Guardians Of Prometheus
Guardians of Prometheus
Ideals: Self Sacrifice, Humanitarian, Greater Good
Team Captain: Any PC Seniors? …
Arena Fetch Captain: Interested PC …
Faculty: Mr Blastic Boombastic

The Guardians of Prometheus do not place themselves above humankind, but rather as servants to humans. Much as Prometheus went against his fellow deities to assist the humans, the Guardians are humanitarian and believe in self sacrifice for the greater good of mankind.

Not always the most vocal or active of the teams, at least in the eyes of the others, the Guardians believe they are not above humans or supers in any way. Rather they are part of a bigger whole. They are the ones who would put themselves in as a shield to protect a life, any life. They are trying to prove or show they are better, a way in which the Guardians see some of the other teams in the school. They are trying to help each other, and humanity as a whole. They would rather support another at something then step in to gain any glory themselves.

Much like Prometheus did himself to help humans, they would take and risk what they have for the greater good. Everyone is in this together, and it doesn't matter how something is done so much as that its done together. Willfully and knowingly.

Their system of choosing team leaders is not unlike the League, based on votes of confidence. But instead of chosen by seniors and under classmates, the upperclassman vote fore members in each of the grades beneath them. This gives them three years of confidence in votes that follows their progress throughout the school rather than a popularity event ran all within one week of school. Votes are cast on the last day of classes and the team faculty announces the positions at the start of each year for the seniors.

Members of the Order
Besa (needs an icon).
Bryce (needs an icon).
Constantine (needs an icon).
Cora (needs an icon).
Fionnuala (needs an icon).
Loukanos (needs an icon).
RJ (needs an icon).
Arena Fetch Team
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