Jonathon Whitesell
Name: Grayson Alexander
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Salt Lake City
Age: 18
Aliases: Grayson MacGregor
Origin: High Trauma
Grade: Senior
Team: {$team}
Dating: None
Powers and Abilities: Hydrokinesis
Portrayed by: Jonathon Whitesell

Grayson is a young teenager of barely 17 years of age, standing around 5' 9". He has an incredibly boyish face with a dimple-laden, closed-lips smile that adds to his youthful looks. His brown hair is short but shaggy, and his bright brown eyes are lively and intense over lightly freckled cheekbones. Unlike his face, his shoulders are fully developed and almost awkwardly wide, supporting his muscular frame toned from years of rock climbing. He's usually found wearing ratty blue jeans and a tight V-neck T-shirt that reveals wisps of dark chest hair over the divet between his pecs.

During the summer before his freshman year of high school, Grayson was rock climbing in Little Cottonwood Canyon. Halfway up the side of a mountain, he was attacked by a rather infamous super villain known as Squall. Squall was an elemental master of air and used her powers for personal gain, including murder for hire. Squall beat the boy nearly to death, demanding the entire time he defend himself, to fight her. He tried, but a boy against a super villain was no match, and the short fight ended with her slamming Grayson into a stream and holding his head under water to kill him.

Just as he was about to drown, inhaling a breath of water, Grayson’s own powers burst forth. He found the air in the water in his lungs, breathing it in, and then using the water all around him to pummel Squall until he slipped from her grasp. Finding his way to his feet, balls of water undulating around his fists and a wall of water rising behind him, Squall just smiled and said, “There’s my son,” before flying away.

Grayson returned home to find his adopted parents murdered by Squall and Dr. Toby Tullard waiting in his living room. Bullard explained that Squall’s real name was Elizabeth Alexander and that she was Grayson’s real mother. Tullard had been a member of the Terror Legion alongside Squall long ago, and he had little doubt that now that she had found Grayson, Squall would be back for him. For his own training and safety, he brought Grayson to Coral Springs.

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