(2016-03-05) Mug Shot
Mug Shot
Summary: Derek and Annaliese meet for the first time.
Date: 2016-03-05
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NPCs: Proprietor of the Coffee Shop
Scene Runner: Nonel

A cool Sunday afternoon in Shady Cove, NH. Grey clouds linger overhead, its warm enough if anything fell from there it would be rain, but it could feel chilly enough one might guess it could be flurries. The town is quiet this time of year at least. Locals only, rare tourists that want to avoid tourist rushes during the summer. Outside of Mugshot, there are a few iron tables set out for anyone daring to go outside with a warm coffee. One such person is Derek. Not sitting, he is out front near the short ramp, on the sidewalk side with his back leaned into that rail. Almost sitting on it, not quite. Indifferent of the location other than propping up is spot. One hand is a hot coffee, steam coming off it into the cool pre-spring. A blue jacket covers him, it looks slightly warn in a comfortable manor. Old but loved, a favorite even. Gloves on his hand, minus the fingers, as if he needed them to text. No texting going on at all. He is looking around casually. As if he could people watch, but not many tourists, no people to watch. Unless someone interesting showed up.

Annaliese was new in town so she's not so adept at finding her way around the town yet. So far she was in luck though, the bookstore was shaped like books, Lighthouse Pizza was shaped like a lighthouse, (go figure) and even the coffee shop had coffee cups on the outside of it. It was decidedly convenient. Coming from a tropical location, she was used to the warmer climate so the forties was downright icy, to her at least. Wearing a parka of white over jeans tucked into knee high furry boots and a white knitted cap over her hair, she looks somewhat like the Michelin man, all puffed up. Her steps are light despite her attire and as she approaches she notices someone loitering outside. There's a glance to him as she moves to step by him but for some reason she hesitates, likely because he was cute, and she decides to try and be all interesting and bring up an exotic topic. Opening her mouth, she says with her soft accented voice, "Is it always this cold here?" Ohboy, the weather was all she could think of?

Not so bundled as her, Derek lifts an eye at her approach. A slight pause in a reading her, the voice catches him. Maybe hints of accent that just isn't here or where ever he is from, which gives him more a pause. A looker even, one brow lifting slightly with that hint of interest. Then he shakes his head, looking back to her eyes. "Nah, sometimes its colder, more earlier in the year. We get snow then." As if it only gets worse, but a beat, and "It will be better in summer, even nice enough to swim in the water." His lips curl towards a grin, curious and uncertain for the moment about her. "I'll take it your not from around here. Visiting family, around for a while maybe?"

Lifting her hands to her pockets, Annaliese tucks them in as she regards him, feeling his gaze on her only serves to bring a quirk to her brow in return. Her eyes widen slightly, "Colder?" It comes out a little more incredulous than she had intended though at the mention of the snow, she outright laughs. "I have seen the snow on the television. It looks terribly cold. It also snows in the south of where I am from but not where I used to live." Not that she discloses where that is, but her accent offers hints. She tilts her head back and looks towards the sky, a dubious look, "I do hope the rain holds off." Oh yes she does! Taking the question, she rolls it around a little, making assumptions of her own with it. "You are from around here then if you are able to detect a foreigner?" Not answering directly.

Derek remains curious, as if determining which he finds most intriguing about her. He shifts a little on his rail and looks down at his steaming coffee as if being indifferent. "Never, you may be in for a surprise if we get a cold front." Then again, she never said she was permanent here. Only she hasn't lived where she is now all her life. A look up, head down turned, hopeful in that she might be staying even. "It should be fine, but if you like, you could get a coffee … to warm up." Then he pushes off the rail with his backside, turning more towards her and lifting his head finally. "Not from New Hampshire, but close enough, New York. We'll get snow, but a few more feet during lake effect where I'm from." Then he grins a little, "Is this your thing, show up, all exotic, see what a fella is willing to do?" Eyes to the door, like he'd spot for that coffee.

Annaliese watches his indifference, takes note of it and tries not to respond with anything other than mild curiosity. Of the handful of people she had met since her arrival, he was certainly the most.. intriguing? Certainly the better looking of any. "You mean the weather could still turn.. colder? In March?" What a revolting development! At the reminder of coffee, she looks towards the Mugshot and bobs her head up and down in a nod, "Coffee is a good idea." Though hadn't he already gotten his? Curious as he pushes off the rail, she realizes he was going inside with her, or leaving. To find out which, she takes a few steps towards the door as she continues talking. "New York. I would like to see it someday. The epitome of America?" Another quirk of her brows at the compliment, "Exotic?" She muses on that, "So what exactly is a fella willing to do?"

"Yeah, it can sometimes, at least it melts away faster if it snows this late in the season," he says, as if everyday business. A nod as he heads to get the door for her even, moving around the rail to walk up the ramp for it. "It'll warm you up at least. It has that going for it, Shady Cove." Moving to get that door for her even. "Yeah, something like that, where I am from was less Metropolitan, more … homey?" That could be a word, so he settles on it. "For starters, figure out how to warm you up some, if it means listen to you talk a little more." Inside, he'll close the door gently, let her look around. Giving her that moment, "Does it?" Get him more time.

"I like the cove, it's really pretty." Perhaps she means the actual cove and not the second word of the town. A solemn nod is given with a slightly curious look, "I can imagine it makes a mess when it melts. Snow, I mean." As he moves ahead to get the door, surprise flickers in her aquamarine eyes, "Thank you," she says politely, stepping inside ahead of him. "Something warm sounds perfect." Once inside, she tugs her hands free of her pockets and removes the gloves and places them in her pockets. "So on the outskirts of New York City?" Not really understanding it herself, having heard simply of New York being big, busy and loud. Taking a look around inside, she heads for the counter, not taking a seat as of yet. Instead, she looks to him with a lopsided smile that holds tons of mystery, "Maybe." She tells him simply. "Perhaps hang around and see?"

"Its the sea, hard to skate on, salt doesn't like to freeze apparently," he smirks a little at the thought. Inside, he's seen it before, so he rather focuses on her for the moment. In front of him, his eyes trail down then back up of course. Derek makes note of her figure, but its her eyes that captivate him in the moment. Her warm skin tones with the aquamarine of her eyes. She must know her eyes do that, surely she was doing it on purpose now. "Regular coffee, or prefer something with flavor … mocha, latte … some vanilla mixed in?" As if she knows all about coffees, cause all kids seem to like caffeine was a fine drink to have and knowing all the differences made one better somehow. A hand comes up to that counter, as if to let the clerk know he's going to spot for her coffee. "Yeah, that worked, you got me, hanging around to see. And you're still talking, a bonus."

"Skating on the sea?" That sounded odd to Annaliese and she laughs, a soft sound. "Does salt not freeze?" It wasn't something she had ever considered, but it did make a certain sense. Once at the counter, her fingers move towards the fastening of her coat and she works them as she looks over the posted menu. The many options sort of confused her so she does opt for some that he mentions. "Something with flavor. Mocha latte with vanilla." Maybe not exactly what was expected, her to repeat him, but she does seen another interesting addition so she mentions it, "And caramel." Because that sounded good. After removing her coat, she places it over one arm and looks at him in time to catch the once over. She again laughs softly, but doesn't exactly shy back from the look, nor does she realize what her eyes seem to do to him. They do seem to relay she also likes what she sees. "You do seem to encourage conversation by making it interesting to talk to you."

That laugh, it had some magic to it, the same as her eyes. What was this power she had, why was he finding himself helpless against it? A grin shows more on his face, and he's trying to be cool. Its still a touch toward stoic and he chuckles a little. "Well, it just takes more cold to get the salt water to freeze, but I'm thinking your safe from it getting that cold. Otherwise we'd have to find other ways to warm you up." And he looks directly at her, like he'd like to help with that and has plenty of ideas on that matter. Nodding to the clerk for her drink with vanilla and caramel, he'll pick it up with a swipe of a card if she doesn't stop him. Derek is ready to just pay for it and has some swagger like its what guys do for pretty girls. "I do, this is good. Certainly not as encouraging as you I imagine." As they wait for her drink, he leans on the counter to face her, "So, you never truly said it, you'll be in town a while …?" Maybe to see if he might see her around, but left hanging with that same indifference.

Unaware of her powers over him, Annaliese returns the grin he offers, the first full on smile she has given him. Her drink is ready and when he does offer to pay, then offer his card, she again looks taken aback, surprised at the gesture. A gentleman? Like him, she does a once over, especially when he mentions to her that he had ideas for warming her up. "Since I live in town now, I am sure we will have loads of time for getting to know each other." Since she doesn't exactly seem to be in a really big hurry.. or not that she is showing except for the once over she had given him. "Thank you, for the drink," she returns before taking up the cup, grateful it's a to-go cup and it would remain warmer longer. She wraps hands around it, warming them, her parka over her arm. Her accented voice once more begins speaking. "I am Anna," she offers with another half-smile. "Where are the good hangouts in town?"

Ah, his eyes light up briefly, she will be in town, living her now. This is good, but Derek must keep control of course, so he straightens his lips away to wash some of the grin away with this new evidence. "I'm sure we will," he returns to her. On the topic of having loads of time to get to know each other. Watching her hands take to the warmth for the moment, he nods, "A few places, here, the pizza joint, the amusement park. Just the cove itself even. If you like, you could get a canoe and find a little island to camp on, if that's your thing." Indifference at most, though he would like most just the same. "I'm Derek," name returned. "Anna huh, I like that. I have to go soon, to get back to my school." Thankfully a few private places in the area of New England, it could be anywhere. "But I come here most weekends when I have time off, maybe we should try to meet up next weekend, let me show you one of those places?"

"I haven't even enrolled in the school yet. I am afraid it's going to be so different for me, I have been home schooled all of my life and now I have to go to a regular school." As regular as it can get for them anyway. Annaliese watches the play of his lips from the grin to it fading and even watches his expression as he tells of the different places to go in the town. "All of the above sound interesting, except camping on an island in the cold doesn't sound nearly so interesting." Though he had mentioned having to leave soon, "Well, it was really nice meeting you, I'll try and meet you again here next weekend if you're around."

"Regular school ain't so bad, just more teachers I guess," rather than parents Derek means. He might disagree on camping, refer to ways to keep warm of course. But he waits out and when she says try, he chuckles slightly, "Try, just try? I've only earned a try." He lets that ride out, no need to answer as he's more meaning it to tease her. "If you decide to be back here, I can stop by here, around 7 PM on next Friday. I'll be sad if you don't make it, but I'll manage I suppose." He walks backwards for the door, knowing it well enough to do just that. "It was good to meet you too Anna, hope to see you around." Or Friday, time will tell. Now he'll have something to think about all week long. A slight wave, he gets back outside and on his way.

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