Lighthouse Pizza

Built in the early 1800's, the original lighthouse is still standing and fully operational. Built over a century ago, this lighthouse borders the easternmost edge of Shady Cove and is fully operational. Its position within this community is meant to represent the past and the people and how their ingenuity helped shape life throughout time.

It was designed by a national architect who strikingly captured the people's love of the region and used a classic style to convey his vision in this piece of art.
Every element was crafted and created with local supplies and suppliers, ensuring this landmark will continue to both decorate the community and provide remain a beacon for the shoreline.

It has become a favored local hangout for the high school students when they go to town. Situated in a still working lighthouse with music, great food and a game room, it's an establishment for all ages.

The current owners live in the apartment above the restaurant.





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