Cole Sprouse
Name: Jacopo "Jake" da Costa
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Venice, Italy
Age: 16
Aliases: None, yet
Origin: Genetics
Grade: Freshman
Team: Athena
Dating: Single Ready to Mingle!
Powers and Abilities: Weather Control
Portrayed by: Cole Sprouse

Weather Control - Jake's power. Through an act of will, Jake can manipulate the weather patterns of the sky to create natural phenomenon. In short, he can control the weather with such efficiency as to create viscious Thunderstorms, savage blizzards, rainstorms, sandstorms and finally, icestorms. His largest level of effect is about a city wide.

Flight - By manipulating air currents, Jake can fly! He's not very fast, but he can fly up to about 200 miles per hour as his present limit.

IC Events

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