Tom Holland
Name: Hunter Rowan Cage
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Khorantis (alien world), officially England.
Age: 17
Aliases: Cage, E.T.
Origin: Alien
Grade: Sophomore
Team: Metis
Dating: Single, but ready to mingle!
Powers and Abilities: Cosmic Energy, Super Strength, Invulnerability, Flight, Teleportation
Portrayed by: Tom Holland

There once was an alien world by the name as Khantoris. The lifeforms living on it were natural pacifists. They were spectacular Scientists, dedicated to solving the many mysterious questions of the universe. On a natural basis, they were also phenomenal users of the energy cosmic, and were considered cosmic beings by neighboring planets and governments (they are). Soon though, a very special child was born to the leaders of such a world.

His name was Tar-Ko

However, for reasons still unknown, his parents sent away it's progeny to a world that it's people had long identified. A world called 'earth'. Despite the Khantoris's seemingly untouchable nature, with the power of it's individual inhabitants….the fate of the world and it's people are unknown.

Landing in one of the many plains of England, a middle-class family found the baby boy. and so, they named him Hunter Rowan Cage.

Hunter grew up to be an energetic child. Always making friends, always wanting to spend time with others. He…for some reason, had a terrible fear of being alone. So if he was ever outcasted, it hurt him badly, to the point of heartbreak. Regardless, his…'abilities' didn't manifest until he was about 13 years old. With his hands having a sort of…'glow' to them. his eyes and mouth even glowing a cyan-colored blue with the same colored energy around his person as his cosmic powers awakened. He soon discovered he could emit terrifying blasts from his palms and even fly! One occasion, he even teleported to Scotland.

Forced to hide such a secret until the end of his Freshman year of high school, his parents finally caught wind of a 'Coral Springs', a place for the Gifted. and so…that's where Hunter was sent with much love and tears from his family. Entering a whole new world, Hunter prepares for a whole new adventure.

…Especially since he knows he's not of earth.


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Friends! Acquaintances! Enemies!

The Story Of My Life!


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