Kara Hayward
Name: Kaitlyn West
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: San Francisco, CA
Age: 16
Aliases: Kait, Katie
Origin: In-Utero Genetic Manipulation
Grade: Sophomore
Team: Prometheus
Dating: None
Powers and Abilities: Sonic Projection
Portrayed by: Kara Hayward

Dr. Ryan West and his wife had tried so hard and for so long to have a baby. Now, Cassie was pregnant, but there were…complications. Early tests showed that the baby would most likely have physical and developmental disabilities; it may not even live past it’s 5th birthday. Refusing to accept such a diagnosis, Ryan smuggled research notes and material from his work as a geneticist at a United States government lab. Notes and materials derived from the work of Dr. Peter Draxus for the Thule Society and Air Force Plant 42…

The genetic treatment Ryan created seemed to work. Kaitlyn was born a bright, happy, and healthy baby. She hit all of her developmental milestones on time, and some of them a bit early. She not only made it past her 5th birthday, Kaitlyn thrived. She loved singing and dancing, always joining in songs on the radio and dancing energetically to any kind of music that happened to be on. Her teachers were also very impressed with Kaitlyn’s singing ability, encouraging her to develop it. Singing and piano lessons started at 8, and Kaitlyn soon showed she was a prodigy.

At 10, Kaitlyn had her parents upload a video of her singing ‘I Will Always Love You’ to YouTube. The little girl belting out the song as well as Whitney Houston or Dolly Parton could was an instant viral smash, and managers and promoters were fighting with each other to sign and start developing her. At 11, Kaitlyn released her first album; a mix of American Standards, pop songs, and showtunes. It was an instant best seller and kaitlyn became one of the youngest artists to have a Top 10 hit with her cover of ‘Don’t Let The Sun (Go Down On Me)’.

The next few years were spent with more singing, dancing, and music lessons, in place of normal schooling. Kaitlyn kept recording and started some live performances, not a full tour but several sold-out shows a year. At 12, she started a full-on pop career and had the Number 1 song and album in the United States for a full month. Overseas, she was just as popular in the UK and Japanese markets. Her songs combined youthful innocence, hope, and enthusiasm; all carefully written and cultivated by her music label for maximum appeal.

At 14, Kaitlyn was starting to grow up, and her label shifted the focus of her image and songs. Her music had a new, edgier, ‘mature’ tone to it. Her songs that were once about innocent crushes and puppy love become more suggestive. Her dancing and clothing became more suggestive as well. Parent’s groups began speaking out about this change, but the controversy only helped push sales of Kaitlyn’s records and shows. Merchandising deals for products like cosmetics, clothing, and jewelry were formed. Kaitlyn was an international sensation and musical juggernaut, with her first real World Tour shattering records for attendance and speed of ticket sales.

The next year, Kaitlyn’s act became even more provocative, at the urging of her manager and label. Her parents were uneasy with this push, but Kaitlyn’s manager pointed out what 15 year olds were already doing and wearing without Kait’s music or image acting as an influence; she would just be connecting with her age group, the label explained. And while the new clothing, songs, and dances certainly pushed the limit of appropriateness for a 15 year old, they didn’t necessarily break them. The angelic 10 year old with the dynamic voice was now gone, replaced by a teen Queen of Pop music. The controversies raged on and Kaitlyn’s sales and popularity kept growing. When she turned 16, the lines were pushed back a little more, continuing to fuel both controversy and sales.

What nobody could have foreseen, though, was the Wembley Stadium incident.

Kaitlyn was playing a concert at a sold out the new Wembley Stadium in England; an impressive musical feat for legendary music acts at the original Stadium, and Kaitlyn was the youngest ever to do it. Along with the massive crowd (90,000 plus another 10,000 on the field) came massive sales of merchandise at the venue. A group of low-powered villains thought the potential payday of millions of Euros was worth the risk of robbing an extremely public venue. Things didn’t go as they had planned, however, and the fight with security and Metropolitan Police spilled out into the infield.

With a fight breaking out right in the middle of the concert, chaos ensued. Kaitlyn was caught on-stage and one of the thieves thought she would make a fantastic hostage. But as he approached her, Kaitlyn’s scream of terror turned into something else entirely, and the thief was knocked back by the force of Kaitlyn’s newly awakened blast of sonic energy. Shaking off her amazement, Kaitlyn continued blasting at the thieves, managing to hold them to a stand-still until local heroes arrived to take control of the situation and defeat the would-be robbers.

After the incident, Kaitlyn’s album sales shattered even their own records.

Kaitlyn was quickly and quietly encouraged to take a break from her career and enroll at Coral Springs to train her powers appropriately. Her manager and label were all for this, considering the financial windfall of having exclusive rights to a metahuman superstar. And if she became a hero, well….the record, concert, and merchandising sales could only go up. The only thing they’re upset about is that they couldn’t get a reality TV show out of this.

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