Dayvid Thomas
Name: Keakilani Pelekai
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Polynesia
Age: 14
Aliases: Lani, Kiki
Origin: Given by the gods
Grade: Freshman
Team: Prometheus
Dating: N/A
Powers and Abilities: Natural Weather Phenomena control, Healing (people and earth), Amphibious, Immune to Extreme Heat, Flight
Portrayed by: Dayvid Thomas

From the Journal of Dr. Eve Griffith

June 19, 2015
With the news that the new island's surface had cooled enough for us to begin our expedition, we flew from the Mainland to Samoa and then took a seaplane over to the unnamed island. Base camp was set up and we began to prepare our equipment when a boy walked out of the canopy and approached us. He was clean, upright, and wearing nothing but a 'kapa' (loincloth) and while he couldn't have been more than thirteen or fourteen, there was an elaborate, traditional tattoo sleeve covering his left arm and moving to his left pectoral and shoulderblade. We looked at each other before he smiled and greeted us first in Samoan, then Hawai'ian, and finally, perhaps in response to our amazed faces, in English. He welcomed us to what he called 'his island' and actually offered to show us around. There was no fear, no wariness despite the fact that we were complete strangers. There was also no sign of anyone else present.

He told us that his name was Keakilani Pelekai and that he was the only one who lived on this island. When we asked about his parents, he said they were Wakea and Papahanaumoku and when we asked when he came to this island, he merely said he was always here. As we followed him, he showed us flora and fauna, some of which we hadn't seen on other islands in decades. When we asked to take samples of them, he actually paused in thought, almost as if communing with something…or someone unseen, before either allowing or disallowing the request. He then asked how long we would be here and we tried to explain what we were here to do — to document the new island and its specs and species.

When we returned to Base Camp, he followed us, asking about our equipment, even simple, basic equipment such as utensils and lamps. He was fascinated by our phones and computers.

June 28, 2015
We've been here a week, Keakilani joins us for expeditions or listens to us talk at Camp. He's very intelligent and has picked up modern skills very quickly. He's even begun to read and write with the help of some of the other scientists. Despite trekking the entire island and documenting every inch, we have yet to see any place that looks like where he lives. No tools, no shelter…as if he just appeared on the island when we did or that he doesn't need any of those items to live.

July 5, 2015
When we began packing up, Keakilani came to Camp once more, declaring that he was coming with us, back to the Big Island. He said that it was time for him to leave his Island to learn more of the world and that someday he will be back and it will be waiting. He spoke as if someone had given him those instructions and he seemed neither excited, scared, nor upset by leaving the one place he seemed to call Home. He asked questions about the plane, asked how it got into the air as if aerophysics was a familiar concept to him. He likewise asked about the cars we drove and the only time he seemed at all uncomfortable was when we approached our Research facility in Honolulu.

August 15, 2015:
I was able to visit Keakilani at the medical facility where he was being evalated these last few weeks. I explained to him that his island has been documented and we were very thankful that he allowed us the samples that he did and that we rarely saw an island that new so verdant and active. He was very pleased by that and that we were so happy about his island as well. He then informed me that he was being sent to the Mainland, to a school for teenagers who had special skills and showed me the books he had been reading and the journal that he had been keeping. Even though I was amazed at his educational progress, I was furious that they were going to send this child away to a Special Needs Inclusive school. When I confronted one of the Staff they then showed me his records. It wasn't a Special Needs school but rather a school for teens who CLASSIFIED - REDACTED

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