Billy Unger
Name: James Lot
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Place of Birth
Age: 16
Aliases: Jaws
Origin: Born with it
Grade: Junior
Team: Metis
Dating: Nope
Powers and Abilities: Jaw power and persuasion
Portrayed by: Billy Unger

Having grown up on the streets together, The Untamed were disbanded when a group of Supers crashed their hide out and rounded them all up. They've been split up, thinking that they can be rehabilitated. Several have been sent to Coral Springs, in the hopes that being around other super powered students being trained to do good will influence them. Oh how wrong they are about that.

James "Jaws" Lot- The Leader. He's smart, a fast talker. When The Untamed were captured, he managed to get placed with his sitter Rita, and his best friend R.I.L.L.. He also managed to get the locations of the other Untamed members and his ultimate goal is to be reunited. And that means they need money. and freedom. He's biding his time, watching and learning, but if anyone has anything laying around, be careful. James is very good at pawning things.

He doesn't know where he and his sisters powers came from, they have just always had them. it's why his mother, after their father left, left him on the doorstep of the police station. Knowing they would be split up, even with his powerful persuasion he picked her up and left

IC Events

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