Code Name of Character
Carlos Valdes
Name: Jonathan Francisco Nieves
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Montana
Age: 14
Aliases: Jon
Origin: Genetics?
Grade: Freshman
Team: Prometheus
Dating: STBD
Powers and Abilities: Elementalist - Ice/Cold
Portrayed by: Carlos Valdes

There isn't anything too exciting about Jonathan's background - at least, he doesn't think so. The grandson of Colombian immigrants who eventually settled in Missoula, Montana to raise their family, he grew up fairly middle-class. They didn't have every luxury in the world, but they had what they needed with a few extras. Jonathan and his siblings never went hungry and were able to participate in school outings and sports as they chose. While fairly active in most outdoor sports, Jon's favorites tended towards the Winter sports of Ice Hockey and Skiing. While not very large, he was nimble, and for youth sports, that seemed to work well enough. No one ever spoke of anything strange within the family history.

The first freeze of the season brought Jon and some friends out to a nearby lake that had frozen over. As they tended to do, the game of 'Who can stay on the ice longest/go furthest on the lake' began. Also, as usual, Jon made it out fairly far along with another friend. In his attempt to go further, however, Jon ended up on some actual thin ice which looked deceptively opaque. He didn't get the chance to try and slide to safety as the ice pretty much shattered beneath his weight, plunging him into the icy lake. He was able to get back to solid footing, but well after the time when permanent damage should have been done. Despite being soaked to the bone, however, Jon was completely unaffected except for one very specific tell: His eyes had turned ice blue and his hair an icy silver.

Oddly enough, both faded to their original dark black-brown within a few hours' time, but this was the beginning of something very new.

Whether it was the dip in the icy water or just fortuitous timing, something had been awakened in the young teenager and it was soon very clear that his practicing could only go so far un-mentored. Somehow, his parents were told of a school on the East Coast that might be able to do just this so he got shipped off to New England and Coral Springs.

IC Events

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