Tom Welling
Name: Jacen Castle
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Concord, New Hampshire
Age: 16
Aliases: Super, Meta, Strongman, Boy Scout, Buff, Stud
Origin: Solar-Powered Cell Structure
Grade: Sophomore
Team: Your School Team
Dating: Single
Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical abilities and Energy Manipulation
Portrayed by: Tom Welling

A boy whose original name might never be known was found on the doorstep of a family of five, namely Paul and Tilly Castle. Which came as a great surprise and providence of God to them, because their latest child was stillborn, so they saw this as God rewarding their faith. Of course, his slightly older siblings, Jackson and Vivienne were always a little bit on the jealous side from the parental attention, but they still loved their new baby brother. They never did find out just -who- left their child there, what kind of person was willing to abandon them?

The boy was kept all he same by this family and named Jacen Castle.

Though he had a somewhat ordinary name, he had a very unordinary childhood. As he grew older, he grew to be more…different as well. Like when he picked up his dad's car when he was looking for a toy or when he heard his sister's argument with her boyfriend from across the street to exact measurements.

However, fearful that someone might capture him and take him away, Paul and Tilly both advised Jacen that he not use his powers unless in the comfort of his own home. He got the Frozen treatment, basically. However, they found out very early on that Jacen's 'weakness' was silver. Like some creatures in mystical stories, contact with silver was very, very painful.

All the same, despite his majestic powers, he was told to conceal it. School was somewhat difficult, but Jacen was not someone who was unpopular. In fact, his kindness and warm nature generally allowed him to make great friends with nearly everyone. Ferris Beuller likely would've been very proud of his social skills.

But, alas, he's been doing good so far. That is, until he was just a few days away from graduation some of the high school bullies happened to be in the neighborhood and were picking on him. Though Jacen knew he could easily demolish each one of them, he remembered what his parents taught him and didn't make a move….that is, until one of them threw a punch.

Jacen caught the blow with his hand, and broke the punk's wrist like a twig.

Jacen never got in trouble with the punk's parents because the punk didn't want to admit that he got his hand broken by a middle schooler, though Jacen told his parents all the same. Worried that he'd get discovered in High School, they coincidentally had heard word of Coral Springs, and immediately signed Jacen up to attend.

and so…this is Jacen's second year in High School…and his first time on his own.

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