Code Name of Character
Yamada Ryosuke
Name: Koga Yamamoto
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Kamakura, Japan
Age: 13
Aliases: "Azure Brave"
Origin: Possession/Mystic
Grade: Freshman
Team: Athena
Dating: Single
Powers and Abilities: Super-powered alter ego, "written" magic.
Portrayed by: Yamada Ryosuke

Koga's origins are mostly related to a family heirloom that passes down the bloodline of his family. His first exposure to what he calls his Spirit Cloth was as a berserk monster. Since then he has gained a good deal of control of the Cloth itself before being offered a place at Coral Springs.

IC Events

2/6/2018 - Koga arrives.
2/24/2018 - While at a beach bonfire party, mostly to see the night life, Koga and fellow students fight a marine zombie horde. Koga transforms to protect the party goers.
4/6/2018 - Something crashes in the forest. Koga investigates and helps drive off some threat. Despite his uneasy feelings, he calls the school to report what happened and get a ride for himself, Whitley, Lance, and a mystery teen (RJ) at the time.




(2018-04-05) The Boy Who Fell to Earth
The Boy Who Fell to Earth Summary: Lance, Whitley, and Koga investigate a meteor crash to find a...

(2018-03-13) Snowed In
Snowed In Summary: Another blizzard batters the land, and a cluster of students talk shop in the...

(2018-03-13) Safety Net
Safety Net Summary: Koga talks to Fionnuala about some of his fears, and a rough plan is made. ...

(2018-03-03) Treatises and Treaties
Treatises and Treaties Summary: While researching in the library, Ashton makes peace with Koga,...

(2018-03-02) The Creatures from the Shady Cove
The Creatures from the Shady Cove Summary: The draug are back. And thanks to Gabrielle's...

(2018-02-24) They Came From The Sea
They Came From The Sea Summary: A bonfire party arranged by local Shady Cove teens to celebrate...

(2018-02-24) Be Brave
Be Brave Summary: While Fionnuala recovers from her ordeal, she is treated to Koga's special...

(2018-02-19) Gabrielle's Return
Gabrielle's Return Summary: Gabrielle comes back to Coral Springs after long stay on an...

(2018-02-15) An Interesting Cluster of Students
An Interesting Cluster of Students Summary: Several students happen to run into each other on...

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