Code Name of Character
Actor Name
Name: Liam Hall
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Paradise, WA
Age: 15
Aliases: Known Aliases
Origin: Mystical
Grade: Sophomore
Team: Promethean
Dating: Significant Other(s)
Powers and Abilities: Powers and Abilities: Plant Magic
Portrayed by: Actor Name

The Halls hail from Washington, they grow groves and groves of apples and other fruits. The family orchard is over a century old and there has always been someone like Liam in each generation. His powers come as no surprise to him, they're just a little more extreme than his family expected.

It started with turning ten-like it was supposed to. Only for Liam, he woke up over grown in plant life. Any pollens that clung to him form playing the day before had managed to grow into full plants in his sleep. At first it was out of his control, things growing to their peak as he passed, plants clinging to him or leaning towards him. It was scary for a young kid. Slowly they managed with his father, and grandfather to reign it in. But to help hone his skill he was sent to Coral Springs in hopes he could learn more control.

IC Events

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