Jodelle Ferland
Name: Kaia Vasco
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Crete, Greece
Age: 15
Aliases: None
Origin: Inherited
Grade: Sophomore
Team: Prometheus
Dating: Single
Powers and Abilities: Terrakinesis (moving, throwing, sculpting, shaking earth)
Portrayed by: Jodelle Ferland

Kaia is the eldest of three children born to Zona and Adamos Vasco in Crete, Greece. The Vasco family have been vintners for many generations - several hundred years, in fact. Some would say they have the oldest and still profitable winery on the island in modern times still held by it's original owners.

As such, Kaia has had a fairly normal childhood back home. She went to one of the private schools, the same school that most of her extend family has gone too through the years. She did well in class, making upper average grades. At home, she helped out where allowed with the family business - learning about the vines outside and their harvest, and the wines in the cellars and their bottling.

Kaia never noticed the way her father watched over her and her siblings until one fateful day on the beach when she was seven. She and her siblings had been digging in the sand, playing around with building castles. Her brother had been quite intent to make a really deep hole - why is anyone's guess! - when the sides collapsed on him. Her mother had walked up to the beach house, and her father had gone into the water with her sister to help her rinse sand out of her eyes. It was only Kaia there to help her brother before he suffocated under all that sand. Frightened as she was, she managed to move the sand out of the way, making it slide off and away from him, the sides of the hole once more formed and held by her mere wish until he got out. That is when her father would return, and with a quiet nod of his head took the children back home.

He would later reveal a family secret to her - that their family had been blessed throughout the years by Gaia herself, sometimes in small ways, others in larger ways. From the first family that settled on their land who made offerings to Gaia, the Earth Mother, dedicating their life and winery to her, certain abilities started appearing, showing Gaia's pleasure in the family - the vines grew better, the soil rich and fertile under their care, not to mention, easily turned and tended. Others would find that they did well in various artistic pursuits such as pottery and sculpturing. He himself, hand minor abilities with earth, no where's near as strong as his daughter seemed to be. He warned her to be careful in what she did, and would help her throughout the years.

Recently, after a bit of discussion, it was decided that Kaia would leave home to attend Coral Springs High, to broaden her knowledge and make a few good contacts within the super hero group.

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