should .. watch it sometime." His voice a little deeper, quieter as if its only them in that cart. They pass the top once, no stop, but are going around again at least. "Yeah, just enjoy life, enjoy the moment." Softer still. He's watching her only now. "How is it you don't have a boyfriend, I can't think of anything but …" Eyes to lips, but he doesn't say that, "You. Since we met."

Hearing that he was at least glad she would be sticking around, Anna smiles a little more but as his hand touches her more firmly, her breath hitches a little, "I would like to," she agrees almost breathlessly, "watch it sometime I mean." The view was incredible and she hadn't even looked past him yet. "Yeah," she whispers in agreement to enjoying the moment. His question sort of takes her off guard and her eyes lower to his own lips. "I never met anyone I wanted to be my boyfriend before now," she confesses, giving too much away.

Her soft voice puts more allure to her charm, Derek is stuck on her in this moment. "Until now …" he seems to catch on just what she gave away. "I think I met someone too." He admits softly to her, about to say more. The ferris wheel stops, maybe not exact top, but they're on the forward side, no one else could see them. He lifts his hand from her knee and returns to her chin, this time pulling a little bit. "One thing I've been curious about since we met." He tells her, looking at her lips, then he leans in. Expressing what he was curious of, as both lips fall on her bottom lip, he offers a kiss, or takes one. Whether she has a flavor ot them or not, he seems to enjoy it. Leaning his head to the side to help them meet more readily.

Until now.. Anna had said it, she had meant it and when he returns the sentiment, there is a flare of pleasure in her eyes even as the ferris wheel stops. Still, she doesn't take a look around, she concentrates on him and as he pulls in, she leans in with him, closing her eyes even as his lips find hers. Curious? Certainly, just like him, the flavor was pink cotton candy, sweet and much suited to the fair.

Enjoyed yes, but that taste, there is that small growl in his throat. Just a hint, at liking the flavor there. And the moment lingers, a part of his lips, only to suckle her bottom lip just a little more. Leaning in some until his lips press fully to hears even, the hand moves up from her chin to rest on her cheek. He continues until the ferris wheel jerks lightly into motion, kissing a moment longer, then pulling back to look into her eyes. Whether hers are opened or not, his slowly do open to regard her. "Better than I could of thought," he says, saying his imagination doesn't compare to the real her obviously. "And I bet, they only get better."

The growl was completely interesting.. it brought those butterflies fluttering all over again. The moment was cherished, their first kiss, her lips soft beneath his, tilting her head against his hand that touches her cheek, she gives herself to the moment. As soon as the ferris wheel jerks them and he pulls back, she slowly opens her eyes and finds him looking into hers. The blush is there on her cheeks, but she doesn't look away in the moment. "Much better," she whispers, her own hand lifting to touch gently against his shirt even as the ride commences.

Then continue to go around, he just watches her, enjoying looking into her eyes, as if nothing needs to be said. He'll listen to anything she has, but silently enjoy her company and the ride for his part. As the get off, he walks with her down the ramp and when others are away and they are under the neon glow again, he pulls her into a hug and another kiss. Not as soft as the first, its more affectionate, less passionate. Just another kiss, a reassuring kiss that its what he wants. Then he grins. "That was the ferris wheel. Have to top that I think next time. I'm thinking top of the light house or something. Not that I know if the pizza place is still open for people to get up there, but we'll have to find a way I think."

Meeting is eyes, Anna doesn't say anything for the moment, but she does speak with her eyes. An amazing kiss with no regrets, certainly. They are taken to the bottom and as they get off, she allows him to lead her off to whatever direction that he wants. Beneath the neon, she faces him as he pulls her in for another and she gives as much as she had before. Only wen he separates again does she glance towards the ferris wheel and then the lighthouse further down glowing softly in the night. "If they allow it, I would like to go up there. Or if we have to find a way, that could be interesting too."

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