Code Name of Character
Ava Allan
Name: Lisa Barnes
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Colorado
Age: 14
Aliases: None
Origin: Genetic
Grade: Freshman
Team: {$team}
Dating: None
Powers and Abilities: Inexhaustible, Limitless Potential, Mental Resistance
Portrayed by: Ava Allan

Her powers are genetic in nature.

IC Events

Lisa's Logs


(2016-04-15) Hallway Meetings
Hallway Meetings Summary: When you're new, you meet a lot of new people. Lisa and Oliver meet. ...

(2016-04-13) Earlybirds
Earlybirds Summary: Hannah and Lisa meet and talk a little bit early in the morning. Date: IC...

(2016-04-09) All Athena Ladies! (plus one)
All Athena Ladies! (plus one) Summary: A large Athena crew heads into town for an afternoon of...

(2016-04-08) Whistlestop Tour
Whistlestop Tour Summary: Lisa gets her introduction to the school and meets several others...


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