Nicholas Hoult
Name: Lazarus Andromeda Pentecost
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Glasgow, Scotland
Age: 17
Aliases: Known Aliases
Origin: Genetic/Experimentation
Grade: Sophomore
Team: Order of Ares
Dating: None (yet)
Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physiology, Shapeshifting (can create weapons out of his body.):
Portrayed by: Nicholas Hoult

Lazarus Pentecost was born in Glasgow, Scotland in the year 1999 to Sheamus and Arabella Pentecost. Though his mother didn't have any superpowers to speak of, his father had the ability to regenerate and heal from damage done to him. Unfortunately, despite their wish to have more children, Lazarus is an only child due to unforeseen problems in Arabella's pregnancy, which resulted in a c-section delivery.

Lazarus had a normal childhood, fully aware of his father's powers and knew to keep it a secret. Though what he didn't know was that his father was a former Special Operations agent working for his country. More on that in but a moment. Lazarus was quite…distant from the other children. Some suspected that he grew to be a loner rather quickly, or just had trouble understanding social norms at first. Not uncommon, but certainly not the usual. He had only one friend in his life at the time, a little girl named Misty. Though they weren't inseperable or anything like that, it was still good for young Lazarus to have a friend. Eventually, he took his talent in sketching around this time, often being fairly good at drawing little doodles on his papers.

Afterwards, as he grew older and more into his middle school days, he discovered that his mother used to play in town square singing in Gaelic. While he couldn't sing to save his life, he did learn how to play the guitar excellently from her….he was always very close to his mother.

Now…his father. His father was a special operations agent and the government knew that he could heal….but since they knew his loyalties were to his family more than his country in use of his abilities to see what he could do…they took his child. While it wasn't -really- the government, a secret military organization stole young Lazarus away and killed his mother. He was drugged in a manner that he didn't remember what happened, but his father remembered…but lo, that is not the end of the story.

and so Lazarus was brought to this…Institution, where he was experimented on to see if he had the same powers as his father. While it was discovered that he did, it was also discovered that he had the ability to modify his biological structure to extremes….he had enhanced strength, speed, agility, durability, senses, regeneration, and the ability to shapeshift his body to both impersonate other people -and- morph his body to create incredibly effective weapons out of himself.

So? they trained him to be a soldier…a human weapon. For years they trained him, under the impression that his father had put him there so he could learn to defend himself. They educated him. The gullibility of a child at best. they trained him to fight, to be their pawn in their evil plot to try and take over the world with the perfect soldier. But thankfully, Lazarus was no fool. He eventually figured out this plot, and he attempted to escape. Ironically enough, his father found him at the same time, and for the first time in about several years. Together, they escaped the facility and went into hiding. for years they remained in self-imposed exile, attempting to hide from this Institution as they hunted them.

But then…his father made a decision for his son's safety. He decided to send him to a school where he would not be shunned or hunted down for his abilities. and so…arriving for what would be his junior year age group, off he goes to where he would start this new chapter at Coral Springs High…

IC Events

11/1/1999 - Lazarus is born! yay!

5/24/2005 - Lazarus's mother is murdered. Lazarus stolen by a secret government organization to be tortured, experimented on, and trained as a weapon.

7/1/2007 - Lazarus's Regeneration is tested. He is shot, burned alive, stabbed, lobotomized, and de-limbed, but he heals from all of it, effectively appearing to be a stranger to death. Lazarus is broken as an individual from the suffering.

3/19/ 2015 - Lazarus is rescued from this facility by his father. Mentally scarred and spiritually broken, both make it out of the facility. Lazarus is taught basic social norms and how to use his powers.

3/27/2018 - Lazarus and his father discover Coral Springs and decide it's time for Lazarus to stop hiding.

4/18/2018 - Lazarus arrives for his first day at Coral Springs.


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