The bulk of history is simply modern history as we know it. This section is meant to give some history to the supers of this game and their continuity.

History from Supers Standpoint

Arise of the Supers

It is estimated sometime in the 19th Century the first Supers started to go public. Only a smattering handful are known about from this era. And in some instances influenced the outcomes of some of the wars. Though outside of major world events, they remained obscure and seemed to disappear up until the 1920s.

Golden Age of Supers

This time, between 1930-1950, is when Supers were out in the open more. Starting with a rise of organized crime in the decade of the 20s. Supers started to react to this crime by fighting them. This also lead to the rise of villains in answer to this.

Supers could act in this time with impunity, supported by their governments as heroes, no one took into account the toll of damage from them as a burden to society for the services they perform.

Silver Age of Supers

The age following the last world war, roughly from the 1950s to the1980s, saw a decline in super support. One began to question the cost of stopping a bank robber who was stealing less than what it could cost in damages after some of the more famous battles of supers vs villains. By the 1970s when the US was ramping up for its war on drugs, it was deemed too costly to continue to sanction and support such groups from. There was a general falling out of support of supers and in some cases, a negative lash against them and the powers they could wield over normal humans. This lead to a want of over sight by governments to keep the general populace safe from supers even. Most parents for the current generation of Coral Springs comes from the end of this era.

Golden Revival

Where the 80s were some of the worst to date in the history of supers, there was early revival in the 1990s. Super heroes changed to supporting themselves and operating as vigilantes. Seeing the need to save humans from criminals and super criminals. Prior government supported groups eventually pooled personal resources or found sponsors. This has lead to the advent of super controlled groups and organizations such as Coral Springs. The first class to graduate was the class of 1996.

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