Code Name of Character
Yamada Ryosuke
Name: Koga Yamamoto
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Kamakura, Japan
Age: 13
Aliases: "Azure Brave"
Origin: Possession/Mystic
Grade: Sophomore
Team: Athena
Dating: Erica
Powers and Abilities: Super-powered alter ego, "written" magic, physical enhancement.
Portrayed by: Yamada Ryosuke

Koga's origins are mostly related to a family heirloom that passes down the bloodline of his family. His first exposure to what he calls his Spirit Cloth was as a berserk monster. Since then he has gained a good deal of control of the Cloth itself before being offered a place at Coral Springs.

IC Events

Before Coral Springs:
- Koga meets a young Madison in his school in Japan while in third grade, learning English so he can communicate easier with his new friend. This also started him on the path of being a protector style personality as he found himself hating bullying.

Events At Coral Springs:
2/2018 - Koga arrives at Coral Springs. There he meets a few students. Despite a warm welcome, Koga is still acknowledged to have a fear of hurting others with his Brave form. This worry is helped by friends such as Fionnula, Gabrielle, and others despite their seeing him in action against two marine zombie invasions.
3/2018 - Acknowledging that he has some hang ups personally, Koga works to overcome them and become a better person. One of those hang ups is that all demons and those with demonic powers are evil, something he has found himself working on to convince himself to not be the case such as the case of Ashton.
4/2018 - While out in the forest, Koga happens upon the crash site of a new arrival from somewhere. He assists in threatening off a possible attacker of the mystery teen. Another complication occurs when Koga's Brave form is armed with a weapon that is completely not what he thinks it is. Thanks to Rain, he has a new teacher that he is learning ways to fight with the weapon.
5/2018 - Koga meets his first full fledged demon by accident while at the Astro Park late in the month. The fear demon exposes Koga's childhood fear of clowns. Despite Koga's putting up a barrier to try to contain it so he can try to either banish or make a deal that will make it go away, it disappears. Later research has Koga believing that he was further lucky to survive his second demonic encounter.
9-10/???/19 - Koga, after experimenting with portal magic, somehow falls ill and managed to do something to his powers. Whether it's an act of maturity or something else, his powers suddenly became in both a more frightening and more complex than even he or his parents were aware of. Due to not using them extensively while he recovered, he had no idea until late October of 2019 that something was wrong.




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