Shay Mitchell
Name: Kanani Puia
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Taone Nui, Kahurangi, South Pacific
Age: 16
Aliases: Princess Kanani Puia
Origin: Divine Heritage
Grade: Sophomore
Team: Undecided
Dating: None
Powers and Abilities: Powers and Abilities: Pyrokinesis, flight
Portrayed by: Shay Mitchell

Not many people know about the nation of Kahurangi. Its little wonder- though the nation takes up thousands of square miles its more than 80% water. Island chains dotted through the Pacific bonded together by a shared history and shared protector- the Puia. At once monarch and protector, the Puia have existed for as long as history has been spoken on the islands. Their fires united the islands, kept the Europeans away, burned the Japanese from the skies, and held the traditions strong. Perhaps too strong, as their rule has become less and less popular as the modern world has crept in.

Kanani is the eldest daughter the current chieftain/king of Kahurangi, and thus also blessed with the Puia's tremendous power. She has been raised to be the next leader of her people, to know that her right to rule is unquestioned- a blessing of her descent from the Gods. The proof is given by her control of the flame and the Puia's history. These things are fact- but not all of her people accept the truth. As a child of one of the oldest known lines of super-humans, Kanani has much to protect, and much to be proud of.

But Kahurangi is not peaceful. Assassins attempted to kill her father. Fortunately, they were caught and burned before they could escape the royal palace. But the Council of Tribes is restless. They call for a constitution, they call for King Puia to surrender his power. Islamists take root in the minor islands faster than they can be cleansed. Modernists and liberals infest the university. Every day, the grip of the outside world grows a little tighter. The king had no choice but to send his daughter away for her own safety, and as a sign of good faith to the Council. Perhaps she would return with foreign ideas.

And so Kanani was enrolled into Coral Springs. Where else would a girl who can light an inferno with her will go? It is a place of prestige and acclaim, appropriate for someone of her ability. No where else on Earth may be. But while Kanani tries to study, much of her mind and heart remains at home.

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