Code Name of Character
Candice Patton
Name: Kerry Blake
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Detroit, MI
Age: 16
Aliases: N/A
Origin: Gift Childhood Prodigy (mundane)
Grade: Sophomore
Team: Consortium of Metis
Dating: Single
Powers and Abilities: Gifted mind, The Laws of Physics
Portrayed by: Candice Patton

Kerry is a bookish girl who could be considered more of a nerd than a heroine. However, her love of computers, robotics and the hard sciences enables her to perfectly take on a supporting role for the others of whatever Team. If there is a gadget or device that is broken, Kerry can probably fix it. If there is something that needs designed and built she's the girl to see.

She is friendly but generally introverted. She may spend more time in her dorm room or the labs than most anyone else but that could also be because of her chronic asthma as much as her affinity for all things tech and science.

Kerry was born in Detroit to parents David and Tina Blake. Her father worked for the automotive industry on an assembly line. His job was to over see the manufacturing robots and repair them when things broke. Her mother was a programmer for a small software company. Her early childhood years were happy and filled with chances to see what both of her parents did for careers. She showed a strong interest in robotics and science from a young age. The first robotics building blocks set she was given was turned into more projects than could be counted, most of them mundane and harmless but for a time or two. She began to learn programming from her mother at the age of seven. Soon she was writing her own programs. Testing into so called Gifted programs, eight year old Kerry began to absorb everything she could about science.

She built her first solar panels at ten years old, progressing toward larger and more complex ideas - everything from her own computer operating system to fully functioning battle robots, to trying to create a micro fusion reactor with her own custom laser ignition system. After she burned most of her bedroom down for the second time, Children's Services came calling. They were preparing to take then-fourteen year old Kerry from her family for safety reasons.

In true eleventh hour fashion, representatives from Coral Springs High came for a visit. They talked to her parents for several hours before talking to Kerry and learning of her creative spark, her inventions. The result was an invitation to come learn at Coral Springs High with other gifted students from across the nation. Kerry jumped at the offer. Her parents were more reluctant. But faced with losing their daughter into the juvenile we welfare system, they ultimately agreed.

Now entering her Sophomore year, Kerry has begun to blossom. Still more comfortable with her gadgets and creations than her fellow students, she has made friends and is beginning to earn a reputation through the school as the go-to gadget girl when an item needs created or repaired.

IC Events

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