Indiana Evans
Name: Kaylee Lynn Blake
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Delaware
Age: 15
Aliases: None
Origin: Mutation
Grade: Junior
Team: Prometheus
Dating: It's Complicated
Powers and Abilities: Light manipulation
Portrayed by: Indiana Evans

Kaylee grew up a typical teen in a rural Northeastern community. She was loved by her parents and her two older brothers and lived a relatively carefree life with parents who were financially quite secure. Indeed, if one were to consider an ideal childhood, hers would likely resemble it. However, as puberty set in and Kaylee approached high school, things seemed to change a little.
The first signs were when she started having trouble with her eyesight. She got glasses when she was in 6th grade, but each year, her vision seemed to get worse. It really baffled the optometrists, since she seemed to be able to navigate fine and was also fairly decent at sports. However, as time went on, she had a harder time reading all of the little letters on the eye charts.
Things finally came to a head in the winter of her Freshman year while she was on a trip with her choir. They were in New York when one of the massive blizzards hit. They were staying in a hotel that lost power and the lights went out. Kaylee had a totally major freakout and then started glowing. Needless to say, her difference was suddenly quite obvious. After the youtube videos were scrubbed from the internet, a prestigious academy just off the coast offered her family a full-ride scholarship and the transfer was put into motion. So now, Kaylee leaves behind her friends and family and sets off to figure out who she truly is and what she's capable of!

IC Events

- 12-14-15: While on a trip with her school's choir to NYC to sing with a bunch of other high school choirs in a Caroling concert, she was trapped in a hotel room when the power went out. She freaked out and started glowing, and soon after that, her family was contacted by Coral Springs.
- 05-04-16: Kaylee arrived at Coral Springs
- 06-25-16: Kaylee discovers that her roommate, Violet has a crush on her and they start dating.
- 07-31-16: Kaylee makes it on the Thunder Bay 'travel' basketball team, on the bench of the B team. She gets to travel with the team and play in tournaments throughout the summer/fall.
- 10-31-16: Kaylee and Violet break up on Halloween.


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Oh my gosh, it's really her! The one that was on TV! And she glows! I mean, glows like I do. Sort of. I think. I didn't really ask too many questions, but … I sure wanna!

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Gabrielle is probably the funniest, sweetest, nicest girl you'll never meet. OH MY GOSH SHE IS SHY! But she's so funny, and she's got such great timing for things. And she's really an awesome person and such a good hero. I really hope she starts to come out of her shell and be more sociable, soon! It'd be nice to have her actually participate when she comes to parties!

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He's a really cool guy. He's pretty funny and nice and easy to get along with. I think Tabby was kinda dumb to break up with him, he seems like a real sweetie. Maybe Rain will be a better girlfriend for him!

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Out of Bounds
Gosh, I like Rebecca so much. I really hope she winds up happy. I just … well. As much as it seems to surprise people, I'm really learning to just keep my mouth shut sometimes.

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Square One
Well. She seems to have gotten better since she hit me. And apparently, she's really super powerful. Seems like every time I see her, she's doing something new. … or EATING something new! But, she's nice again. So, we get along. But I don't think we'll be besties again- she's so different now.


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