Lena Headey
Name: Michelle Zadeh
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: London, UK
Age: 40
Aliases: Hemlock, Chell,
Origin: Training
Grade: Graduate
Team: {$team}
Dating: Omar Zadeh (Ifrit)
Powers and Abilities: Close Combat, poison master.
Portrayed by: Lena Headey

Part of the first year graduates from Coral Springs. A master with poisons and antidotes. Knowing how to handle all of them. As well as being a hunter of artifacts, and a protector of them.

After a mission to find an artifact Komodo and her family (Ifrit and Jared) got attacked by Ballistic. Sacrificing herself to protect the others, ending up fighting against the villain. She hasn't been seen since. It is unknown what happened to her.


If you want to use her feel free to talk to Jared for more info

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