(2016-03-12) Almost Forgot
Almost Forgot
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Date: 2016-03-12
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Annaliese hadn't yet begun school, she had to go back home and tie up a few things with her home schooling she had been doing and wait for the 'transcripts' to be transferred to the new one. It was Saturday, but not quite a week since she had met with Derek. That would be at seven that night. At the moment it was more around noon and she was strolling along the coast where it was less trafficy. Of course it wasn't crowded anywhere at the moment, not with it still being March and the weather being unpredictable. It wasn't as cold as it was prior, so the lightweight hoodie that Anna was wearing sufficed.

Her feet were covered in a pair of pink Converse that complemented the 'stressed' look of her jeans and the pink and blue of the hoodie. There is a look cast out over the water, unaware of the islands out further out. School wasn't a thing yet though, since she hadn't started, and she had not even toured it yet. While she walks, she considers this new place where she would be staying, having left for a walk while her mother was still in the bed and breakfast they had rented, sleeping.

Back to shore, to feel that sense of freedom of not being associated to the school, Derek has had his coffee for the morning. Going for the adult feeling of maturity it brings him probably without having any real want or need for caffeine as it is with some adults. So, he has shirt and shorts on. The shirt is dark, some band shirt. Some local group from where ever he is from that no one knows or may care to know. And its faded, he just wears its for comfort. Shorts are blue, revealing his legs some, which end in black Etnies. Looks like he could be up for anything, from the park to playing some sport to sitting around doing nothing. Casual. There he is then at the beach to look out quietly over the water a moment and who should he see …So he stands from his spot, thrusts hand into pockets and tries to approach with a cool demeanor. He tries to come up behind and to the side of her, "Hey, this is good, a little early but you found me."

So many things to contemplate when your life changed so much and Annaliese was dealing with it like a pro. Or something. She has her hands in her hoodie pockets as she strolls along, unaware she is even being observed. When she does hear the voice that alerts her to the presence of another, she hesitates and turns towards him, a crooked smile given when she recognizes the face behind the voice. His assumption does bring an arched brow, but it's more curious than anything. Taking in his chosen attire, she shivers a little, "Aren't you cold in shorts?" Ha. Leave it to her to bring up the weather again. Riveting conversationalist that she is. "Early? Oh? Was that today?" Yeah, she knew, but she's not letting on that she does!

"What? Cold," ponders Derek with a grin on his face, "This is starting to get warm." That or she's in for a surprise when it gets really cold come winter. He turns to face her. If she keeps walking, he walks backwards, otherwise, he's facing her at least. A raise of his eyebrows, a blink, incredulous. Maybe feigned in part. One hand comes out of a pocket, "Really, I'm that forgettable?" The hand splays fingers out, he palms his chest, then towards town, "Remember, Mug Shot, some coffee …." Then he exaggerates a sigh, "I guess I need to work on being more interesting. And here I was even looking forward to later." But a grin, and he turns to look past her at the water, more really her, just the ocean back there is sort of something he could be looking at while checking her out of course.

It was certainly warmer today than it had been the other day at least and so it's the hoodie instead of her thick parka and it does much less to hide her figure. Annaliese faces him when he walks backwards towards her and she offers him a half smile. Seeing him acting wounded, she relents a little bit. "I would have remembered by tonight and met you there probably." Catching the grin, she laughs, "So you came out here looking for me early?" And even though she is walking the coastline, she stays well away from the water. Almost notably so.

He couldn't argue her figure, Derek's eyes wouldn't lie that the admiration was there. Instead he's trying to focus on her words, and the conversation. Its slightly hard certainly. "Ahh," he concedes at her relent, she would have remembered by tonight, probably. Cute, he would give that to her, but he couldn't show it so much. The corner of his lips curled up a little but he fought it back down before it did show too much. Noting the distance to the water, he ponders, but accepts that she knows its cold this time of year maybe. "Yes," he says, "I absolutely came looking for you, I was hoping you were on the beach, catching some sun." No, he wasn't looking for her, he does play a long, and a slight hint to his tone, her getting sun, less clothes maybe.

Annaliese was perhaps a bit enchanted by him as well but she didn't want him to know it. What if he had a girlfriend or something? Yeah, she knew next to nothing about him except that he apparently admired her own figure. That was something at least. At his confession in that playful way, she laughingly shakes her head. "Well when the sun comes out enough to warm the town I may just consider that…" But her voice sounds highly dubious. "So we pretend we both remembered and it's time to meet.. Where from here then?"

He didn't know he had any bit of enchantment, all Derek know was exotic girl, curious eyes and he was intrigued by her. Nothing known but he wasn't about to start some questions, he had to play off that he was cool, see if he could provoker her curiosity more. The sun coming out, that's a good start, even if she sounded dubious. He might have curiosity to see her, yet the curiosity to know her was more driving him in the moment. "Okay, we pretend then … there is a serious challenge here in town, everyone has to go through it. Its the 18 at AstroPark, might be too serious for you though…." He means putt-putt.

Exotic.Annaliese didn't know she was exotic! He was enchanting. A new guy from a new land what wasn't interesting about that? Still she did try and not look so interested, she was too uncertain about him for now. Despite her efforts, the gleam of interest does occasionally make its way into her expression in her more unguarded moments. Hearing the suggestion, the interest jumps into her features and she nods enthusiastically before she can refrain and a smile curves her lips. "AstroPark. I like it!"

They could both play slightly towards coy, or aloof even. Its the little things that slip through that keep it just as interesting for Derek. As if a slight victory itself, that moment she nods with enthusiasm and is agreeing nets a smile fro hi too. She is interested, even if only fun, but fun is a good start too. "Perfect, then you may end up liking it here." Cause everyone who moves must like the old place better certain. He nods with his head back towards town proper, where the amusement park is. "If I stay interesting through the challenge, do I get a chance to split some nachos with you? Celebrate my victory?"

It wasn't Annaliese's intention to be deliberately coy but it may come across that way. That he even asked her out did help alert her to his interest in her as well, but whether passing or not only time could tell. Looking from him back towards the water, the breeze stirs her hair and her eyes seem to reflect the aquamarine of the water. "I don't know if I like it here or not yet since I didn't get to start school quite yet. Had some things to do back home for the week and ma and I are staying at the bed and breakfast in town for the moment. Ms. Carson is really nice and a grand cook." Her lips twitch with amusement. "If you remain interesting then I will split nachos with you. Even if only to celebrate my victory." Two can play at that game!

Derek walks and listens, meaning to walk them in the direction of the AstroPark. Ms. Carson he may know, by name at least. He's close enough to be local having gone to school here for a few years himself, but not enough to know the town as it where. As they walk, his hands find their way back to pockets and he looks sidelong at her, noting the blue of her eyes, the way the wind sweeps at her hair. "You're folks gonna get a place then?" Just curious on that topic, more about her personally. Then she challenges back. "Oh, if you win is it? That remains to be scene, but I notice you're already stealing my idea of nachos for your win too."

Whether he knows the owner of the bed and breakfast, Annaliese isn't aware, but she does assume he knows at least the proprietor of the coffee shop since he loitered there when she met him. His question about her parents brings a more guarded look. "I want them to." She hesitates a moment before elaborating but only slightly. "I don't want them to go back home. They are considering it and looking at the town." She doesn't tell him she will have to stay and go to school here either way because that was nontraditional when regular schools are involved. Of course it left open the thoughts on whether or not she would be remaining if her parents opted not to stay. Watching as his hands found his pockets, she does the same with her own, slipping them into her own pockets of her hoodie. As hey walk, she listens and outright laughs. "Stealing your idea? Oh we could make it more interesting. The loser has to actually purchase he nachos then. Is it a wager then ?"

Derek listens as she talks, that uncertainty there for him. She might not stay here in his mind if his parents decide to go back to wherever she came from. As if a set back in the moment, he's not a jerk either that would leave knowing she might go back. "In that case, we'll make the best of your stay. You're in luck, you met the best guy for that. We'll do everything in town here while we can." He heads up from the beach then, towards where they can see a ferris wheel up the hill, sticking out over the trees finally. He laughs and nods, "Yes, and when you go to buy them, I'll take jalapenos please." Teasing right along of course. "They have putt-putt where you come from you're saying, or you counting on some luck in this match?"

His reaction does reassure her, but Annaliese cannot give away her secret or anything since the school is something not generally known about. It's not her right to share it. Her eyes light up and she removes a hand from her pocket to brush her hair behind her ear that keeps blowing across her lips as they walk. "Thank you. I do look forward to the grand tour then. Maybe it'll give me the opportunity to have things to tell my parents about in regards to the town in general." As they head up from the beach, she takes in the look of the ferris wheel and the other attractions and her expression doesn't dim any. Taking the teasing as well, she bobs her head in a nod, "Jalapenos it is and when I win, I want extra cheese." So there! "I don't know if they have putt-putt, but they have miniature golf." Oh yes, that is definitely mischief in her eyes. "I have skills, Derek, so many skills."

Grinning as the head for the arch leading into AstroPark, Derek looks to the ground a moment as she speaks. Merely watching where he is going, he's seen the park, so he can be indifferent to it as s sight. His head rotates, still cocked towards the ground, just a rotation to turn eyes up towards her. Something to tell her parents, maybe that will help them decide to stay around here. Then she is teasing him back now. Extra cheese noted, no reason to give in and say he likes that too. "Well, if I have to." More to be said, but then this putt-putt vs. miniature golf debate. "Well, we're not quite so fancy around these parts, no miniature golf. No country clubs." Of course, if she reads the ticket signs, one of the prices is for a round of miniature golf, no putt-putt listed there. He pauses before going up to get a round there. "Oh, you have some skills?" The way he says it implies something more, "I can't wait to see these skills of yours Anna."

The arch that serves as the entry way into the park gets a cursory once over and Annaliese finds she does rather like the look of it. Past the entrance she looks towards the ferris wheel and the other rides on display and files that away for another time, remaining beside him as they walk towards the golf. Seeing the signs, she doesn't point it out, simply leaves it to the fun of putt-putt versus mini golf. "Definitely extra cheese," she laughs, not really worried about it, but liking to tease him. "I have been to a country club, kind of." She grins, checking him out, liking that sideways way he had of looking at her. It looked so good on him and the implication when he asks… well perhaps it stirs interest in him more than she was intending to put into her expression. Her lips quirk a little and she rolls her eyes, "Wait until we get on the course."

He's more intent on watching where he walks and catching the looks towards her, some when he thinks she might not be looking. Sometimes she catches him of course, and Derek doesn't look away, but rather is confident in letting her know he's looking at her. A slight lift of his eyes, inviting the return of her to catch him thusly. "Wait, kind of? That sounds like a story, you and some friends walking the golf course after the club closed, had a picnic on the 18th green?" Just a thought, maybe. A chuckle as she rolls her eyes, slightly deeper than before, the innuendo there enough. "Sure, I've been looking forward to it since … we decided to come up and play. The big question is, who gets the green ball. Everyone know's its the luckiest color." And her aquamarine eyes get a look, the green and blue there leading him to ponder green and her in general.

Oh Annaliese is noticing the looks, sure she is, how could she not when she is stealing a few of her own towards him? Catching the look he means for her to she laughs and shakes her head, "Sort of a coming out party thing for the girls in my class when we reached sixteen. It was at the country club. My father loves golfing, I usually avoid going there. Fountains, the water hazards, the sprinklers, so many things." Realizing they all involved water, she quickly adds, "And sand traps. I would rather play mini golf." With the selection of the ball at hand, she looks over the colors and selects a bright pink one with a yellow stripe around it. "The best of both worlds, I will take this one." Except she does look at his a little enviously, but perhaps it's the teasing look that accompanies it that hints green isn't her very favorite color.

Ahh, the realization on his face, she wasn't into country clubs but family. Coming out party, a few steps above the life he came from. The grin remains there, amused just the same with her. Different worlds, but they already had that anyways, whats one more difference. "Swimming even," from the sounds of it with all the water, good thing she tacked on sand traps. "Yeah, I prefer windmills and jumping the ball to regular golf too." Though sounds like he has never played, just going with that though. Glad he got green, but knowing its not her favorite color now, he lets her select club first. Taking the little pencil and score sheet. Heading for hole one, the only 'normal' one on the course, he takes the stand. "Player 1 … Derek … Player 2 …Anna. Just cause you'll come in second, but you can take first putt." Teasing, he looks up at her, skips a beat, "Or first stroke, sorry, I'll try miniature golf …"
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Annaliese doesn't really consider herself the country club crowd even if her parents may. Her demeanor isn't really snooty like most in that crowd. She does give him an easy smile, looking from him to the windmill and obstacles on the course as she does. Selecting a club, she offers it to him before taking one for herself. "Thank you for bringing me," because obviously he had paid her way, like he had paid for her coffee the week before. Watching as he writes the names, she checks out his handwriting then laughs at the challenge he keeps tossing out there. "I will putt first, so I can show you how it's done." The word stroke tossed in, she widens her eyes a little and blushes ever so slightly, but gives him a bit of a saucy smile before she places the ball down, aims then swings at it. '

Gladly taking the club offered, not a second thought about it, Derek shakes his head. "Nah, if anyone from school sees me, they'll be jealous." Left at that, but implied him with her, other would be jealous just the same. So no need for thanks, or more he should be thanking her for the company. His handwriting isn't bad, its readable, but he's not going to be writing official documents for anyone, anytime soon. A slight turn up at the word stroke, catching her blush even. Then the saucy smile, he likes it. "Okay, show me how its done." And she takes her first stroke, he watches her, her body. "Oh, I can definitely see what your talking about now." A chuckle again, somewhat forward, its more a tease too. That's not rushing for with the hope of anything other than enjoying her company. "If you need pointers, I can show you." As her ball moves for the whole, he gets his ball ready to follow along during play.

Annaliese is really enjoying the conversation even more so than the game itself. She does take the putt and the ball bounces off the curve and towards the hole, but it stops short. It's a three par hole at least and she walks up towards the end before turning to watch him take his first, not finishing her own until he has taken his first, trying to be polite. While she plays, she mulls over in her mind what he said and finally comes to one conclusion, "So do you have a girlfriend?" No other reason for some to be jealous right? "Does she go to school with you?" She has nothing to base public school off of, but she does seem genuinely interested in his response.

Taking a moment to line up his putt, as she turns back to look at him, Derek pulls back the club ready to release but gives a pause. Only his eyes go up to her in that moment and he responds, "What, no … no girlfriend." He pulls the club back just a little more, looking to the ball, then back to her, "Why, do you have a boyfriend back home?" Then he slightly grins, maybe hoping the same situation, but not trying to focus too hard on it. So he takes his shot, coming up near hers at that end. "Someone to go back home too?" Not just cause of parents, or school. He avoids talking more about school on his side as well.

Annaliese watches him not only for the shot but for his response to the question that sort of puts him on the spot. He handles it like a champ though, and the response is good, seeming a little sincere in delivery. Hopefully he was telling the truth? Why it mattered to her so much, she doesn't allow herself to consider at the moment. "I don't have a boyfriend, no. I have been home schooled so haven't been out much except in the town I live in." She laughs, shaking her head, "No one back home to go home to except my best friend Misty. She's really fun." In that best friend sort of way.

He comes down, his shot is farther out, he'll need the three to finish the hole. Derek watches her for the moment, that turn of his smile that is playful. Showing more interest when she says no boyfriend. "She could come out some time," he offers, reducing the necessity to go back home but instead stay in Shady Cove of course. Still up to her parents in the end, but hey, he could still try to butter her up. "You could introduce us." Not her friend to him that way, more they might still be hanging out implied. Uncertain of course, an after thought. "Let her know who took your miniature golf championship ring from you." His second shot out of way, its her go, he waits politely the same. "You always this much fun?" A direct question at least.

Annaliese continues the playing, sinking her own in two strokes at least, putting her only marginally in the lead. She looks to him when he mentions her best friend and shrugs just a little at the ideas he tosses out there about it. "Introduce you to Misty?" She ponders that but offers a bit of a nod. "If she ever comes this way, sure, that could be fun." Her smile returns at the last question, "Oh no, usually I am terribly boring. I blame you."

Of course he goes with maybe introductions only if she comes out as a possible keep him to herself thing. Who knows though, Derek returns, "There, a lead to start with, like a handicap." As if more of a chance, but really won fair and square just the same. "I'll take the blame, and I must beg do differ, nothing close to terribly boring. I think I'll let you try though … to bore me." He takes his three strokes, writes them down ready for the rest of the round. "If I end up bored, next adventure is on me." Leaving it less subjective, he could say he's not bored simply to avoid paying for this next adventure. The round continues.

"A handicap," Annaliese chuckles softly, "Believe me, I have no need of one of those." Her aquamarine eyes sparkle with amusement with a hint of mischief in their depths. "You want me to try and bore you?" She feigns a yawn and leans a hip against one of the structures, just holding her club in one hand, her ball in the other. "I could tell you about home schooling, that would bore anyone." Her accent still as exotic as last week, she regards him with a curious look. "Next adventure? Does that mean you're asking me out on a second date? People will start to talk and make all of these assumptions. And I haven't even sung to you yet. Oh but it's only if I bore you." Another saucy grin is tossed his way before she turns and heads for the next hole, twirling her club beside her a little. She looks back over her shoulder at him. "So if you're not bored, does that mean no next adventure or just that I am funding it?"

Ready for the next hole, Derek has more focus on her as she plays back at him, and leans a hip as if bored. That only helps him lose focus on her eyes a moment to see the way she leans there, but she quickly has his focus back where it belongs. "Yes, whoever is most bored will sponsor our next adventure." A grin and a nod, "A second date, does that mean we get to count this as a first? Considering you almost forgot about it and its spur of the moment?" His smile kept in check, as much fun as he's having, as if it doesn't matter either way if it is a date, and yet, even as he puts his ball on the mat to begin the next hole, his eyes belie this and look up at her curious of her answer of course.

There's a look filled with restrained laughter as Annaliese manages to not guffaw there in front of him at least. "We could count this as a first date since the first time we met and you bought me coffee doesn't count. It means we're well on our way to the second date with that bit thrown in." Of course she tries to be blase about it, but she fails when a bit of laughter escapes anyway. "Good thing I only almost forgot about it. It would have been a pity to miss out on all of this fun." She watches as he prepares for the next hole, but when he looks up at her again, she purses her lips slightly. "I agree to it then, the most bored one funds the next adventure."

"Right?" Derek throws that in about missing out on fun, his ball rolling away. This hole has a few blocks in the way, nothing fancy yet, those are in the middle and towards the end. His ball bounces around and ends up sort of near the hole at least. He's too busy looking back at her, glad it was an almost forgot as well. Right, thankful cause it would of been a pity. Moving down the hole to wait for her to join him, he looks back at her, standing on the brick/concrete on the side of the hole. The putter goes on the back of his neck and he dangles his hands from it, blase as well. "This is a good date, but I didn't plan on any particular dinner. We might have to make up our meals as we go along." Just saying, then his left hand falls and the right hand pulls the putter off his shoulders like a sword for a moment, he stabs an imaginary pirate or something, then uses it like a cane to support himself. "Wait, if neither are bored, then do we split the next adventure, or need another way to determine who shall put up the funds?"

Annaliese places her own ball down on the turf at the end before looking back up at him. When he holds the club behind his back, she admires the definition of his chest beneath the shirt as it's pulled taut, but he changes position to effectively distract her. She laughs, lifting her own putter, 'En garde!" Lowering hers when he does, she looks back down at the ball. "I thought the nachos were dinner." She hits her ball and sends it to his end so that as she approaches, she can watch him again. "If neither are bored, I say we're both winners and we can split the next one, agreed."

Not realizing she was checking him out, Derek is daft in the way most boys are when it comes to girls looking at them. But she get's a laugh when the cross putters a moment. He moves to putt his ball along, she can see his rear if she wanted to of course. "So, you are the dread pirate Anna?" He putts his ball, getting it in two, forcing her to make it in two or the game could be tied now. "We will both be winners then. The question remains, what will the next date be?" He looks up at her, her turn to put, he'll do some checking out of course. "How can it be Nacho dinner, if its nacho dinner?" The later part said in the 'not your' context in a play of words. "Then its extra cheese and jalapenos! I think I won."

A few times Anna had caught him checking her out, so she knows he's sort of interested at least. There's a questioning look tossed towards him before she sinks her own ball after the third putt. "I am the dread pirate, for sure." She even arrs a little afterwards. "I don't know what the next date would be since I'm not sure what all the town offers, but I'm willing to check it out whatever you offer." She hesitates then grins, "And you could show me all of the sights of the town, a sort of tour, if you wanted. But that may take a few days to get a really good, detailed description of it all." Is she hinting at even a further date? Maybe! Straightening after collecting both of their balls, she offers him his in the flat of her palm. "It is my dinner though, unless you wanted tons of cheese and jalapenos on pizza instead." Joking back about the nacho cheese.

Taking his ball back, he likes the pirate talk, maybe a few more duels along the way as they play through the round. Some talks about stuff around town to do, for those their age at least. He focuses on the park here, seeing some sights and camping around the cove and islands. Joking about who will win or lose, he just plays his game, maybe hints as well at more dates, and the time needed to see the town itself at least. Finally finishing the last hole, he sinks a put that nets the win. "Well, there we go, looks like my dinner. I'll stick with the nachos, keeps us in the park, we can watch the sunset later or something?" Not knowing when she needs to go back to her folks and all of course. No balls to pick up, the 18th hole keeps them to prevent free rounds as usual. He head nods near the midway area to stroll and get that food/reward. "So, we're far enough along on our date, I can ask where you're from finally? You sort of got where I'm from already I think."

Annaliese had fun going through all of the holes with him, sometimes pulling ahead, sometimes falling behind. When it counted though, on the final, she had taken too long to sink her own ball and he had won. She applauds him after tucking her putter under her arm then walks with him to turn them in. "Looks like you get the jalapenos, my treat." Once the club was handed over, she looks back towards him, curious, "The sunset? Sounds romantic.." but she doesn't decline it at least. "It sounds like fun too." Strolling along beside him, she tilts her head up to look at him when he asks. Her response? "Costa Rica. I like your accent though, all New York sounding."

There is a overplayed arm to abs and a bow at the applause, tacking the win with some grace. Romantic? That earns a curious glance her way, still confident, but more curious again. Derek looks at her then walks along with her, to return clubs and head for the food court area of the park. "Romantic fun, hope you're up for it." Not that its a question. "I don't think I have one, but then again, like yours. I don't think mines so sexy as yours, but I'll take it." Arms swinging, there might be a brush, then finger and thumb sort of latch to her hand, as if testing those waters. "Explains why you're cold though, I'll keep that in mind."

"Thank you," Anna tells him simply of liking her accent. It was as much a part of her as anything else, so she is glad it was something he thought was sexy at least. As they walk towards the food court, she feels the brush but decides it was an accident. When she is proven wrong and he tentatively takes her hand, she doesn't pull her own back, simply laces her fingers with his, if that was his intention at least. "I hope it does get warmer, warm enough for more summer activities."

It was, his fingers slide between hers as she opens up, or accepts hers lacing with his, depending on perspective perhaps. Derek nods to her, "It does, maybe not as warm as you're used to, but low 80s usually. Enough to enjoy some time at the beach." He can's speak for all day in the water though at that temperature, but enough to enjoy the beach in his mind at least. "I never asked, but I'm curious, what grade are you in?" A grin and a look towards her, "I'm sure Costa Rican women mature faster, have to make sure I'm not hanging with a freshman you know."

With their fingers laced together, Annaliese looks down at them a moment, a smile playing over her features. There is a glance towards the water when he mentions spending time at the beach, and a thoughtful nod is given. "I love spending time on the beach and in the water. It's my favored past time." Trying for nonchalance, the fact is they are holding hands and that's nothing to be nonchalant about in her world at least. His questions surprises her and she outright laughs. "Are you profiling me because I am Costa Rican?" There's a grin given, "A junior."

Walking along the midway, he turns to the nacho vendor place, and watches as she looks at the water. Derek's thumb brushes along her hand, it feels calm on the outside, but a little tremble inside there. Playing towards everyday when in reality some hot girl is holding hands with him. It was a big deal, but he had to keep his cool about him. "The water, then we'll spend some time down there … canoe and beach picnic maybe. I know a place." He orders the nachos from the vendor, then laughs with her. "Yes, I am profiling you, because you're hot, Costa Rican is just a bonus." And profiling in his mind is checking out her profile, not anything beyond that. "Better, I'm a Junior, we'll get each other. Similar topics, depending on what your school is teaching at that grade."

Feeling his thumb brush her hand, Annaliese looks down at the contact before lifting her eyes to his and offering a bit of a gentle smile. He was holding her hand because he wanted to, not because he knew who or what she was. That was new to her and she found she liked it a lot. "Canoe and picnic?" For once a slightly doubtful expression crosses her features. "I don't know about going out in a canoe.. Don't the waves get too rough?" Surely that was as good an excuse as any. When he calls her hot, she laughs, tilting her head a bit to peer up at him, "You're definitely profiling if being Costa Rican is a bonus." She is amused though. At himself being a junior, she looks excited for all about three seconds. "My school? I was home schooled so far, but my parents are sending me to a different one now." She doesn't muse about them being in class together though since hers is a special school and she knows it.

Derek did want to, and through ordering and waiting for food, his hand doesn't let got. "It can, you just need to know how the water is," meaning check weather and sea storms before hand. Did she tilt her head on purpose, he doesn't know but thinks its on purpose to show off her neck. His eyes glance down a moment at her neck. Then a grin, "Sorry, I meant the school you're going too. I have no clue what is used for home schooling, but we may have some of the same books when it comes to class. There is actually a great bookstore in town. The owners is a bit off, the codger, but can get anything you like it seems. The food comes, he picks it up with his other hand, moves
with her to look for a table. "Wait, so it get's a little rough, that's not your style?" More playing back to what she said about the canoe.

"Oh definitely, I always keep tabs on the weather. Like now, I know there's not a chance of rain, not until later in the week." Annaliese quotes from the weather channel app she has on her phone. Catching his eyes dropping to her neck, she nibbles her lower lip, wondering now at the direction of his thoughts if indeed he had looked there on purpose. "We may have had some of the same books this far," she offers by way of changing the subject when he offers it to her. It sure beat thinking about his lips on her neck! Or.. maybe it didn't but it was sure safer. "I love bookstores, we could make go there sometime too." There's a thoughtful look at the mention of the bookstore owner. As he takes the food, she takes the drink with her free hand and turns to find a table with him, or a place to sit. His words surprise her and she laughs. "Rough water? I don't mind it, I just don't think you could handle it."

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